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Android Open Kang Project Releases Milestone 5 For All Supported Devices

Big day for custom ROM users, as the Android Open Kang Project team has released Milestone 5 for all supported devices. The list of supported devices is humongous and chances are, your device is certainly one of them. Milestone 5 brings mostly a ton of fixes and should make your device’s operation as smooth as butter. With AOKP, there are always tons of theme options and customizations that are just not possible on a stock build. If you want to give it a look over and download, then follow the source links down below.

Via: AOKP | Rootzwiki

Cheers Ostensibly!

  • Dil Bear

    Sadly the droid 4 is never supported :/ 

  • eddieonofre

    No support 4 bionic… sad

  • Fake

    You can fix the backlight from inside the rom settings. Rom Control > Performance >  Color Multipliers Tuning/Color Gamma Tuning.

  • Daniel Chang

    disclaimer: i’m a true n00b to ROMs. I have a GNex that I recently unlocked/rooted/flashed AOKP build 32 onto. I have titanium backup (free version) installed and would like to know what specific steps I would need to take to properly back up the data/apps/files which I currently have on the phone, as well as how to properly restore them in a way that doesn’t suck up my data usage by redownloading apps etc.

    i’m sure its a fairly easy procedure for those who are used to flashing new ROMs but this is the first time I am going to be flashing a new one so any input/guidance would be much appreciated

  • teejaycard

    Does anyone know of a good app to view your call log on the GNex? Maybe I’m missing something here but it’s a bit annoying to have to scroll through alllllllllll of my call log to find a call. I find it very odd that they wouldn’t give you the option to switch from missed/received/outgoing. Any help would be awesome. Thanks! 

  • Junk

    no razr -_- wtffff

  • Been a while since I flashed anything, running stock rooted Nexus.  Guess I will have to take the plunge.  Titanium backup time.

  • napes22

    Battery life on M5 kernal vs Franco Kernal M2?  I got some pretty bad battery life on B31 and Franco’s kernal improved it 10fold.

    • drparty

      I too would like to know what people are using with M5. I’m still using the stock kernel that came with M5, previously I had great battery life with a version of lean kernel and beta 29.

      • My phone just doesn’t like anything but leankernel, so I keep flashing the newest lean experimental 230/1350, with interactivex. My phone flies and I regularly get 15-20 hours with 3-4 hours screen-on (on the 2100 battery).

  • hondaman

    been on AOKP m5 since Roman and the brain trust dropped it Saturday night. ROCK SOLID As usual for AOKP. These guys have transformed my gnex into a GNEX. This is what the phone should have been out of the box. THANK YOU AOKP.
    ps. another donation heading your way to show my appreciation.

  • cb3ck

    This is one of the ROM’s that has made owning the original Galaxy S (Fascinate) a pleasant surprise.  Our devs deserve big shoutouts and donations for their work.  

    You would be amazed what my little phone is capable of with the latest memory freeing builds combined with the custom glitch kernels.  That said, I’m still eyeballing the GS3 or the rumored 5″ HTC device for Verizon. 🙂

    • Snowcrash


  • Chad

    “The list of supported devices is humongous”
    That list is tiny!!

  • Smooth918

    This ROM will make you Love your Verizon 4g LTE XOOM 🙂 for the first time Ever…

  • bassman418

    been running AOKP since the second week owning my Gnex (end of december) Love it!!! also on my old Dinc too. wish they had support for my old Thunderbolt though…….

  • Destroythanet

    Can anyone get the My Verizon app to work on Milestone 5?

  • rodney11ride

    Ive been on Gummy for awhile now… cant find a reason to leave it. great battery life. no force-closes. smooth operations. someone here who has tried both this new M5 and gummy 1.0.1 both 4.0.4 please give me a run down of AOKP that different than Gummy! thanks

    • Admin

      Since I left AOKP B34 for Gummy 1.01 and Liquid Smooth 1.35 I haven’t looked back. It’s something you will just have to flash to understand. Go for it, see which you like better. 

  • I like how the Nexus S has a screen shot of the Gnex on it

  • PC_Tool

    I really wish the LG Spectrum had more dev support.  This thing would *rock* AOKP…and could *really* use the on-screen nav-keys…

  • Zebra

    Might want to use that “custom-theme” tag linked in the post more effectively. Right now it only points to 4 posts, 3 of them from last year 😉

  • teejaycard

    They make it so you can change your soft keys on the ROM now and I would highly recommend using it. I used Zip Themer to change them after upgrading to Milestone 5 and the UI kept crashing and had to wipe and re install. Just go to XDA and download the zip. Woo! 

  • I have the G-Nex as well and AOKP.  My wife has the Galaxy S2 but so far I have found no love from CyanogenMod or AOKP.  Any suggestions she has the T-Mobile Variant?

  • Tim242

    I flashed M5. I then encountered the first issue I’ve ever had. The back light is too dim. Had to reflash build 34.

  • cizzlen


    • napes22

      Then it’s settled.  You should run an Android blog to let us know when you find out all this breaking news. Just a note though, using all CAPS doesn’t make it any more legible. 

      • cizzlen

        lol @ taking my post seriously 

    • SD_Scott

      You tell that mean ocean Todd!

  • Ahh… So good! Have been running this on my Fascinate since M4 and it is awesome. Has saved me from going insane with buying envy. M5 is so smooth! Thanks AOKP you rock!

  • Dan

    What do they mean when thy say to wipe. Wipe which data? Delvich or whatever or everything

    • Josh Groff

      When they say wipe, it’s usually full, otherwise they’d specify.


  • Skyskioc

    I have been running this ROM since the minute it dropped all I can say is amazing thanks to team Kang and everybody that worked on this this ROM is definitely worth using. if you want performance battery life customization this thing has it all. Not one force closeon any of the 247 apps I have on my galaxy Nexus. If you haven’t had a chance to try one of their works of art I would give it a try

  • akazerotime

    I perfer BAMF right now. Boot up sound with animation wins it for me.

    • PC_Tool


      You know you can use that bootani and sound on any ROM…right?

      • akazerotime

        No, didn’t know that.  Thanks for the tip on this

        • PC_Tool

          Bootani should be located in /system/media.

          …i forgot where the startup sound is located…but I can virtually guarantee someone in the BAMF thread has asked this and it has been answered there.

  • Corey Foltman

     been running this since it came out for GNex…also using Kevin3328 Supernova theme…pretty slick http://jayrthemer.net/Kevin3328/

  • Big fan of the Holo themes for AOKP on my Gnex.  Find myself swapping colors every other day

    • QQpayne

      Same here, I just download all the colors I like and change frequently.

  • Franzie3

    AOKP is a beautiful thing.  I personally like to use the Black Ice kang of AOKP just for the theme’d GAPPS and extra scripts.

    Also the last Build i was on, B33, along with IMO’s 3.3.0 exp 2 kernel with some custom undervolting, gave me insane battery life.  Close to 20 hours with no wifi, 4G and 3G, GPS on

  • Scott

    This is soooo 3 days ago.  I have already moved on to Axi0m Cmplx.

    • John

      Well try to explain why it’s better?

      • Scott

        No annoying people on the droidhive site asking if they have to wipe, for starters.

        • John

          That’s all that needs to be said 😉

          • Scott

            Sexy, isn’t it?

          • John

            Not a minimalist fan at all. I’m a power user & need all my apps quickly accessible (not all just in 1 folder like many do).

            Anyway, looks cool though

      • It is a Kang of AOKP with speed tweaks.

        • John

          Cool. I’m all about speed. I’ll check it out. Thanks

        • cmplx is actually DT’s own build w/o AOKP. Patient Zero is cmplx with AOKP

        • Scott

          It’s actually Axi)m base, with a side of Kang of AOKP, along with a splash of CNA and CM9.  Quite tasty!

    • Guest

      Where can I find that?

    • Benjamin Landwehr

      Hell yeah, DT’s ROMs are absolutely amazing.  No hating on AOKP, though.  I was strictly with them before DT came back.  

  • fanboy1974

    I love my Galaxy Nexus. Even after 5 months of owning it.

    • John

      Agreed. I still have no wants or need for any newer phone that’s coming out or is out atm

      • Dim

        Agreed again. I liked it on 4.0.2 then went to AOKPM4 and loved it. Yesterday flashed AOKPM5 and it is a brand new device. Buttery smooth. Quick and exceptional battery life. HTC OneX….nope….Gnex!

    • Same here, and I’m running stock with on root.  I love this phone.


    Add an easier theme engine and have Nova add icon pack support and I’ll never ask for anything else 🙂

    • Bob Martin

      u already asked for too much.

  • This or liquid smooth.. gahh decisions, decisions

    • cizzlen

      Liquid owns AOKP imo but it’s battery life SUCKS. I had to switch to M5

    • Marc

      Battey life on Liquid Smooth 1.25, 1.3 and now 1.35 is pretty stellar for me. Plus Liquid Smooth is just so… smooth. No bugs or lag. Check it out.

    • SD_Scott

      I LOVE Liquid Smooth…  I think it’s hands down the cleanest ROM there is.

    • I went with liquid smooth and you guys are right.. best ROM i’ve used so far hands down!

  • EC8CH

    aokp site is a little slooooooow 😛

  • Actually, my Thunderbolt is NOT one of those devices…

    • Harbo99

      same with the Charge.  We rode that giant 4G meteor straight to our extinction.

  • TheRunner024

    Installed it on my Samsung Captivate; everything is running smoothly.

  • John

    This is the new CM

    • No, this is the new CM.5

      • John

        By your comment, are you insinuating that AOKP<CM ?

  • I just installed this last night on a Kindle Fire, and I must say paired with the newest 3.0 Kernel, hardware video decoding is working very well.

    Hello Netflix!

    • peter

      How’d you install it, my fire got stuck after the black screen. I wiped and did all that stuff too.

      • Really, I read that there are issues if you try to use CWM. Do you have TWRP installed as your flashing agent?

  • Andrew

    Been running this since Sunday. It’s really solid on GNex.

    • 2 Thumbs Up – On restart I was rewarded with 4G connectivity in my Area. Fowlerville, MI 

    • I’ve been running AOKP B29 (4.0.4) since it came out. Are there any benefits to going to Milestone 5?

      • realfoxm

        quiet hours and misc bug fixes

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