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Asus Transformer TF101 Receiving Update to Build Number, Should Fix Newest Case of Lag

Asus is sending out another update to the Transformer Eee Pad that should address the newest case of lag and other bugs that have become apparent to TF101 owners. The build that is being pushed out now is numbered and as far as we can see on the About page, that is the only change. Once we find some additional info or an official changelog, we shall update the post.

Are you noticing some better performance on your Transformer Eee Pads this morning after the update?

Cheers Adam and Bret!

  • Korey

    When I turn my asus tf101 off I have to plug it into the charger for it to reboot. Ive heard alot of people are having this same problem has anyone found a way to fix that? They need a n update that fixes that and also a way to just restart it when it starts to act up. Instead of having to shut of shutting it down every time.

  • NUBi

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m one guy just like all of you. Bought a tf101with ICS and had problems with it like random reboots and shutdowns. I only had the problems when the tablet is docked on its tf101 keyboard. Then I got this update to 9.2.21 something and hadn’t experience any random shutdowns or reboots or problems at all!. I just want to share this to everyone to know if people got their problems fixed upon the update.

    Oh, I still have the problem with the keyboard that whenever I type something long like a sentence or paragraph, the cursor always moves to somewhere else so I need to stop then put it back again.

  • Wpscompute

    After one day with the new OTA I find the overall performance OK, but I still had a couple of random reboots.  The first one I got stuck in that continuous reboot loop.  I held the power button down until it booted again and it booted all the way to desktop.  I loaded up a livev wallpaper this morning and it still has snappy performance.  I use the keyboard dock and the dock battery is down 50% by 11:30 after coming off the charger at 7:00.

  • Brian C.

    I checked all night yesterday when I got home from work (4pm EST) and nothing has yet to be pushed through to my tablet. Anybody else having this issue?

    • wpscompute

      I didn’t wait for it to be pushed through.  I went to about phone and pulled it down. It did take 2 tries to get fully downloaded.

  • I have installed the update and mine powered off somewhere between approx. 11PM  and 3:30 AM while I was asleep.  Not sure if this is an unhappy coincidence or what. If it is more than coincidence, at least it didn’t  freeze during reboot and drain my battery.

  • PSU_DI

    This broke root on my TF101 anyone have any suggestion on how I can get root back?

  • Whatever happened to that Verizon Xoom update that was supposed to hit today?

  • Raven
  • wpscompute
  • any of you guys notice battery life drop after the original ICS update?  i found that screen-off was defaulting to 10min… and if my tablet is at home, and it wakes up with a new email, or whatever notification, it was leaving the screen on for 10 minutes and i’d come to a dead battery… im thinking of rooting… i love the flexibility of my rooted phone… but asus was soooo good at updating, i didnt see the need on my tablet…. till now.

    • Cowboydroid

      Holy Jesus, you realize you can set the sleep timer all the way down to 15 seconds if you want, right?

      • hickhamt

        well ya.. of course.. my point was why default at 10 minutes!?!?  and also, just since the ICS update, i’ve noticed in general that the battery drains quicker… even through normal use and AFTER SETTING THE SCREEN OFF TIME to 15 seconds or whatever.

        • Cowboydroid

          It defaults at 1 minute. Not 10 minutes.

  • wpscompute

    Had a problem with the screen going blank.  All the desktop icon would dissappear with only the wallpaper left on the screen.  Swiping left and right would show the transition like the next homescreen page, but the icons were gone.  It seems stable after the update.  I will check back later today.

  • Fernan_3d

    Me fije esta mañana que se actualizo, me pregunto si resolverá los problemas

  • David

    Went to CM9 (Megatron) a while ago.  I think the developer community is way ahead of Asus in terms of stability right now.  

    •  +1. Had high hopes for Revolver 4 but Megatron beats them all.

      • Jorge22f

        Does Megatron keep keyboard dock support?

        • Davidsnd

          Yes. I write this now on my keyboard dock. …And the developer, Ricardo, is currently very active in responding to issues.

          Eventually, I think Revolver will be great, but not until ASUS fixes their ROM. Revolver is based on the ASUS ROM and Megatron is CM9-based.

          • Jorge22f

            Are there any major bugs for this rom?

          • well ya.. of course.. my point was why default at 10 minutes!?!? and also, just since the ICS update, i’ve noticed in general battery drains quicker… even through normal use and AFTER SETTING THE SCREEN OFF TIME to 10 seconds or whatever.

  • Iseenolight

    Performance is least of my concerns. This thing gets stuck in infinite reboot loop. Sometimes it freezes completely in one of these. Sometimes you can’t do anything until you plug it in power.

    Before you start blaming me, I did factory reset and it didn’t change anything.

    • Slab

      I’m dealing with that stuff as well.

      • CHAZZDJR

        Mine did that until i removed the microsd card i had in it. Hasn’t done it since.

        • Adnoxaei

          Mine does it with no microSD card :/ I’ve never expanded the memory on my Transformer

    • Adnoxaei

      Mine does the same ocassionally. I hope the increased system stability means it won’t do that. I love my Transformer, but I can’t recommend it with that severe of an issue on mine. I also assume it’s software because it was fine until ICS…

      • Scott Lee

        Bootlock fixed this issue for me, though I’m still hoping they put out a permanent fix

      • shane

        Mine and my wife’s was doing the same thing. I did the volume down, then held power button, then release when you see the small boot text in the upper left, then press volume up. You should then see a droid laying on his back with a front compartment opened and an explanation mark over him for a few minutes. It will then boot up and get your tablet thinking straight again. Ours has been fine now for weeks.


  • Cameltoad

    I listen to bluetooth headphones at work, my email sound actually notified me over bluetooth rather than making the sound over the speakers…   that’s a start.   
    I use Go Launcher HD, my widgets are no longer flickering when i open pop up windows.
    Fingers crossed for (NO) random reboots.

  • NYAvsFan

    Anyone know if Voodoo OTA rootkeeper will work with this? Guess it’s time to check out XDA. 

  • Dan

    Got the update here.  Hopefully fixes the Random Reboots…