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Google Drive Support Pages Spotted, Docs Storage Upped to 5GB – Release Imminent?

Is today the day? Will Google Drive launch, giving the world 5GB of Google cloud storage, an app to control it, and unicorn dust to make it all magical? Well, it may be magical without the unicorn dust, but there is still a chance it could launch today. We heard last week that Drive would launch this week and some things are already happening behind the scenes that would semi-support that. First, we have a Google Support page that references Drive and how you can transfer document ownership between users. On top of that, users are noticing that their Google Docs accounts are being bumped from 1GB of storage up to 5GB, which is the rumored amount of space that we will all receive at launch.

Google tends to launch products later in the morning or early afternoons (at least it seems that way), so if today is the day, we may not see anything for a couple of hours. When we do, expect to see videos to their Youtube channels, posts to their blogs, etc. Stay tuned!

Via:  Google Support | The Verge | Engadget

  • BrianWenger

    This needs to be available to app developers to be able to save data in a user’s personal cloud (game progress, etc.) so switching between devices is no issue.

    • Bob Martin

      that would be perfect if they did that

  • Google Slave

    One more thing in my life that Google will run. Not complaining I sold my soul to Google years ago.

    • Amen brotha

    • You made the right choice 

    • ry_ry

      Yeah, they put your soul on a Google server but now they’ll let you have access to it…5 GB’s at a time.

  • RandomJSF

    I am inordinately excited about this. I think the prospect of integrating yet another piece of my life into Google’s empire just strikes a chord with me.

    Google is definitely my favorite overlord. They’ve got just about every other piece of my life; hell, even my corporate email is a Google Apps solution.

  • John

    can’t wait to see how this gets implemented!
    (across desktops/mobile/etc)

    • Droidzilla

      This is going to be the kicker, and the crux upon which it will either succeed or simply become another arrow in Google’s quiver. I’ll use it no matter what since I’m a Google ho, but the general public needs more coaxing.

      • John

        Heh, my thoughts exactly..well put.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    I’m kind of thinking that since they upped the storage of Docs to 5 GB that they may just rename it to Google Drive, change the icon and have the feature of a built in editor. And I could live with that.

    • Jeffrey Tarman

      Sorry to post a link from a different site, but the info was accidentally posted on a French blog: 

      So it looks like Docs will be part of the Drive but not count towards the storage. So I’m guessing you would essentially have 10 GB of space?

      • ddh819

        Docs not counting might mean, if you convert a file to Docs format, it doesn’t count against your storage quota, which is how it is now.

    • gmanthebrave


      I think you are onto something brilliant Jeffrey!  I would even like to see my Gmail storage and
      Google Drive
      integrated, which shouldn’t be too difficult for a company like Google.  That would seal the deal for me since I used
      up all of my Gmail storage with photos and videos already.  Actually, I am surprised at how much room HD
      takes up, and when my family was filling up the 55 hours of HD on our old Dish
      DVR, we would fight all the time over the space.  Ever since I got the Hopper whole-home DVR from
      Dish though the fighting has stopped since we have 250 hours.  The kicker is that a Dish co-worker told me
      today that a new software release allows the hard drive to be re-partitioned
      and I will get 500 hours of HD on the two terabyte hard drive.  Perhaps in light of other companies that give
      more for free, Google will reconsider their 5 GB.

  • sc0rch3d

    i wish goog would find a way to collapse docs / images / email into a single UI….they’re all files, why do we have different interfaces to work with? 🙁

  • got my 5gb on docs, excited for the drive

  • ddevito

    This better be better than Dropbox.

    • Murphy

      Ye have no faith.