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New Swiftkey Beta 3 Released with “Refined” Chrome Beta Experience, Improved Predictions and Gestures [Download]

Swiftkey Beta 3 received an update today for the world to test. Included in this latest build that was just posted to Twitter, users will notice improved predictions, better punctuation behavior, a refined Google Chrome experience (whatever that means), and more. At this point in the game, I’m finding it to be more and more difficult to even consider switching to another keyboard. Is anyone not using Swiftkey? 

Download:  Swiftkey3_Beta.apk

Install right over the top of your previous beta.


  • Improved prediction algorithms
  • Better, more consistent punctuation key behavior
  • Smarter Smart Space functionality (which will make it easier to enter email addresses etc)
  • A refined experience in Google Chrome Beta
  • Fixed missing predictions on the longpress of @ and .com
  • Improved gestures
  • Eliminated lag on letter pop-ups
  • Various other minor bug fixes and usability improvements

Via:  Swiftkey [2]

  • Raven

    I am currently using “FlexT9 Text Input”. It seems to be the best combination of Swiftkey like prediction and Swype like tracing without all of the Beta apk hassle as well as actual letter writing if you are in to that or Dragon powered speech input.

  • michael arazan

    Thank you Kellex for this post

  • They layout that this keyboard is based on is so nineteenth century! Cramming the keys made for the mechanical typewrite on a small touch screen just doesn’t work.

    An elegant and innovative solution like MessagEase (www.exideas.com) is a lot more appropriate. See this video to know what I mean.


  • Nick Letsom

    I really like SwiftKey’s reliable prediction and correction, but there are a few things I didn’t like about it
    -If you mistyped a word even once, it would “learn” it and then suggest it the next time you tried to type that word, even if you spelled it correctly. It’s really intelligent. Which means when it does something wrong, it seems REALLY stupid.
    -It was absolutely impossible to type out a URL to someone. Like, throw-your-phone-at-the-wall impossible. Even if you dismissed a suggested “correction” in your URL, it would randomly decide to change it anyways while you were typing further words.
    -Perhaps it’s just because the keys don’t have the “popup” display unless you hold them briefly, but it always felt like the keyboard never provided as much feedback as the stock ICS keyboard.
    -I hated the layout, especially the number pad layout.

    Basically, I would really love to see a version that’s a stock ICS keyboard with SwiftKey’s prediction engine.

  • merryb

    My Galaxy Nexus doesn’t let me choose the beta. Does the phone need to be rooted?

    • Brock Norman

      Nope, don’t need to be rooted.

  • I use Swype. Takes getting use to but I prefer it.

  • NYAvsFan

    This app hates my phone. Ever since I installed AOKP Milestone 5 the app gets an error every single time I try to download the language pack. Anyone else having this problem and or know of a solution?

    • Brock Norman

      Are you using any adblockers by chance? If so, try disabling them then try downloading the language pack.

      • NYAvsFan

        Yeah, I have ad free android. I tried disabling that as well as disabling avast. But no dice. Just “network error. Please ensure you have a data connection available”.

  • Kyle Fullmer

    I just switched to AI Keyboard from swift, so customizable and very lightweight even with cloud based predictions turned on.

  • Ive just been using the stock keyboard I guess I will make the switch and see what the hype is about

  • David Cosme Jr.

    This is the best keyboard app hands down. I’ve tried several others, including Swype. I liked Swype, but the prediction software is just so good with Swiftkey. I even bought for my GTab.

  • What’s the difference between Swiftkey Beta 3 and Swiftkey X?

  • Case

    What theme is that in the picture? Holo?

    Mine kind looks like that but it’s definitely not the same.

    • aj

      the default cobalt theme

      • Case

        Ah. It would help if I scrolled up on the themes page!

        Cheers, aj.

    • calculatorwatch


  • spickle

    i bought the Swift Key X for my DX and hated it cause it lagged so badly. i just tried the Beta 3 and it also lagged on my G-Nex. i added words in the user dictionary and it still replaced it with Duck and Ducking. had to uninstall. hopefully it gets better after Beta.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Still rocking the white GNex?

  • lost

    just installed. This doesn’t allow swype huh? looks like it just predicts what you’re typing. am I correct?

  • webby

    I’ll give it another go. Didn’t like it the first time. Needs to incorporate Google voice recognition of it’s a loser.

    The worst thing about ICS keyboard is that the comma is on the second page. Whose dumb a** idea was that??

    • Kids these days don’t use punctuation. They don’t know how to use periods or apostrophes properly and you expect them to use commas?

    • Brock Norman

      On the ICS keyboard, tap & hold then release on the period button to insert a comma.

  • Guest

    The only reason I quit using the beta was the punctuation changes. It’s a pain to long press to select something other than a period.

  • wickets

    between 4.0.4 upgrade and swiftkey news…almost perfect wednesday

  • thebluegod

    For some reason when typing fast some of my key presses never register. It’s pretty annoying and has kept me from using Swiftkey all this time. I’m on a RAZR and the multi-touch keyboard gives me no problems. In fact it’s probably the best keyboard I’ve used.

    • TMadd

      I agree 100%, same exact situation, Razr Maxx

      • Droid_n00b

        I believe it’s because Swiftkey isn’t multi-touch capable, so if 2 fingers are touching the screen at the same time, it won’t register. That’s the ONLY reason why I’m not using it. Stock Multi-touch keyboard or swype for me until they allow multi touch.

  • DanWazz

    I used to use this keyboard, but I’m using stock of just a little longer. There are tons of features I miss from this keyboard though.

  • Jeff Tycz

    I like swiftkey but I always find that the spacebar is too small in width so I dont use it much

  • nickmo

    I am still having the Chrome cursor jump problem after installing this .apk

  • MikeCiggy

    Of course not everyone is using this keyboard Kellex. Haha

    I’m actually still a proud Swype user. Just love being able to type with one hand on my Gnex and still very fast.

    • Sasquatch4ever

      You know, I used to really love Swype back on my Droid 2. Its actually what stole me away from physical keyboards. Unfortunately my hands just aren’t big enough to Swype on the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Just threw it on the Razr Maxx. Loving it so far …

  • andrew borrelli

    If you have a tablet here’s the link for that one.


    • jromash

      this did not take me to the tablet version? am i missing something?

  • Jolo

    Anyone else have problems where predictions wont show up sometimes and when typing no text is displayed? Happened for me in every beta

    • I’ve had the same problem. Every time it happens I have to exit out of the keyboard then open it up again. It fixes it but it’s annoying.
      The word predictions don’t show up when typing in passwords and web addresses…which makes sense.

    • Cody Scanlin

      I’ve had both of these problems, and had issues with letters not showing up when I’m typing fast.

  • I tried a couple on my Galaxy Nexus and the default keyboard keeps calling me back. It is responsive, good predictions, and predictable behavior. I still have troubles pressing the letter “b” when I aim for the space bar, but it corrects that 90% of the time.

  • Honestly, SwitKey is a major reason I’ve never considered switching to an iPhone. Not just the best keyboard app ever, but maybe the best productivity app of any kind. I’ll give it up when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  • AlexKCMO

    Stock ICS Keyboard anyone?

  • Connors

    still no autotext like smartkeyboard

    • you mean still HAS autotext. Mine does it just fine. Has since swiftkey was in beta ORIGINALLY.

      • +1

      • Connors

        how? i’m saying autotext where you can program tn and it will type tonight

  • 00111

    If only it could use Google voice input

    • edmicman

      Have they just not got around to it yet or is there a technical reason where they can’t integrate the Google Voice input in?

      • TheDave1022

        Pretty sure they said they arent sure how to deal with android 2.x devices

    • icantremember

      This bugs me the most… they seem to have a great dev team but can’t get around this. I love the voice typing that ICS introduced and the folks that make Perfect Keyboard seem to have that figured out, so for now I stick with them.

    • paladaxar

      To use Google Voice input while using SK, just do this:
      * pull down the notification bar
      * tap “Select input method”
      * tap “Google voice typing”

      It’s an extra two taps, but totally worth it in my opinion to use SK as my default kb.

  • nwd1911

    Giving it a try, I’ve been hooked on Swype from the first time I saw it, but can’t resist an apk for something everyone raves about.

    • Droidzilla

      I’ll have to give this another go, too. I’m a complete Swype junkie; no matter what else I try (and I have tried SwiftKey) I come crawling back to Swype like Lindsey Lohan to a bag of cocaine.

      • John

        haha. yeah it takes about a week to get used to using two hands to type again. I promise if you can last that long you’ll forget about using swype. you start to remember to rely on the txt predicition, which will double your typing speed. good luck

        • Droidzilla

          I just downloaded/installed it and will give it another go. With so many dedicated users, I figure it has to be doing at least something right. We’ll see if it can woo me from Swype (just don’t tell Swype I’m cheating; she’s the jealous type).

          • John

            Cool. Be sure(as it’ll tell you) to setup the Personalization. It helps quite a bit.

          • Droidzilla

            Already done. I’ve used SwiftKey in the past, but I always went back to Swype. I just love the trace-input style, but if SwiftKey is more accurate I might make a more permanent switch (early iterations weren’t impressive, but this one is pretty darned good thus far).

          • nwd1911

            I’ve found a couple of really cool features so far. I def like the predictive text…it knew what I was trying to say to my wife…if only she had predictive text life would be easier. I like the themes as well.

          • Droidzilla

            I’m also installing it on my wife’s RAZR. We’ll see how she likes it; she’s actually a bigger Swype fan than I am (she won’t get a phone without it).

          • nwd1911

            I’ll install this on my wife’s phone as well (also a major Swyper), but I was referring to the technology of predictive text being added to my wife not her phone. Communicating would be so easy…I could say the first word and she would know the rest. She thinks she does now, but her current software seems buggy…

        • I’m also in the Swype camp. And I’m not cheating her this time.
          I had given SwiftKey a try in the past. But nothing trumps single handed swype typing. And its predictions are good enough for me. In fact, once I’ve added my hindi words in its dictionary, even those words are predicted pretty fine. Almost never had to touch and select alternate word from the list.

    • Hoffman

      I too am hooked on Swype. It’s necessary on my tablet, but just updated Swiftkey Beta 3 onto phone and the predictive text is scary accurate. I’ll give it try for a while even though it weevil be hard to give up typing with just one hand.

      • Hoffman


      • nwd1911

        What’s harder to give up than one hand typing/swyping is the dictation software. I really like the predictive text, but I use Dragon Dictation in Swype all the time. I’m not sure I can make it a full week on Swiftkey, but I’ll try.

  • picaso86

    This is my default keyboard – I love that it remembers my previous sentences and words even in Portuguese or Spanish ..Awesome!

  • I did have some problems with swiftkey in my chrome beta, whenever I would try to move the cursor, it would go ballistic and I couldn’t edit words right, if that makes sense. It would jump from the end of the text to where I touched, and it would always put the cursor in the wrong spot. Hope that’s fixed

    edit: aaaaand still not fixed 🙁

  • does anyone else send messages by only using the suggested words? they get rather interesting that way.

    • ive done that a few times to show my friends the crazy stuff it can predict

  • digitalicecream

    FlexT9 for me. Haven’t enjoyed the beta thus far. So I’ll wait until it’s out of beta to try it.

  • digitalicecream

    FlexT9 for me. Haven’t enjoyed the beta thus far. So I’ll wait until it’s out of beta to try it.

  • John

    Beta 3 has been the sh it. Really loving the new holo theme too.

  • Butters619

    Downloaded and installed. Really enjoying SwitKey 3 except for a few minor bugs. It’s nice to have a company that listens to its user’s feedback and makes changes to reflect that feedback.

    Edit: Update is great! Much more consistent punctuation. (You can type AT&T now without spaces being added)

  • Russell Tanner

    I always had problems with the cursor jumping around unpredictably in Chrome. Didn’t happen in any other application, so maybe that’s what that means.

    • Nicholas

      that’s definitely it. what a headache that was -___- glad to hear it’s fixed =D

    • didn’t fix it for me 🙁

      • Tripod4

        Chrome Beta cursor jumps appear to have stopped happening for me. Includes entering URLs in blank pages and editing/highlighting URLs in existing pages – that’s where I usually had the trouble.

    • Shasdo

      Didn’t fixt it for me neither…
      I will stay with the default keyboard a bit longer…

      GSM Galaxy Nexus – Stock ICS 4.04

    • David Cosme Jr.

      I had that issue too. Usually, if I restarted the app it was fixed.

  • Finally, i’ve been dying for this. The old beta ran out and I couldn’t get back in. Thank god!