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Galaxy Nexus Receives Galaxy SIII Add-On Mod, Say Hello to TouchWiz and S-Voice

Been thinking about turning your Galaxy Nexus into a Galaxy SIII recently? Developers over at XDA are on a mission to do just that, and with the release of these overlay files, I think they have completed the task. Once you flash the add-on files, you will have the sounds, wallpapers, applications, and other tidbits that seperate the SGSIII from every other phone on the planet. You will be able to utilize S-Voice, S-Memos, and some other neat little things Samsung have developed.

We made a quick walk through video to shortly show off the features, so check that out and if it looks like fun, follow the instructions down below to do the same. 

Warning: For CyanogenMod 9 and AOKP users only!

Instructions for installation:

  1. Download the add-on zip file and the launcher zip file and place them on your phone’s storage.
  2. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and immediately create a backup.
  3. Wipe data/cache.
  4. Install the add-on zip and then the launcher zip files.
  5. Reboot and enjoy!

Walk through of the add-on:


Via: XDA (2)

  • JR

    Idk why my Launcher Keeps Fc. I installed files correctly

  • ive been with Nexus S and Now the Galaxy nexus and im surprised to see some touchwiz action on this. The nexus s is still a comparable device, but none DEVs touch any stabs at the Touchwiz. But im impressed so far with Galaxy Nexus and the overlay

  • maguiz

    some thing from ICS missing. Making folders like grouping apps (dropping on one another).

  • Why would you WANT touchwiz. This is the first thing I would remove when if I got an SIII

  • trumpet444

    I know that the most awesomest best thing about android is that you can customize to your heart’s desire……. but that themed ICS makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!

  • socal

    can someone make an apk for the launcher

  • Only question I have is, when I turn on my screen and say “Hey Galaxy” does Svoice come up ? If not I’ll just stick to AOKP

  • MyGalaxyTeam.com

    The Nexus is a great phone. Remember there are no perfect phones.I can wait for the update. I have more problems with Verizon delivering the updates. Thats what bothers me the most. I thought about just buying a phone straight from Google and maybe I can get what I need for my phone. Other than that the Gallaxcy Nexus is Number One…Enough said

  • LOL I have to admit, the commentary throughout the video was prettty damn funny

  • So you’re trading stock ICS….for touchwiz?
    I don’t get it

  • jacknunez

    can someone make it an app for the launcheroo

  • B&B

    huh huh He said DUMP !

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    soooo…some people buy a nexus cuz its vanilla android only to put touchwiz on it?…doesnt this defeat the purpose of buying a nexus altogether? O.o

  • MikeCiggy

    Any way to get just the waterdrop noise for locking and unlocking. Would be cool if AOKP included an option to choose custom lock and unlock sounds.

  • help

    Warning: For CyanogenMod 9 and AOKP users only!

    well i own a galaxy nexus and i am simply unaware that what does this mean , and can somebody help me in checking that which user cattegory do i belong ????

  • Clifford Gadd

    Will this only work on the GNex or can I use it on my girlfriend’s Samsung Fascinate? It’s running AOKP M5

  • fartbubbler

    almost 6 months in, still loving my GNex. I can add this if I want. Or not. I can change radios. Or not. I can flash 5 different kernels today if I want. Or not.

    unlocked and never going back.

  • Can someone explain how to install it? I have never doing this… I got a Sprint Galaxy Nexus, but I really like the TouchWiz…

  • Didn’t work for me. I got the error message when I was installing the add-on zip file: [error] we need one sd card mounted. check and configure mod.config.

    While I got the launcher, I didn’t get the fun stuff- the water-drop, the fancy settings icons, etc.

    The first time, I just wiped dalvik cache only. So, I figured maybe if I did the full wipe, I wouldn’t get the error message, but still got the same message –
    [error] we need one sd card mounted. check and configure mod.config.

    My build is AOKP toro build 33

    So I just restored to previous. What’s the reason for the error?

  • That was more of a walkthrough of the launcher.. I would love to see what S-voice and S-memos are all about, or just all of the apps the mods adds anyway.

  • jstew182

    I just want mirrorlink on my GN from the SGIII. Does anyone know how I can ahold of the apk for that?

  • SeanBello

    I’d like to use S-Voice, but I damn sure will gladly go without if it involves having TouchWiz on my phone.

  • Um hello droid-life you gave us the wrong link to the wrong file…we need to select the red link on website http://www.mrmad.net/samsung-addon-packet-cm9-i9000-im-sgs3-look-2105 The one you have takes us to the blue download and that’s only for the galaxy s. I was getting an error when trying ur link.

  • it’s me, the mod-cooker here. you don’t need the tw5 zip, it’s already included. please don’t put direct links here, becuase i’m updating very often, so they won’t work. better you forward directly to us at

    red download button.

    thanks for the article and the video 🙂

  • Matthew O’Sullivan

    What softkeys are those? I like them.

  • David Goldblatt

    I just want to know if they got the Samsung version of beam to work with NFC+Wifi direct. The Gnex has those two hardware components. I would love to be able to beam photos and videos over like that.

  • Jwhap

    I think I vomited in my mouth a little….

    • Jwhap

      In all honesty it looks way less cumbersome than what was on the droid charge.

  • scott62185

    Apparently this only installs in entirety if you use ClockwordMod Recovery (vs. TWRP)

  • ADD Touchwiz to my beautiful vanilla Android device? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  • Justin Moore

    I love how the guy in the video is trying (albeit not very hard) to veil his utter disdain and disgust at what has been done to that GNex. I can’t even imagine what inspires a person to port TouchWiz to a clean Nexus phone.


    Seriously, though, can somebody tell me what S-Note is? It’s hard to search for since Samsung Galaxy Note is a device, not an app.

  • possomcrast1

    Really defeats the purpose of the Galaxy Nexus as a whole.

    • No, this is the point of the Galaxy Nexus. You can choose what you want on the phone.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Lmao! People TRYING to get TW! You have to admit, this is the best one yet. And to me it resembles stock IcS way more than crappy sense. The GS3 will be the phone of the year whether you like it or not!

    • Clay S.


  • Will this make us inspired by nature too ?

  • A note–step 3 says “wipe data/cache.” This isn’t a full ROM so you don’t/can’t wipe data. You just need to wipe cache/dalvik.

    • Data isn’t ROM specific. You’d wipe it to avoid version incompatibility with any similar apps and system settings.

      Data is settings. IE in pulse data would be the streams you have setup.
      Cache is temporary files. IE the data from those streams cached for quicker loading.

      You can always wipe data without loading a new ROM. The Dalvik is cleaned on normal reboots so it really doesn’t need to be cleared.

  • Destroythanet

    Even better would be the best of both worlds: GSIII hardware matched with vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich software.

  • Stewie

    Ok for the curious, but reaaaalllly, why ? voice I can see as a fad, touchwiz? There have to be better alternatives such as the existing launcher apps that won’t take that much time and effort to place ont eh phone … oh well, that’s the beauty of the OS, if you want it you can get it … Those who do, I say enjoy!
    On the side at least with the new G+ one doesn’t feel the need to make a blacked out version hehehe ….

  • Indiana Jonze

    this should be against the law. seriously

  • Bill Anderson

    After a bit of work and tinkering, I found a quick 3 step method to do this, and it works with any GNEX ROM, even stock!!!!

    1. Take a crap on the floor
    2. Drop your GNEX into the pile of crap
    3. Reboot and enjoy!

    • Jacob121791

      Make sure you reboot or the changes might not stick!!

    • If I drop my GNEX into a pile of crap, doesn’t that make it an iPhone?

    • Make sure u “wipe” the cache afterwards

  • sahilm

    Any way to install just the apps? Is the launcher needed to make S-Voice work 100% (alarm, etc.)

    I want to remain as stock as possible with full Samsung app capabilites.

    • Jon Markman

      Agreed. I’d love to try S-Voice, but I don’t want the rest of the UI that comes with it.

      • sahilm

        I tried S-Voice when you could just install the APK, but it’s not that good with Touchwiz apps like Alarm and stuff like that.

    • I second this question. I’d love to have the S-“apps” without TouchWiz. Is it possible to just install the add-on without the Launcher?

  • Soni

    This is the only reason i miss having an unlocked bootloader. I can transform my phone into another phone if i really wanted to. Oh well.

  • And queue motion sickness…

  • bakdroid

    Who the hell would do this? TouchWiz is the worst UI out. Period.

    • Sense, TouchWiz….. everything else, Blur
      EDIT: Stock…………. Sense, TouchWiz….. everything else, Blur

      • dude, have you used Blur recently? It’s actually pretty darn good. Haven’t had a complaint on my Razr Maxx yet

  • God why?

  • killdashnine

    He makes me nervous holding his phone over the stairwell.

  • Butters619

    Instructions to ADD TouchWiz?!

    Guess this one goes out to all the masochists out there.

  • Jester

    Probably my favorite video from Droid Life…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Tinkle Tinkle!

  • John

    Gotta admit. I sort of wished your phone would’ve slipped out of your hand & over that ledge

    • Hah! That would have been bad times. Too bad it’s the only place in my house with good lighting at the moment 🙁

      • John

        Ya. I know…but you know how people like laughing at others expense

  • ceejw

    This is just what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve always felt that my Galaxy Nexus wasn’t designed for Humans and inspired by Nature. This solves that problem!

    • ty

      ^ this

      • xFenixKnightx

        Real LOL on that one!

    • Yeah…. I wonder why’s everyone going going gaga over SGS3…!!
      You want the wallpapers? They are already available.
      You want the water-drop or other ringtones? They are also already available.

      The transparent app-drawer? Nova launcher already gives that option.
      “Launcher is pretty fast, without any lag”….!!! Dude, you don’t have ANYTHING on any of the screens. (other than that one widget). Fill up screens with apps and widgets and we’ll see.
      2nd leak of S-Voice is working on other phones. And you’d better wait for Google Mazel.
      What else is there….??

      • Jon

        It will probably have a better camera. But I’ll be just fine with the ported features, namely the video multitasking window.

        • Some TouchWiz overlay not going to make GNex camera better.. 🙁
          I guess you are talking about the SGS3 phone itself and not this port to GNex.

          • It’s all for fun, dude. It’s Android. No one is going to force you to flash it.

          • 😛 Still, makes me wonder…. why all this hoopla over SGS3 port when we already have better alternatives. “Oooooh, shiny….” doesn’t work on me. then again, to each its own. 🙂 It’s all good.

          • marbean

            It’s fun flashing all these goodies

          • trumpet444

            again, best thing about android. deep personalization.

      • Accuweather widget. The touchwiz version. i wants!!!

        • Accuweather widget – Check. uccw skin is available now.

      • feztheforeigner

        Project Majel I am really excited for

        • Michael

          Same hear, you know The G is gonna blow any other voice system out of the water once Majel comes out.

      • EmJ

        have you tried it any way ?? i did… and I am glad I did it
        the difference between adding a “look a like theme” and adding the new Touchwiz (ported for the GNex) is “speed” … no lag at all !! the stock home launcher was OK but nothing compared what the Touchwiz offered !!!

        • As a matter of fact, I did install the GS3 touchwiz launcher. And yes, it was fast. And I loved the alphabetical list view of the app drawer. But the widget add was an issue. And as it was dependent on Touchwiz components, which my GNex doesn’t have, it was kinda buggy.

    • feztheforeigner

      Mine was definitely designed for little green robots. Google had no intention of designing the phone for human use…

    • icecoldmeat


    • peter

      my phone is 4.1.1,,if i install this touchwiz what happen to version?it will be change or stay 4.1.1 and if i want to delete it i will can?

  • Michael Forte

    Why would anyone WANT to use Touchwiz on purpose?

    • Tiger


    • I’ve never had a phone with Touchwiz on it. I want to see what it’s like!

    • Luis Rojas

      Thats the beauty of an unlocked bootloader, you can CHOOSE if you want it with out it being forced on you.

      • possomcrast1

        Good point. The problem is they force people into moto blur/other custom skins and don’t give you the option to modify something that you own.

        • No one forces you to buy a skinned Android phone. 🙂

          • Jacob121791

            Verizon is trying their hardest to….

          • PhillipCun

            LOL! Its always been the case with every carrier. IMO, if you really cared enough you’ll learn how to root. And if you are smart enough, you’ll flash something you actually want. Android is about choices, and in today’s world the choices are abundant unlike a few years ago when every single person wished they had an iPhone. Today the two can finally compete hand in hand.

    • PC_Tool

      Why would anyone eat fish?

      Amazingly, all kinds of people like all kinds of things. I know… it’s shocking, right? Hope you were sitting down for that one. 😉

      • trumpet444

        exactly. I freaking HATE onions, but I have no reason to chastise you for eating them. The magic of choice, the magic of android.