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Cut the Rope for Android Updated, New DJ Box with 25 New Levels Plus Leaderboards

The original Cut the Rope, not to be mistaken with the newest version called Cut the Rope: Experiments, has received an update including a completely brand new box. It’s called the DJ Box and it has 25 brand new levels for you to cut your way through. As an added bonus, it has also been given a leaderboard and achievements, which will surely make this game much more exciting given that you can spend your whole day trying to best everyone else in your social circles.

I still have a deep love for Om Nom and these updates are always welcomed.

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  • trumpet444

    The new levels made me think about going to the Android (…..play) market to look for DJ/mixing apps. But, of course, there aren’t any.

  • Jon

    Got it on Amazon App Store, and there’s no update for it :/

    • Mack

      This is why I stopped using the Amazon App Store. 

      • Unless, of course, if it’s FREE on the Amazon App Store.  But, yes, the interminable delay in updates there is really annoying.