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Taptu Receives Update, New UI and Easier Account Syncing Across Multiple Devices

Taptu for Android has received an update in the Play Store. Users can now set up streams on any device by using a social network or Google account instead of having to register with Taptu, which makes sharing and reading great content on multiple devices a whole lot easier. It has also been given a lovely UI make over which looks pretty hot on devices running Ice Cream Sandwich. Included in the update are some new widgets to help fill out your homescreens in case you had troubles already doing so. 

There are a ton of feed readers for Android, so which is your favorite?

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Note: The below video is hysterical – Old lady going ham on fragile decor? Heck yes.

  • iconwodan

    Personally I have been a Newsroom user since my palm pre days. I don’t like the layout of Pulse and haven’t really enjoyed Taptu either.

  • Widgets are the exact same after the update for me. I like the way Taptu looks but not the way news articles appear and I don’t care for Pulse’s look but the news is presented better. So I’m torn there. But I’m trying Flud right now and so far I am loving it so I have a feeling I’ll be ditching the other two.

  • Rss

    gReader is all i need

  • Mack

    I prefer Pulse, thinking of trying Flud though. Never been a Taptu fan. 

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      I ran Pulse for a long time but Taptu does a couple of things better (they are functionally the same). Taptu looks friggin’ amazing on my Xoom – also has 3 card sizes that are larger than Pulse’s tiles.

      Pulse limits you to 20 streams per page — so I have a Tech page, Comic Page, wife’s page – that sort of thing.

      Taptu gives you 100 streams *and* the ability to merge streams. Have one that only updates every so often? Combine slow moving streams to the same line. Very handy.

      Choice. It’s a beautiful thing™.