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Songify Released for Android, Time to Quit Your Day Job and Become an Auto-Tuned Pop Star

If you happen to be familiar with YouTube personalities and the world of Internet memes, then you most likely have knowledge of the Double Rainbow song and the Bed Intruder. The people behind the auto-tuned remixes of these classics are the Gregory Brothers and they have hired Smule to create the Songify application. With Songify, all the user has to do is talk normally into the mic. Once you record the audio, the app then processes the file through auto-tune software, puts it on a backing track and voilà – instant hit single. 

The app comes with only a few tracks and users need to buy additional songs. It is just like the T-Pain application which is highly successful on iOS, but never made its way to Android. It’s a really fun app and it’s nice that people don’t need to be self-conscience about their singing if they want to use it. Go have some fun and let us know what you think down below. As an added bonus, I have added my favorite video by them down below.

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Can’t Hug Every Cat:

  • I’m a good singer and musician WITHOUT Auto-Tune. But the videos are funny as hell. I love the Gregory Brothers material. Auto-Tune the news!

  • iTpHo3NiX

    The charlie sheen winning is epic lol


  • A fan

    I love the Gregory Brothers. <3
    One might say they're making fun of the peeps that get autotuned, but at the end of the day, some of them ended up rich a'la Antoine.

  • JSIN

    because there arnt already apps that let you do this?

    • There are other auto-tune apps, but this one is different. You just talk to it, and it auto-tunes your voice to a song. Unfortunately, you have to buy the songs.

  • jcorf

    Correction the Youtubers behind this app are the Gregory Brothers. Smule is the company who developed the app for them.

  • Droidzilla