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Has Samsung Scrapped the Old Pebble Blue Back Plates of the Galaxy SIII Due to Quality Issues?

After reports of Samsung having to re-manufacture the Pebble Blue back plates due to quality issues, it looks like Sammy may have completely scrapped the old color all together for a new grey-looking plate. As we can see in the video below, this new color looks nothing like the previous Pebble Blue, so was Samsung just unable to fix the issues? From what we have seen this morning, the SGSIII that US customers can pre-order will come in “Pebble Blue”, but we will have to see if it’s the old looking one or this grey-ish one. 


Via: SamMobile

  • Craig Lambert

    The kiosk at Best Buy listed the color on Verizon as Metallic Blue when I pre-ordered my 32 GB version today. I’m slightly saddened as I was looking forward to Pebble Blue.

    I should mention that not all the carriers had the color listed as Metallic Blue. Some did say Pebble Blue. I don’t remember which had what because all I was concerned about was Verizon.

  • socalrailroader

    You know the world is moving too fast when the cover on a phone that has only partially been released is called “old”. 😀

  • In Malaysia, we have the blue pebble cover and it looks good. Plus the handling is great because it has a layer for solid grip.

  • Pebbles come in grey too. . .

  • stang6790

    Sorry, double post.

  • stang6790

    I found these battery covers on ebay for $12.96. Naturally they are in Hong Kong but they look pretty sweet to me, with multiple colors to choose from and it says they are metal. If I decide to go with the S3 I will definitely order one of them.


  • FortitudineVincimus

    “the old color ”

    the old color? this phone is hardly out and your saying “old color”??

  • S2556

    metalic blue looks dope

  • Rob

    If this is the new cover then white it is. I was digging the Pebble Blue but this just looks so blahhhhh.

    Then again I will probably have some sort of case around it.

  • EC8CH

    Not just any old shade of grey….

    *puts on suglasses*

    “Natural Grey”

  • EC8CH

    Kellex is gonna be PISSED

  • Detonation

    When will manufacturers learn that extremely glossy finishes are not only huge finger print magnets, but make your phone look very cheap. The rubber coated or matte finished aluminum on Moto and Htc phones looks so much better…but I guess you can’t do that when plastic is your material of choice…

  • Adam

    I want this phone, but I got the Maxx on contract 10 days ago. Mostly because I wanted to keep my unlimited data. Got a couple days to return it. Can I go back to my Fascinate, wait for this, upgrade, and keep my unlimited?

    • Detonation

      You can upgrade and still keep your unlimited data until the shared data plans go into effect. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens right before the GS3 launches though.

  • Zachary F

    But that’s not the color they invented…

  • Diablo81588

    Ugh. Don’t think they could make it look any cheaper than this. Plastic garbage!

    • Doan

      As opposed to covering it in glass, which shatters at the slightest impact? Or would you prefer a radio-interfering aluminum case?

      • Diablo81588

        Anything but glossy plastic. Yuck.

        • Doan

          I agree with you about the obnoxiously flashy plastic. I’m happy with the soft-touch plastic on other phones.

  • Stew

    This grayish color is the best looking S3 yet

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    No disrespect, but German could be one of the most unsexiest languages ever.

    • nwd1911

      Disagree, but to each his/her own.

    • Knlegend1


    • Liderc

      It’s only interesting when being screamed by a man on methamphetamines.

    • EC8CH

      I often wonder what english would sound like if I didn’t speak english.

      • 1ofdakoolkidz

        Probably would sound unsexy to, unlike French, Italian and Spanish. Someone could gently cuss you out in one of those languages and it would still sound eloquent.


    They scrapped it. Typical Samsung crap-cheap engineering. They’re the worst company in the industry. I hope this phone fails. Horrible products, (not just mobile), and horrible customer service. I wish fail on Samsung for their wrong doings on products through my family, my friends and myself.

  • if you wont pop up play like the SG3 try stick it and the market

  • zepfloyd

    This changes everything.

    • MKader17


  • Mike

    I hope the blue stays. I’ve just convinced my girlfriend to go to Android instead of an iPhone. She’s been looking at phones and thinks they all look too masculine for her so the “blue” was good selling point (she doesn’t want a pink case on a black phone).
    As for me, I don’t care about the color, but I’m planning to replace my original Droid from the day they were released in 2009 with an SIII.

    • 1ofdakoolkidz

      And she doesn’t like white?

      • michael arazan

        white is too masculine? Its the color of wedding dresses.

    • Gamer28

      Good God man, how are you still using the OG Droid. I switch phones at least every 4 moths. Getting the S3 will feel like the fastest thing in the planet compared to the OG. Right now I have my Galaxy Nexus and an HTC One X (international version). But will definitively get the S3 on Verizon when it comes out and sell my Galaxy Nexus

  • MrEnglish

    Not sure I care about the back much, as long as the phone does what is advertised. I wasn’t sporting major wood for the pebble blue, although I didn’t hate it either. Backplate, not an issue IMO. Screen quality all the way.

  • kevin

    I was actually set on getting the white color now im not so sure anymore…

  • gimlet72

    I’ll probably get a case for it anyways if I buy one..What ever happened to the HTC Incredible LTE?

  • littleneutrino

    I rather like the newer color. (i could do without the glossy back though)

  • Don

    I think they may be colorblind.

  • Just when I thought it couldn’t get an uglier…

    • Trolls be trollin. Gunmetal is a million times better than some ugly blue.

  • WOW! I really hope this is the new cover – it looks so much better than the old one.

  • Liderc

    lol, most epic fix ever.

    • Now all they gotta do is ditch that home button lol

      • Doan

        Yes, please. And the two capacitive buttons, as well.

      • Liderc

        Oh I was being sarcastic lol, I think that shiny plastic is awful. But agree, the home button is even more hideous.