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Sharing Content Made Even Easier With New Dropbox Link Feature

With the launch of Google’s Drive service just on the horizon, Dropbox is making it easier than ever to share the files you own with a single link. Starting now, when you scroll through your entire list of  folders and files, you will see a link indicator on the right side. Click that button to be taken to the page where your file/folder resides and then easily share that link among family and friends. No more having to share entire folder contents or adding permissions, which was becoming rather bothersome.

Via: Dropbox

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  • thatdude

    box.com has always been able to do this. love it!

  • I think this is just as much to do with other sharing sites like Minus.com (that already let you do this) as with the upcoming Google Drive. 

    I’m glad I can do this now, but I’ve been sharing individual files and whole folders using Minus.com for a while. 

  • trumpet444

    I love my dropbox synced folder on my mac. I’ll hope google makes that happen, and offers more storage. Heck, I already pay $ for extend storage on Google Docs

  • This has been a real lifesaver for Dropbox users butit hasn’t been that straight forward, when you’re sharing with non Dropbox users.

  • DropItLikeItsHottt

    I wish “box” was a little better on the features front like dropbox. Your so restricted with upload sizes as well. I have two 50gb accounts with box, an only 3.5gb on dropbox

  • Bezpredel

    In other words, “dropbox moves into the space that used to be occupied by megaupload, as google squeezes it”

  • dsass600

    They’re trying to make the most of their time lol

  • David Cohen

    Hasn’t this been around since dropbox started? I have been linking files to people since I got dropbox in 2010

    • Inquizitor

      They’re pulling an Apple by slightly retooling old, previously-unadvertised features and presenting them as new and revolutionary.

      I still love Dropbox though, and don’t resent them for doing this. Just calling it like I see it.

      • docmars

        It’s definitely been an available feature for quite some time now, but you weren’t able to share files this easily across your whole Dropbox. Before, you were either forced to share using your Public folder, or by sharing an entire folder to a group of people, who had to confirm through email.

        Now, it’s a matter of sending a link referring directly to the file.

        • Inquizitor

          Untrue. Direct links were an available feature for quite some time. I used them frequently.

    • Lucas Moller

      I was recently trying to do this in the browser and it seemed impossible to find where this feature was located, even though I knew it existed.  It was/is much more straightforward to share a link via the mobile app on Android enabled by the universal share menu.

    • bvgillis

       Agreed, I am not sure why people couldn’t find the link feature. Open Folder – right click – Get Link. 

      Go figure.

    • Noyfb

      is box and dropbox the same company?

      • Terrance Steiner

        Nope.  Two different companies with similar names.

  • doesn’t Box already have this feature?

  • John

    can’t wait to see what features google drive will have

    • gibbshersal

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