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LG’s Google TVs Hitting Stores at The End of May, Google TV Gears Up for Round 2

Google is trying to reboot their Google TV venture this year and LG is the first to get into the game with them. Back at CES in January, they showed of two sleek LED models that they said we would be seeing sometime soon. Rumors have been swirling around about the price and availability of these new sets, but LG has just announced the first two models.

The first piece of the puzzle comes from LG executive Ro Seogho, saying that they will be available in the US on May 21. But how much will they cost you say? There are two sizes, 47″ and 55″ that will run you $1699 and $2299 respectively. Whoa.

Willing to give Google TV another try at that price point?

Via: Engadget

  • JoshHenry

    I’ve been waiting for this :)!!! But not at this price point :(. I don’t think Google has established the Google TV brand enough to charge $2299. But as a fan, I’ll probably end up spending my money anyway. Better than it going to Apple.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Those prices should definitely be $300 less each in order to be remotely appealing.

  • shaun.ober

    I love my Sony Google tv in the bedroom only wish they would have added backlite to the remote.

  • JTZ

    So buy an amazing 50 Panasonic Plasma for 1200, or… spend more money for a smaller screen and Google TV…

    • richlizard24

      Go for the Panasonic plasma. Nothing beats the display quality of a plasma. There will be Google TV set top boxes soon enough.

  • CharlesJorgenson

    I love my Revue, it wasn’t so great at first, but man after the update i love it.

  • SchwannyT

    Now if they made it work with LG’s smart remote (it works like a Wii controller and puts a cross hair on the screen for you to click on things) then I’d be much more interested. I have an LG smart TV with the remote and love it. Just point click and go

  • edmicman

    I’d be willing to give it a go for a set top box at say the $99 price point. Oh, and let me get one with an option to have a cablecard and external HD storage for DVR capabilities and I’d be all over it in a second!

  • fauxshizzl

    I still use my Sony GTV every single day. But I would much rather spend
    $250 on that seperate box with BluRay than a TV with it built in any
    day. Granted this is a pretty high end TV judging by the specs, just not
    what I am after I guess.

  • digitalicecream

    I’m enjoying GTV now, I think what I’ll wait on is 21×9 tv’s instead. I’ll splurge on a new TV once my current LCD gives up the ghost. So far, five years and counting and I have no excuse to spend money on another one just yet. Even if i want that 60″ Samsung pretty badly.

  • lolercopter

    google tv is complete garbage. i’m not an iFan and i am an Android fan but GTV is complete crap. My friend bought a Revue and it is extremely slow and pretty useless too

    • digitalicecream

      I’m not certain how the setup you’re referring to is laid out, but I have the Sony GTV box with BluRay and it does not suck. I paired it with dishnetwork 722K DVR receiver and It really turns my tv watching experience into a tablet like experience. I can see what’s playing at a glance on any channel (I filtered by HD), and also see how much playing time is left on the show. It’s tied into my netflix account as well as Amazon prime and HBO GO. Haven’t run out of things to watch since I turned it on.

      • MKader17

        I have a Revue and I love it. Google made it pretty seemless and I was impressed my how easy it was to setup the remote, and I can still use my original remote. There’s not much better then typing in a movie and seeing every place you could get it from on 1 screen. Netflix is awesome, as well as surfing for things or watching Youtube.

        The only thing I would want is the ability to wirelessly send something to my google TV from my phone.

        • digitalicecream

          I have a samsung galaxy note (and i owned a galaxy player 5 before that), you can stream media to the google tv using any DLNA compliant device. Granted I own Sony’s version of the googleTV appliance, but I’m hoping it’s the same for you. FYI on the Samsung devices it’s called All Share. But it just works.

  • ddevito

    Until I can watch web content on my TV I don’t care

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    the fact that GTV is built in makes this ridiculously ovrrpriced. We need google tv set top boxes!

    • CIFchamp24

      Do you know the other specs of the tv? Because if it has 240hz and a top notch panel then it not overpriced.

      • richlizard24

        It’s still overpriced. A comparable Samsung Smart TV, 55″ 120 Hz LED, will cost you sub $1700. A 55″ LED Vizio at 240 Hz will cost you less than that, somewhere around $1300, but that is just an internet capable TV.

        The average consumer is not going to go for an LG at $1699 when you can get a 46″ Samsung Smart TV for $1299. Is Google TV really worth $400?

        • CIFchamp24

          Well let’s remember that is the full retail value price and that it is just dropping. Compare it to say a Samsung 46es6500 which have a full retail price of $1579, it has just been out almost a couple months already and has had time to go on decent sale pricing. It’ll come down people

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


        Not saying that Hz is everything but its a 120hz . . .but scroll to the bottom and see how it stacks up to the other TVs in the line up….. it’s over priced.

  • jamdev12

    If LG/Google is able to provide me the ability to take an app that will hook my phone to my tv as a controller, for games, change channels, wifi mirror and the like I would not mind. If this is just another TV that I will have apps on, but I have to do 10 million things in order for me to get my phone, tablet, desktop and tv hooked up, forget it.

  • I really have no need for a Google TV:
    I have a smartphone
    I am getting a tablet
    I have a computer hooked up to my TV
    There really is no need for this…or at least for me 🙂

  • Towelie420

    i have a pretty recent lg tv (47LW6500). any chance itll see google tv?

    • EC8CH


      LG already sold you a TV. To them this is just a reason for you to buy a new one.

  • Ah, the old Market icon…

  • For that kind of scratch, I think they should stick to building it into blu-ray players.


    looks like a great t.v as long as it has matching specs but… ugh not many will buy into that price point… srry lg… gonna need a cheaper model as well..

  • RedPandaAlex

    wasn’t LG also supposed to do a set-top box?

    I’ll get a Google TV set-top box. Just tell me which one is the nexus and put it on the Play Store.

    • maratu

      I wish I still felt that way about my Revue 🙁

  • Bob

    No thanks, Another losing venture.

  • Totally agree. If google wants some traction in this space they need to create an arm based $99 box that would compete with apple tv.

    • ddevito

      Apple TV sucks even more than Google TV

      • CIFchamp24

        Not when they’re jailbroken

  • Ahh, sure, I would consider buying the 55 inch set–once I find it on SlickDeals for $1500. Announced now, maybe available on SD in Dec. or so? At nearly $3k, they’re dreamin’…

    • Liderc

      The price on Amazon is 2k for the 55”. Good lord, comes with 6 pairs of 3D glasses lol.

      • CIFchamp24

        Same amount that a lot of LGs 3D tvs are coming with this year…. Maybe all now that I think about it

  • smwandrie93

    ill keep my current TV and get a blueray that has google tv built in…

    • EC8CH

      Exactly, unless there is some compelling reason TV’s should just be dumb monitors and the smarts should be built into an external component so you don’t have to pay 1 G or more when you need to upgrade.