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Monday Poll: Are You on a Tiered or Unlimited Data Plan?

It’s quickly coming up on a year that Verizon introduced their tiered data plans. Back then, the idea of tiered data didn’t seem all that swell for folks who came accustomed to unlimited streaming capabilities. Unfortunately, for people who were late to the Big Red party and had to opt for one of the limited packages, they had to deal with the cards they were dealt. We want to know how many of you were lucky enough to be grandfathered in and keep your unlimited packages and who here has a data cap. If you are on a tiered plan, let us know which package you have down below – 2GB, 5GB,or the monstrous 10GB plan?

Are you on an unlimited or tiered data plan?

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  • guest

    I’m sure if anyone that’s unlimited decides to change from 3G to 4G LTE they’ll start kicking people off the unlimited plans because they would consider that a change to your plan, even if you stick with a smartphone. You will eventually have to change, just like people grandfathered in on an old Alltel plan had to change. Hopefully by 2013 there will be better tiered pricing, or we may go elsewhere. $30 for 2GB of data is a joke, when US Cellular charges $50 for 5GB of data with tethering included. Although it may be cheaper for my sisters and I to stay with Verizon, even with the $20 upgrade fee. 

    • guest

       I meant $30 upgrade fee.

  • nicotinic

    Me: Unlimited

    Wife: Unlimited

    Got a friend to hammer Verizon for Unlimited after Amazon Contract said they’d be unlimited. VZW rep called shortly after my buddy gave up and said she was…Unlimited!

  • JAPF4

    Big Red will have to pry my unlimited plan out of my hands,even if its 3G.

  • Glen

    4 GB

  • Komatsu Pk

    Unlimited but throttled to slower speeds

  • I have unlimited data.  When I left my family plan to go to my own account, they let me keep unlimited as well as I was not getting a new number, just transferring.  I will always stay with Verizon as long as I have unlimited. 

  • Zack

    Unlimited and I burn through data like no bodies business 32gb this month and I still have ten days left on the cycle

  • I am seriously considering swapping for a tiered plan to get better speeds.

    It does not matter if I have unlimited data if Sprint can only get me .25MB/S in my area!

  • BillB14

    When I switched from ATT/Blackberry/unlimited to Verizon/Droid 4, I had no choice but to go with a tiered plan.  Luckily, it was while one of the double the data promotions were taking place.  So, I got the 5GB plan, which is doubled to 10GB.  It’s certainly too big for what I need today. But, if I had gotten the 2GB, doubled to 4GB, I think that I would eventually regret it.

  • Helenoftroy

    Wow~! I hope they never switch to tier!  I have always been on the unlimited data plan!  They should just keep it the way it is!  I will never leave VW! 

  • trevorsalienarms

    Grandfathered in w/unlimited data from Alltel days; prior to that company being absorbed into Verizon.

  • C2Cab95

    I’m on the 10 GB plan… just upgraded to it for $50/month

  • totally

    I have 4gb.  When the Gnex was available *(December 15), VZW had a free double data promotion from 2 to 4gb.  I don’t use a lot of mobile data, however.  I use mostly wifi, as my work has wifi and so does my home.

  • Grandfathered into the $10 unlimited plan here baby! (Actually 5 lines) Its technically part of my voice plan (according to the promotion) so I’d like to see then try to take it away while I am under contract. I’ll keep renewing contracts to keep it locked in. 🙂

  • peezwizz

    I was on a family plan for like 14 years with my mom and dad. Finally I broke off from their plan and started a new one with my girlfriend. We were told both of us would lose unlimited data (she was coming off a family plan too) and there was nothing we could do about it. I begged the rep but he told me sorry, can’t help ya. Yet somehow to this day (almost a year later) we both still have unlimited data. I dont get it, but I don’t ask questions. She works for HASBRO and has a 15% off deal with Verizon, I wonder if unlimited data is part of her perk… I guess I will never know because I’m too afraid to ask VZW and risk losing it. 

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I was on unlimited until yesterday. I switched jobs and needed to keep the same number, but they wohldn’t let me hold on to the unlimited data when i changed everything over. :'(

  • Executor 32

    I had a Droid 2 with the $30 unlimited data plan, and I seem to have kept that when I upgraded to my Galaxy Nexus on the 18th.  Good thing, too; ever since LTE was turned on in our area, I rarely connect to my WiFi network with it.  Weren’t we supposed to be forced to switch to a tiered plan upon contract renewal?

    • Brian

      No as long as you keep a smartphone and don’t downgrade to a basic phone you will keep unlimited just be careful ordering online verision site because I lost unlimited and keep me over two weeks of calling everyday to get it back

      • Brian


  • HerroMoto

    Unlimited pay just $10 a month for my Galaxy Nexus data 🙂 Whole family is

  • Kevin Faaborg

    Tiered, but also have the 10GB plan so I don’t have to worry about how much data I use (mostly, as long as I don’t tether since the GNex also will measure for me, give warnings and not allow to use anymore data when you get to that point).

  • ABerry5

    Kellex, you should post a poll on how much mobile data DL readers use a month and if people are throttled or not… it is a mystery who the top 5% of users are… I average between 5-8gb a month on my gnex and I routinely get on wifi when i’m at my house

  • icedhot

    currently on the unlimited verizon data plan but will switch to att for the galaxy note soon….whatever……

  • Grandfathered into Unlimited!

  • Madelinedao

    Damn you unlimited bastards. Stuck with 4GBs of data a month. Would’ve been 2 GBs/month if I didn’t renew my contract during Christmas season when they had the double data promo.

  • Thanks, Data Hogs. You’re the reason unlimited doesn’t exist anymore.

    • Franklin

      Way to blame those on the same side of the fight as you and not the greedy corporate execs….

  • Arlington Albertson

    UNLIMITED BABY!!!!! (VZW Grandfathered of course! 😉 )

  • 2GB/mo. Haven’t gone over yet. All I really do is stream music, watch Youtube sometimes, read lots and lots of web pages, and send a couple thousand emails per month.

  • sucks for 395 people

  • nightscout13

    I feel sorry for the poor saps that pay for tiered data.

  • Brandons94lt1

    4 lines, all unlimited.

  • You all will hate me…but I have unlimited data through verizon for 9.99 a month.  my wife does also.  A promo was sent around on Engadget (possibly here) about a year ago.  I was fortunate enough to get a customer service rep who was able to sign us up on a family plan with this data rate.  No expiration date on it either.  Love it!

    • Beka27

      Us too!  I love saving $40 a month on unlimited data!

  • Im on att, recently switched…but i have the 3gb plan…

  • Droidfan

    Grandfathered unlimited.

  • I’m on the 4g/mo plan… It’s enough, haven’t gone over yet… but I don’t tether too often.

  • No


    • Royal2000H


  • Paul

    Unlimited living.

  • Danofiveo

    I have both:
    Razr – Unlimited
    Xoom – 2GB

  • cornflahkes

    Shoot, I have a grandfathered voice plan(America’s Choice Family w/500 minutes), grandfathered texting plan ($5/250 messages), and grandfathered unlimited data. If they ever force me off those, AT&T will be a distinct possibility. Shoot, I just used (wasted?) my last $30 off NE2 the week before the contract signing penalty took effect to buy an iPhone for reselling purposes. First two bites on Craigslist were (no kidding) Nigerian scammers. Sigh. Them and Verizon execs, urgh.

  • ericl5112

    I’m on unlimited, but get throttled after 5gbs

  • JulianZHuang

    got my unlimited from Dinc released day and now unlimited 4g GN. 

  • Keii Graham

    Sprint looks forward to the day Verizon kills grandfathered unlimited.

  • Foxtrot21alpha

    does anybody know if you get an android and switch to an iphone do u still keep your unlimited data? My brother hoped on the wagon and got an iPhone now he does not know if he still has unlimited.

    • LionStone

      My sis did the same thing and she says she still has unlimited.

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  • S2556

    Tiered but I have 6gb for $30 so it might as well be unlimited! Also ZERO throttling!!!

  • Inboy81

    Cell phone company 🙂 can I pay you $30 dollars to stay with you and be your prisoner for 2 more years? Cell phone company take my $30 “upgrade punishment” so I can give you $2,000 or more the next 2 years. Maybe if Im lucky I will get a droid that has alot of bugs and not thought out completely. Cell phone company I want to pay you so you can mirco manage me. Please cell phone company take my “upgrade punishment” fee… see what we have allowed them to do with us.

  • Ikesterhaney

    11.7GB this month so far. Bills on the 6th. 4G is a “free” add-on to you’re data plan, so you still get unlimited data I’d you’re grandfathered in.

    • lacokanostra


  • Unlimited, forever and always, the day Verizon forces me to tiered is the day I consider my contracts null and void.  I would go into the store and cause a huge scene too.

    • S_T_R

      Right, because it was the sales reps in the store that took away your unlimited plan. All you’ll do is cause them to make fun of your childish antics the moment you walk out the door. They don’t care otherwise. And even if they did, being a jerk doesn’t help your case.

  • Do you mean unlimited or “unlimited”?

  • frankandsimple

    the day they kick me out of vzw’s unlimited plan.. I’ll be looking toward T-Mobile or ATT… ATT especially seems to be getting all the good phones. 

  • Morpheus282

    My wife and I have unlimited on the phones, and I’ve got a 2 GB plan on my tablet.  I usually use less than 1GB on the tablet since I have it on WiFi 60% of the time, but my phone has been going over 4GB a month lately.

    • mr_ewe

      This is how I am too.  I stream video on my phone and wifi tether my tablet, so the tab stays less than 1GB but my phone is over 9GB already this billing cycle which still has 14 days left.

  • Brian

    I have a nexus my wife Droid bionic and son HTC rezound all unlimited. Recently upgraded to resound on my sons line online 49.99 and loss unlimited data for over 2 weeks. Be careful ordering online at Verizon it was a headache getting unlimited data back calling everyday. Finally got it back my sons at 42G with 7 days left til the months over

    • EdubE24

      That’s a sh*t ton of porn…

      • Brian

        My son YouTube a lot

  • When Unlimited Ends I’m going to republic wireless xDD

  • MyStroPro

    Unlimited – I think its dumb that we get capped to be honest.  Could ISP providers have done the same with and gotten away with it or had their product adopted?  My guess it nope.

    I understand its over towers that are flooded and all, but the reality is, one could say the same of the wired infrastructures in neighborhoods as well.  The wired networks are subsceptible to as much interference, but overall caps would severely have hampered gaming and general net adoption.  I understand throttling, but prepaid data caps seem like a big “No-No” to me.

  • Buzzy42

    Unlimited (Tbolt buyer, day 1, specifically to get unlimited 4g) and somehow using more and more data every month even though I’m not entirely sure where it’s all going… first few months with the phone I hovered right about 2GB, then started getting closer to 4-5GB… this month at 9.453.  Almost feel like I should stream something so I can get over 10GB while I’m so close! I used to think my 4-5GB wasn’t that much til read somewhere that anything over 2GB is usually top 5%.. sigh.  I have no idea what I’ll do once I lose my unlimited, except cut way back, or (shudder) go to Sprint. I have family members on Sprint and I’m not impressed but maybe the LTE rollout will help… (I am too spoiled by LTE speeds to accept Wimax!)

  • MauiLove


  • Rodeojones000

    100% unlimited – for both my Nexus and my wife’s Bionic.

  • Truegeek

    VZW grandpa unlimited and happy with the Droid X. No desire to upgrade!

  • Cereed09

    10gb for $50. I figure to do that now cuz at Verizon’s rate itll be 10gb for 150bucks in a couple years.

  • Knlegend1

    only reason i’m on still on verizon

    • frankandsimple

      no kidding!.. the day they kick me out of the grandfathered unlimited plan.. I am out of verizon. As much as I hate ATT with a passion.. they seem to be getting all the good phones .. so I may swallow my pride and go to them… or even T-Mobile (first preference after verizon). They have decent phones.. their plans are cheaper and their 4g (HSPA+) is pretty solid. 

      • Knlegend1

        To be honest I’m using the Razr right now but I really want a Galaxy S 3 phone. Not Galaxy Nexus, I’ll stick with the Razr than that lol. 

      • I don’t understand this – AT&T has the same tiered data and is typically MORE expensive?!

        Switch to a good alternative. 

        • frankandsimple

          like I said..if I’m gonna be tiered regardless.. I’ll look into ATT or even T-Mobile (which technically has unlimited). ATT more so because they seem to have the best phones… and I like GSM phones.

  • unlimited baby….thank goodness…..10GB of data and still have 10 days left of billing cycle…LOL

  • Liderc

    I was with alltell with my family way back when Verizon merged with them so I’ve had unlimited since then. 

  • Havoc70

    No Limit to my downloads and streaming

  • Q

    IM A NO LIMIT SOLDIER.. I tought I told ya!

  • Getting nostalgic in honor of the day I bought my OG and said “why yes I’d love that unlimited data plan”

  • SD_Scott

    Unlimited fo sho!  4g has seriously upped my average monthly usage.  Rocking about 7-12gigs per month now.  I feel like I don’t even stream that much…  Guess I’m wrong.

  • Kyle

    I am on unlimited family plan but I do have a question. When it comes time to move off my family plan and be on my own, is there any way I can keep the unlimited data? This is hoping they don’t force me off unlimited by next year.

    • evltwn

      Doubtful because to VZW you will be a new customer.

      • MyStroPro

        Not true.  If your number is in their system, you are not a new customer.  If you are “adding” a line or changing a number, then you are a new costumer.

        As someone mentioned, the AOL is the way they should treat you.  If they try to do anything else, you’re being scammed.

        I asked a rep the same thing when I got my Razr, and he told me, “No, your plan would just be separated for billing, but all the rest of your features would remain the same.  Your plan does not change even if the billing individual does since you are already considered a customer since your number is in our database.”

        • evltwn

          The reason I say it’s doubtful is because he would be starting a new account in his name. Sounds like he is under his parents plan. So even if he keeps his same number, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tell him he has to move to a tiered plan. Hopefully I’m wrong. Try the AOL though, it does sound like your best shot.

          • MyStroPro

            I understand what you are saying… but my number and bill are still with my parent’s as well.  They are no where close to ever hitting a limit for data or calling (hell the three of us have 700 minutes and never get close to it) so there is no reason to separate the bill yet.

            I asked though for clarification when I bought the phone to double check.  Years down the line, VZW may make it so, but they would loose a good number of consumers if they do.

          • Ferradinho

            Unlimited data is a feature that is linked to an individual phone line. The only way currently for anyone to lose unlimited data is to switch to a feature phone, cancel the line, or wrongly opt for a tiered data plan. Verizon does not remove it from customers lines and I doubt they ever will (at least for the foreseeable future). If they ever do it will not be before every other carrier has also moved away from unlimited data and each customer would have to willingly opt for that feature change either by upgrading or changing plans, etc.
            You do NOT lose unlimited data by moving from one account to another (if someone tells you that they are likely a customer care rep). Visit a CORPORATE retail location and you will get taken care of. All it is is an assumption of liability as said by others in here and any existing features stick.
            Also, sorry to the member who was told they had to move to a $45 corporate plan (again visit a corporate store) that is incorrect.
            Protip: Business accounts who work in the construction or manufacturing industry have access to a $20 unlimited plan though NPP. If I ever lost my unlimited data I would start a construction business just to get that….

    • MKader17

      You can use AOL (Assumption of Liability) and you will be okay.

    • Brian

      You should be able to I talked to several Verizon reps because I’m going through a divorce and they told me all parties on the family plan would be able to go to a individual plan and keep unlimited data. They said when you call let them know to keep your unlimited

      • nicotinic

        Sorry to hear that.

  • Murphy

    G’d up =)

  • Brb, burning up some gigs on my unlimited just for fun 🙂

    • Keii Graham

      I wish I could set Netflix to just auto play next episode, then toss it on a 13 season series and let it play.

  • Buy This

    Another question: I am grandfathered in with my parent’s plan. Assuming I stay on that for next couple of years (long enough to use another 2 year upgrade) what sort of strategy could VZW employ for forcing/compelling people to leave unlimited for tiered data? I just upgrade a month or so ago to a Bionic from my soft-bricked DX. While I love the phone, I sort of wish I had sucked it up for a couple days without a phone and figured out how to fix it sooner (fixing it left me on stock with the latest update, and I think I had to flash that European milestone base to get root) Anyway the point is, I used my mom’s upgrade for the bionic, (99 after rebate a fair price I say) and still have my upgrade coming in a couple months. I probably wont use it and she probably wont either. So supposing I decide to use it down the road, if it even works that way I can’t remember, could they say to upgrade you must choose a new plan? or buy the phone off contract and retain unlimited? Something else similar?

    • BigQ

      you will keep unlimited unless you take a smart phone off the line, even if you assume liability of the line and switch it to your name you will still have it

  • The day they take my unlimited plan is the day I go to Sprint.

    • New_Guy

      I’d be going to AT&T for sure (Sprint has no 4G in San Diego).

      • Royal2000H

        No unlimited on AT&T either

        • We do not care about unlimited, we care about connectivity and speed.

          I only use roughly 100MB/bill because I can never get a decent enough connection to come off Wifi.

        • New_Guy

          I understand, but if I am going to pay for tiered data, I’d rather it on a network that doesn’t crash every third week, hold up firmware updates, and charge $30 “upgrade” fees on top of it. The ONLY thing that keeps me with Verizon is the unlimited plan, but in a vacuum, I’d drop’em in a heartbeat.

      • Dammit Sprint stop giving 4G to horrible places in the middle of the country and do some work in San Diego.

  • New_Guy

    Honestly, if I did not have an unlimited data plan, I would not be on Verizon’s network. 

    • Jwhap

      No doubt!

  • Iwilli985


  • Justendebowles

    There’s another option besides unlimited??

    • If you change your plan you lose it now.   The people who still have it are grandfathered in.  New customers dont have unlimited.

  • r.

    Unlimited… my Galaxy Nexus doesn’t know what tiered data is!

    • My FREE Galaxy Nexus doesn’t know that nonsense either…

      • TexAgMichael

        You, Sir, can go suck a 

      • Foamposite0o1

        My galaxy nexus that they pay me every month to use doesn’t know what tier means either!

      • Royal2000H

        How? Are they free now?

  • cizzlen

    Unlimited Master Race 

  • Akuma

    Unlimited data master race reporting in.

  • VZW unlimited yeah! Just wish they had a better phone selection.

    • Mikeflu73

      They don’t need more phones when they have the best: GNex

      • that is stuck on 4.0.2 with a crap load of bugs, i know because i’m using this joke of a “nexus” now…..

        •  well do something about it im running AOKP which is running 4.0.4……and i have no problems now !!!!

          • Kyle Fullmer

            lol @ fanboys.  “AMG guise the best, if you root and rom it since they aren’t giving us what were originally were bragging about”

      • you spelled thunderbolt wrong

      • LiterofCola

        Go kill yourself

  • Tiered with VZW not by choice

  • marty jones

    The longest one can be grandfathered in is like July. 2013.

    • RobMorris

      source? This doesn’t sound right

    • MyStroPro

      Source indeed – they cannot change the terms of your contract without your consent and written approval.  That’s why they couldn’t change your text message package at will back in the day. 

      They can upgrade your services free of charge without telling you, typically called an incentive upgrade (banks due it often with those with good / great credit), but they can’t restrict them without your permission.

  • unlimited too… both me and the wife… but we’d consider switching to a cheaper family plan, if the conditions are right (especially if they’re going to start limiting the speed of unlimited plans)

    • Buy This

      Just asked a question related to this. Had not heard they were considering slowing speeds. That seems like the most likely answer to what I asked though now that you mention it.

    • Havoc70

      From what i hear its only the 3G they are going to limit, so far havent heard anything about limiting 4G

  • Adam Engelbrecht

    My whole fam is grandpa’d unlimited.  boom verizon.

  • Unlimited until they pry it away from my cold, dead hands. 

  • Unlimited… I’ll never let go, Jack… I’ll never let go…

  • shehippie

    2 Grandpa unlimited and one tiered.

  • Michael_NM

    Unlimited, until VZW brings me to tiers… :'(

    • kixofmyg0t


    • Towelie420

      This guy’s always on. +1

      • feztheforeigner

        So is your avatar.

    • Mack

      Same. Only problem is I’m on a family plan and I’m pretty sure they’ll try to force tiered data on me when I get my own plan with my next upgrade…so yes, tiers may be a coming. :/ 

      • John Lane

        Just so you know Mack I’m in the same situation and I have asked about this. As long as you keep your number you just do a transfer of liability on the plan meaning you take over your number and contract and since that contact has unlimited data that will remain you are only going to incur the increase in your actual phone plan (minutes/texting)

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

  • jcorf

    I think I have unlimited.. I’m not totally sure. I did the work around to get a mobile hotspot and get unlimited data, but I’m not really sure if I actually have unlimited. 

  • Jhickman78

    same here grandfathered!

  • It’sASamsung

    I was on T-Mobile waiting for Verizon to release the Galaxy SII. But then they announced they were getting rid of unlimited data plans. I made sure to get the Droid Bionic (later upgraded to Galaxy Nexus) on Verizon right before they cancelled unlimited data. Was it worth it? Hell yes. 🙂

  • Grandfathered, the day they take my unlimited away will be the day I switch to Sprint.

    • Ginosylum

      This x 100,000.

    • Guest

      Except that based on recent news, Sprint probably won’t exist if/when the time comes…

      • Well then maybe NASCAR will become the Verizon Cup and we can finally use the app lol.

    • It’sASamsung

      Count me in for double

    • Bodhiballer

      I actually turned down my work paying for my cell phone to keep unlimited.  They were replacing the company-issue BBs and gave people the option of using their personal iPhone/Android with corp mail.  Sounds great, right?  Nope.  

      I called VZW and in addition to charging a completely unnecessary $15 surcharge for corp email, they also insisted of switching me to tiered.   No F’ing way, F you, and the $15 tiered horse you road in on.  

      • Your an idiot.

        • You’re*

          • nicotinic

            Okaaay, so who’s the idiot?

    • Pamelany

      Same here

    • feztheforeigner

      Until Sprint revokes unlimited as well…a sad day for mankind indeed…

    • I’m right there with you…the only reason I stay and put up with their dictatorship

  • EC8CH

    My Data knows no limits

  • Grandfathered unlimited baby!