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Deal Alert: DROID Bionic Lapdock Now Going for $50 Brand New at Verizon

It seems like the only time we bring up Motorola’s Lapdocks these days is to tell you when they are on sale. Today is as close to free as you are going to get on these devices. Reports are filtering in that you can pick up a Bionic Lapdock for $50 brand new at Verizon. Other reports are that these are out-of-stock so if you have a Bionic it might be worth a call to your closest Verizon store to see if you can get in on the deal.

Via: Droid Forums

Cheers Greg!

  • Justin

    Old buy FYI, bensoutlet $50 free shipping.
    I just ordered one, but heard they take 2+ weeks to deliver

  • Wow! Thanks for the info! I just called and got the last one in the Bangor Maine store! Sweeeet!

  • SSdnc

    Just letting you know… These are sold out but after calling 5 times to different Verizon phone numbers I got someone who took the time to talk to a supervisor and they offered me a deal for 99.99 for the Motorola Lapdock 100 and free over nite shipping.

  • Kryliss

    The reason that the lapdock is now $50.00 is because they are junk. Most of the time the track pad doesn’t work no matter how many times you turn it off and on again. If you plug in a mouse, it may or may not work depending on how the dock is feeling. It runs ungodly slow. The mount in the back where you place your phone seems like it will break after several uses. It is hard to push the phone into the dock and if you have a thick case on your phone, you will have to remove it in order to dock your phone. In my opinion this dock is just a piece of junk. The only good thing about it is it charges your phone. Your money would be better spent on something else. I was very disappointed in this product.

  • Props to my local Verizon store here in Indianapolis. Called yesterday on a whim after reading this post. Was put on hold for a few minutes, when they came back on, the rep said you can pick it up tomorrow. They had it sent overnight from Columbus, OH.and I picked it up this morning. Now that’s pretty good service. Oh yeah, the lapdock is pretty cool too.

  • Michael Lowrey

    I bought mine 2 weeks ago on Ebay for $90.00. Be sure you adjust the mouse settings. Not the quickest thing out there, but it works. One question my local Verizon store could not answer was “can you answer / make calls while Bionic is docked?” Answer is yes. Also, those asking about can the Droid Razor , Droid 4 these should fit the dock, but the thickness of the type of phone might be a propblem. I say this due to Bionic/ Droid 4 / Razor fit the Pro 500. So the layout has to be the same. However, not sure about Docking software. Decided to get the Bionic Laptop dock (300) over the Pro 500 – I don’t need the WebCam. $50 you can’t go wrong.

  • Matt Offiler

    Anyone in RI know of a place still selling these? They seem to have become super rare over night!

  • Stewie

    Just called my vzw store. They don’t have any in stock but they’ll be getting some on Monday. Gonna pick up 2. One for me and one for the wife!

  • Picked one up in SLC, UT today for $49.97. Don’t listen to the people that say its fake. Just have to find a store with them in stock.

  • DonDemon

    I picked one up this morning. Two in stock. I couldnt pass up a price like that. Verizon in Myrtle Beach had no clue about the sale price and said it was $299. After I showed him the receipt thats posted on Droid Forums he got it at $49.97
    I made his day cause he bought the last one for his Razor after I told him it would work with a little modding.

  • Just make sure you’re calling about the correct Lapdock. Verizon’s site has three docks listed: the regular lapdock for $49.97, the Lapdock 100 for $199, and the Lapdock 500 for $299. My local store only had the 100. Still calling around….

  • Falcon

    acording to verizon is not true

  • Greg

    I just bought 3. My local store in Westminster Colorado still had 13 in stock at noon today. It works for my wife’s x2 (no webtop) and my brothers Razr (modified). I got the 3rd for when I get a Razr HD maxx. The dock is very simple to open up to modify the dock to fit the razr. I just took a razor blade and shaved off some plastic so now the Razr sits flush.

  • mcdonsco

    For anyone wanting to use this for a razr/maxx or other motorola phone that won’t “line up” with the ports, I found and ordered this from Amazon…a bit pricey, but still WAY cheaper to buy this dock and cables than to buy a lapdock 100 and no dremmel mods needed 🙂
    They say for the Atrix 4G, but the cables look like they would work for razrs too

  • sackdaddy

    Yes!! Called the store and they had one left. Got in just a minute before they closed and snatched it up! $49.97 as posted.

    *posted using the lapdock 😉

  • sixvoltsystem

    You can also hook it up to a Raspberry Pi with some adapters

  • silver91354

    Woo Hoo! I was able to get one. The store didn’t even know about this. The store manager bought the other. I normally get a discount on accessories, but I found out since this is going for $49.97, the “7” at the end of the amount means no discount as it is identified as a clearance item. At this price, I’m OK with this. I’m submitting this by using the Lapdock

  • MasterChiefB117

    Just got mine for my Droid Razr. Just got some female to male mini HDMI and mine USB, writing with it right now. Had some credit from Verizon so got I got it a lot cheaper.

    • mcdonsco

      WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE MICRO USB AND HDMI ADAPTERS! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for them since picking up this laptop earlier today…I would LOVE to be able to just sit my phone down on the table instead plugged into this thing…
      PLEASE!!! Where did you get those!!?!?!?!?!

      • MasterChiefB117

        Ive had my cables for awhile picked them up on Amazon both for about 10 bucks. I checked radio shack and they have the simple plugs, there like 2.99 each.

  • Just paid $85 for this on 1saleaday like a month ago… Wtf lol

  • will never see one for the nexus

  • technomandfw

    Score, and the employees do not know about this sale.

  • carlos

    Awesome, typing this from my Droid 4 with the Bionic lap-doc. This thing is cool.

  • Gary Spaulding

    Absolutely true. I paid $49.97 plus tax picked up at my closest Verizon store. It was their last one. I’m enjoying the large screen for browsing w/ff (including flash), gallery and videos, good stereo sound from the built-in speakers, good speakerphone call/answer integration. Onboard battery charges the phone and seems to have good capacity, but I couldn’t find the actual mAh spec. Anyone who says I got ripped off should realize different people value things in different ways.

  • BlueLetter

    damn, Damn, DAMN!! And on the very week where I lose my credit card and had to order another one that of course still isn’t here!!

  • BCcowgill
  • Davidshack5

    Called Verizon and they said that they were not selling it for 50 bucks. This post is false.

    • mcdonsco

      The guy I spoke to on the phone also couldn’t find it in their system at first…kept looking and he found it…just picked mine up…post is NOT false.

      • Davidshackelford5

        Nobody can find it. I have tried to call plenty of Verizon reps.

        • Big joe

          I just bagged 2! Awesome Deal! Running out quick.

          • David

            i called my local store and they told me $199 🙁

          • Diablo81588

            Is it an actual Verizon store or a reseller?

          • mcdonsco

            Verizon store…they don’t seem to know about it until you push them for it.

          • Diablo81588

            Is it an actual Verizon store or a reseller?

          • Diablo81588

            Is it an actual Verizon store or a reseller?

          • Diablo81588

            Is it an actual Verizon store or a reseller?

          • Diablo81588

            Is it an actual Verizon store or a reseller?

        • fred

          just bought 4 in louisiana. message me a nd i will resell to you for 75…. LOL

    • Michael_NM

      You’re right, the price is actually $49.97 plus tax.

    • Diablo81588

      Wrong. Just picked one up from my local Verizon store for 49 and some change. Customer service doesn’t know about it because it’s no longer in their system. Call your local store and they can scan it to verify the correct price.

    • Brandon Galles

      Yup picked from my local VZW store for $49.97

  • Josh F.

    Just called customer service and was told is not 50? Is anyone else having any luck?

    • wd4sgu

      Customer (dis)Service is not aware of the sale price. Call a nearby store.
      I got one by calling a store 75 miles away, asked them to hold it in my name, then called my local store to have it shipped in. Took me about 20 minutes all together.

  • Knlegend1

    I have a better question…?
    With absolutely no brain, why are these devices even priced as high as some low end computers to begin with? Seems like an over priced great idea. In other words I don’t think its worth it. I’d be happy to pay $150 full price for one these new. I believe the 500 cost upwards to $350. Thats stupid if you ask me, because with that amout of money you could purchase a decent computer with a hell of lot more functions than a “look what I can do” product.

  • carlos

    Just got one works with my droid 4

  • Id10tPolice

    The most useless piece of tech available for ANY phone. Your a SUCKER if you pay for this. Even if you traded 6 chickens, a llama, and 2 turtle doves for it…you still got ripped off.

    • Knlegend1

      Pretty much, at least at the original price. RIPPED OFF!!!!

      • Diablo81588

        Original price is the key word. It’s actually a very good deal at 50 bucks. Can’t wait for Webtop 3.0!

        • Falcon

          I guess this is a scam cuz i call verizon store in FL and is 399 and 299

          • masiv

            Not a scam. Just picked one up in MI for $49.97. Rep had to look up the price on VZW site.

    • Michael_NM

      Well officer, I am replying to you on my new $50 lapdock, and I don’t feel ripped off at all. You can keep your handcuffs on your belt. BTW: it’s a rare day that I don’t feel ripped off by VZW.

    • BlueLetter

      $50 for something that at its very worst is still a very functional dock, is a rip off to you? Kill that noise.
      At it’s original price with its original software it was possibly one of the worst things you could do with your money, short of buying cash value life insurance. At $50 with the recent developments in the software seen in leaks of the Razr’s ICS build on top of improvements in the current software? It’s friggen awesome

    • Id10tPolice Police

      “Your (sic) a SUCKER if you pay for this”
      Perhaps even us suckers know how to properly use a contraction.

    • droidFOOL

      for 50 dollars i have a truly mobile charger. It comes with a screen and full keyboard. ICS is incoming too. you were saying?

    • do you know how much a llama is worth? I agree that’s a bad deal I agree.

  • Slappy Sam

    The bBionic and the RAZR share the same USB/HDMI configuration. It was the ATRIX I believe that had the ports swapped and needed the dremel work.

  • chris125

    Take it this wouldn’t work with RAZR /maxx?

    • Droidzilla

      I hear it takes a little Dremmel modification; for $50 (and with the new Webtop coming up in ICS), it just might be worth a shot!

    • mcdonsco

      that’s the EXACT question I had the second I read this…I see the dremmel modification note below, but I’m not exactly “handy” so not sure it would work for me 🙁

      I’m hoping they come out with one for my xyboard (8.2, 10.1 has one) since I’d prefer to use it with something that has more “juice” for longer use than my maxx has.

    • The Verizon website says that it is compatible with the Droid 4, Bionic, RAZR and RAZR Maxx.

      • cbkcc1

        not this lapdock, this one the vzw website is only compatible with the bionic.

    • mecevans


      You can either dremel/ remove the connector base or get hdmi and micro usb extension cables.

  • Gary Spaulding

    Got mine and am very happy