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Google Releases New G+ App for iOS, Says Android Version is “Coming in a Few Weeks”

Google+ for iOS users received a major overhaul today, but poor Android users won’t see the newest version for at least a few more weeks. With the new update, users will see a completely redone user experience and Google’s goal is to basically simplify and beautify Google+. They released a statement that sums it up best:

To be clear, we’re not interested in a mobile or social experience that’s just smaller. We’re embracing the sensor-rich smartphone (with its touchable screen and high-density display), and transforming Google+ into something more intimate, and more expressive.

Well, Android users are going to have to be patient and wait for their turn. Most likely realizing that this is a lot to ask of an Android owner, Google says there will be a few “extra surprises” in the Android version. Thanks, Google.

Via: Google+

  • Bob Martin

    I wasn’t aware that IOS was a Google product

  • RegKilla

    The new update is smooth

  • EvanTheGamer

    When are we getting the Google+ update that will allow anyone to stream live?

  • Shannon

    First off, I am not a developer and I am an Android lover.
    But I have been told by other developers that Android apps take longer to release because their are so many different phones running different versions of Android.Thus, It takes more time to test everything. iOS has one version and one type of handset so testing time is shorter. Thus, they get their apps faster. At least that is what I am told.

    • Alexander Ayala

      “Bang!” Nail hit on its head.

  • StephenParkhum

    Huh. It’s odd that they’re releasing this for iOS first.

    It just doesn’t seem like Google. Maybe Apple was like “We’ll give you free Apple products for two months if you do this.” Google responds with “Yes! Hell yes! Two months!”

  • MikeSaver

    Can you use Google+ Page profiles with the app? I never use my personal profile but use my business Google+ Page all the time, but can’t on current google+ app

  • RW-1

    I call: BFD.
    Could be any nuimber of reasons, but I’ll go with JSN here, perhaps iOS team finished first…
    Besides, perhaps some of those not so much in love with iOS may be wooed over to the light side after looking at the app.
    If they release one for us, then so be it, it’s not the end of the world here …

  • ty

    Let me get this straight…the OWNER of Android is pushing updates to iOS FIRST? I sure do love Android and what it’s about, but sometimes it can just be ass backwards.

  • How about this. They know how many android users they have in Google + and are trying to woo new users? Kinda makes sense. The ads on TV are great. More and more peoplet are using it.

  • First, I was like – “Google pushing update to iOS first…!! You gotta be kiddin me.”
    Then I went back to Flipboard. Damn, this thing is superb.
    Dear DL, please provide full content in feed, please. If I don’t like any story, I’m not gonna see the title and come to the site. If I like something, I’ll come to the site and leave comments. Else I’ll miss ya guys on Flipboard.
    Sorry, this is kinda off topic for this post. But anyways…

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Wow. Stop taking things so personal. This is not a slap to android users’ faces.
    Maybe the team that writes that iOS version beat the team that writes the android version so they get to go out first. I dunno but it could be something that simple.

  • Between this and the failure of the Nexus program in its mission to bypass carriers, Google is seeming weaker and weaker every day. It’s a minor issue, but the symbolism is huge.

    Let’s hope CyanogenMod comes up with its own branch of Android that gets regular updates and works on all major phones — I’d be willing to give up Google Play for a truly open source, regularly updated OS.

  • First off, I don’t feel like iOS is “the competition.” It’s just a different platform that Google has apps built for and can sell advertising on. Second, the more I use g+ the more I like it. The (current) mobile app is far faster and more simple than the Facebook app and the desktop version is cleaner and is also easier to use than Facebook. Thirdly, I wish I didn’t have to wait for the update when iOS users have theirs.

  • fvqu

    Google needs to understand that no one uses Google plus. Time to focus on a different project Google.

  • Meh no biggie. On a side note just found out my grandma dislikes the *phone. She found it complicated compared to the Droid X she used to own before it busted and recently upgraded again from the 4s to a RAZR and is content again. So how is it that a phone that’s supposed to be “easy” to use turned away a non-techie elderly person?

    • Mike

      Because one example explains the world, right? Right? RIGHT?

      I love both platforms but iOS is, in general, found to be more easily used by most people who are not techie types.

      • Michael G

        The iPhone is a nice phone, yes. But I find the iPhone confusing to use, simply because I’m used to Android. As I try to navigate through the phone I find it frustrating that there’s no dedicated “back” button. Sometimes there’s one in the app, sometimes you use the fixed button at the bottom of the phone. That’s probably why ‘ole gam-gam (Beerfest reference) had such a hard time. For the user who has never had a smartphone, like my stubborn wife who still has the LG Envy II, I’d still suggest an Android phone. I used to think the same as you but what’s so hard about an Android phone? Android is better for techies if they want to unlock, root and flash, yes. But if you’re not going to do that, there’s nothing hard about Android.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz


  • Medications

    Google + is not a good service no matter how much the loyalists and fanboys want it to be, it’s an extremely niche market that it serves a purpose for, and the rest of the world will continue to use Facebook which remains the more user friendly and practical service at this point. I dont want to be on two social networks, especially when no one i know uses G+ in the same manner they use Facebook, it is not a replacement. So until Facebook completely bites the dust in lieu of something better, if that ever even happens, then that’s what myself and the majority of other people are going to use.

  • ricky siebold

    this doesn’t bother me, ios users need to feel special to use something. now that they feel it’s a snub to android users they’ll start using it more and give g+ a boost.

  • Br4nhy

    Lol biggest bunch of whiney bitches ever. You fan droids are ridiculous.
    Remember google makes a lot of their money through ios. They’re a company that’s income driven. Now go back to your basements and beat off until mom calls u for dinner.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I wouldn’t complain if I were you guys..at least y’all have an excellent google maps/YouTube/gmail app…im stuck with the iOS versions 🙁

  • Knlegend1

    All I know is those “extra surprises” better be something I’m going to use. All in all though I like G+. I like the conversations I have with people that I don’t even know. On Facebook its almost like its a popularity contest of sorts. In other words intellectual conversations versus drama lol.

  • 11knives

    Glad I deleted Google Currents earlier today and installed Flipboard in it’s place. To think I was feeling guilty.

  • carlos

    thanks google, i will remember this one.

  • who cares….its an app not a ton of people care about

  • good thing google plus sucks and i dont need to worry about it 😛

  • trumpet444

    Its probably a wider release gap than you think. How long does it take (minimum) for Apple to approve an ios app?

  • This isn’t the first time Google+ has been updated on iOS before Android. That team must be heavy in iOS devs… or maybe Objective-C is a less complicated environment to develop and test for…

  • People on iOS use G+?

  • Good grief — Google posts one G+ update on iOS ahead of Android and people are crying “Judas!” Really?

    Google’s business is to make money and draw in new users for its services. It’s not going to intentionally spite a large part of the mobile world if a major app revision is ready for a non-Android platform first. You should be loyal to what’s good, not just what’s developed in-house.

  • Ryan Clayton

    I hear in the next version, they will stop supporting Android all together.

  • shdowman

    Perhaps you all are missing something…

    Maybe it was easier to write the code for the iOS version vs. the 4 different versions of android that are multi-spec’d, skinned, screen-sized..etc.

    /duck from wall of flames

    • Maybe Google shouldn’t have violated patents and stuck with Java. Since apparently Objective C is more efficient.

  • Dean

    What a slap in the face to all android enthusiasts

  • John Franck

    “sensor-rich smartphone (with its touchable screen and high-density display)”…

    This is why it is coming to iOS first. While the majority of us all have top end androids, the google play market supports all android devices.

    All iOS deviecs are touch screen with high density display, The same is not said for android. There are plenty of $0.99 android phones with less than stellar specs, and this app will need to be tweaked to work with them. Hold on to your panties android community, we will get our app. Just understand it is much easier to develop for <10 devices than the giant ecosystem we call Android.

  • kixofmyg0t

    BLAME MOTOROLA! Its because of locked bootloaders or Blur!

    • LiterofCola


  • C-Law

    Well this move definitely makes me feel Google doesn’t care that much about android. Like in court recently when they said android is just a product for advertising and search. This is just making me wanna leave android. Google needs to stand behind android no matter what and Be proud of it, instead of constantly giving apple fanbois reasons to laugh at us recently

    • PuzzleShot

      this is why most all of the previous google+ updates went to android first.

  • Mapekz

    Remember that while Android is awesome Google gets its cash from Google services. They don’t care which platform gets their apps first so long as every major platform gets it promptly.

    They mentioned the Android version is getting some extra surprises, which makes sense as to why the app is delayed. They need to test those extra Android-specific integrations and features so it will be a few more weeks before they can release the latest version of the app to the Google Play Store. And before someone else says it, no, they won’t release an update now and then again in a few weeks because the average user (one who doesn’t frequent Android blogs) gets vastly frustrated with repetitive app updates in succession.

    • arka

      I’m not sure the extra features is gonna cut it here. They’ve made it seem as though their competition is easier to develop for. Not a great message to attract developers to your ecosystem.

      • Mapekz

        To be fair, iOS is much easier to develop for; fewer device configurations and tighter conventions (as well as the use of Objective-C over Java) allow developers to focus on building their app instead of fixing bugs to make it work on multiple devices. As big an Android fan I am, I am not blind to the number of times I see apps on Google Play get updated solely to fix issues with one or two specific models.

        • arka

          I don’t disagree. Just questioning the marketing decision made to release the iOS version first. If even Google develops for iOS first then why shouldn’t other developers do the same.

          Apple would never have made the same mistake (if they actually released anything cross-platform that is).

  • OhAaron

    I think Google might have just lost its damn mind..

  • whenjasonattks


  • HomerDeGreat

    People still use G+?

  • Michael G

    Yeah, this is ridiculous. Ok, it’s just an app, I understand. However, it’s the point. Android users are just as die hard loyals as Apple/iPhone users. I hate Apple but I respect the “fanboys” because I understand it. The whole, “Yes but it’s worth the wait because of the extra features!” argument is ignorant. Why not wait to release the iOS version until after the Android? Or at least release them at the same time! Like I said, it’s the point of it. Thanks for the kick in the nuts, Google.

  • Odd that they decided to release it on iOS first. I wonder if that was a political move or if the delay is simply for the extra features? That said, having used it I can confirm that it’s much, much better than the previous version.

  • angermeans

    Don’t worry your not missing much. I just updated it on my 4s and until they let high res photos allowed it looks pretty awful with that new picture view thing. It just looks bad especially on the retina display. Then again I don’t really use google+ on my iPhone I use it on my galaxy nexus. Still it makes me wonder why they released it for ios first when android is there’s.

    • I guess the iOS development team finished first, that’s it.
      Also, Android version probably requires more testing due to the hardware variations.

  • shehippie

    o.O alrighty then.

  • Thomas Partida

    Ha! Wait… are you serious!?

  • MrSteve920

    Calm down people, a few extra days=extra surprise features.

    • srh12

      Yeah its totally a sneaky way of making it better on android than on ios. They just love android users so much. Obviously

  • Gregory Pickering

    You have to be kidding me right? Google+ is pushing updates to their competition first? They are either on crack or they had to have put a virus on the iOS version that allows them to destroy everything that is Apple.

    • blood

      Isn’t it obvious? They’re going to use iOS users as beta testers.

      • srh12

        No. They are simply more concerned about getting this to ios users becuase ios users are probably sadly more important to google than android users.
        The only reason android was created and is supported by google at all (which is becoming worse and worse by this point) is so they have a place to bundle all of their little services and searches and media apps. They dont care about your android experience being better than ios, just that they get the platform to a point where it saturates the market. And now that it has, youll see them back away from it as they are and let it ride. They dont care how many people have ICS obviously. They dont even care what version is on your nexus.
        They only care how many people are using youtube and g+ and google drive on their devices regardless if its android or ios or windows phone. Your phone is just their way of getting their services used.

        • AlexKCMO

          I really do feel like this is the case sometimes. It’s very unfortunate.

          Alternatively, I really have to wonder if app development is the same branch as Android, similar to how Chrome is a completely separate branch.

          Whatever the case may be, it’s very poor management from the top down, and it makes it look like management does not have its priorities in line. I really do love the Android OS, but I think mixed messages from Google could hurt it in the long run. If WP8 takes off, Android could be in trouble in the long haul.

        • me

          I guess Google develops for the iPhone first and Android second. Pretty lame.

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    • Noyfb

      An IOS Dev about 7 months ago or so made a youtube video after trying to cantact apple about their apps being very vulnerable in their code and how easy it is to put malware and spyware and virus’ inside an app and put it in their iStore that could infect all their devices. The guy was retired from the N.S.A. and thought he was helping them, the banned him from developing any more apps and never fixed the vulnerability in the code. Hint Hint Google….

  • you have to be freakin kidding me?!!?