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Alarm Clock Ultra Takes Android Clock Apps to the Next Level

If you head into the Google Play store and search for “alarm clock” you will see thousands of results in return. Some of the apps are decent, but most are just copied versions of others with a slight tweak here or there. Rarely will you find one that stands out because of its feature set, so we wanted to point you in the direction of one in particular called Alarm Clock Ultra.

This alarm clock app features stop watches and timers, puzzle solving for snoozing or dismissing, up-to-the-minute weather updates, an egg timer, quick nap modes, social media integration, 25+ relaxing sleep melodies, widgets and more. There are paid and free versions, but from what I can tell after a few minutes with it, the free version has most of the goodies you’ll find in the paid version except with ads. If you were looking for the ultimate in alarm clocks, give this one a spin. 

Play Links:  Paid ($2.99) | Free


Cheers Lowden!

  • Robert

    I thought that the Alarm Clock Ultra SUCKS big time. The downside of changing from AT&T (which also SUCKS), is that I can no longer use the AT&T-developed clock widget that features weather, “world” clock, count-down (and count-up) timers, and an alarm. Sigh.

  • I just found this one called Puzzle Alarm Clock, the UI is amazing and it’s pretty useful! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wroclawstudio.puzzlealarmclock

  • Bobcat

    I use AppAlarm Pro as my alarm. It is just an alarm that turns on apps. I set up my iHeartRadio app to auto tune to my favorite radio station…so my alarm wakes up to live radio from a radio station across the country. Works great for me.

  • Steve Schneider

    Still prefer ZDClock over this. Their UI is better and it automatically saves/restores alarms from your SD Card with more options… so for the habitual flasher, it’s the perfect alarm clock.

    • Thomas Stevens

      Steve ZDClock is nothing special. I used for a while and had tons of issues. The UI is not better! Did you even install Alarm Clock Ultra? If you did you would not make this statement. Alarm Clock Ultra is a great alarm and you should try it.

  • Carl Lundgren

    I am not a fan of Gentle Alarm. What is so great about this alarm clock? Obviously developers are here saying this to sways users because they are so desperate. Very Happy there is a new Android Alarm Clock on the market called Alarm Clock Ultra. Very Nice Review Droid Life and thank you as always bringing us all the hot new apps! By the way Alarm Clock Ultra is really something special to use. Highly recommend it.

  • skyskioc

    Keeps force closing. Runnng AOKP B37 with no tweeks. Anyone else having this issue ?

  • ericsorensen

    Lots of nice features.

  • Fartymcbutt

    I’ve had issues where the stock GNEX alarm clock does not go off at a certain time, but only goes off when I press the power button.

    I’ll give this a try.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    I’ve always enjoyed using Sleep As Android, despite it’s broken English name. One thing I don’t like about though, is the friggin cornucopia of needles permissions that it requests.

  • LionStone

    Hmm, I like Alarm Clock Plus…but this looks pretty nice and I like the timer function for music to fall asleep.

  • I guess I’ll give this ago. Alarm Clock + sometimes doesnt go off for me.

  • Leon Tubbarino

    Finally! Finally! Finally! A developer made an android alarm clock look great. Don’t listen to what people say. you do look at this alarm clock everyday. Now that I can post Facebook and Twitter and check out the current live news this is an app essential for alarm clocks. The graphic designer here is in another stratosphere all together. Quite Amazing App. Just upgrading to paid! Got Rid of Alarm Xtreme. That app is a dinosaur

  • Cory Thompson

    Great App Here! Truly Amazing! Alarm Xtreme I had for a while but lately giving me lots of headaches plus this is one beautiful looking alarm clock. Have it on my Galaxy Note also. Highly recommend!

  • John Burke

    Looks too fancy for me … tried the free version & don’t see a need for anything with the exception of the Snooze options which are definitely cool but I’ll stick to Retro Alarm Widget nonetheless.

  • Kelly Baron

    I tried all of them including Gentle Alarm but the UI truly is primitive all of these alarm clocks except for this beauty Alarm Clock Ultra. This design on this app sets itself apart from everyone else. I just upgraded to Alarm Clock Ultra Paid version. Really Beatiful Super App!

  • Typical Google minion says:

    iphones suck! apple cant patent alarm clocks lol! I set an alarm at night to remind me to not buy motorola phones becauz they have locked bootloaders. pure ICS ftw!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Alright…I got to have this. Have been looking for an “above average” Alarm Clock app and I think this one is just the one I’ve been looking for.

    Thanks Droid-Life!

  • chey

    Tried it a few days ago and had fc’s after hitting snooze.probably my from but try it out before you rely on it

  • Carrie Wilson

    Love the App! Thank you for the recommendation Droid Life. The Facebook and Twitter Postings from the Alarm Clock itself is very unique. Looks great on my HTC One X!

    • Wayne Randall

      facebook and twitter posting from the alarm app??! that took all my interest right out of this app. thanks for the heads up.

  • Cam

    If only the speaker on my GNex was loud enough to wake me up. Or, for that matter, even get my attention.

    • Bodhiballer

      Get Gentle Alarm and you’ll learn that loud is not the best way to wake up

  • Marcus Thomas

    Am I the only person who feels the default alarm clock is adequate? An alarm clock doesn’t need any fancy features. It needs to be able to be set, alarms saved, and alarms to go off at their set times. The stock alarm does all that.

    And why is a stopwatch/timer included? That’s an unnecessary feature, I think.

    • Paul

      Probably for people that need to time things. Laundry, for instance.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Why is a stopwatch and timer included? I don’t know, perhaps people enjoy having a quantitative method for timing things in their life? Crazy I know, you’d think people would just rely on the power of their mind to count down the seconds and minutes in life, because as we all know, that method is always one hundred percent precise when it really “counts” in life.

      Plus, not everyone wakes up easily, so having a captcha interface to make sure you don’t just keep hitting the snooze button can come in handy. I have a feeling that you’re real fun at parties. “Come on guys! Does the music really need to be that loud!? We can hear it just fine when it’s set at level 3.

      (edit for: typos)

      • gary stowell

        Mr. Psychologist…stop complaining when a developer provides you alot of bang for the buck. You sound like you need one of those fog horns to wake you up.

  • John Jablonski

    Alarm Clock Extreme is still the best. They are, as far as I’ve been able to find, the ONLY ones who have figured out that a full screen snooze button is a MUST HAVE.

    • kervation

      +1 for that

    • Clark Thompson

      What is so great about Alarm Clock Extreme? Alarm Clock Ultra has all the great functions,looks much better and even much more.. on top of it all Angle Labs has done nothing to make their alarm look better. It is ugly and needs a revamp. Stop praising this ugly thing! Mean while Droid Life is promoting a brand new app and here you are sticking this grandpa in the conversation.

  • Good app, but needs a UI makeover. Very very confusing.

    • Uncle A

      Alarm Clock Ultra is a great app! You are right. Alarm Clock Extreme and Alarm Clock Plus need a makeover. Also Gentle Alarm should join in on the revamp party as well.Thank you Alarm Clock Ultra for giving us something new and fresh in the alarm clock market. The Alarm is great by the way also.

      • I like the app; nothing wrong with it at all. I just think the UI could be a bit better.

  • Wake Up Barbarian

    This app is absolutely amazing. I have used them all but the UI on this app is outrageous. I just upgraded to the paid version. Alarm Clock Plus I have just unistalled 🙂

  • AOKP should do their own version and incorporate it into the stock clock app. THAT would be something to gawk at.

    • Corey Foltman

      I’d pay another $2 for that…like the AOKP Backup app

  • FJ

    all ios and android alarm clocks suck because they cannot turn the phone on. this is old tech present in tons of devices and phones. Symbian can do it, blackberry can do it, why can’t new devices do this?

    • LionStone

      Agree…that is one thing I missed when I made the switch from BB to Android.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Turn the phone on? I’m honestly confused. Never had symbian

    • Cyaniris

      It’s not a problem of android, and nor hardware platform either. Actually Motorola once rolled out an update for Milestone 2(GSM version of Droid 2) in China, which enables the alarm clock to switch phone on. They did this because lots of Chinese users are from Symbian and miss this feature.

  • Why doesn’t ICS have a built in timer or a stopwatch? That’s the only complaint I have with stock ICS…

    • LionStone

      Wow, really? It doesn’t?

      • nope. quite disappointing.

  • dshizzel

    I’m a huge fan of ‘Gentle Alarm’. I got the paid version a while back, and it does exactly what it says it does. Never wakes up my wife, but never fails to wake me up.

    • coolhand

      I’m a huge fan of Gentle Alarm as well. Great app.

  • Downloaded. Thanks.

  • I’ve been using it for the last week, and I must say that it really wake me up, the puzzle thing is the perfect solution for my sleep behavior! 😛

  • Q

    UGggg.. I hate how HTC messed up the menu button there. One-X seems like an awesome device, but it’s completely marred by how the implemented the buttons

  • alarm clock is my most common use for “voice actions”


    “set alarm for 10 minutes”
    “set alarm for 8am”

    and it works perfectly, and it has for like 3 years (unlike siri!)

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Personally I like Alarm Clock by double twist.

    • Guest

      Your name made my day. Thank you for your service.

    • All of the animations on that app are just sick. It’s a very minor detail, but it makes you feel awesome.

    • It’s a really nice alarm (in appearance terms) but it doesn’t have to many features…

      • Dr_Buttballs

        It’s simplicity is what I like about honestly.

  • lol

    looks like just a few more features than alarm clock plus, i’ll stick with that