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Wednesday Poll: Headphone Jack on the Bottom or Top?

It’s time to settle this debate once and for all (because polls can do that). Yes, we are talking about headphone jack placement on smartphones. The DL crew wishes that all phone manufacturers going forward would do the right thing (biased much?) and put headphone jacks on the bottoms of phones, because it simply makes sense.

If the jack is on the bottom, you can plug in your headphones and the headphone cable stays out of your way as it drapes below the phone. Also, when you go to place the phone in your pocket in the natural way, which is top down, then the headphone jack points upwards and out of your pocket. If the headphone jack is up top, the cord then becomes a nagging issue and is either draping off to the side, behind, or often times in front of your phone. Then, as you go to place it in your pocket, you have to consciously make an effort to adjust (possibly break) your wrist to slide the phone in bottom side down so that the cord sticks out of your pocket. (That makes my entire forearm hurt just thinking about the maneuver.)

So tell us, which do you prefer and why. Also, to further our argument, we dove deep into the logistics, creating evidence in the most proper of ways – yes, GIFs.

Headphone Jack on the Bottom or Top?

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On the bottom:

On the top:

  • B’s nuts

    How about both? Dual jacks problem solved.

  • SH

    The only time I ever use my headphone jack is when I am hooking my phone up to the aux in my car stereo, or my speakers at home. Either way, it makes no difference where it is located on the phone.

  • fauxshizzl

    The animosity in the comments about peoples preference of cord placement is hilarious. Not quite to ApplevsAndroid proportions, but funny.

    • r0lct

      That’s because its Gnex vs RAZR fanboys going it at pretending it’s about the headphone jack.

  • J Dub

    I don’t really care as long as it’s basically a no wires affair when you dock it in your car to get charge and sound. Like the G-Nex is supposed to do.

  • spliced249

    Bluetooth headphones.  Why do you guys like wires?

    • r0lct

      I like listening to music using my car stereo.  Even though it supports BT audio it sounds worse than using the aux jack.

  • Joelseph

    3500 people have apparently never used a phone with a port on the bottom.  There is no logical reason to like it being on the top.  The cord is out of the way when you’re holding it.  When you put it in your pocket you don’t give a crap where the the port is.  You’ll get used to whatever way you have to put it in your pocket.

    Seriously, find someone with a phone that has a port on the bottom and use it.  Then make the call. It’s obvious.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      I have one now, and since I keep my phone in my shirt pocket not my pants, the bottom just doesn’t work well. Also, since the charge port and headphones are close together I can’t use the heavy duty headphone cable I bought because it won’t fit. 

  • mtrip98

    i still have an infuse and the headphone jack is on the top and charge port on the bottom. http://forums.offtopic.com/images/smilies/weaksauce.gif

    i would prefer the both to be on bottom since i put my phone in my back pocket top down.

  • Had a HTC Desire, it had a jack on the top, i loved it like that, made it more simple, then i got a desire HD, it had one at the bottom, i hated it. it just didn’t feel right, now with a HTC one X it’s on top again =) just as i like it. 

  • HP input on top, lock switch/power button on side along with those pesky volume buttons. 

  • gangan115


  • Slab

    I like having the headphone jack at the top because often use it while driving for music and GPS. I set the phone in a cup holder so the top is far more convenient.

  • MeetOza

    well its good to read…. chkout htis blog….. 

  • C-Law

    I prefer bottom. I put my phone upside down in my pocket and cup holder now so I don’t have to flip it when I pick it up. Didn’t think I’d prefer bottom at first but definitely do now. No cord trying to hang over the screen

  • brando56894

    Top. Bottom is just odd…

  • kimjongdun

    it actually doesnt matter for alot of folks. alot of custom roms allow 360 degree screen rotation.

  • anglababay

    The poll shows it’s almost 50/50 split.  I slide it my phone in top up
    because that’s where the headphone jack is for my DX.  If it were on the
    bottom and I was using headphones, I’d probably slide it in bottom up.
     People generally have a certain maneuver(s) which work for them when
    placing/removing their phone, and if it works for them, that’s fine with
    cheap nike free

  • FknTwizted

    I say which ever is cool just make it so the charger port and hdmi is all in the same…. Get tired of my phone looking like something on life support with them all coming out in all directions.

  • Medications

    I put my phone in my pocket top up-bottom down, that’s how I’ve put every phone I’ve ever owned in my pocket, it is second nature. Also i often peek at my phone for notifications/checking the time without having to take it all the way out of my pocket. Different folks have different needs/uses so there is no right or wrong way.

    I rarely use the headphone jack anyway since i prefer using an ipod when it comes to listening music. When streaming music on a phone doesn’t destroy a battery and data usage the way it does with current phones, then the smartphone will finally be my primary portable music player, but until then I’m gonna use an ipod. Plus my car has an ipod radio built in so it’s too convenient.

  • I prefer the bottom. 😉 

    It makes more sense with it on the bottom, but at the same time, it leaves a lot of slack in the cord, which usually gets shoved into the pocket anyways. 

    The 3.5mm jack definitely won’t make or break whether I buy a certain phone. You get use to whatever the manufactures do with it. 🙂 

  • dylan84

    Headphone jack on the top. When I put my phone in my pocket I put it with the top facing up.

  • Putting it on the bottom would work better for docks (vertical style speaker docks to be specific), although I’m kind of used to it being on the top.

  • Zebra

    Bottom. So that when its docked in my car (in portrait) the aux cable naturally connects at the bottom out of the way, versus on the top where it gets in the way and I have to run it behind.

  • Chris

    I like having it on the top better. It seems the right way for some strange reason. Maybe just because I’m used to it with my first iPod and every iPhone I’ve owned. I voted bottom though because it does make more sense.

    • Liderc

      Oddly enough the itouch has it on the bottom. 

      • Chris

        And I always thought it was stupid until I got a Galaxy Nexus.

  • And now you know why OEMs don’t have a consensus in design paradigm either.  You’re all wrong!

  • cphilano

    Really should have put an either as a choice for those of us who don’t care or would place the phone with the headphone plug up no matter which side side its on up or down.

  • Danofiveo

    Neither! Bluetooth!

  • Drayphly

    Actually now that I thought more about it , it is top up when its in my shirt pocket and top down when in my side pant pocket. 

  • Who puts their phone in their pocket upside down?! You cant peek at your phone without removing it all the way when it’s upside down. Also when people drive they commonly have it in their lap or a cup holder. Why would you want your phone upside down, lol

    • TC Infantino

      I can’t reply to what is common, but I put my phone in the car dock which makes it easy to see, and touch the screen to change songs or whatever I need to do with it without taking making me take my eyes off the road for more than a split second. 

  • Drayphly

    I think on the bottom is strange, I first encountered this with my HTC Desire and then my Ipod touch and now my G Nex…. It sucks if you use docks or want or any type of stand, also if the power button is on top of the device you run the risk of it accidentally turing on because it is unside down in your pocket resting on the power switch.  Atleast the Nexus poer switch is on the side.    … Blah blah blah… I prefer on the top, like the millions of iPhone users… lol … PEACE

  • Brent Stewart

    Gotta be on the bottom. It’s where it’s at on my iPod Nano (3rd gen), it’s where it’s at on my Zune HD. I don’t use my phone for music. While not necessarily popular I still prefer carrying a separate device for music. My Zune is either laying on a flat surface in which case bottom makes most sense. Or it’s in the change tray in my van in which case again the bottom makes the most sense otherwise the cord keeps it from floating all the way to the back of the tray. When it’s in my pocket its upside down because it just feels natural to grab it fingers and and thumb down, pull it and it’s automatically facing up right.

  • Top. I don’t know about other people, but on my Galaxy Nexus, when I am using the headphone jack while the phone is being charged, there is an interference on the sound coming out. I tried a couple different cables and none of them help solved the problem. Since many phones put the USB port at the bottom, the headphone jack, IMO, should be at the top in order to avoid the same problem.

  • jrphillips10

    I think most will say top but after having a gnex with the bottom jack I prefer that now. A lot easier to have in your pocket with headphones plugged in

  • PoShow

    Let’s end the discussion right here and right now.  Like most things in life, if there are multiple ways of doing something, there isn’t always a “best” way of doing it.  The poll shows it’s almost 50/50 split.  I slide it my phone in top up because that’s where the headphone jack is for my DX.  If it were on the bottom and I was using headphones, I’d probably slide it in bottom up.  People generally have a certain maneuver(s) which work for them when placing/removing their phone, and if it works for them, that’s fine with me…  Unless you do some type of official study where you compare some endpoint (how many times someone drops it, how many distinct moves it takes to place your phone in “the ready position”, etc), this is all a matter of opinion, and everyone’s entitled to one.

  • Towelie420

    Bluetooth headphones…. so neither

  • Mr. Chips

    Why not put one on both the top and the bottom?  That way the user gets to choose.

    • CivilDroid


  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    lol at these pictures… Having phone hang out of your pocket like that has to be enticing to pick pockets.

  • Tim Buchanan

    I use my phone for music in the car, so if the jack is on the bottom, the screen is upside down when I put it in the cup holder.  Top please.

  • Nickfloria

    I prefer top that really is the only thing i don’t like about my nexus

  • Jeff


  • I have google glasses so I don’t need a head phone jack. 

  • Reeb99

    A good portion of these phones have a camera bulge, so they just fit better going in the pocket top up. That’s probably why most have the headphone jack on top.

    To each their own I suppose, but I still prefer the headphone jack on top.

    Edit: I also put my phone in my left rear pocket but am right handed, so I switch hands anyway by nature.

  • ghostrigger

    should be on top in my opinion as some stands would then block the port

  • I would like to see a complete standardization of all plugs and types. iPhone users have an inferior OS but have superior accessories that they can get from apple or third party. A first gen iPhone user can use the same charger, bases, and other gadgets that they can use with their current iPhone 4 or 4s. I cannot say the same about Android, even if you stick with one manufacturer, they change things from product to product. Make a standard, and stick to it. As the Joker said about Batman, where does he get such wonderful toys.

  • BearMinimum

    Top makes way more sense for me personally. I have a Thunderbolt and a Galaxy Note, glad they’re both up top. I almost got a GNex the other day…now that I realize the jack is on the bottom its actually a deal breaker.

  • I had no problem with the jack on my OG being on the top, but now that I’ve used bottom and top jacks, I do like the Nexuses placement (bottom) better.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Wheres the “I dont use headphones (even the beats that came with it)”

  • Lakerzz

    I’m on the fence with this one. Our work truck has an auxiliary cable to connect to the stereo, and therefore needs headphone jack on the top. I totally agree with the “natural” positioning of the phone in the pocket though. So in that case, on the bottom. Then when if I were to get a phone call, or answer a text, it wouldn’t be very “natural” at all to pull it out of the pocket and put the phone up to the ear, or start to reply to a text to have it on the bottom. If you were JUST talking about it in your pocket, I would agree. But my phone hardly ever stays in my pocket so I voted top. That’s just my fifty cents…

  • fvqu

    Why the majority of the votes is for the top is beyond me. It all depends on how you put your phone in your pocket. Most people put their phone in your pocket upside down (I do, atleast), so it only makes sense to have it on the bottom. Although the micro usb port on the bottom is a different story, I find it much more comfortable when the micro usb port is on the side.

  • Top top top. It seems so awkward to put my phone in my pocket upside down. The way you grab the phone from your pocket in the second gif seems so odd. I grab mine with my thumb and forefinger and it slides perfectly into the rest of my hand when I pull it out. Why does everyone think “top down” is so NATURAL?

    • Nick

      here’s what I want you to do. Empty your pockets. Now put your hand in your pocket. Now put your phone in your hand like you are looking at it, and put your hand in your pocket the same way you just did. The phone will end up top-down unless you rotate or slide it about in your hand. Thats why people like the top down, since it is how the phone naturally goes in the pocket from your hand.

  • SD_Scott

    Don’t really care where the jack is as long as it’s not blocked in its dock.