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Radios From Galaxy Nexus IMM76K 4.0.4 Pulled and Available to Flash

When the new IMM76K Android 4.0.4 update leaked yesterday for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, many of us focused immediately on the new radios that came with it. Could these solve many of the hand-off issues and failures to attach to 4G networks that owners have experienced since day one? Only one way to find out and that’s by flashing them to your phone. Thanks to XDA member mwalt2, a flashable .zip is available for you after the break. 

Download:  4.0.4_IMM76K_radios_btldr.zip

*For rooted users. File will need to flashed in a custom recovery.

Before flashing, be sure to create a backup. As far as compatibility goes, this file is said to work with any VZW Nexus build, including your favorite ROMs.

Personally, I can’t say that I’m all of a sudden having the time of my life on the network connectivity front after updating to these radios and 4.0.4. A couple of times now I have had to completely turn my phone off and back on again to regain signal after it seemingly lost it. Are you having any better luck? New radios helping?

Via:  XDA

Cheers Raj!

  • Ross Newhouse

    My connection always sucks with my verizon Gnex. GPS never knows where I am, and I have trouble connecting to facebook and other apps. My wifes 3g iphone always has service. I never had these problems with my old DroidX. Is there anything I can do to improve this? radios? I am rooted running Bugless Beast.

    • CrackMonkey

      I’m running Jelly Bean on a Verizon GNEX Bugless Beast first release and I don’t have any problems. Sounds like you should go back to ICS if things are that bad.

  • SecurityNick

    Has anyone noticed that the speaker phone sounds louder, or is it just me?

  • Crack Monkey

    So I’ve been running 4.0.4 for a couple days now and I can report that overall the phone is running better. WIFI to 4g/3g hand offs are smooth and unnoticed. No unusual reboots. UI is smoother with no hiccups.

  • SeanMac

    I’m running AOKP M5 with the new radios and while I haven’t seen a noticeable difference in my signal I have noticed my battery life has increased. Just my 2 cents.

  • Is this only for the 4g Verizon version? Can I update my rooted gsm 4.0.4?

    • MichaelCrackMonkey

      Yes this is for the Verizon CDMA 4G version. There is a different version that was previously released for GSM.

  • Matt Swihart

    I have downloaded this 3 different times, wheni click on it to open it in the downloads icon from the app drawer, it says “cannot open file”. what the hell is going on? any tips?

  • SH

    These radios are definitely better than the stock 4.0.2 radios. They seem to perform exactly the same as the older leaked versions of 4.0.4 tho.

  • Guest

    I just bought a nexus today (I guess yesterday now). Had 3g data for only about 10 minutes out of the first hour. No 4g at all. Then I unlocked and installed imm76k and Instantly got 4g at firstboot. Only problem was that my signal strength was going up and down like 30dbm every second. 

  • jnt

    It holds 4G better for sure.  And seems to switch quicker most of the time.

    However, like Kellex, I too have had a couple of big issues today.  Once was after a phone call, and once was when I simply toggled to CDMA-only at my office (like I always have in the past since 4G is a struggle there).  Both times I also had to power off and back on, and even then it was EXTREMELY slow to get any sort of signal back.

    So in some ways I see improvement, but in other ways it seems a bit worse if I was totally honest.  

    • jnt

      And yes I toggled AP mode, used the restart connections app, etc – before powering down.  

      But it’s definitely holding 4G in a couple of places it couldn’t before.  

  • Flashed over AOKP Milestone 5, haven’t seen a difference yet and I’m in a borderline 4G area outside   of Buffalo.  Maybe I’ll notice something in my travels tomorrow

  • izzyxDD

    im running miui ics, this going to screw with anything?

  • Scott

    Droidth3ory over at the droidhive had this for us yesterday. FYI…….

  • r0lct

    Just running .3/.4 that’s been out forever seemed to make a big improvement in handoff s from .2.

  • Willzbar

    Help please. I have been doing a back up with CWM and during the backing up data part it stops at
    eas_-1687045439tmp. It has done this a couple of times now. I’m trying to back up so I can flash the new radios. Anybody know why it keeps doing this?


    • Lunaticmo87

      Backing up doesn’t back up radios and bootloader. So it’s not fully necessary.

      • Willzbar

        OK, thank you.

  • ABerry5

    Are these radios any diff than the leaked 4.0.4 radios we’ve had for weeks.?

  • Jack

    Great improvements for me in NJ….smooth and continuous coverage between 3 and 4G, where previously had lots of delays and drops. Battery life seems a hit better too.

  • Ldrbuck1

    Question: Is there any reason to flash this if i am already on a 4.0.4 ROM.

    • otter34

      Roms don’t include the new radios

  • JoYu

    I just want to know if it fixes the muting problem, anyone?  Guess I will find out tonight since I have only been able to make 2 phone calls that lasted longer than 10 minutes without it muting…

    • Jewjewbee

      Please reply back and let us know.

      • Superrova

        flashed the radios and had the mute issue on the first call i made 🙁

        dropped call issue, one mic issue, whatever u wanna call it… damnit! 
        3g to 4g handoff may be better… but I was hoping for the calls to work

        • str8havoc

          Just so everyone knows I work in a Verizon store. I’m seeing this pblm with a lot of 4g phones, the Razor, charg and others. Its not all phone hardware related. Samsung has never had a really strong signal quality on any of there phones and I think that’s why its showing up more on the GN. I think Verizon has some 4g bugs to work out.

        • JoYu

          Too bad, there are a bunch of people saying it doesn’t fix muting on the official google complaint thread also. 


          I was able to make 2 test calls without the muting happening, I just doubled my 5 months worth of non muted calls…  I’ll try some more tomorrow, if the muting is still there I am going to exchange it for a Razr Max…

          • JoYu

            Have you guys tried this app?  I forgot I had it installed, maybe that’s why my phone didn’t mute…

        • C-Law

          I got my gnex on launch day and have never had it mute during a call. This sounds like a serious flaw and I would definitely try to exchange it

          • drew

            This issue is more area dependent as i understand it. in denver, nearly 30% of my calls fail at some point. if this doesn’t fix the issue, as much as i love the google aspect, making phone call is more important for me.

  • desiman26

    Just flashed it on cm9 kang (5/1 build). It definitely felt that it switched between wifi/4g/3g faster. 

  • Skyskioc

    My 4G signal is showing 2 bars right now where I sit and -106dbm. Can someone tell me if this is good or bad ? Where should it be ?  I just got done flashing the new radios and so far so good. No issues yet. 

    • Asd

      Sounds about right. Motorola gives off 3-4 bars when I’m at -92dbm.

    • LionStone

      I just checked my Thunderbolt, at 3 out of 4 bars I’m running -75 dBm. Typically when I have full bars, I show in the 60s. Last Saturday I flew into Atlanta and I had -50! Thats the strongest signal I’ve seen…granted there was probably a tower right outside the terminal. HTC has killer radios.

  • Shara

    the leaked 4.0.4 was more stable and more strong

  • BahamasGeek242

    Nothing but problems with my Nexus since day 4
    -random reboots-freezing-no sound-screen goes blank-unable to reboot phone without pulling the battery-no connections to my carrier (and no I am not in a dead spot because I have work phone on the same carrier and have full bars)-I have done 3 factory resets

    • KG

      Unlock, Root, Flash AOKP + Leankernel + IMM76K Radios, Problem Solved

  • droidify

    if i flash these can i go back to the stock FA02 if these dont work out for me?

    • ramifications

      yes you can flash back to older radios.

  • So can this POS hold a signal now? 



  • Teng247

    tested here at work and on the leaked 4.04 radios i had about 2 bars of 3G (my cubicle is a deadspot) but wit these radios im now at full bars of 3G

    • Tim242

      1. 2 bars of signal is not a dead spot.
      2. You should be looking at dBm, not bars.
      3. My signal is unchanged.

  • I flashed it in recovery, but the info doesn’t look any different in my ABOUT PHONE.  How can I tell that the radio has been installed?

    • Flyinion

      Look at the picture in the article.  If the text under “Baseband version” matches what is on your device, then it updated.

      • Thanks, you’re right.  It’s changed from before, and mirrors the screenshot above.  Thanks.

  • Installed fine on Gummy 0.90… MUCH better LTE coverage now in Fayetteville, Raleigh, Cary, NC and I have not had my voice audio drop in a call yet today since I updated (This normally would happen ever other call) AWESOME in my opinion!

  • AngryTurd

    Such a shame with this phone. I had it all of one day…it was that unusable. I was so excited when this phone came out…thought it would be the one that would get me off of a physical keyboard. 🙁 I hope this works well for you GNex owners! 

    • Towelie420

      Your name says it all.
      … moving on

      • Josh Groff

        Your names both say all I need to hear.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I loaded the 4.0.4 update after going completely back to 4.0.2. I had the updated radios but had to remove and essentially do a complete restore to 4.0.2. RootKeeper failed to keep anything so I had to restore SU. Now that I have 4.0.4 I don’t see much difference in the radios but hopefully time will tell. I’m in a poor 4g location so when I get to a better 4g area I’ll run some tests. I noticed a Dock option under SYSTEM in settings. I don’t recall that previously. When 4.0.4 loaded it had a dialog up that said something about optimizing applications. So far I have not had any problems, no random reboots, etc.

  • solidspidey

    I think you should add a note in the post saying that flashing CDMA radio takes time (maybe a minute or so)…Some people might think they phone froze and reboot or battery pull.

    Which can cause raging 🙂

    • Qwerty

      When I flashed them yesterday it took a while. I started to worry but knew the best thing to do was wait it out.

      • Jarren


        • pete

          cool hash tag bro

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  • T4rd

    I flashed them last night.  Went from baseband v. FA02 to these (FC04 / FC05) and haven’t noticed any difference in terms of signal strength or handoffs from/to 3G/1X.  I’m not in a 4G area though.  I wouldn’t expect these radios to help signal much, just handoffs between 3G/4G.  Before, a lot of times my phone wouldn’t switch to 4G even though I was driving into a strong 4G area.  I would have to toggle data/LTE to pick it up.  Hopefully this fixes that.

  • Bewara2009

    Now VRZ can release that official update when ever they want, even if  they decide to release it next year; 😉 

  • ddevito

    the best just got better.


  • I’m loving it. I can tell 1-2 bars more  than usual (10-20dbm less) even from the 4.0.4 leaked radios from a month ago.

  • Isaacrcempire

    Dude having 4g all day long ninjas

  • forget bars…HOWS QUALITY?

    the signal indicator can easily be manipulated to show whatever no matter how good/bad the signal actually is so stop saying i got 4 bars this and 4 bars that, please!

    the real question is, HOW IS CALL QUALITY?????????

    • Inferior to Motorola, as it has been since time immemorial and shall continue to be for time yet unwritten.

      • yarrellray

        You sound so Presidential..

        • squiddy20

          Hey, at least it sounds better than the “Galaxy Nexus is BOSS” or “Galaxy Nexus PIMP SLAPS all!” crap you’ve been spewing the past couple of months, or how “legendary” your Evo 3D was before you got your GN. At least he sounds like an adult instead of a “kool” (your spelling) 7 year old.

          • yarrellray

            Wow your here trolling on droid-life too guess it’s pretty boring over at androidandme. Over here we don’t allow people who don’t have the device in question to comment. Do use all a favor go purchase the Galaxy Nexus then come here and talk. Otherwise take your rooted 4year old Samsung Moment on metropcs back to your college campus. Grown men occupy these forums go back to androidandme youngster.

          • squiddy20

            “Over here we don’t allow people who don’t have the device in question to comment.” Well obviously you’re wrong since I’ve commented and no one has taken my comment down. It’s hilariously sad that you can’t even see how wrong you are with your own f*cked up statement. Good god you are stupid.
            “take your rooted 4year old Samsung Moment on metropcs back to your college campus” Again, I must point out how stupid/ignorant you are. After 2 or so years of my telling you I’m a Sprint customer and that my phone isn’t even 3 years old, you still come up with these quite laughably wrong “insults”. Not to mention that the Moment is/was a *Sprint only* phone. Go use your “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus and Google something for once in your miserable life. You might actually learn something.

      • Greyhame

        how Tolkien of you. 😉

        • I figured all the Nexus trolls would jump all over me in full force for simply stating the truth, so it seemed appropriate.

          • Greyhame

            I hear you. Tough crowd around here, and I have the nexus. The updated radios didn’t improve reception for me, but did decrease switch-over time.

      • Josh Groff

        Ahh quality, the number 1 reason to avoid Samsung devices like the plague. As much as I love modding, I think I’ll take HTC or Motorola over a Samsung built Nexus any day. I need my phone to be a phone above all else. Now a tablet on the other hand, give me pure Google.

        • Tyler Cameron

          No one uses phones to make calls anymore :p

          • Josh Groff

            I need my reception to text and surf teh interwebs. Plus I do like being able to make calls sometimes.

  • psuturtle

    This helped my wife’s phone tremendously.  Her phone had tons of “time without signal” under history details (red sections in the bar graph), and it was destroying her battery.  Flashed the new radios and the time without signal has been essentially eliminated, and her battery life has improved dramatically as a result. 

    • psuturtle

       …and I wouldn’t put tons of stock in the signal strength changes associated with this update.  I think the key update is the handoffs and resulting dropped signals have been improved/eliminated.  For anybody in a good 4G area that was having issues with signal drops and poor battery life, I recommend trying these.

  • moelsen8

    i like the new radios.  was running the leaked 4.0.4 ones before and these seem to improve the handoff speeds.

  • Admin

    Verizon isn’t stupid, don’t think for one second we were not supposed to get our hands on this last OTA. We are testing it for them right now.

    • Mwara244

      Called Verizon today about why there is no update, they rep put me on hold and called their “tech” guy and then told me Verizon has nothing to do with the update and it solely comes from Samsung. I said I was kind of peeved, I have minor issues. but said all the other Gnex phones have updates and Verizon doesn’t have it and it has been out for 2 months. They said Google gives it to Samsung and Samsung tests it and pushes it to the Verizon Samsung Phones.   I couldn’t believe what they were telling after reading blogs on here and several of the other android blogs and the forums at Verizon. Is this true it is pushed only from Samsung, and  everybody else is wrong about Verizon pushing it out?

      •  false, samsung pushes update to verizon, verizon tests or verifies any and all updates in that they follow Big Red rules.  This debate has been huge with blackberry phones, I recall the Storm one getting 20 updates before Verizon would be happy and green light the update.  they do this to prevent an 80% increase in customer support calls.  I personally like that Verizon tests updates, however I dislike that they will red light an update due to what is considered a very minor bug because the particular bug may cause a ton of unnecessary support calls just because of where that bug is experienced.  Just so you know, most of this post is assumption and not to be taken as fact.

      • Nicholarse Asswipe

        I got the same sort of answer. called Samsung and got the same answer there. called verizon back and was basically told the information i saw on here was wrong and there was no update. i told him he was full of it and hung up on him. typical, blame the other guy while customers suffer.

  • hmm.. i’m on the IMM30B stock leak.. radios are crappy with the one way audio issue.  Just wanted to know if anyone has flashed this and seen a dramatic difference or should I still pursue my action of getting a replacement

    • C-Law

      Get a replacement! I’ve never had this issue on any build or radios

  • I never had a problem with the radios on 4.0.2, so I’m sure 4.0.4 will be fine.

  • Anthony Armando

    no issues with 4.0.4 nor the radios yet here. wifi/3g/4g handoffs are absolutely faster though. i cant say whether or not signal strength is any better since i didnt really pay much attention to it properly (ie, the “bar” is pointless). i will say that i now can get 4g inside my apartment where i couldnt previously. call quality is about the same, maybe a bit better, but i didnt have much of an issue to begin with.

    • Chris G

      Agree. I wont be able to test signal improvement like that until i return to office in 2+ weeks. Looking forward to lte or even 3g on galaxy nexus there. My droid pro pos work phone gets 3g there atleast.

  • can you hear me now?

    Can you hear me now…? Good…

  • MikeSaver

    anyone know when this update will officially roll out?

  • Smooth918

    Flashed it yesterday, and immediately notice the difference and with no hiccups, where I would normally get a bar of 4g, it went Full after and remained there even while traveling and at work where it was normally a bad situation forever. 

    • yarrellray

      These are the things i need to here…

      • squiddy20

        1. It’s spelled “hear” dumbo.
        2. You could have this right now if you knew how to get to “System Updates”. smh

        • David

          ^ what a douche

          • yarrellray

            Yes Squiddy20 is a douche he practices that very well. The perfect college boy.

        • yarrellray

          How’s your useless Samsung Moment doing??

          • squiddy20

            Quite well actually, thanks for asking. How’s that “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus doing on the network you apparently hate the most (Verizon)? Hypocrite.

          • yarrellray

            Sorry you can’t handle the truth. Verizon is THE WORST CARRIER in the update game don’t FRONT for Big Red.Plus with all the money myself with two lines of service and others are paying for this LTE network they should be providing much better service and communication. Why should you care your not a verizon customer anyway. And yes my GALAXY NEXUS pimp slaps anything you have that’s for sure.

          • squiddy20

            The truth!? You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face. In fact, I can recall quite a few instances where I or others have told you the truth, but you ignored us or told us we were wrong. Take for instance the time where you said the processor in the Sensation was inferior to the *same exact one* found in your “legendary” Evo 3D. Even after we threw at least 4 different sources in your ignorant little face proving our point, you still wouldn’t believe us.
            Or how about the time when you told me rooting “is for 2plus year old devices” despite the fact that there was a HUGE hacking/rooting/modding community behind your (then) Evo 4G?
            Or how about the time when you told me that Sprint has simultaneous voice and data while in a call, something that has never been true, and probably won’t be true for a few more months/years. You mean those “truths”? You really are a hypocrite.
            You do realize that, because your *phone* does not have hands, it can’t “pimp slap” anything, right? How is it that you are stupid enough to apply human actions to inanimate objects?
            “Why should you care your not a verizon customer anyway” Hahahaha! I think it’s utterly hilarious you ask this now! Not even 9 months ago you were saying how Verizon “sucks eggs” and other antiquated phrases, despite the fact that you didn’t even have service with Verizon. Again I say: you really are a hypocrite.

          • yarrellray

            At BEST your A joke but halarious still. In the real world my friend I am a buyer I will get whatever I want on any network at anytime. I bet you can’t or won’t do that. I have owned the EVO 4G, EVO 3D, LG REVOLUTION, GALAXY S2 SKYROCKET, and now the GALAXY NEXUS all on different networks over these last 2 years. What have you owneed???You always try to appear to be so intelligent responding to all my comments but in the truth of the matter your just someone that thinks your opinion is suppose to be better than others when it’s not. Grow some balls go out and experience different devices on different networks then come back and talk to us about your overall experiences. I wouldn’t call a rooted Samsung Moment an overall experience of android espically running on metropcs or some low rent carrier which I know that’s how you roll. After all college life has to be pretty hard on that pocket since your not paying for anything. Thanks for stopping through on my comments it shows you care people like you I eat for breakfast..

          • squiddy20

            1. It’s spelled “hilarious”. And it’s hilarious that your “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus can’t make you seem more intelligent by at least autocorrecting your gross misspellings.
            2. You’re right, I won’t “get whatever I want” because I know in the long run, I’ll be more well-off than you could ever hope to be. While you’re spending $500 or more a year on stupid cell phones and at least $120 per month on Verizon’s cell service, I’ll be putting my money towards better things, such as education, food, shelter, clothing, recreational activities and the like to make my life more comfortable/enjoyable. It’s really sad that you apparently get all of your enjoyment in life from something as stupid as a smartphone.
            3. You “owned” the Revolution and Skyrocket for no more than 5 weeks each, which means you most likely traded them in for other phones. Yeah, you definitely “owned” them alright… in “your world” where everything is f*cked up.
            4. Again with the “Samsung Moment on Metro PCS” crap? And you have the gall to tell *me* I “try to appear to be so intelligent”? You’ve just proved my point Dick: you really are not that intelligent. I’ve told you time and time again, the Moment was never made available to Metro PCS, Cricket, or any other “low rent carrier”. You’d know this if you Googled it on your “pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus. Keep up those “useless” insults.
            5. “After all college life has to be pretty hard on that pocket since your not paying for anything” If I wasn’t “paying for anything”, I’d have plenty of money in my “pocket”. You really make no sense Dick. Want to try again?

  • Flashed over AOKP Milestone 5 last night and so far it seems like things are working great. 4G signal has improved at work.

  • fallingd0wn

    Making a backup is pointless.  Bootloaders and radio firmware can’t be backed up.  

    • David Cohen

      Beat me to it

    • T4rd

       Indeed.  You can flash the old baseband radio back though if you want.

    • Really the only thing that *should* and *needs* to be done is an MD5 check after the download completes.

    • Matthew Walters

      You can backup both using adb shell dd command.

  • Diablo81588

    “Personally, I can’t say that I’m all of a sudden having the time of my
    life on the network connectivity front after updating to these radios
    and 4.0.4. A couple of times now I have had to completely turn my phone
    off and back on again to regain signal after it seemingly lost it.”

    Can’t fix a hardware defect with a software update 😛

    • yarrellray

      Stop saying that…

      • squiddy20

        It’s a free country Dick. Ever heard of the 1st Amendment? You should really Google it.

  • Wengdinger

    Meh at best, transitions have been snappier but reception might be worse

  • Jamaicawind

    wait so if i already have a custom rom that is on 4.0.4 do i need to flash this at all? like is it the same exact thing?

    • Smooth918

      You don’t need to but if you’re having issues with your Signal strength, than it would be worth it; I too am running a custom ROM (AKOP 4.0.4, 34, M5 just destroyed my connectivity with the Market and Gmail, so I Nandroid back).

    • likely no.  the custom roms with 4.0.4 are mostly built on the old radios.

    • These are newer radios than the ones on any ROM out today. You can flash right over any ROM.

      • derekross

        ROMs don’t come with radios or bootloaders…

        • But new radios can be part of the same install package as a ROM.

  • Made a huge difference for me. I was running the older leaked 4.0.4 radios. The post on Rootzwiki mentioned I had to go back to the older 4.0.2 radios then do the upgrade the latest 4.0.4 radio that leaked yesterday. 4g coverage greatly improved here in Boston

  • Heres one with a properly patch LTE radio: http://goo.im/devs/winner00/toro/Radios-and-bootloader-IMM76K.zip
    The one in the post is just the radio partition pulled so it has a few megs of extra space. They should both work but this one I have should be able to flash with fastboot also.

  • sc0rch3d

    loaded last night…signal strength has improved…haven’t noticed a difference in quality or speed (which was already awesome) so far

  • I’ve seen posts from others saying Google pulled the update and the links are dead… anyone else verify this? 
    I wonder if this is like a couple months ago when they released and quickly pulled an update due to more tinkering vzw BS, who knows. 

    • Pretty sure it’s a sign that VZW isn’t done testing it yet.

      • PrettyFlyForABlackGuy

        I wonder if Google posted it long enough to have someone from XDA get their hands on it.

  • Flashed it last night from XDA. So far so good. Still waiting on a flash zip from IMM30B to IMM76K (if its even possible).  

  • Travillion

    I had some drastically fluctuating signal and performance quirks. Hoping that this will even out after a day or two of using the update.

  • Panicswhenubered

    This is one of those updates that you wait a couple of days on…. let the guinea pigs try it first.

  • Raptor2679

    so this works on my 4.0.3 rom right? just confirming.

    • That’s what the dude from XDA says who created it. 😛

      Again, make a backup first.

      • derekross

        You can’t backup radios Kellex…

  • SD_Scott

    Flashed fine for me on Liquid 1.35

  • Destroythanet

    I flashed these yesterday. Don’t really notice a difference from the IMM30B radios I was running previously.

    • The info doesn’t look any different in my ABOUT PHONE.  How can I tell that the radio has been installed?

  • It has been around 20 hours since I flashed these and I haven’t had a single network drop yet (been monitoring with No Signal Alert)

    So I’m happy 🙂

  • rals

    use restart connection app from the play store. It avoids completely turning off the phone and turning it back on. 

    • Josh Groff

      Hot reboot or toggling in and out of airplane mode usually work.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I hate messing with radios…. I honestly have never had any issues with my stock radio before I rooted… or now on CM9…

    • You run the same risk flashing a radio as you do rooting your device. 

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Not really talking about risk, more about performance changes that aren’t that obvious sometimes.

  • Brkshr

    We’ve had them on Rootzwiki since last night…

    • Remember we have a tip line. Feel free to send stuff in. 🙂

      • RadicalPie

        The first time I found them was in the comments section on yesterdays post.