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Google Maps Car Involved in Accident, Investigating Should Be a Breeze

Oh no! It looks like one of the Google Maps cars was involved in a pretty bad accident. So far, there are no details as to what exactly happened, but we’re hoping everyone is okay. Luckily for Google, figuring out what happened shouldn’t be too difficult, seeing as how there are plenty of cameras on board that hopefully caught the footage. Have you ever seen one of the Google cars driving in your city?

Via: Gizmodo

  • The question is why accident happened in the parking lot? Sounds hilarious.

  • Raven

    I have seen the Google Maps cars 3 times now. Twice in the little town of Mandan, ND (months apart) and once in a backwoods trailer park in south Texas when we were going to visit my wife’s cousin. That one really surprised me as we seemed to be in the middle of nowhere at the time.

    • Monty

      What up Mandan!

  • Mark Woods

    I’ve seen them in the Chicago area a couple of times. About a week ago I saw one driving eastbound on Dundee Road in Wheeling, IL.

  • Dtrainer

    Passed one here in VA on i-81 a few weeks back

  • Detonation

    I was out for a run when one passed by in my neighborhood a few years ago. The car wasn’t branded, just a basic sedan with the cameras mounted. You can see me on street view running, but they have since blurred my face.

  • Sp4rxx

    It was probably a competing Apple product out for blood!….errrr….OIL!

  • NYCLawyer

    I have seen one twice in New York City, weeks apart. Once on Broadway and the other on Maiden Lane. A friend of mine tweeted that she has found a picture of herself on Google maps!

  • DJ B Semaj

    Did the accident occur in the DC area? I saw and captured a picture of a Google car on 495 Saturday.

  • Apple is taking this too far….

  • csallee

    Just saw one last Friday on northbound I-75 near Tampa.

  • Smooth918

    Speaking of Google Maps, WTF is up with all this Love for that fruit phone Google: http://goo.gl/QkIus Ya didn’t get the memo, they about to drop your Maps with the next phone, where’s our updated Google+ and Enhanced Searched features…

  • LordStickMax

    Ive seen one driving around gaithersburg, md quite a bit. I wonder where this happened.

  • Quick everyone look at every street we can find it eventually!

    • Jacob121791

      I’m on it!!!!

  • We’ve had one in the Madras, Culver, Redmond area of Oregon lately. It’s been cool seeing it around 🙂

  • FknTwizted

    yeah made my head turn when i was cruising through north dakota just outside bismark heading the other way.. was like hellz yeah im gunna be on google maps!

  • EGilk

    I have seen one driving near Coshocton, OH in the middle of nowhere 3 or 4 times a week on the same rural road for the last month or so. Must be updating a lot of roads around here.

  • Yeah I saw one and took a quick pick here in Rochester Ny. I instagrammed it here

  • CheeseMcGee

    Google Maps Crashed!?!

  • Bob

    Ive seen like 6 in the past 2 weeks. They must be going everywhere here in Cincinnati. Or I’m just seeing the same one a bunch of times.

  • KLy

    drove by my house, and now i am on Google’s Street View. WOO!!! but the driver was driving like a maniac in my neighborhood, running stop signs and going 35 in a residential error. but i dont care

    • Droidzilla

      If 35 in a residential area is a maniac (normal speed limit for residential is 25), lock me up!

  • tB

    @Brando Seeing as how this wont let me reply to your juvenile post, what am I a child? I simply stated where I saw 2 and snapped pics because it was novelty at the time never having seen or heard of one before. And why would I sell a picture of something apparently common? Maybe you should go back to hocking broken phones on eBay, being that selling useless things seems to be your immediate mindset?!

  • And that’s what you get for taking pictures of me taking a piss!! (Guy who got caught peeing)

  • AlexKCMO

    Saw it in Kansas City. I think my car may be on Google Maps now!

  • ashclepdia

    So where is the video of this in action?
    It’s out there somewhere

  • driverx125

    yep a guy who drives one lives in my city

  • regkilla

    Great now there wont be anymore Google Maps cars nationwide thanks to this Google Maps car that never passed its driving test.

  • beez1717

    I’m starting to think that perhaps the people inside the car were too busy using Google maps to find out where the heck they were…… LOL

  • Bobaboo

    I’ve been caught by the Google Street view car, three times in the past month

  • Radgatt

    Maybe this is a result of Google maps nor speaking the street names on the galaxy nexus. Just my guess…

    • snowblind64

      Mine does. But I’m on 4.0.4

  • guest

    and thats what a totaled Subaru looks like.

  • master94

    I know what happened, Apple was pissed the Google made a sell driving car before they did so they decided since they cant beat Google they will ram the car.

    • Jai

      The Google car did the ramming.

  • HGamesTeamCato

    My grandma and I were talking about how cool it is that you can just zoom right in to your house in google maps, we looks out the window, and there it was passing by. No joke, that was awesome.

  • tB

    I’ve seen them, twice. Rocky River & Middleburg Hts. Got pics of both! 😎

    • NorCalGuy

      y u got to be a jackass they asked if people had seen them and he has, literally nothing better than to troll???

    • Capt. Crunch

      Bay Village is where it’s at Haha C-Town!

  • Anthony Armando

    ive seen them a couple times in the chicago area. the first time was a few years ago, the older version, i seem to recall the cameras being lower to the vehicle. i saw the newer one, like the one pictured above, a couple days ago in the northern suburbs of chicago. i had to look at it a couple times to make sure i wasnt seeing stuff.

  • balthuszar

    i always thought the red ball at the top(i’m sure its where the cameras are housed) looked like one of those balls i had when i was little taht you put the shapes into…always made me want to make some wooden shapes and chase the car down and try it out

  • balthuszar

    they’ve come through the drive thru where i work…didnt order anything…obviously…but taking pictures

  • FortitudineVincimus

    oops.. I was talking about the self driver that was apparently involved in an accident. Wrong Google car.

  • sk3litor

    I haven’t seen one but when I look up my house there is something in the shot that makes remember the exact day they must have driven buy

  • I used to see them often BEFORE street view became public in South Bay Area.

  • DickyDarko

    Yes I’ve seen one of those cars… If there is ONE day to not be picking your nose on your way to work…

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I thought this was one of the self-driving cars and I was gonna lol, but it’s just a normal, human-driven Maps car. In other news, I saw a Google Maps car in real life about a year ago.

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    Yeah, I’ve seen one in my city. I took care of it though

  • Jeff Tycz

    Well its clear as to why there was an accident, the front bumper is blocking windshield!!


    Thank God It wasn’t the self-driving car, that would’ve been a roadblock for it’s adoption

    • sc4fpse

      Phew. When I saw Gizmodo’s brief article a little bit ago, I read it as if it was the self-driving car, and thought the same thing: “Oh no!” Luckily this wasn’t, and hopefully everyone involved is okay.

      • feztheforeigner

        Gizmodo will do anything to attack Google or help Apple…

    • quiklives

      Had this exact same thought process when reading the headline. Hopefully the ones they’re testing have cameras and recording devices for their own speed and internal workings, so if there is an accident, the car can absolve itself, etc.

    • michael

      Well in order to have its special license in nevada for testing their DOT said that there still had to be a driver in the car while on the road with the self navigation, “Just in case” So if the car didnt correct and the driver didnt catch the correction, makes you wonder.
      Probably someone’s get rich quick scheme to try and get into an accident with the Google car by slamming on breaks and having them rear-end them to be able to sue Google, IMO.

      • Droidzilla

        Having worked insurance for a while, no one’s getting rich quick from a rear-ender (and if they did slam on the brakes, the dude in the back shouldn’t have been following so closely).

      • Jai

        Not sure how someone creates a get rich quick scheme to BE rear-ended by the Google car.

  • What do they do if the car leaves the scene?

  • joder