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Tip: How to Force the 4.0.4 Update for the Galaxy Nexus LTE

The 4.0.4 update is pushing out to a massive batch of Galaxy Nexus owners as you read this, however, there are still a number of you that have yet to be prompted. If you would like to speed up the process, you can try this little trick that dozens of readers have submitted as working like a charm.  

1.  From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
2.  Search for  Google Services Framework.
3.  Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
4.  Then choose “Clear data.”
5.  Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.

You may have to repeat the steps a couple of times. Good luck!

Cheers @splendorthought and to everyone who sent this in!

  • roth

    I followed the instructions, but now ‘Google Services Framework’ is no longer showing up on my Apps list, and the option to check for system update has disappeared. HELP!!!

    • roth

      Nevermind, Im a dumbass. I had the Framework disabled. I re-enabled it and got the update.

      • brett

        Roth i did same thing were do you reenable framework

  • Brien Gerber

    Worked for me, but now the play store online won’t recognize my Nexus.

    • gpzbc

      see comments below. A fix is outlined.

  • Took three times but it worked for me

  • aheiden82

    Worked for me

  • Got it on my second try.

  • Yes!!

  • fvqu

    What widget is that?

  • microdot

    Just worked for me too. I tried it a couple times yesterday with no luck and finally today with the first try….about damn time. Now lets hope the update was worth all the fuss and wait.

  • EatUrCrap

    What does clearing the data do? Do I lose anything?

    • gpzbc

      see comments below. It can cause some problems with the Google Play Store. There is also a solution posted,

  • cory

    omg it worked! Everyone do what it says its legit!

  • Gnex

    Phone seems to be quicker…3g signal seems to be the same at the house.(Wife has the Razr and my signal matches hers…so no concerns there) I will have to see about the 4g signal when I go to work tonight as it has not come to my home town yet…

  • magic9418

    Sweeeeeetttttt worked like a charm. THANKS!

  • crash override

    droid life is the shit…worked like a charm after a few trys

  • guest

    As an aside, my browser was getting hijacked on my phone and tablet when accessing Droid Life. I was running Lookout on both at the time. Saw that Avast was higher rated online for malware and since I installed Avast no more redirect. Hope that helps anyone who may be experiencing the same issue.

    • Jwhap

      I keep getting mobile pop up ads even though pop ups are blocked……..only when I visit DL.

  • I tried it a bunch of times but what finally worked was Force Stop/Clear Data, then restart the phone before checking for an update. When it restarted and I went to check for update, it was already downloading.

  • duke69111

    Does anybody know where the ota update is stored on the internal storage.

  • wid2767

    Is anyone having any issues with Camera not loading/force closing and Talk constantly force closing? I am rooted / unlocked running stock everything.

    • guest


    • hushdrops


  • jjl207

    Worked like a charm on the sixth clear/check try. Now on 4.0.4!

  • Cool Beans it worked

  • JohnPA2006

    Sad to say this but even though the update installed on my phone last night.
    Today, twice I had the one way audio drop bug STILL.

    Between the joke of the stock battery and the signal retention problems, the phone heating up dramatically during normal use, and this audio drop bug.
    I am returning this POS back to the ebay person I bought it from and going back to my iPhone4. Perhaps I will give the RAZR MAXX a try in a month or 2 when that comes down in price, sorry but for the months this Nexus junk has been out, they still have not fixed very basic problems.
    I really wanted to like this phone.

  • John D

    If you manually updated to IMM76K through the file XDA (from may 2nd) but only temporarily flashed CWM and then returned to stock will I get the OTA update?

    • Jwhap

      I don’t think so. It is the same update. But Cory (posted above) did the method above and he was on the leak as well.

  • Ben Schulz

    I love you Droid-Life.

  • Came here to say that it worked like a charm on my moms gnex!

  • Gnex

    Mine worked the very first time…it is updating now!

  • kidheated

    Gottta give props to XYZlene from AC forums for this tip. This tip does work. You may just have to do it a bunch. It took me in toto about 30 times, but this is over 3 different attempts and a few hours. The 3rd attempt, I did the pull 4 times and it work immediately. Love Android. Love the Community. Long live the bot!

  • Took me 4 tries but it’s downloading now… 🙂

    • Update installed without a problem. I was running stock 4.0.2 with the bootloader unlocked. First thing I noticed is more signal bars. Where I sit at my desk at work I never got more than 2 bars in 4G and now it’s getting between 3-4 bars.

  • Worked for me after 3 tries. Between the 2nd and 3rd I turned of wifi and plugged into a power source. Dunno if that made a difference.

  • I had to do this twice, but it worked for me.

  • ryan

    BIG PROBLEM: I tried this method and it worked. I received the update, but upon installing, I no longer have any cell signal. Have rebooted again and still nothing. Wi-Fi works, but there is an “X” where it usually shows signal strength. Anybody else have this problem or know of a fix?

    • Liderc

      Were you completely stock when you did the update?

      • ryan

        Yes, completely stock. In settings under “Network” it says “Searching for Service”. Has been doing that for the last hour. Have never had a problem with service before.

        • Liderc

          Maybe try removing your battery and sim card, hit the power button, then put them both back in.

          • ryan

            Removed battery, then sim card, then put them both back in and turned the phone back on. Still not fixed. Any other ideas? Thanks.

          • Liderc

            Well, there’s no way to just remove the update, so maybe you should try a factory reset. Unless you can call Verizon, who is probably just going to have you do a factory reset anyways.

          • ryan

            Called Verizon. Sounds like they are seeing this problem, especially with the GSM version which mine is not. Luckily still under warranty so they are sending me a replacement phone. Recommended going to the Verizon store and having them reinstall the update. Frustrating.

          • Liderc

            Why not try a factory reset yourself? Much quicker to see if it can be remedied that way instead of having to send off for a re-furb.

          • ryan

            Good advice. Pain to have to back up all my data/pics and stuff, but will do and then update to 4.0.4 and let you all know if it works.

          • Liderc

            You’ll have to do that with the replacement phone anyways, so might as well try.

          • ryan

            Still experiencing trouble. I now have a signal, but the phone keeps switching to roaming mode. If I reboot it, it works for a while, but then reverts to roaming again. I did a factory reset and was hoping to reinstall 4.0.4 but it was already installed upon reset. The roaming problems persists. At this point I am going to have to give up and hope the replacement phone works like it is supposed to. I guess factory reset doesn’t really mean factory reset as I cannot revert to a pre 4.0.4 build.

          • Liderc

            Hrm, I don’t see how it could have 4.0.4 after a factory reset. Maybe your area is having data trouble and it’s just a coincidence.

          • ryan

            Have now done numerous factory resets and 4.0.4 is already installed once the reset is complete. Pretty much stuck in roaming mode all the time now, even after reboots. Wish i could get 4.0.2 back.

          • ryan

            Went to the Verizon store. They replaced the SIM card and that has restored the signal. Apparently the update prevented my existing SIM card from working. Not sure why, but glad to have the phone up and running again.

    • Mine did this. I just let it sit. It went away in two minutes. Maybe you tried to restart too early, man.

  • whenjasonattks

    Got it last night at midnight! Makes my phone feel 2x faster

  • curtsie

    Got it to download and start the install, but failed while in recovery. Any others see this?

    • TheScientists

      Yep, this has happened to me twice. I’m unlocked & rooted, but running stock 4.0.2. I can get the OTA to download, but when I hit install, phone reboots, I briefly see the install animation, then I get the robot w/ red triangle. And it won’t allow me to enter the recovery menu (PB + Vol Up doesn’t work).

      • curtsie

        I’m not rooted currently so my error might be different than yours, but I worked it out. I don’t remember changing my default recovery to CWM, but that is what happened. Flashed the 4.0.2 recovery.img back on, and the problem disappeared.

        Hope you got your’s worked out.

        • TheScientists

          I ended up downloading and flashing the update via CWM. All is good now. Cheers.

  • Android

    Omg it worked, finally updating 🙂

  • allyn

    didn’t work last night but worked first thing this morning. perhaps because the battery was almost empty last night?

  • jstew182

    Worked like a charm! Thanks guy!

  • joshyroe

    Worked on the first try. Thanks DL now I’m running on 4.0.4.

  • Bob Martin

    Will this work on the OG Droid?

  • Mikey_S

    Is there an install log written? – I am getting the download, a reboot, but it isn’t loading the update? – is this because I have an unlocked bootloader?

  • Dev

    Worked for me! Needed to follow the step few times and it is downloading now!!!

  • Radgatt

    Worked for me

  • guest

    Took several tries and turning phone but finally worked. Thanks droid life!

  • k

    It messed up my google play store and online store not showing my GNEX. Any suggestions?

    • I have not run into this issue but you might try going into your
      Apps>Google Play Store>Clearing Data/Cache. Reboot your phone and
      go back into play store and see if issue is resolved.

      • k

        Nope…that didn’t fix it.
        any other suggestions?
        It also messed up my link from Chrome to Mobile extension….says a page is sent to my phone, but doesn’t open Chrome on the phone like it used to. Deleted extension and reinstalled. Logged out of Chrome on phone and redid. Nothing works. Phone doesn’t show in Play store on-line….only my old Droid X.
        Don’t know how to fix. Can’t believe only a few of us are having these problems…maybe others just haven’t checked.

        • Kevin

          Any HELP suggestions?

        • Feztheforeigner wrote:I asked because it didn’t work for me. However, it did stop me from
          downloading apps in the Play Store and from updating existing ones. I
          had to remove all my Google accounts then open the play store and add my
          account back in there

          • gpzbc

            This worked for me. I first went into my Apps>Google Play Store and cleared my Data/Cache. Then I rebooted my phone. Then I went into my Accounts & Sync and removed my Google Account, then rebooted my phone, then added my Google Account back. It took a little time for everything to refresh and resync, but now it is all back to normal.

        • gpzbc

          Crap. I am experiencing this too. Any ideas? Thanks!

        • Helen Read

          Log into Google Talk on your phone.

  • Worked on the first try!

  • Liderc

    Got it to work the 3rd time. Did turn the phone off and on a few times just in case anyone is having trouble.

  • so i tried the framework trick yesterday like 10 times with no luck, tried just now with wifi on and it worked second time, i think wifi is the trick….

  • Thadius Billings

    Worked for me

  • Jack Applebaum

    Thank you, worked

  • Thomas030

    Install is failing for me. My phone rooted, would that cause an issue?

    • Scott


  • Scott Hartman

    Worked like a charm!

  • SSSmm

    Now if only I’d get 4.x on my Bionic.

  • Once I flashed back to stock radios the update worked great even though I am rooted and unlocked