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Incredible 4G LTE Will Launch With a $50 Rebate

Verizon announced the DROID Incredible 4G LTE last week, but for whatever reason, wasn’t ready to tell us when it would be available for purchase. We have been told by sources that it could show up either this Thursday (May 17) or during the last week of the month. Pricing, we were told weeks ago that it would come in around $149 after rebate, and at least half of that has been confirmed to us today. As you can see in the shot above, the Incredible 4G LTE is highlighted with a $50 rebate next to it. No full price to confirm just yet, but we really are fairly certain that it will come in around the $149 mark.

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  • gimlet72

    It is now 5/24/12 and still no Incredible LTE. I wonder if they are postponing until after June 3rd and the double data promotion ends.

  • First off the rebates are updated weekly and are constantly extended. Secondly the first dates are just the purchase by date not the mail by date. 3rd. The rebates are visa gift cards. VISA, not vzw. They can be used anywhere visa is accepted. 4th. Verizon’s avg turn around date for a gift card is 2-3 weeks. Not months.

    • *rebate cards sorry

      • And finally. Corporate stores have the same rebates that I directs have. Online is the only place it’s instant. The reason why is because online when you get your phone no one is there to help set it up. Your on your own. I store you get help with everything. Overall your paying 2-4$ more for the phone because of tax but your getting complete setup and transfer services.

  • Mike D

    Will I get the rebate if I am upgrading? Or do you have to be a new customer

  • They are doing the rebate so that they can charge tax on the highest possible price point…if it’s $149 after the rebate you pay tax on $200 plus the new $30 fee, plus the activation fee…I’d say at the end of the day you’d spend about $280 for the phone minus the rebate….sorry…Costco, Best Buy, or Amazon for me.

  • Knlegend1

    We need rebates period!

  • Please come out this week. I need a new phone like whoa. And getting an S4/ics phone for $149 would be amazing.

  • superdry

    Safe to assume the off-contract price is minimum $499 possibly as high as $549?

  • corey lefebvre

    Anyone else notice this rebate is only good from May 14th through May 27th? If the INC 4G released on May 24th, the rebate would only be good for 4 days. I’m feeling better about a May 17th release date now.

    • banjoonmyknee

      I’m not.

  • IrmaSDean

    lol @ rebates


  • Again with the goofy mail in rebates. Wait two months or longer for a vwz card that is to be used at a verizon store. One could use the money to balance.the $30 new contract fee. Its all BS if you ask me.

    • the card can be used anywhere. Last time I got the rebate with the incredible they just charged it on spot towards my purchase. (ironically it was with the incredible og)

    • Speedyrulz

      Actually you literally get the rebate back within 2 weeks after mailing it. Plus it’s a Visa card you can use anywhere.

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    • Noyfb

      Its like slide of hand, just misdirection to make you think you’re getting a deal, take off a charge over here and then apply it over here, Verizon thinks its customers are as stupid as their executives that run it.

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  • looks like its to offset the upgrade fee

  • chippy180

    I’m saying though when is ics for the rezound coming out because I was originally going to wait for the incredible 4g but I got the rezound thinking that it would have gotten ics and still nothing it’s frustrating

    • Apostrafee

      The Incredible 4G should be pretty nice, it has the ability to take stills while taking video like the One X I believe. Should be a nice phone if you like the smaller screen size.

    • Tyler Chappell

      You should have waited longer….

  • r0lct

    I thought they did away with mail-in rebates long ago?

    • WCDave

      not for indirect agents – often the prices the agent has to pay is significantly higher than corporate, and thus they have to charge more to the customer – their rebate allows them to offset some of the difference in price

  • Michael_NM

    To me the news here is that VZW still sells 3G phones from RIM… RIM: Retro In Motion.

  • USU311

    with release of this phone, does VZE release ICS update for the old Incredible 2?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      ICS for the Inc2 “was” on the ICS update list – but you know how that goes; maybe, maybe not and if so, who knows when.

  • Murphy

    I’ll see it when I believe it….

  • I went there

    No mention of the name change??? I thought they were going to release it with the market name, “HTC Droid Mediocre 4G LTE”. If they weren’t, they should look into it.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      agreed.. another of the same phone with a tweak released – yawn. Verizon is getting damn good at this. Verizon hardware offerings blow. Sad that Sprint, ATT and T Mobile get more state of the art hardware.

      • jnt

        part of that is b/c they’re GSM, honestly…

        • jnt

          My edit didn’t work… I meant to clarify that, obviously, AT&T/Tmo are GSM – which helps in getting the latest and greatest devices… and, well, Sprint is just cooler. 🙂

          • sgtguthrie

            Sprint’s cooler? My next door neighbor has a 3G Hotspot thru sprint, and they don’t even get 1MB download speeds. They have some real network issues! There shouldn’t be any issues in the Detroit suburbs either!

          • sgtguthrie

            Oh ya, and I have some blazing 4G LTE speeds right next door 😉

          • jnt

            I didn’t mean faster, just “cooler” – easier going, cheaper, etc. 😉

    • LiterofCola

      You’re on fire today

      • :-p

        Thanks for noticing. I feel special now. <3

    • Shadowcell

      Meh. Suffice to say I’ll be ordering my Droid Mediocre without a hint of back order since guys like you chose to skip out. ^_^

  • mmoreimi

    Or for same price online?…without the hassle of a MIR.

    • WCDave

      these MIR are only for indirect verizon agents – not corporate or online.