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Twitter for Android Updated, “Activity” Added Under Discover Tab Along with Push Notifications for Interactions

The official Twitter application for Android has been updated and brings some pretty cool features along with it. Under the recently added Discover tab, resides a new stream of content called Activity. “Activity is a stream of updates that shows which Tweets are favorited or retweeted by the people you follow and which accounts those people follow or add to lists.” Make sense? Let’s hope so because we’re moving on. Along with that feature, push notifications have also been added for interactions that your individual tweets have. Have you just been retweeted or favorited? Well, thanks to these new notifications, you can know who and what was done with your tweets.

Call me crazy, but I’m starting to miss the days of simply tweeting and not getting lost inside streams of “Activity.” According to our recent poll, Twitter is the number two choice among DL readers when it comes to which social network they find themselves playing with the most. Facebook of course, destroyed the competition with an overwhelming 53% of the vote.

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Cheers Spencer!

  • I’m still waiting for a really, really good client to come along. One that is simple, yet elegant.

  • Notifications dont even work, Sync Contacts removed, Twitter just doesnt work well on mobile apps… One sad part that the i*hone has better than us is the stock Twitter app.

  • Liderc

    I still don’t get twitter.  I’ve tried to adopt it, I just don’t understand it’s relevance to social media.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Twitter is the first site that you find any news of anything on. Entertainment. World, Political… Tech… Comedy… you just need to follow the right people (people in industries you are interested in) . . . and Trending topics.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Whatever. I’m stuck with Tweet Caster pro… and next in line BOID (CUrrently in Alpha) but better than half the apps out there

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    I’ll stick to Plume.  Hopefully Boid will get better, too.  Love it’s look.

  • I prefer using TweakDeck/TweetDeck.

    • Jeff Creemer

      I’ve always been a Tweetdeck user on my Android phones, but I decided to check out the latest Twitter update. I’m really impressed. I think it’s going to replace Tweetdeck for me. 

      • r.

        Im a Tweedeck user myself…. i use the chrome app but the mobile app sure does need a update. As soon as they release one, im back on it.

    • Chris G

      I dumped tweetdeck for boid myself.  

  • Gets rid of sync contacts (which broke for me a while ago)