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Sprint Galaxy Nexus Orders Arrive Early, Device Running Android 4.0.4 – Ummm, Hello Verizon and Google?

A few orders for the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint started to arrive yesterday and one thing in particular stood out to us – it’s running Android 4.0.4. Yes, that would be a newer build of Android than your Verizon Galaxy Nexus is “officially” running. As you are all aware, we are almost through April, which means that the Nexus on Big Red has not seen an update in almost 5 months. No, sir. On launch day, it received a bump to 4.0.2, which introduced mic dropping during calls, s****y reception, rebooting, slow rotation speeds, poor battery life, and other bugs upon other bugs. Yeah, I’m basically calling the update a pile of junk, yet here we are almost 5 months later with no fix in sight.

But! The Sprint version, which is identical to the Verizon version in that it runs on CDMA and LTE networks has a newer version of Android that squashes many of them and improves performance immensely. How do I know? Well, I have been running the leaked 4.0.4 on my VZW Nexus for over 2 months now and have not had any of those problems. 

So Verizon and Google, what’s the hold up? Are we geting 4.0.5 instead like some have reported? Hell, I don’t even care if it’s 4.0.3, but there are some incredibly serious bugs that are driving Nexus owners mad (yes, we hear from them daily), many of which have given up on the device completely.

And yes, I understand that it’s a Nexus and people could just root it and flash a ROM to fix problems. But remember that many people bought this phone because they like stock Android and were expecting to receive timely updates as had been the case in all previous Nexus devices, rather than for its dev community.

Maybe this week, finally?

Cheers CG!

  • Thanks. Good to know.

  • Taglogical

    The Galaxy Nexus was fun (for a minute) to hobby-on, but unlike my OG (which hobbied with the best of em), the Nexus just isn’t a good… phone.

    Tried 3 of these devices, the last one was pre-loaded with the latest build on Verizon and it was the worst of the three.

    Went back to the Bionic; love it! Don’t miss a single thing about ICS /shrugs

  • Jdillard343434

    Don’t you get it Verizon locked down so tightly they won’t allow Google to push a update far as 4g why would I want rolling dropped coverage you keep your 4g late I’ll buy my wife a ring look why do you think there red as in red china

  • Shouldn’t have to unlock, root and install a custom ROM for a phone that I paid over 200 bucks for to work.  This is why Android is not being taken seriously.  My wife’s RAZR has had more updates ffs.  It may be locked and not rooted but you know what it works and the reception beats the crap out of the GNex.  This is the last “Nexus” I will ever buy on Verizon and probably the last Samsung I will ever buy.  I might not like the work it takes to get a Motorola rooted and some of the other BS out there but I have said in many comments here, the reception and software is still better than anything else I have tried.  Maybe I will go get a rezound on the cheap later today.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    I have the VZW GNex running Stock 4.0.2. Everytime I try to load a 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 upgrade it complains about my build.prop which is of course Stock. if I try changing it out with another supposed stock 4.0.2 stock build.prop I can’t even get it to boot to a UI. It just loops the animation but fortunately I can get in with adb shell and replace the build.prop with the saved one and then it boots.

    So my question is: is there a leaked 4.0.4 ICS that will work on Verizon GNex LTE ?  I’d like to stop the random reboots which really piss me off when I’m trying to use it as a GPS Navigation device. And I’d like my radios to have the supposed improvements promised in 4.0.4.

    My wife’s Razor is really starting to look good and it doesn’t have the bugs the GNex seems to have. I’d like a phone that is stable and 4.0.2 is not it.

    • Socal_jnunez

      I have both phones gnex and white razor I like everything about the razor except the browser not as smooth , on the gn I use a private rom that was given to me or axiom creed there both money

  • Owewil3225

    Call me old fashioned but i never intended to root or rom my galaxy nexus.i expected the timely updates.Verizon going to make me get my feet wet tho

  • STiK

    Not sure how anyone can be frustrated or upset at this.. You all were warned but refused to believe that Vzw would control the updates on this phone. 

  •  An idea is a feat of association.

  • kfath1978

    I have done that and they just blame Samsung or Motorola or whatever phone you have manufacture.  In addition most people that hang around sites like this probably know more than the people that work at Verizon’s customer service….  

    • Joe Buck

      I stopped in at a Verizon store last week and ask a guy about nexus updates , he said ‘ let me goggle that for you and find out’ it was all I could do not to start laughing at him Go Bucks

  • ddevito

    I want yet one more person to tell me Google is still updating this thing. What a joke. Just do it yourself…

  • Joe Buck

    Go Bucks

  • If you guys really wanted to make a difference, everybody on here would be hammering Verizon’s customer service about the issue. Let them know that this is not okay at all. That’ll get them on it ASAP.

    • ScottyByrd

       Not when VZW support thinks the updates come from Samsung. LOL I called this morning to complain.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Watch this, I’m going to predict what has happened, without having viewed a single comment to this post. A bunch of insecure, immature children, argued about which Android phone is better! I don’t even have to fact check and I know I’m correct.

    • La2da

      Normally i would agree with you, but we are four pages deep as I wirte this, and not much arguing has taken place.

  • While I do wish VZW would stop delaying what we all know exists, but I don’t have any problems with my GNex. Seriously not sure what all the complaints are about.

  • Tim242

    Really? All previous Nexus devices got timely updates? How quickly you forget how long it took to update the Nexus One to Gingerbread. How about the Nexus S to ICS?

  • Liderc

    You’ve never used the Nexus, go back to your Iphone. 

  • Jwhap

    not sure why this comment did not get more likes!

  • Jwhap

    I have to say…..I pretty much understand that frustration. I killed my incredible on a hike….(dropped it in a puddle) I got the charge as a replacement. By far the worst phone I have ever had! But the Gnex was a definite upgrade even with it’s buginess it still is a superior phone.

  • Jwhap

    agreed. the random reboots suck. and a couple of other issues. But overall a great phone.

  • android burns your wallet

    HAHAHAHA! so how is Android better than iPhone?

    • Tim242

      Don’t even get me started. I worked at at&t. I can tell you every iPhone bug.

      • Android burns your eallet

        such as?

        • Tim242

          There was antenna gate. There was alarm gate. Battery issues. Apps crashing more often than Android. iMessages not being delivered. Signal issues, after iOS 5. That is to name a few.

    • EdubE24

      Simply put…it’s not!!!

  • Ixmeneses55

    Yay! That’s the screenshot I posted on another forum right when I received the phone. Glad it was news worthy!

  • tech247

    I hope Google never makes the mistake of offering another Nexus phone on Verizon. It’s ridiculous that no update has been provided in 5 months! I for one will not be suckered again…..

    • Tim242

      Updates come from Google. Did you not see that it took 5 months to get ICS to the Nexus S?

      • tech247

        Its pretty obvious that updates come from Google but final approval is from Big Red. No reason imaginable that the Sprint CDMA version is on 4.0.4 while Verizon’s is still on 4.0.2. To make it even worse, a lot of us have been running leaked 4.0.4 for a while now and it works perfectly on our phones.

  • Come on Verizon!!

  • jjrudey

    Anyone who has a stock Galaxy Nexus doesn’t deserve such a great phone.

    • Q

      Meh.. Mine’s been working pretty well since launch on stock 4.0.2.  I previously had a DX, TB, and Bionic and those were all much more unstable than the GNex at launch.

  • Nigga

     im running 4.0.4 on my verizon nexus, go install a aosp rom lazies

  • Dan

    I would bet 4.0.4 will roll out for Verizon tomorrow, the day Sprint’s Nexus was supposed to be released.

    • Joe Buck

      Ill take that bet

  • thereasoner

    Wow, that sucks. I’ve seen 4.0.4 pushed to my older Nexus S (it rocks!!) but nothing for the new GNEX on Verizon? Thats just not right!

  • JustSayin’

    Remember when Verizon would purposely cripple a phone’s features (before the OG Droid came on the scene)?  I do.  I wonder why I’m not surprised by Verizon’s unwillingness to update its phones in a timely manner.  Well that and now they have too many phones with updates in the pipeline to review and add Verizon bloat to them.

    Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to see VZ Navigator for the Galaxy Nexus or Verizon’s new Remote Controller (customer service’s ability to take control of your phone remotely) in the 4.0.4 update.  Haha!  Man, that would really piss some people off.

    • JustSayin’

      fastboot oem unlock


      • Pedro

        The only requirement I look for in an Android device.

        If that doesn’t work,I move on.

  • I am sorry, but if you got a NEXUS and have not rooted and are running a ROM, why get a NEXUS?  ROM’s are using 4.0.4.  Yes, it sucks that Verizon is screwing with the updates, but this doesn’t even bother me.  I am running AOKP build 31 and loving it.  This is just one more reason for anyone holding out to finally root their phone.

    • Tim242

      Exactly! AOKP FTW! I could never go back to stock.

  • Neutron

    Samsung and Verizon Suck! They lost my business based on my experience with the Droid Charge. The Droid Charge was their bastard child. Totally ignored and neglected from its inception. Another Samsung phone….No Thank You!

  • ABerry5

    I was one of those people a couple weeks ago who would sit here and bitch saying I got the gnex for timely updates and I shouldn’t have to root to get official versions.. well after 4.0.4 came to the GSM version a little bit ago I decided to bite the bullet.. yes I know I’ve seen the thousands of warnings (root,dont be an idiot) but I finally rooted, all I can say is, thank the LORD for verizon and them delaying updates.. if they didn’t I would have NEVER been on AOKP32… This is the best phone I ever owned and I could NEVER go back to just stock, the ROM control is simply incredible.. I swear an angel was looking over my shoulder making sure verizon didn’t approve updates simply to force me to root… I had never rooted, process was simple, now I got backups.. data saving options, I could go on and on.. but anyone who was like me bitching about how they got a nexus for updates I found out I was completely incorrect, the nexus is not about updates.. the nexus is about being an AOSP phone with an unlocked bootloader so that you can run WHATEVER ROM you want.. and verizon never fucked up the unlocked bootloader feature 🙂

    so quit bitching, and root.. you’ll thank me

    • Anthony Armando

      do not justify the fact that verizon is dropping the ball because they are unofficially supporting the open source development community. keep in mind that to do what you are talking about you void your phones warranty and make it so that you are not officially eligible for an insurance claim. yes, you may be able to get away with either depending on what happens to the phone, however, you should not have to do those sorts of things in order to make a claim.

      this is about the principle, business practices, and consumer trust and loyalty.

      • ABerry5

        I’m not justifying Verizon dropping the ball holding updates.. what I’m saying is it was a blessing in disguise that they did because I’m not a rooter and by.them.holding 4.0.4 I decided to root and I praise the lord for it because I would have never known all the benefits above what I thought were the benefits.

        As for this root and warranty.. it was so hard to brick a phone with a LOCKED bootloader that you had to almost try to purposely brick that the nex with an UNLOCKED boot loader seems near impossible.. in that case sure “your warranty is void upon rooting” just like “it is illegal to gamble on NCAA sports including creating march madness brackets” but with setting your phone back to stock by pressing a single button there would be no one in the world who would actually fail to get a replacement because they rooted.. and if there was someone that idiotic they wouldn’t have rooted or known what rooting is in the first place.. so DO NOT justify by using a warranty as an excuse

        • Jwhap

          I really wish I would have unlocked and rooted my phone…..I have still been holding out. My incredible was rooted and a fantastic phone. I think I hoped that because I had a nexus, I would not have to root. I guess I should know better as I am on my 4th android phone. But your post reminds me that when I have time, I just need to buck up and do it!

          • ABerry5

            I’m not a rooter man but not being on 4.0.4 was killing me and I figured the things I knew you gained from rooting would be a nice bonus.. but little did I know all the extras AOKP 32 gave me its downright awesome.. you have to do it and you don’t even need much time.. download the galaxy nexus root toolkit 1.3 and it does it all for you.. ppl say its the dumb way as u don’t get adb well the kit let’s u install adb also so I did but I’ve never had any use for it anyway.. I can’t explain how much rooting made my phone that much better u just need to do it

        • Anthony Armando

          IMO, it doesnt matter how difficult it is to brick the device or what measures you take to return/damage the phone to make it eligible for a claim again.

          im rooted, running a rom, and not overclocked. the simple fact that they can decline a claim shouldnt even be a possible response.

      • Tim242

        Insurance covers everything. That’s why you pay a premium and deductible. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine. Just say you lost it. Or,drop it. Using this as a reason not to root is stupid.

    • Tim242

      Exactly! AOKP FTW! I could never go back to stock. ROM Control gives me everything I need : )

  • droidian1441

    This makes me glad I bought a Bionic. Hell even I have 4.0.4 with cm9.

    Although I do feel bad for the owners of the VZW Nexus, they should get more timely updates.

  • Pretty ironic my Nexus rebooted on me while reading this.

    • kixofmyg0t

       It was trying to distract you from reading the article lol.

  • petrochemicals

    The Nexus program is a joke, GSM or CDMA, doesn’t matter, they all are delayed in being updated just as bad as an OEM phone. Basically updates on any and all Android handsets SUCKS. We were told to go to a Nexus to solve our update woes, looks like that was a lie as well. Frankly Google’s support of the Nexus hardware and it’s OS is a complete joke. Just wait until jellybean comes out and the Galaxy Nexus is waiting half a year to receive that update just like the Nexus S was waiting for it’s working version of ICS 4.0.4.

    • chris125

       Amen.. Sad that not even the nexus line can use the well we get quick updates anymore… Google needs to be more like apple and tell the carriers to F*** off.

      • Tim242

        iOS updates take longer, and only provide missing features. People think they are quicker to update, because Apple waits to announce it.

  • Omegaxboy

    Just wondering who in Verizon controls these updates? It can’t be CEO or anyone higher up. It has to be some tech guy who should have been fired a long time ago. Who’s making these decisions within Verizon?

    • Dliuzzo110

      They have Hooker parties with secret service, Jack Daniels and Doritos tacos. Then George Zimmerman comes over and whoever’s left standing gets to decide,……duh.

    • Booboolala2000

      It’s the bean counters. Accountants and lawyers screw everything everything up.

  • Didn’t Droid-Life have an article one time saying that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was no longer supported by Google?
    And then I think Droid-Life asked Google about it and they said that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will still receive updates etc?

    • ostensibly


  • Mbacon91269

    Try having a bionic that is still waiting for an update to ics. For me I’m rooted with 4.0.4 with a custom rom. Instead of waiting for that update which I may or may not get, I’m just happy there are other options for me.

    • kixofmyg0t

       I can confirm that the Bionic is still on track to receive ICS OTA. Just be patient.

      Til then, what ROM are you on? I’m still on 4.0.3 Gummy. 

    • Dliuzzo110

      Try having a thunderbolt. We can’t even get a custom rom of ics with this damn ril

  • RegKilla

    I’m thinking of getting this on Sprint

  • Joe Buck

    Ithis will my last verizon phone

    • RegKilla


    • Tim242

      Good. Can it also be your last DL post?

  • Bradley Michael

    It still bothers me that Sprint puts their name in the system updates section of a Nexus. I don’t think Verizon does that on any of their phones.

  • Keii Graham

    In about a year and a half there is going to be a mass exodus from Verizon.

    • Tim242

      Ummm no. Most people stay put. I worked at at&t…if they stay, VZW users will. Most people chose VZW for reasons such as best coverage, and M2M with their friends and family. We aren’t just going to give that up.

  • I still have the mic cutting out issue on the 4.0.4 radios….

  • Kbwalker87

    I was on the phone with a VZW rep after my fifth gnex still didnt work and she said the update was scheduled for May. Who knows though.

    • Joe Buck

      people on here who worship this pos, dont believe me when i told them this my fifth nexus.im glad to see im not alone

  • Kevin Dahlstrom


  • chris125

    The first and last nexus device on verizon…

    • Tim242

      Verizon will be the flagship carrier for the Nexus…mark my words.

  • trumpet444

    This is pretty sorry. My (almost) 2 year old Droid X is on 4.0.4

    • Azndan4

      False analogy. The Droid X is on 4.0.4 due to custom roms. The Gnex has 4.0.4 months ago.

      • kixofmyg0t

         Actually it’s the same thing. The only way to get to 4.0.4 is through custom ROM’s. Doesn’t matter if it’s a DX or the “holy” Galaxy Nexus.

        • Sn1p3r6992

          Wow. Your really against the gnex. You have like 6 comments on here talking junk about it…….and the gnex has had 4.0.4. Just not the cdma version.

          • kixofmyg0t


            My comments PALE on comparison to the crap the iNexus fanboys have spewed. The CDMA version is still a “Nexus” though.

          • La2da

            *in comparison

          • kixofmyg0t

            LOL thx for pointing that out. 

          • La2da

            Word. Grammar Nazi’s have to look out for one another.

  • the panda dude said that next week a lot of things are gonna be happening in the Android world. could this mean 4.0.5 next week? thats a huge possibility

    • Joe Buck

      Yeah right

    • Omegaxboy

       That panda dude also said 4.0.5 was coming early April. I believe it has passed “early” April. I think he is losing creditability.

      • Tim242

        Haha Panda has been spot on, many many times. He said in Oct. 2010 when the Tbolt pics were first leaked that it would release 3/17/11. Verizon tried to release it early, but it got dated and released 3/17/11.

        • Omegaxboy

           He must be a Verizon VIP that they push back release just so he can keep his words. In this case, they didn’t do it for him to release the update “early April” All he did was “guessing”, and with luck, you get it right…sometimes….

  • Carrier involvement is killing the Nexus brand 

    • Tim242

      Without carrier involvement, it would be dead. Google’s original plan did not work out so well.

  • Sperho

    So if I install a custom rom to get to 4.04, I’m looking at needing to reinstall everything (I don’t want to do a Ti restore) and reconfigure everything after doing so?  So annoying, if so.

  • Sean27030

    I realy don’t think Verizon cares too much for the Nexus. I think they just cowtailed to public pressure to carry one finally. I base that on the fact that on these slow updates, little to NO Verizon sponsored marketing and the fact that the 2 Verizon stores here locally they placed the Nexus all the way in the back of the store and had only 1 demo device displayed. Elsewhere in the store there is an entire wall dedicated to the Iphone and Ipad… plus multiple demos of the other devies offered… hell they even had duplicates of just straight feature phones on display.

    If it were just one store I’d brush it off but both stores..??? Has anyone else noticed these things?

  • GazaIan

    So great to be using a GSM GNex.

  • Lmi500

    Nothing new here at all. Just Verizon saying f.u. to the consumer, we have our cash and you want anything else from us well…shell out more cash i.e. new phone. Consumer greed over consumer need!

  • Nick

    Class Action suit for false advertising anybody?

    • chris125

       What did verizon advertise about updates? Nothing. You buy a phone for what it has and the nexus is a developer phone if you want an update so bad unlock the bootloader and flash the update.

      • Joe Buck

        Find me one store that even mentioned the term “developer phone”

        • Tim242

          Find me one store that advertises the phone at all……..

      • Tim242

        Wow, something I can agree with!

    • Tim242

      I hope you are being sarcastic…
      Please say you aren’t serious…

  • rocketdaddy

    Somebody at Verizon has more power than brains.

  • rlorenz

    Kellen, have you had any problems with the unofficial 4.0.4?  I’m interested in keeping my nexus stock, but if this update helps with the signal issues and has a few battery fixes then I may be interested…

    • Andromedo

       Do it now. You won’t regret it.

      I am a stock-only guy and this has fixed all of the serious bugs and is still stock. Heck, I can re-lock the bootloader if I want.

  • Verizon runs an amazing network but that is about all they do right. They need to finally realize that they are a dumb pipe.

    • i mean, i would call them that, but they have way more money than any of us do, so they’re not really that dumb

  • So glad I opted for the GSM Galaxy Nexus.  I knew the Verizon version wasn’t a true Nexus.

    • Tim242

      Please provide the definition of a true Nexus…or shut up.

      • GazaIan

        Supported by Google in every way, not carrier branded, no proprietary fuckery from carriers (Verizon RIL is proprietary and updates cannot be released until the RIL is updated, which is probably the only reason the Sprint Nexus has 4.0.4), no bloat, and the phone is done the way Google wants it without carrier input. CDMA devices are no longer supported by Google’s Developer Portal.

  • achaff86

    I went to verizon last week and they told me that the update would be released the beginning of may!  

    • FrustratedNexusOwner

      2 Stores and a person on tech support told me they had no idea when the update was going out

      • achaff86

        I think the guy was fed up with me complaining about my $30 upgrade fee & my gnex! 

    • potacho

       Verizon says a lot of things.

      • achaff86

        I also told them I won’t hold my breathe & then I rolled my eyes!

  • Mikemcgreal666

    This might explain why Verizon is gonna make a huge push with the Windows phones this year.

  • Proposition Joe

    Whats that 3g icon in the upper right mean? Oh right…

  • Buy This

    This is article is perfect troll bait. Great for hits and comments on a slow Saturday afternoon. And no I am not complaining. That is the type of (Droid) content I am searching for at the moment on this slow Saturday afternoon.

  • beez1717

    This would be the perfect time for google to finally start smacking around carriers who do dumb things like this and not give important updates to customers. After all, most people will have the phone for two years……

    • Google still controls the updates. what people don’t understand is that it takes a lot of time to work out certain bugs. thats what they’re working on for our phone. Clearly, the version of android could be pushed out, but they’re going to push out the bug fixes along with the software update.

      • Joe Buck

        You really belive that ? So they couldnt push out 4.0.4 just to show they do care

  • Sicxspliff

    Im on my fourth gnex and all of them had the same issues…reboots…i love my nexus but now idk if i even care about my nexus anymore…

    • chris125

       Someone other than samsung needs to make the next nexus. Poor radios that are known with samsung just don’t leave a good record for something that is supposed to be the face of your platform. Let someone else make the next nexus.

      • you act like samsung is in charge of the updates…

        • chris125

          Good thing you can read /s. Didn’t say anything about updates I said poor radios which Samsung uses in all their phones. Nice try though

  • Kerb7777

    Amen!!! Come on Verizon fix these bugs!!! Please!!!

  • smellyfeet

    verizon can suck my balls.  

    • Anthony Armando

      verizon called me the other day for a customer survey. i told them that as a verizon customer for over 5 years i was incredibly displeased with them. i also informed them that i have stopped recommending them to friends and family. i cited phone costs, the new renewal fee, the botched bionic launch/relaunch, the fact they released the razr maxx shortly after the razr, the fact that they release a several phones with roughly similar specs back-to-back, the lack of updates to the gnex, implementation of tiered data plans, made comparisons toward some of their competitors, pointed out that over the years several of the reps i have spoken with via telephone didnt know publicly available information which i did know, duopoly, and FCC/FTC/DOJ pending/future investigations. she said, “wow that is a lot to take in…” then pointed out infrastructure. i couldnt help but laugh and inform her that unless verizon gets their act together i will be canceling service when my contract is up.

      oh, then i admitted that this was also coming from a stock holder.

      • chris125

        Except every carrier does what you said so where are you going to go??

        • Anthony Armando

          the various carriers may do some of these things in part, however, verizon wireless does all of them.

          -not every carrier has phones with a $300 price tag.-not every carrier has horrible botched releases for their flagship phone.
          -not every carrier releases one phone only to release another phone with roughly similar specs a month or two later. and when they do it isnt as frequent.
          -not every carrier isnt getting updates to the nexus line of phones they have.
          -not every carrier has tiered data plans.
          -not every carrier is taking advantage of the duopoly that is in place.
          -not every carrier comes with a high cost monthly bill.

          • chris125

            Well AT&T does about all that plus tmo doesn’t have unlimited data so it’s not just Verizon:)

  • FrustratedNexusOwner

    This has driven me nuts. I was so excited for the nexus on Verizon but man it has been a hair-pulling experience. Ever since that stupid 4.0.2 update, my battery life went from 18-22 hours of battery on my extended battery to 4-6 hours. Just yesterday it seems that my device had enough and completely died and won’t turn back on. When I called verizon they said there was a software update that should be coming “soon” that should “HOPEFULLY” fix this. This is so frustrating! I babied my phone and now I Have to get a refurb because of Verizon’s inability to fix these problems.

  • Rickerbilly

    Bend over and take it like a man!! 

  • There’s a reason why VzW denied 4.0.4…question is what the heck was it…. Bloatware related?

    • cause we get 4.0.5

      • Basically the end result of changes/alterations made in 4.0.4. My G.Nex is rooted anyway and running Paradigm ROM, so there goes that.

  • jathak

    I don’t personally mind, as I’ve been on 4.0.4 since it was added to AOSP and on 4.0.3 since a few weeks after I bought my Nexus, but this is unacceptable. Given the Sprint Nexus has 4.0.4, I don’t think this is Google’s fault.

    This just shows that Google needs to put themselves above the carriers. With the next Nexus, they should announce it for all four carriers with a launch date. If a carrier misses the launch date, that carrier will lose business to the other three. Google controls the updates completely, and every version of the phone (at least in the US and hopefully everywhere) gets updates on the same day or within a few days of each other.

    • Anon

       As nice a thought as this is, Google wants to have its cake and eat it too.  Which is why they let the phone vendors and the carriers do so much (or so little) of the heavy lifting.

      I’ve seen Google start to do so many great things with software –but have any of us ever truly seen Google get past about 70-80% of truly great with most of their products?  There are exceptions to that rule, but I sometimes think Google is the ADD-child of projects and development.

    • Larizard

      Google needs to make the Nexus phone a phone that everybody will want. Think Nexus One. A phone way ahead of its time. Hype it as much as they can (through blogs like this), then announce the phone by itself without carrier involvement. 

      The idea is for the carriers to compete with the chance to offer the phone on their network. If they don’t play with Google’s rules, they should lose customers.

      If that sounds familiar, well it is. That’s what Apple does with the iPhone.

  • George264

    See,I bought galaxy Nexi for my parents thinking they would get updates in time so there weren’t any bugs.my moms first one was like broken with hardware issues, and they had to send a PRE OWNED replacement. Then they have horrible reception. Dropping calls and dropping internet. Wifi issues and rotation issue. They get mad at me saying I recommanded a bad phone. I wish I got thrm a rezound like mine. Never again verizon,never again. Where’s my ICS? The vivid has it, and I don’t? There’s so many bugs needed to fix on rezound and I don’t get more than one useless update?

    • WallyIAm

      What rezound bugs are you referring to?

  • Destroythanet

    People who feel ripped off by Verizon’s piss-poor OTA practices: you seriously need to take full control of your phones by rooting and flashing a custom ROM. You won’t regret it.

  • Xeneize480

    come on!!  You guys really think Sprint is better than VZ?  Sprint customers getting GN but no 4G… THAT’S A JOKE!!  This is why America is so full of s…..t all we do is complaint and complaint.  Can we just be happy???  What about the GSM Unlock you got from UK Kellex does that have 4.0.4 stock?  

    • Xeneize480

      Bla Bla Bla!  I can’t wait to see what sprint customers have to say once their phone only runs on 3G for the next year bc no 4G at all!  lol

    • jathak

      Yeah. I don’t like Verizon’s update policies, but I’d much rather have a phone with 4G that doesn’t get updates than a phone with 3G that does.

      • Xeneize480

        I haven’t had that many issues but I do enjoy my 4G next to my friend and stupid EVO 4G that never got 4G bc not wimax is no longer available and LTE will take even longer to come lmao

  • user01

    Any way to get an explanation or at least a comment on WHY there is such a delay from either Google or Verizon?  i know, i know… /pissinginthewind

  • Defiantly not pleased with my Galaxy Nexus, I wanted so much to have the “pure” Android experience to get updates quickly and have the latest for my phone. Before my Galaxy Nexus I had the HTC Thunderbolt and let me tell you that is the WORST phone I have ever had and it finally got a nice update that seemed to fix all the issues but I couldn’t stand the phone any longer! I paid full retail to get the Nexus and Verizon is ridiculous about getting timely updates to their phones! 5 months and no updates, super glad contract is over this year and I can buy my phones online and have the option to move if needed. This is disappointing news to say the least!

    • Xeneize480

      Yes Move to prepay!!  lol 

      • I pay a lot for phones, because I love them! My best phone ever was the Droid X, it worked perfect and I would get 10+ hours of actual talk time and my Thunderbolt and the Galaxy Nexus I get roughly around 2 or less and I’m dead in the water unless I have a charger always handy. I know how much updates can help with a phone, it turned the worst phone ever (Thunderbolt) into a decent phone. Verizon needs to get updates in a more timely manner!

        • Xeneize480

          2 hours of talk time?  What do you do?  Customer service over your phone?  lol  

          • My phone would last longer when I’m streaming Youtube/ Lex & Terry on 4g… Maybe he’s got it uber overclocked with screen super bright…

          • Xeneize480

            No kidding and 30 apps running with all of them doing updates every minute lol

          • dqw

            I get 2 to 2.5 hours max of time on my gnex with extended batterery and brightness at 11% witj only app ive opened is the browser after a fresh restart

          • dqw

            Its been like that since dec 15 had 1 replacement phone and battery since then and its the same

          • Sean27030

            Did you try the battery swap method to trick the phone into clearing the batttery stats… mine was similar to this…but was only getting 3 hrs usage… run the extended batt down completly… swap the extended batt for the standard run it down…. recharge the standard batt… swap it for the dead extended batt and recharge comepletly… it should now get better usage… plus you’re gonna want to run the battery down completly and recharge completly the first few times and you should get longer and longer use each charge…I now get around 10-12 hrs off the extended batt… hope that helps

          • dqw

            Cool ill try this today and report back back

          • kixofmyg0t

            Dude, Google themselves debunked the battery stats deal. The battery stats are wiped every time you plug it in to charge. 

          • Sean27030

            welll I don’t know what it is or was.. all I know is doing this hlped a huge amount ….. I went from 3 hrs use to 12 hrs….. with no other actions…

          • I don’t pay Verizon almost $200 a month for a single line for nothing! lol Yes I use my phone a lot for work and personal use. Frustrating to see roms come out with the update 3 months before the official is all I’m saying.

          • Xeneize480

            thats the beauty of Android 😉 I will advice you to read more about rooting unlocking and you will love your GN like some of us

        • kixofmyg0t

           NOOOOOESSS How can a Motorola be your BEST phone! It HAS A LOCKED BOOTLOADER!!! That’s all that matters! ahhhh!

          -iNexus fanboy rage

          I said it time and time again it’s Verizon that’s holding the cards. No one believed me. 

  • Kinkolk248

    everyone write vzw a letter and mail it to them letting them know how pissed you are about these types of things! they tried to screw me over with my upgrade/bill a few months back so i called didnt get anywhere so i mailed them f*ckers a letter to the big boys upstairs and got a quick response because they dont like having to deal with that type of stuff. so everyone start mailing in complaint letters and see if you dont get anywhere…i bet you do…

    • tlspatt

      Maybe you should post the customer service address that you mailed it to. I’ve tried that in the past but without the same luck. 

    • Asimoalex

      To what address??

      • Kinkolk248

        lol i actually sent letters to the ceo, president, the board, committee, damn near everyone i was so pissed…I went straight to the source and got good results. I did the same with AT&T when they tried to screw me over with my home internet, wrote to their big wigs and got results! 

        dont waste time calling their hotline services, theyre there to just appease you and tell you what u wanna hear, hit those big wigs up cus they know when they get hit up you mean business!!!!!!!!!!
        but the physical addresses, that id have to look up again because i dont know them off hand 

        • Xeneize480

          This fool is lying… CEO does not get letters…. Get real man!  Again What’s the FK address???  

          • Kinkolk248

            oh so i guess the ceo, committee, and board dont know about those bootloader petitions or the recent $30 upgrade fee petition either huh…

          • Xeneize480

            What’s the address???   lol  liar

          • evltwn

            They don’t care. Has that locked bootloader petition actually gotten Motorola to unlock their bootloaders? No. Writing letters and mailing them in is useless in todays electronic age. 30 dollar upgrade fee is still cheaper than AT&T and Sprint I believe. The last time VZW listened to their customers is when they tried charging you extra to pay your bill online.
            No one here will believe you unless you show some proof you actually wrote letters. Give the address you wrote to, post a pic of the copies. You made copies, right?

          • Asimoalex



  • Mayze23

    Meh.. someone will hack this new build for the VZ nexus. Not hard to install at all. Get an Iphone or a bloated skinned phone if this bothers you.

  • Djlowproz

    still on the leaked 4.0.4 as of Feb 5…..

  • jon

    I dont know about everywhere else but i tried to get one this last weekend and costco and some of the local stores here in utah were not carrying them any more… i was told by a employee at best buy that verizon is trying to blow them out as they have not been selling well at all and they bought butt loads when it first came out and was disappointed by sales of the device.. so i got a rezound instead and am loving it for sure. now if i could get a release date on the new sg3 or razr hd i might take it back for that but doubtful..

  • Act of God

    This is complete bullshitdice.  What’s the purpose of the Nexus then?  I feel like I’ve been had, yet again.  

  • Steve S.

    I guess Samsung and Motorola arento blame for slow updates. Its Verizon!

  • Marcunwired

    my phone just rooted itself after reading this. FU VZ.

  • Txbeaner

    Verizon blows!!! So glad I left & went to Sprint… lol

    • Xeneize480

      so why do still ready articles about VZ?  wait that’s bc you still love VZ  Beaner!!

      • trumpet444

        maybe bc this isn’t a verizon only website….

        • Jason Purp

           Even though it’s supposed to be. lol

    • Shawn Hall

      My Verizon Nexus is running 4.0.4 and using a service (4G LTE) that will blow Sprint’s network out of the water any day. So yeah, the jokes on us…lol.

  • gotwillk

    first thing i did when i got my gnex was unlock, root, and flash a rom on it. well, maybe not first thing, messed with it for about an hour or two then flashed. imo, an android phone isn’t complete until its been unlocked and rooted. feels like a beta phone. not sure if thats cool or sad…

  • Josh Flowers

    was looking forward to upgrading to the GNEX but also been considering Sprint–LTE in Charlotte seems to have been downgraded to 2Down&2Up–which equals a very unhappy customer. i’m on 3G so much i might as well be on Sprint with their Nexus.

    great article

  • tiptoptommy

    Nevermind then

  • topherct

    This is very frustrating.  I would love some reasoning for this…

  • Been running CM9 Nightlies based on 4.0.4 for a couple weeks now. Still have to stick to CDMA mode only but otherwise it’s so much better than 4.0.2 was on my work phone.

  • tlspatt

    Obviously VZ and S will have different radios in them, but can we read anything into the baseband numbering for VZ’s radios on the G-Nex?  FA vs FC might be carrier specific?  But #12 (revision/version 12?) on them already? Aren’t the FA02 ones the most recent leak for VZ? Makes me think the 4.0.4 or .5 updates should have significantly refined radios…

  • 0pusX

    The BEST decision I ever made was to sell that P.O.S. Verizon Nexus, switched to the Razr and iPhone 4S and couldnt be happier.

    • You needed a razr and an iPhone to replace a GNex?

      • 0pusX

        Actually Got rid of the Nexus and went to a Razr, and now to an iPhone. Dont own both.

    • Dliuzzo110

      You got rid of a developer phone for the two biggest gimmick phones? Ha ha. Sucker

      • OpusX

        Well I am not a “developer” and I’d be willing to bet neither are you or 95% of the people that bought a Nexus. And speaking of gimmicks… how is face unlock working for you?

  • lightlong

    This is unacceptable to me. I will not renew my contract with verizon. They have a good network but they’re also the most expensive, and now this. It has been decided.

    • MrWolf

      And thus was The Justice brought.

  • John


  • Just Joking… Chill

    Random [Galaxy Nexus] fan-boy said in November, 2011, “I am going to get the GNex when it comes out so I can get timely updates! What, Verizon is getting the GNex first? Well I’ll still buy it and get timely updates. Google controls the updates after all.”

    – Bwahahahahahahaha! –

    Just joking… maybe… probably not.

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

    • Shawn Hall

      VZW GNex owner here. I laughed.

      Then again, I’ve been on 4.0.4 since AOKP released it, so this article is irrelevant to me. 

    • Hahaha. Good one. Also own a Galaxy Nexus…

    • Jwhap

      Well, I won’t lie….I was probably “one of those random fan-boy’s”

  • Thestruttons

    More evidence that it is Verizon holding up the update process, not the manufacturers…….

    • Xeneize480

      What do you want?   Updates or 4G???  Sprint will have 4.0.4 but no 4G for at least another year ;(  wow I even feel bad for sprint customers lol

      • Mark

         I want what was advertised. A Google phone that will receive timely updates! 5 months for the “first” update since launch.  Pathetic. 

        • angermeans

          I feel the same way, but when was timely updates promised or advertised? I mean it might have been implied or most (I know I did) have felt it would def get updates, but again it was not advertised as that. It’s not like google has been cranking out updates and we just haven’t been getting them it’s google that’s been dragging their feet on updates for the nexus in general. I waited a couple months to flash a rom but I had zero problems with it besides the speaker being extremely unusable but ever nexus has that problem. I’m sure the update is coming and like the rumors have shown .05 is around the corner and until sprint gets that an we dont I’m not picking up my pitchfork just yet.

          I understand the issue a little, but the people calling it not a “real nexus” because it is CDMA are being dramatic. I guarantee 100% we get the updates months before any skinned phone on the market even if google releases the update and Verizon takes awhile to get it out the door. It still doesnt have to be sent to Samsung and then touchwiz (yuck!) has to be updated to completely kill all the great ICS aesthetics and then the wireless provider has to check it off. Come on people stop with all the whining it is still a vanilla android device that will get updates months sooner than any other device on the market and that is what I bought the phone for. Not to mention the many problems skins have that are never updated. It still has the best dev community and is still in my opinion the only phone to buy if your in the market for an android phone.

          • One Series on HTC is 4.0.3. Nexus is 4.0.2.  The skinned gets the win.  Sorry.  I’m rooted on 4.0.4. But I feel your pain.  Verizon getting updates out is a joke.

          • 1ofdakoolkidz

            I said it once, and I will say it again Google needs to get into the telecom game, buy T-mobile. If Google were your cell company and provider how could you go wrong. Can you imagine putting a Google sim into your android phone.

          • Taglogical

            Yea but we kind of like to look the other way on this issue and just blame Motorola. Get with the program!!

          • kixofmyg0t

             Boy you’re gonna be pissed when the RAZR and RAZR MAXX get 4.0.3 here soon….Moto even had time to mix in a lite amount of Blur and throw in some Webtop action too….

          • Liderc

            If ‘soon’ means in the next 6 months. 

          • kixofmyg0t

            Oh you mean like the Galaxy Nexus OTA update? Cuz we’re almost at 6 months there guy. 

          • 1ofdakoolkidz

            If your buying a moto, you have already failed! 

            P.S. Shouldn’t you be worried about who is going to own your company in 6 months.

          • kixofmyg0t

             Yep. Because everyone who bought an OG Droid is fail right? Try harder dude.

            PS. You may want to read this.


          • 1ofdakoolkidz

            Um….. Yeah! Cause at that time how many choices did you have funny how you forgot about the devour, that was a real moto fire srarter! The only thing good about it was pure Google. Keyboards are for 16 year old girls I waited for the droid incredible.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Dude i wasnt even in the states when that phone came out. I was in iraq at the time. So I didnt forget about it, I never knew of it in the first place.

            Keyboards are for 16 year old girls lol wow. Are you still in highschool or something? Grow up seriously. 

          • 1ofdakoolkidz

            If you are going to talk ish, be ready for the flamethrower, and as for my comment about the keyboard trust me your talking to a grown up that probably had two times as many phones as you. If you can name the importance of a keyboard in 2012, I will take it back.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Wowyouve had 36 phones? 

            Well my wife prefers a keyboard.But maybe because shessitting at over 7000txts this month. Also a keyboard is handy for controls on games. Yeahyoure totally right. 16 year old girls only. 

          • Bodhiballer

            Skinny column is skinny

          • angermeans

            I will bet my bank account that the Galaxy Nexus gets updated long before any Motorola device does not to mention we are talking about ICS right? Then you bring up the fact that its been a couple months? Your actually going to compare the minimal update from 4.0.2 to 4.0.4 when the Razr has been out longer and is still on Gingerbread? Why would you even start this argument?

          • kixofmyg0t

             You’re gonna bet your bank account? Ok. I’ll hold you to that. We’re almost to the 6th month mark and the Galaxy Nexus still has no update in sight.

          • cardi

            on ics 4.0.3 now working perfect very minamal bugs moto needs to go head and release it

          • angermeans

            I wont ever be “pissed” at anything on the Razr. I had one (I won it) and sold it before even opening the box. Motorola is a joke and the Razr is not even close to the phone that the Nexus is. I’m sorry but it is just plain ugly and the screen is one of the worst I’ve seen. What happened? Motorola used to lead the industry is screen technology now they are just the worst. Oh wait thats right version 10 of the Razr is gonna get an HD screen, right? Oh yeah if you buy another Razr in what should have been on the device since day one. You actually have yourself convinced that the atrocity that Moto is going to be releasing is ICS? No I dont think so. This happens every time Motorola gets ready to update to the newer version and every time it is plagued with bugs and looks and feels nothing like the original. 

            I purchased my Nexus for the dev community so I will always have the latest build. Its too bad you cant even do that on a Motorola phone, huh? Thats because Motorola doesnt want to give you an unlocked phone they want you to pay full price and strip the warranty from the product. Come on man do you even want me to go on?

          • kixofmyg0t

             You know very little about Motorola phones man.

          • kixofmyg0t

             Oh and what was this you talking about I can’t have the latest build?

      • FrustratedNexusOwner

        At this point, updates! Currently my phone is not usuable so 4G doesn’t make any difference to me since I can’t get more than 6 hours of battery with minimal use. This phone was supposed to be the first to be updated but now it’s just being ignored…

        • Okay… Root your phone. It is nand-unlocked. Quit complaining and do something about the problem. I bought the phone because it is a nexus, meaning Google provides updates. I knew VZW would probably F*ck it up so I rooted it the day I got it so that I could get the updates from Google when they come out. Here are all the updates stock/rooted Rom, basebands, and bootloaders. 

          • Xeneize480

            Well said LOL

          • ostensibly

             this. Shouldn’t have to root your phone for it to work properly, but since you can, why wouldn’t you?

          • 1ofdakoolkidz

            If you were an apple user I would tell you to jailbreak it! Companies make these phone for the dumb people who don’t even understand how to update their phone, so if you have enough intelligence to even be on this site then you truly are doing yourself a disservice by not rooting your phone, kills me people act like invalids waiting on Verizon to spoon them their next update.

          • LiterofCola

            Exactly. People have such a hard on for their unlocked bootloaders, well…. use them and install the updates yourself.

          • KleenDroid

            I love my Nexus! And its only because it is fully unlocked and I can correct any issues just like you said. I’ve been on Patient Zero for some time and my phone is better than ever!

            However Verizon and their support for this phone sucks balls if you are not one to root. I would be pissed if I were someone who just sits back and waits for updates.

          • LiterofCola


        • 1ofdakoolkidz
      • chris125

         I would take an update that makes the phone actually work. 4g is nice but not worth anything if the phone doesn’t work like a phone…

        • Liderc

          For a guy who doesn’t have a Nexus anymore you sure do talk about it a lot.  Maybe your signal sucked, but mine’s great.

          The fact is there are people using the Nexus without any problems, which means it’s not a problem with every device or every cell location.  

          For whatever reason some people have a poor signal, but all of us would be having the issue if it was a problem with the phone.  I’m not even in a big city either, so it’s not like I’m sitting under a 4G tower. 

          This screenshot I took while driving last night:

          • Jwhap

            Damn! Now, I live in a big city and rarely see that kind of reception (though admittedly when downtown it is significantly better that suburbs). I have to agree though. Really, this phone has been one of the best I have owned. I am unrooted my bootloader is locked and obviously I am running stock. I do regret not unlocking the boot as I would have already applied the leaked update. Now, I have so much crap on my phone I don’t want to hassle with it but am ready to do it.

          • chris125

            Actually my signal was better than most but had friends and family who got terrible signal and that along with other issues made me return it to wait and see if a future update would fix the bugs. Sorry I’m honest about things and people on this site get upset any time anything bad is said about the nexus.

          • Liderc

            Oh I’m not upset by negative remarks about the Nexus, mine works great so it doesn’t matter to me how other’s phones work.  

            I’m just pointing out that if the phone had a real problem, wouldn’t I also have the problem?  

            You can obviously see that my Nexus is capable of reaching what anyone would consider an insanely good signal on 4G (-69dBm), which I rarely even saw on 3G with my Original Droid.  

            People like you say ” Samsung radios suck “, but clearly they don’t all suck. 

            I think it’s much more likely that the 4G network, in tandem with some Nexus devices result in a poor signal for some unknown reason.  

            Maybe the update will help those of you who have an issue, but I just feel the need to show that the problem isn’t affecting all devices.

          • Do you don’t even own the phone anymore?

            ….go away.

          • chris125

            Go learn some grammar first fanboy.

      • Cphilano

        We want both. Sprint will have 4.0.4, but why what’s the hold up with Verizon? Can’t say that it’s because of CDMA now. Verizon has 4G and CDMA, but why don’t they have 4.0.4 on the Nexus? At this point, we gotta stop blaming Google for this.

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    • kixofmyg0t


    • feztheforeigner

      If only it was a true Nexus that updates from straight from Google…

      It is becoming more and more apparent that we didn’t actually buy a Nexus device (not even a “with Google” logo on the back, replace by a Verizon logo…)

    • Sammyxp

       Precisely. The Rezound is still running 2.3, while other phones on that platform have already received the Android 4.0. Verizon is painfully slow to push OTA software updates.

  • Dbarden31

    All the bugs and problems you stated that were ‘supposedly’ fixed with the 4.0.2 update are all of what im experiencing now. Especially the mic dropping during calls and crappy reception. The battery life sucks big time and im only in a 3G area. I’m about to the point where im giving up on this device. And before someone says it, yes i know i could root and run a custom rom. But not everyone wants that. Not everyone has access to a computer either. I just wanted stock experience with timely updates.

    • PC_Tool

      Already past that point.  

      Gave the Nexus to my son to play his games on.  
      Bought a Spectrum.  Hey, it works as a phone…imagine that.  :-/

      Really missing AOKP though.  Hopefully VZW/Google update the radios on this thing and get it working again.

      …only problem with that is you can’t just swap SIM cards.  The Spectrum has a full-size SIM and the G’Nex has a tiny one.  …and they want $10 a poop to replace them.  Sometimes….I *REALLY* hate Verizon.

      • chris125

         Sucks for you, I have switched sims multiple times and have never been charged for a new one.

  • chris125

    So much for fast updates….

    • kixofmyg0t

       It IS a “Nexus” after all LOL

      • chris125

         Only in name…

        • kixofmyg0t

          I’m pretty hostile to the rabid “G-Nex” fanboys because they’ve talked nothing but crap about EVERY phone but their beloved jesus phone.

          Now I hope they see that it TRULY *IS* VERIZON that is holding up the updates. 

          • chris125

             I don’t think they will see that, they have their nexus bad news, their phone is amazingly awesome blinders on lol

          • Jwhap

            or they will root it! nothing is absolute and the gnex is a great phone with bad software. The 4.0.4 leak proves it. The slow updates do suck for those of us stuck on stock, but that is a choice and those that make that choice deal with those consequences…….they still can bitch because reality is they purchased a “nexus” which traditionally is a “test” phone and Google, generally pushes updates to “nexus” phones more quickly. They purchased a phone based on the reputation of prior nexus phones and quite frankly have a justified bitch.

  • The words “timely” and “updates” have no business being in the same sentence when commenting on Android upgrades.  It’s a broken system that we’ll just have to be thankful we can circumvent until someone *cougheffingooglecough* takes the carriers completely out of the equation.

    • Never had problems til now IMO. Nexus S got decent updates. Fragmentation (as in giving the flagship device to multiple carriers) is killing them. And verizon.

      • chris125

         yeah 100+ days for the sprint nexus s to get updated is decent…Not

  • Trevor

    As the English say:  that’s pants!!

  • Dan


  • Soccerfon

    Thank you for bringing attention to this. So frustrating. 

  • Kiter86

    FU Verizon

  • Christian


  • Wow….. 

  • Verizon is the worst. 

    • Apostrafee

      Then drop em when ur contracts up or pay early term fee if you cannot handle the nexus getting new software

      • Troll.

        Making a complaint comment on a complaint thread does note an I am going to abandon unlimited data and free calls to my entire family.

        • Pedro

          So I guess they aren’t the worst, since you get unlimited data and free calls to friends and family.
          I’m not a troll.

        • Apostrafee

          Just sick of the bitching…as most people on here have already done if you have Gnex root that thing and don’t look back…

  • realfoxm

    I finally decided to root last week. Installed AOKP build 32 and couldn’t be happier.

    • Apostrafee

      Did the same…AOKP is pretty downright awesome

    • Pretty sure that many are following in your footsteps. The bug list and the severity of some of the bugs on that list from 4.0.2 is insane, yet here we are 5 months later.

      • Jellydroid13

        i bought it to put AOKP on it lol

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        You’re right the bug fixes list is ridiculous! I literally rootedand flashed liquid last night. Still setting everything back up.

      • Jeremy Edwards

        Where is this list?

      • Bpres

        I did the same last weekend, I said Fu#K it and rooted but instead of installing AOKP I went with pure CM9 nightly and have to say I love my nexus now. I’m on a freekin 4.0.4 nightly and its way more bug free than the shipped version of 4.0.2 on Verizon’s Nexus. I have lost all faith that Verizon will update this phone in the correct way.

    • Ice2097

      I was thinking about doing this, but seeing the bug list on the AOKP forums has put me off it for now (especially things as basic as the “indicator light doesn’t flash in silent mode” bug). 
      Do you really like the ROM better than the stock release, or are you giving it some leeway as it is a free user made project?

      • Apostrafee

        It’s actually really great…not sure about the indicator light bug but I am pleased with what AOKP allows me to do as the user….which is almost anything

      • realfoxm

         I can’t confirm for silent mode, but I have mine set to vibrate mode and still receive the LED notifications.

      • Flash a milestone AOKP ROM.  The rest of nightlies.  The milestones are supposed to be bug free.  M5 is right around the corner.  That’s what I’m waiting for.

    • Mlarson6

      Yeah same here. Flashed a ROM for the first time ever last week and it was much easier than I thought. Don’t think anyone would regret it!