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Sprint Galaxy Nexus Orders Arrive Early, Device Running Android 4.0.4 – Ummm, Hello Verizon and Google?

A few orders for the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint started to arrive yesterday and one thing in particular stood out to us – it’s running Android 4.0.4. Yes, that would be a newer build of Android than your Verizon Galaxy Nexus is “officially” running. As you are all aware, we are almost through April, which means that the Nexus on Big Red has not seen an update in almost 5 months. No, sir. On launch day, it received a bump to 4.0.2, which introduced mic dropping during calls, s****y reception, rebooting, slow rotation speeds, poor battery life, and other bugs upon other bugs. Yeah, I’m basically calling the update a pile of junk, yet here we are almost 5 months later with no fix in sight.

But! The Sprint version, which is identical to the Verizon version in that it runs on CDMA and LTE networks has a newer version of Android that squashes many of them and improves performance immensely. How do I know? Well, I have been running the leaked 4.0.4 on my VZW Nexus for over 2 months now and have not had any of those problems. 

So Verizon and Google, what’s the hold up? Are we geting 4.0.5 instead like some have reported? Hell, I don’t even care if it’s 4.0.3, but there are some incredibly serious bugs that are driving Nexus owners mad (yes, we hear from them daily), many of which have given up on the device completely.

And yes, I understand that it’s a Nexus and people could just root it and flash a ROM to fix problems. But remember that many people bought this phone because they like stock Android and were expecting to receive timely updates as had been the case in all previous Nexus devices, rather than for its dev community.

Maybe this week, finally?

Cheers CG!

  • Thanks. Good to know.

  • Taglogical

    The Galaxy Nexus was fun (for a minute) to hobby-on, but unlike my OG (which hobbied with the best of em), the Nexus just isn’t a good… phone.

    Tried 3 of these devices, the last one was pre-loaded with the latest build on Verizon and it was the worst of the three.

    Went back to the Bionic; love it! Don’t miss a single thing about ICS /shrugs

  • Jdillard343434

    Don’t you get it Verizon locked down so tightly they won’t allow Google to push a update far as 4g why would I want rolling dropped coverage you keep your 4g late I’ll buy my wife a ring look why do you think there red as in red china

  • Shouldn’t have to unlock, root and install a custom ROM for a phone that I paid over 200 bucks for to work.  This is why Android is not being taken seriously.  My wife’s RAZR has had more updates ffs.  It may be locked and not rooted but you know what it works and the reception beats the crap out of the GNex.  This is the last “Nexus” I will ever buy on Verizon and probably the last Samsung I will ever buy.  I might not like the work it takes to get a Motorola rooted and some of the other BS out there but I have said in many comments here, the reception and software is still better than anything else I have tried.  Maybe I will go get a rezound on the cheap later today.