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Verizon’s Galaxy SIII Stops by the FCC, Shouldn’t Launch be Next?


There is your Galaxy SIII that is headed to Verizon. Model number SCH-I535 is indeed the device that many of you are waiting to get your hands on through Big Red, and after stopping by the FCC this week, it seems that an announcement for a launch date is about all that is left to see. Rumors have pegged other carrier’s variants launching some time around June 20, which matches up to those headed to Canada. It would certainly be a welcomed change for an Android manufacturer to release phones simultaneously across the globe rather than the normal schedule which includes an unveiling, followed by an open-ended and mysterious release date.

The other big question remains – how will the U.S. carriers alter the device from what we saw introduced internationally? Will they change it at all? According to shots we saw of the T-Mobile variant from yesterday, Samsung may have finally laid down the law and is forcing the big four in the States to sell the phone as is without differentiating. How do you feel about a physical home button?

Via:  FCC | PocketNow

Cheers Daniel!

  • Robert Stevens

    The 2GB of Ram has me excited, as well as ultra tweaked LTE Dual Core Chip. We dont need Quad Core by any means.

  • Robert Stevens

    Im under Corporate Agreement, I will always have unlimited Data.

  • Robert Stevens

    Im OK with the home button. Im coming from a Droid-X

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  • gladbag

    The S3 has already launched here in the middle east. Its a really nice phone. I believe the processor is different than the one that will release in the states.

  • You know what’s sad? The way this site removes so many non-fanboy comments all the time. Way to then into that which you claim to despise.

  • MKader17

    I would prefer the SIII to have the physical home button if that means that there will be less differentiation among the SIII

  • I am amazed at how people feel the right to get so angry about things like this. You do realize Verizon is not your friend or brother, right? They are a company interested in profit. Yeesh. . .

  • adam

    i got the razr maxx last week as an upgrade…should i return it and wait for this or the razr hd? i want to keep my unlimited data.

    • Trevor

      If you are in no rush, I would say wait to see what the GSIII and/or Razr HD have to offer. If you are happy with the Razr Maxx, then just keep that and enjoy it. I’m sure we will get advanced warning prior to unlimited data disappearing, so you shouldn’t have to worry about hastily upgrading.

      • adam

        any idea when either will hit verizon? i don’t want verizon to just drop it completely out of no where, you know?

        • Trevor

          No idea about the Razr HD, but in light of recent news, I would say that the Galaxy SIII will probably be released within a month, unless it gets delayed for one reason or another.

  • SeanBello

    this is the only time I’ll say this: I wish Apple had a patent for a hardware dedicated Home button

  • sasfasf23423

    Who cares !!! I would upgrade my phone due to new unlimited data plan policy. You would loose your unlimited if you ugrade

    • Bionic

      you lose it once your current 2 year contract is up anyway, there is no way to avoid it

      • LionStone

        You don’t lose unlimited data if you buy your next phone outright.

  • Remember when everyone was saying Verizon wouldn’t even get the GS3? Yeah…
    Damn shame, if Verizon passes on the GS4, they’ll start saying they’ll never get the GS5 and the cycle will continue.

    Anyway back on topic: I don’t mind the idea of the buttons, but I think the GS3 is hideous partly due to the size and placement of its button. So I was kinda hoping they’d go the softkey root again, but oh well.

  • Congratulations! Your phone number has been selected to win a prize! Is that an annoying comment to see pop up? Well, its also an annoying ad to see. I expected better from this site than obvious scam advertisements. Get it in check Kellex.

    • You may want to scan your computer for malware. I have never had such advertisements or popups on droid-life.

      • kevinc

        i get it on my galaxy nexus using chrome and the stock browser. even get it after a factory reset. every time i clear internet data, it pops back up. it’s an obvious scam advertisement. i expect better from droid life.

    • Plu

      I keep getting this on my phone as well. Never have on my computer.

    • C-Law

      I’m getting this crap on my gnex too when I visit this site and phandroid.very annoying

  • wickets

    After using the galaxy nexus, no buttons for me

  • perfectly fine with a physical home button. When I switch between the 4s and GNex I am used to it. I have a feeling that like with the Oracle case, the single home button isn’t something that should have been patented. It’s kind of like saying “Hello”.

  • Bionic

    Off topic. But can anyone tell me if you buy an app on your phone. Do you have to pay again to put it on you’re tablet?

    • Robert

      I haven’t had to pay again to use them on my tablet

    • Cflash

      No. Same Google acct = multiple devices 🙂 Same for Amazon market. Not sure how many can be registered on each though.

  • Bionic

    I didn’t even know this phone had been confirmed for Verizon. I could live with a physical home button, but prefer not to. Don’t matter to me though cuz my update isn’t until May 2013 at which time a better phone will be available. I’m underwhelmed by this because of dual core. I know I know this chip is great but I want my next phone to be quad core.

    • Adam Brandt

      I agree, I know this is a better dual core. But I want my next phone to be either full quad or full a15. I’ll wait till fall or Christmas

  • zkdreads

    i dont remember verizon ever changing any plans when a phone came out. my next phone is the galaxy S3 unless the razor maxx hd comes out by then

    • Bionic

      I’m sure Motorola will make sure it comes out soon enough to compete with this.

  • Slide83

    I like the home button.

  • Love the Home button. Keeping the phones looking the same will make accessories much easier to get. About time the Carriers woke up and did what is right for the customer. Hope this is the way of the future with all the phones.
    Thanks Samsung.

  • allyn

    after my galaxy nexus, i don’t intend to ever buy another phone with dedicated buttons and certainly not a physical button!

  • same Samsung radio build quality….i’ll pass

    • Trevor

      This worries me too. After dealing with my Nexus, I am definitely going to wait for reviews to come in about the GSIII before buying it. I think this has the potential to be a really nice phone though.

  • love the home button! Leaning towards the t-mobile version but it will be on all carriers. I just want to see what (if any) differentiation each carrier will offer first.

  • achaf86

    I don’t care for the physical home button but i’ll get used to it.

  • Mike_Cook7

    Home button is a bummer cuz the GNex looks so nice sitting here with its big beautiful screen and no buttons or logo’s…..

    • roberthenderson

      Yep, just endless extra button pushes and on screen smudges to bring up buttons that could already be there

      • Josh Nichols

        And endless customization to buttons that can change into whatever the fuck you want.

      • Josh Nichols

        And a button that can do whatever I want instead of having only one function.

        • roberthenderson

          I’ve already used programs and roms allow remapping of buttons on my Rezound. —
          Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

          • Josh Nichols

            Your point? Why would I want a single home button to be a shortcut for email? Why wouldn’t I just want a little email icon right there instead?

          • roberthenderson

            Hey, if you like doing extra button pushes to pull up your custom buttons, more power to you. you like a big empty expanse of chin plastic? go for it.I don’t want the extra button pushes, fingerprints, and watching the content jump to pull up something that can already be right there.

      • Chris

        Smudges, haha. That’s funny. Thank you for that 🙂

    • MikeCiggy

      Love having no physical buttons on the face. Not to mention the flexibility AOKP has created with customizing these buttons to what YOU need. Not what the manufacturer thinks you need.

    • Trevor

      I agree with this. The Nexus looks awesome from the front with the screen off.

  • boiiiiiiii

    With how much Samsung changed the UI of ICS you really think they give a flying crap about if they change the buttons? They finally have elite smartphone status and are going to do whatever they want, like Apple. Carriers aren’t going to deny this phone just b/c of buttons. Biggest Android launch of 2012 even if the home button sucks. I’m curious to see if it has the same bugs the Nexus had/has with signal/mute calls/etc. Maybe they noticed the most popular smart phone only has one physical button. Their goal with this phone is to make it idiot proof, I mean simple to use like nature or something.

    Keeping the phones identical across carriers makes it cheaper, updates will be easier, the phone can be released quicker to multiple countries, etc. I think they finally put their foot down. As long as Verizon can put their logo right above that home button they don’t care…haha. Plus I doubt they would have had time to change the design and still release it during the summer.

    Regardless of buttons, this recent 4.0.4 OTA didn’t fix the Nexus mute call issue I’m sure I won’t be the only one ditching the Nexus for the s3.

  • Buy This

    If you have ever tried soft keys or on screen touch keys after using physical navigation keys, there is no competition. I loved my DX to death but I lived in fear that the nav keys would fall off or break, especially with the amount of flashing I did. Now I have bionic and the soft keys are a breath of fresh air. I never want a physical key or keys again.

  • TimXer

    This is THE phone I am waiting for! Stuck though til upgrade 9/29…just gave up mine to my teenage grad to get his iPhone 4S – he is jacked now but will probably be weeping when I bring this thing home…Anyone know if iPhone 5 is launching out of the gate on VZ?

    • Stew

      When Apple announces the iPhone, whether it be this month at their Developer Conference or October like last year, it will launch simultaneously on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

    • Bionic

      Yes. It’d be stupid for them not to.

  • Android

    I’m warmed up to the phone,but hate the home button

  • Bionicman

    yes very nice good job verizon. you would have been crazy not to carry this phone. now just release it soon haha

  • Matt Wheeler

    I’d be hard pressed to use a Samsung phone again on Verizon, after the well documented radio signal problems with the Fascinate, Charge and Galaxy Nexus.

    • get the facts straight

      did you have any of those phones or are you going just by “well documented” sources? The Charge had ZERO signal problems

      • Adam

        fascinate was horrible…had it for 2 years

      • Josh Nichols

        You’re obviously not looking at the bigger picture if you think the charge had ZERO signal problems. Maybe YOUR charge had ZERO signal problems, but on a whole the charge did not have ZERO signal problems.

  • radiohead14

    take the home button and the two capacitive ones out, and replace them with a dedicated camera button on the side

  • Don’t worry, I’m sure vzw will delay the piss out of this launch…

  • MFG

    Home button is fine with me. But I’m still kinda eh about the menu button. To be honest, the on-screen buttons on my Nexus seem like the way to go.

    • Chris

      Mine will be disabled for sure 🙂

  • Jared Carter

    i think i would like the physical home button… especially if it turns the screen on. I miss that from my Droid X a lot… I wish when reviews and manufacturers talked about screen size they also mention the dimensions of the actual device. If this feels better in hand then the Razr Maxx i may burn an upgrade on it.

    although the Incredible 4g has the same processor.. What’s the PPi differential between the two? seems like the screen is mostly the difference between the two.

    • Chris Gustafson

      SGS III is 305 PPI and the Dinc 4G is 275.

    • Scott Merrihew

      i wanna say the ppi on the inc 4g is in the 275 ppi area, im not sure about the s3

    • Jared Carter

      so probably not a huge noticable difference other than the amoled v. lcd … im assuming the HTC camera is better even though it isn’t the One version

    • Ana

      The size of the screen is almost an inch different from both those phones

      • Jared Carter

        yeah something tells me the Dinc4g will outperform the sgIII though

        • shadowdude777

          It definitely will. Its resolution is much lower than the GS3’s.

  • HighTechToid

    As if Verizon will launch this or ANY of their upcoming LTE phones before they put into effect their new shared tiered data plans? Not a chance. I was wondering why there was such a long gap in product releases this quarter and then they said shared data is launching summer. There’s no way Verizon launches this before that comes into effect because they want to lock as many people into the new plans as possible and this would be a great smartphone to do that with.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      In my opinion, the data tiers will be closely tied to the iPhone 5 launch. I doubt Verizon had enough forethought to believe there was anythng epic coming from Android prior to the iPhone. I wouldn’t fool myself into thinking any device (singularly) will come close to the sales of what Apple is going to have this year. In the US anyway. I am not trolling or being an Apple fan boy, its just that you cannot deny the market that Apple has dedicated to it.

      • King of Nynex

        That’s what I’ve been assuming. People who don’t know phones know the iPhone, and so Verizon is betting on roping these (read: most) people into tiered data. Ask a random person about the Galaxy Nexus and they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          If the rumors that the form factor is going to make a change, hardware wise, and looks. Every iPhone fan of the previous models will look to upgrade. Then, Verizon will offer upgrades to anyone for $299 with a new contract regardless of their renewal date. Aka. Data tiered contract. They will gobble it up to upgrade early. Suckers.. lol

          • michael arazan

            I guess we’ll see how gullible iphone fanboys are when the new iphones are launched and new tier plans take place. But they already enjoy paying apple out the wazoo for their music, videos, apps and such through apple’s market, I doubt they’ll complain about verizon squeezing every other nickel out of them for their data.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Couldn’t agree more.

      • Stew

        Verizon isn’t going to wait to launch shared data just to be with the iPhone launch. They don’t know when the iPhone is going to launch. They’ll probably do in the summer like they said they would, and they’re not idiots… they know that the S3 and RAZR HD are going to be huge releases…

        • Higher_Ground

          Summer doesn’t begin for almost 3 weeks and ends late September… right before the new iPhone launches. I don’t see them waiting 3+ months to release those phones

          • Stew

            Why would they?

          • Higher_Ground

            I thought we were assuming the data plans were going to change first… I don’t think they will change the data plans without 2-4 weeks notice and I think they will probably wait until the end of summer (late September). By that time the SGSIII will be out and hopefully the RAZR HD as well.

          • bionic

            Plans start in july

          • Aardvark99

            Citation Needed

          • Stew

            Oh OK I get what you’re saying… But I would hope that they wouldn’t be so stupid as to let the other 3 carriers have 1-2 months of a head start on S3 sales… and the RAZR HD has presumably been ready since April…

    • Destroythanet

      Yeah I’m thinking you’re probably right about Verizon using the GSIII for that purpose.

    • Verizon most likely will change its tiered data plans just before the next iPhone release since it will be Verizon’s best selling phone.

      • shadowdude777

        I don’t know why you’re being voted down. Maybe it’s because of ravenous fanboys. I don’t like the iPhone at all, but you can’t deny that it will definitely be the best-selling phone. Also, I think that the start of tiered data in general was tied to an iPhone launch, wasn’t it?

        Verizon will probably see around twice as many users on their 4G network with the release of the next iPhone, so it makes sense to limit those users’ data before they sign the contract.

      • Immolate

        If Verizon changes their data plan just before the iPhone 5 release, they get all the iPhone users who upgrade. On the other hand, if they change it now, they get all of the SGS3 and Razr HD buyers, plus the iPhone users who upgrade. By their nature, these are mostly different groups. There is no advantage in waiting to change their plan until the *most* popular phone is released, and missing the other half of their customers.

        Also, not directed at you Kyle, but summer is a flexible term. There is an official start and end of summer as others have mentioned, but people often consider the summer months to be June through August. I wouldn’t be too quick to split hairs over technical definitions.

    • MikeCiggy

      This year summer starts on June 20th. This is very soon, Verizon will only lose GSIII sales to other company’s like at&t if they get it out first and advertise for it. Think we can assume Verizon doesn’t want this to happen and will get the phone out ASAP.

      But I agree with you not before the tiered plans so maybe we see these new plans the end of this month?

      • jslafarr

        its lose* – and summer starts june 21st. and verizon has nothing to do with getting the phone out.

        • MikeCiggy

          Thanks for fixing my grammar. I type these comments quickly and with out proof reading. It’s not so much a professional environment it does not matter to me.

          Summer is June 20th I even double checked for you:

          Verizon has everything to do with when the GSIII comes out on their network.

        • Stew

          It’s Verizon’s network… they have the final say-so on when and if anything hits their shelves…

    • yarrellray

      I am glad to see Samsung put it’s foot down on design great move all the variants that existed from the Galaxy S2 was crazy to see on all carriers. Tmobile will be the first to launch this Galaxy S3 which is great to see. I wish Verizon folks well but truthfully after seeing Verizon at it’s best I doubt that this will launch before July 20th. Verizon does nothing fast and after all they only care about there silly Droid Razr/Droid line of devices so waiting for the Galaxy S3 will be a chore. I won’t wait I am leaving Verizon after July 11th and will sell my CDMA Verizon Galaxy Nexus for the opportunity to take my 2 lines to Tmobile and purchase the Galaxy S3. Then in early November i will replace my Galaxy Nexus with the new Nexus that will have Jellybean. My Verizon ride is over I dislike the way they have handled the Galaxy Nexus and the update fiasco enough is enough. Plus with all Verizon and there overall bloatware the Galaxy S3 on Verizon definately won’t be the best Galaxy S3 to have. I personally still stay Verizon and it’s network has issues that people are not aware of.

      • Mike

        I agree with almost everything that you said. However, the T-Mobile and other carrier variants of the GS3 will have almost the same amount of bloatware as the Verizon one and you really should do what I did, which is get the international GSM unlocked variant of the phone and use T-Mobile’s monthly 4g service on it. That way not only do you not get any bloatware, but you also are not dependent on the carrier for any updates and you cut your monthly bill in half, perhaps even less than half of what you would pay if you have a contract. I am currently paying $45/month for unlimited text and minutes and up to 2gb of HSPA+ data on my GSM Galaxy Nexus bought from the Google Play store for $399 which is less than half of what I was paying with AT&T

        • Adam Brandt

          The international version doesn’t work with T-Mobiles 4G. The Galaxy nexus does, but the S3 is missing the 1700mhz spectrum support that the nexus has which is needed for 4G on T-Mobile

          • Mike

            You could use the international version with Straighttalk. They offer either an At&T sim or a T-mobile sim for the same price

          • Adam Brandt

            I know, that’s why I said T-Mobile, not AT&T. I had AT&T and even 1.5 miles from NYC, they are AWFUL. T-Mobile is pretty good though. Hopefully they will have HSPA+ on 1900 by the end of the year. I talked to a rep a couple weeks ago and he said they planned to, I guess we will see

    • TD

      They will launch it before because they think the new Razr will be a bigger hit, lol!

    • steve30x

      I was wondering the same thing but i bet they will do it this July when Moto starts releasing new Droid phones like they always do in Mid-June to July.

  • This phone is finally starting to grow on my look wise. It may replace my Nexus after all
    However, I’m gonna wait for reviews of the Verizon version to make sure it doesn’t have problems like the Nexus.

    • Yeah same at first I hated the looks but now I think I can live with them.

  • King of Nynex

    I don’t like physical buttons. ICS eliminates the need for them.

  • Brandon C.

    Now that Verizon is confirmed I’m completely fine with the home button just don’t delay the device and release it already.