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Google Maps “Next Dimension” Live Stream is Up

Google is live streaming their “Next Dimension of Google Maps” event that is happening this morning in San Francisco. Feel free to tune in and see what is in store. Any guesses on what “next dimension” means? Google doesn’t strike me as a company that would buy into 3D tech, but you never know.

Live Stream

  • steveliv

    didn’t Apple purchase a 3d mapping company last year? I wonder what their Map presentation will be… most likely things google has already done 🙂

    • True, but they’re going to put much more spin on it, so that iMap is completely resolutionarily magical.
      If there’s one thing you can always count on from Apple, its fantastic presentation and subsequent marketing.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Holy crap, that 3d modeling looked awesome

    • NexusPhan69

      I think they’ve had this is Boston for a long time. Just zoom in a lot and it goes into 3D. I didn’t get to see the presentation. Is this the same thing or is it something different?

      • RedPandaAlex

        No dude, I know what you’re talking about. There’s some 3d modeling for downtown Chicago right now too. What they’re talking about for Google Earth is a whole new ballgame.

        • NexusPhan69

          Video is unavailable 🙁 I’ll take your word for it tho.

          • RedPandaAlex

            Link got messed up. It’s posted as the most recent link in Google’s main Google+ page. I highly recommend checking it out.

  • it looks awesome, the travel option could be really cool.

  • mustbepbs

    That young girl from the mobile team was so nervous.

  • i didn’t see

  • LMFAO @ the ipad crashing during demo!!!

  • vitriolix

    Holy crap that was amazing

  • Mhillia

    I can’t believe they are demoing this on an iPad…

    • vitriolix

      They also demoed on Xooms, they support both platforms. Showing it on both makes sense.

      • I think that may also be a way to gain good PR especially if apple is dropping google maps being built in to IOS for their own

    • Brian Correll

      I was JUST about to post that.

    • Google

      Considering Eric Schmidt admitted before congress that iOS devices account for 2/3rds of all mobile google traffic why is that surprising for you?

      • michael arazan

        that is about as inflated as his ego, and his blow up apple sex doll

  • MrEnglish

    Google earth looks awesome on their mac. 🙂

  • sru571

    Yikes, not only using an ipad for the demo, but the app crashes….

  • FortitudineVincimus

    high points:

    1. offline downloadable maps of user selected size and amount
    2. 3D modeled interactive mapping on select areas in “the coming weeks” with the goal of “modeling” the whole wide world and they said both IOs and Android actually

  • David Stender

    cannot believe they are using an ipad for a demo……WTF MAN??

    • Jarred Sutherland

      That’s the great thing about Google. They realize that there are other ecosystems outside of Android and they aren’t afraid to use them because they are a “competitor”. Ignoring the rest of the world doesn’t make the rest of the world go away.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Ugh double posting …

  • Glad to see they have other people talking Land mines and people living in jungles are great causes but I am interested in what is coming out for maps not google earth

    • FortitudineVincimus

      good.. see, I am not the only one

  • steveliv

    yay!! she is using a xoom!

    • Apostrafee

      And the guy is using an iPad hahaha it wouldn’t open Google Earth

      • Stephen D

        And it just crashed as he was showing off something new in Google Earth xD

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Offline maps .. very nice, needed this for a LONG time.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      Offline large area? Or the 10 mile blocks you can cache that have been in labs forever?

      • FortitudineVincimus

        you could offline almost any amount IF you have the size to store the maps data. You select an area and it tells you how much data and space needed and you can select as much or as little as desired. It is way above the Labs feature.

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          Awesome. This may mean i can cancel that bleeping gps for a rental car now.

          Thanks for the clarification.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        No clue, never used it/saw it in labs. I am sure it is probably an improvement of that due to labs being dev previews of new ideas/code. From what they showed in the stream, it looks like larger areas.

  • MrEnglish

    Offline maps!!! Yippee. Now stop trailing your darn S’s little grasshopper.

  • MrEnglish

    In the map area, Google rocks. I can’t wait to see what Apple does but Google has an amazing system that I use just about every day. It’s good to see it’s moving forward.

  • All I am seeing is a left over hippy please put on some makeup.

  • I’ve read some commentaries theorizing that “the next dimension” would be time, since Google Maps already does 3d to some extent.

  • Rich

    It means you will be able to scroll into the sky or space or under water and see the topo of the sea floor, which was already in the mobile version… nothing new…

  • Is it just me or this live stream borked? It freezes.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Can they get any more boring speakers.. ugh

    Plus, so far, they are getting off topic with all kinds of back patting and Katrina BS & case stories – let’s get on with the new stuff already

    • MrEnglish

      Those of us in emergency management find the Katrina BS quite useful. These types of features and futures will be a benefit to ALL users, not just starbucks chasers.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        But this is not the time and place for the BS – I am not in emergency management and I don’t care. That BS and hype comes at the appropriate event – not a new tech announcement. It is just fluff to make them look good, meh… we get it. But we all know, we didn’t log on to get mired down in that feel good chit chat, we logged on to hear about the new tech. I hate pandering, that is pandering 101.

        • MrEnglish

          Your opinion, and you’re well within your rights to it. I am in emergency management AND I want to see new tech. I do not mind watching how the tech can be/is used. I don’t see it as negative, but you do, it’s clear there will be varying views on any announcement. Some don’t like the presenters, some do, some don’t care, etc. etc. and the wheel moves on.

        • Hmm….

          No BS at all. You’re just plain wrong here. It is common practice to
          give background on how new tech has been developed and sustained before
          announcing the new stuff that builds on it. You’ve obviously never been
          to a an actual tech summit. This was pretty typical for a real event,
          with speakers who are actually involved in development, instead of the
          REAL fruity BS that is only marketing and publicity crap spewed by someone who never
          invented anything during his lifetime other than new ways to pull the
          wool over people’s eyes. The Google guys are smart enough to know there will be plenty of
          press and tech bloggers who DON’T know the background of all of this, and need the info to have proper perspective before believing the marketing BS that is soon to be unleashed about how someone else supposedly “invented” maps. You really should look up the term pandering in a dictionary.

    • They are ramping up to the reveal of something, while announcing new products. You are never happy are you?

      • FortitudineVincimus

        I live on the web, the people watching something like this are geeks like me, we already know all of this hype BS.. I am just saying what the truth is, get on with it. I know what they are doing, but it is tantamount to wasting time.

        Yeah, I am pretty happy guy actually – I just call the BS as I see it. And, in this industry, there is a lot of BS so I do a lot of calling out.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          You know, the world doesn’t revolve around you. So please, for the rest of us, shut up.

          Also, I can see why it’s not of interest for you. Since you live on the web you seem to be out of touch with what most of us consider the “real world”.

          • MrEnglish

            A to the men. (amen for the slow readers)

  • T4rd

    Google ain’t got nuthin on my VZW Navigator!! =p

    Lolz, why does VZW even bother with that garbage..waste of resources on their part. Pay $10/month for inferior maps and navigation? Nice..

    • The people who use VZW Navigator are the same people who still insist on using a task killer and complain about how android sucks.

  • ToraRTC

    I don’t see why next dimension would be referring to anything but 3d.

    • Doc Brown

      You’re just not thinking fourth dimensionally.

      • ToraRTC

        You’re right, I need to get my head in tesseract mode.

  • RumbaCembe

    I would love to have some updated 3D maps of my jungle. Getting lost is too easy

  • JosephCabrera

    Looks like some pretty good advancements so far. I like the idea of the speed limit being integrated.

    • Raven

      Speed limit warnings have been in many standalone GPSes for years. It was one of the biggest complaints by some people comparing them.