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DROID 4 Update 6.13.219 Available Now


The DROID 4 update to build 6.13.219 that we first reported on last week is rolling out now.  If you did not manually update using our file, then you will want to head into Settings>About phone>System updates and pull it. It’s a smallish update at around 18MB, but it does include a new MotoCast widget, improved battery life, and better keyboard backlighting management.

Here is the full changelog.

Cheers J, Bob and @daryls61!

  • can the droid 4 be rooted AFTER the update if u never updated it before?

  • Davidorellana81

    Can someone explain ICS?

  • Boston

    DONT UPDATE!!!!!.  My backlight doesnt even work now. If you rooted. its unrooted now.

  • Jareth92

    When is the droid 3s turn?! =(

  • Ramp1188

    i dont care about the droid 4 update this is nexus life so dont post any new articles until the update comes out

  • James

    Crickets are surrounding my Droid 3. Cherp, cherp, cherp……

    • Benjamin Landwehr

      Minus 4G the D3 is better anyway.  Put the ICS ROM and you’re good.  I almost use my D3 more than my Nexus.

  • Sam

    Update failed for me. I unfroze my bloatware beforehand. No idea what the problem is.

    • i have the same problem. I didn’t freeze any of my apps. just used Rom toolbox to change a few status bar stuff. and now it will not update for me.

  • buy this

    Said it last week and I will say it again, I predict a mass push of ICS for multiple devices sometime in the near future. Bionic, D4, and both Rarz’s are receiving what could easily be construed as “primer” updates, all within a week-ish of each other. Their hardware is relatively similar. By the end of summer, I expect all of these to run OTA ICS before the end of summer. Probably Xoom LTE and definitely Rezound too. 

    • buy this

      Ha .

      *By the end of summer, I expect all of these to run OTA ICS. *


  • Kzwin444

    This update broke root for me…

    • Scott

      They almost always do.

    • Earl_walker2003

      Broke root for me as well. That’s probably what the update was primarily for.

  • AndroidFan2

    And people complain that Motorola doesn’t update their phones….ha! 

    • Ckellogg1

      Um Droid 3

      • they updated the Droid3 like a month ago, it’s received regular updates as far as I can tell.

    • Azndan4

      .. they update them and fix 1 bug and create 5 new ones. Enjoy your Motorola minuscule untested updates.

  • I HIGHLY recommend against this update.

    I went with it last week against my better judgement…knowing that things are fine now and ICS should be out soon enough, i thought about waiting, but ultimately decided to go through with it.

    well guess what…”better backlighting management” my a$$.  I have noticed serious problems with the keyboard backlight going off in the middle of me using it while in the dark.  The only way to get it back on is to slide the keyboard closed and re-open it.

    Never had this problem before the update.

    Unless you Droid 4 is having problems i recommend waiting for ICS….

    • d4owner

      Same thing happened to me! It’s as if they didn’t even bother testing this new update before rolling it out!

      • MicroNix

        Welcome to the wonderful world of Motorola.  I can’t wait to see how far they miss the mark with ICS!  This will be the longest wait to disappointment since the Bionic.  With Motorola the *only* way to a usable phone is to root and rom. 

        • i have the keyboard issue and have not installed the update yet. So it is not the update that caused the issue you just didnt notice it before. But with the update you were looking for new things and realized something that had been happening that you didnt really take notice to prior.

    • miles_prower

      I gave up on my Droid 4 a couple months ago — way too buggy to be my primary device.  And then this upgrade became available for flashing last week. I was super-excited, until I actually installed the update, and realized that none of the bugs I considered showstoppers (like “Corporate” Exchange sync against Exchange 2010 mangling up your contact’s email addresses and note fields; or new calendar entries not being dated to the date shown onscreen; etc.) were addressed.

      And yeah, as Brian said, the keyboard backlighting got worse.

      The Droid 4 is the worst phone purchase I’ve ever made since becoming a cellphone user in 1991.

    • Dee

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    • Davidorellana81

      Im pretty new to D4 what’s the ICS?

      • Evan

        Ice cream sandwich

  • Phantom6294

    Odd, my wife complained on Thursday about her phone nagging her to update. Wonder why she got it several days early?

    • Lovehate

      What’s odd to me is your wife’s phone told her she had an update. I have to hi find it myself on my razr haha

    • AranelAlasse

      I also got the update notification late last week. Don’t know why…

  • Lovehate

    Moto strike’s twice. Hopefully bionic gets theirs today also.motocast is pretty sweet,I use it
    on the road.

  • bakdroid

    Update for the Bionic now?

    • Josh Groff

      I know right, ever since I saw the 904 soak test announcement, I’ve been swapping between eclipse and stock looking for it.

      • kixofmyg0t

        I hated Eclipse. You should try Gummy ICS. 

        • Josh Groff

          I tried it, switched back to eclipse for some reason, not really sure what it was.

          Having to set GSM then back to CDMA to get it working on reboot, and there must have been another reason.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Why are you not using one of the many ICS ROM’s out?

      • bakdroid

        Lazy.  Did the Rom thing back with the OG, mainly just to keep it working.  I got tired of it and just use devices as is.  No problems with the Bionic since I got it, short of a few random starts after shutdown and the radio issue that all the Verizon phones had.  Ever since 902…and the update before it has been a very solid phone.  I have ICS on the Xoom Wifi, I can wait till its ready.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • LiterofCola


  • Paranoia Genesis

    The update appeared on my phone the same moment this article was posted……weird?

  • Just loaded mine. It took 15-20 minutes total.  There was a long pause at about 60% on the progress bar then it kept rolling.  The keyboard backlight fix seems to be working.

    • Dj9281

      Backlight now flashes on and off every 5 to 15 seconds in low or normal light since the update. Anyone having these problems, report them to motorola. They play dumb if you don’t and things won’t improve quickly.

  • Michael_NM

    From now on, any app ending …cast, should become …crapst: Vcrapst, Motocrapst, etc.

    • problem is that sounds stupid as hell…not the idea, the word(and I use that term loosely) “crapst”
      Well actually the idea too, Moto/Zumocast is actually pretty useful. Vcast not so much.