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Pong Galaxy Nexus Case Claims it Can Boost Signal Strength and Optimize Battery Life for $59

Yep, you read that title right. A new Galaxy Nexus case made by Pong Research is available now for $59.99. Steep, right? Well, the price is apparently justified because Pong claims that this case will optimize your signal strength, optimize battery life, and protect your head and body from exposure to radiation. They are calling it the most “technologically advanced” smartphone case around:

  • Optimizes your signal strength of the Galaxy Nexus – unlike other cases, the Pong case helps with your connectivity
  • Optimizes your battery life of the Galaxy Nexus – with improved connectivity comes better battery life
  • Protects you from exposure to radiation by redirecting cellular radiation away from your head and body

It comes in a soft touch finish, “which is easy to grip and elegant in design.” There are versions for both the LTE and GSM G-Nex. Any takers at $60?


Cheers Jacob!

  • PONG GALAXY NEXUS UNLOCKED CASE REVIEW —> I live outside the Washington DC Suburbs. I performed several signal tests with and without case on. All test was performed on T-mobile Network, under exact same circumstances. My test is not an individual test, this review is posted after 10 tests with case and 10 tests without case. My house is at the sweet spot, where I get consistent (-107dBm,12% HSPA+, ASU:3) signal strength unless I touch phone (Then it drops).

    WITHOUT CASE —> 10 tests on same spot without touching phone with phone face up, SIGNAL STREGTH WAS (-107dBm,11-12% HSPA+, ASU:3).

    WITH CASE ——> 10 tests on same spot without touching phone with phone face up, SIGNAL STREGTH WAS (-113dBm to -111dBm, 4-8% HSPA+, ASU:1-2)

    *******WITH CASE ON my phone never crossed 8% or -111dBm signal strength. In addition, (Most of the time) it actually dropped out of HSPA+ network, and were stuck in to EDGE/2G network mode.*******

    I also ran Network Speed tests using (Speed Test App) with and without case under same environment.

    WITHOUT CASE —> Find Server (10/10 times) within 10 Seconds Every time & Avg. Download Speed was 450kbps +/-50kbps. Avg. Upload Speed 200kbps+/-30kbps.Ping 400-1600.

    WITH Case ——> Often Fail to Find Server (5/10) & Often Came with Error after 2 minutes (Cannot find server). It did find server 3/10 times, but in the middle of test signal dropped out, and I ended up having an error(Network Communication Error). However 2/10 it did finish test (After 1+ minutes to find Server) with Download Speed 89 & 120 kbps, Upload Speed 32 & 41 kbps. IT DIDN’T EVEN FINISH NETWORK TEST ON 2G/EDGE NETWORK.

    CASE it self have very nice finish and looks really nice, soft touch finish also gives nice grip. My conclusion is don’t waste your money, I will be returning my case. INSTEAD OF HELPING WITH SIGNAL, I ACTUALLY INTERFERE WITH SIGNAL, IT TAKES LOT LONGER TO FIND SIGNAL, and SIGNAL STRENGTH IS NOT AS GOOD AS PLAIN PHONE ALONE. IT KEEPS DROPPING OUT FROM HSPA+, and into 2G Network mode. In addition, in my 7 days of usage, I have not see any battery improvement made by case.


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  • Looks kinda badass… Wonder if it would help with my migraines :p

  • DroidGuest

    Hey guys. I just found this articile on cnet.  It appears that the case does do something

  • Kevin

    Protects you from radiation? You mean the absolutely harmless radio waves that cell phones use, which are less dangerous than microwaves, which in turn are even less dangerous than visible light?

  • tonysam1

    This manufacturer is mistaking us for iPhone users – we are not gullible and know that $60 dollars for their plastic case will not help connectivity and improve battery life. They should take their ridiculous claims for the easily swayed iOS crowd.

  • I wanna see some Droid-life tests on these claims!

  • The fine print says “If you notice a loss of cell signal from using your Pong case, simply return the case to us within 30 days of receipt and Pong will refund your purchase price. No questions asked.”… quite tempting to give it a spin for 30 days, huh?

  • sway40

    If they claim this and it doesnt net results they claim, i see lawsuits in the future.

  • Guest

    Notice, once again, droid-life doesn’t lift a finger to check if any of those (false) claims are real.  Instead, they just publish anything.
    Great reporting and/or journalism, guys. 

    • Bodhiballer

      I fault your reading comprehension, the post is actually dripping with skepticism.  

    • Smedrick

      They actually Tweeted a picture of the cover they received. I’m assuming they’re spending some time testing it out to be sure of any claims they make.

  • smellyfeet

    does it make your dick bigger too?

    • BTLS

       will it make my girlfriend less of a whore?

  • smellyfeet

     nice snake oil claims.  what kind of moron would believe all this crap??

    • tonysam1

      an iPhone user

  • David Verba

    To anyone who buys this – I have a GREAT good deal for you on a bridge in NY….


    what a load of crap.. ever see the signal extenders you put in your battery compartment on your phone? yah thoes don’t work either

  • Palmer Nyako

    Would rather an otter-box case

  • rocketdaddy

    If it comes with a tinfoil hat I’ll take two please.

  • Joe Buck

    Well if its works, im up for anything that makes this pos better

    • La2da

      Talking about yourself again Joe? You little POS, you…

      • Joe Buck

        Is that any way to talk to a fine looking man like myself ?

  • Radgatt

    Well Kellex, time for you to get this one and do a review to let us know if it really works lol

  • Harryeballs1234

    Now if it would fix the call quality, data connectivity, protect the non gorilla glass screen, crappy plastic case and add an SD slot, I’d be all in on this one…..

  • But will it blend?

  • im going to use this moment to say that i really just want to do the white galaxy nexus mod for the LTE version, i was drooling when i saw the gsm version on here a couple weeks ago. Since no one asked haha

    • moozicmon


  • Kerb7777

    my question is where is my update? The one that booats my signal strength and will this case fit into the clip on part of my stock case?

  • frankandsimple

     A new Galaxy Nexus made by Pong Research is available now for $59.99. Steep, right?”

    No, it’s not steep at all.. if its a new galaxy nexus for $59.99. You missed out “case” in the above sentence. 

    Funny how started the article with “Yep, you read that title right.”. and then you go on to completely screw up the title in the next sentence. LOL.

  • Mark Wilk

    Sounds like something sold late night on infomercials.

  • Seems legit.

  • Mikes

    Just put one of those stickers (from a few years back) on your phone. It will do the same thing (except for the “raiding your wallet” part)

  • eleazar

    I love the design/look of this case. It protects everything while still remaining low-profile.  

    Are there any generics of this design yet? I would love to pick one up on Amazon for ~$10

    • tervorsalienarms

      Not this exact design per se, but see also: Diztronic Rev. 3 case.

      Inexpensive, protects everything, super low profile, looks excellent on the GNex. I’ve run through probably 5 different popular cases, this one is the best all-around. Back is matte black, the top edge is gloss black which matches the screen/bezel very well; nice cutouts for buttons, etc.

  • Droiiddd

    it looks like a piece of plastic

  • You did not include some of the other key features:

    *Manufactured in a 100% green factory
    *Will save you money every month off of your data plan
    *Made from space age pixie dust infused plastic
    *Will increase penis size by 120%
    *Will transfer $5 million into your bank account as soon as it escapes from Nigeria

    • Jamaicawind

      that comment just made my day. My hat goes off for you my good sir/ma’am

      • Definitely a dude, and if you want any more of the horrible things I say feel free to check the website associated with my account (Click on the picture).

    • OhAaron


    • Mark Wilk

       But wait, there’s more! If you order right now, we’ll throw in a second case to give to a loved one ABSOLUTELY FREE! You’ll also get this handy book light. If you are not completely satisfied with your case, simply ship it back but keep the book light as our special gift to you.

      • Adam Elghor

        *plus S+H

  • Lynahred

    The only way to increase battery life for me is to reduce use of the browsers. Maybe the case dismantles web surfing.

    • Spartan

      No, it automatically sets your phone to airplane mode.

  • hardly believe this nonsense

  • If you want more info on how this would work, there was an in depth Ars Technica article on Pong’s iPad case and how it affected signal and radiation.


    • will bartlett

      actually wired did that…

  • fallsgable

    but will it get me laid…?!?!

    • Spartan

      Yes, when you take the case off your phone, do you see the little cut out for the speaker? Have fun my man.

  • Roshan John

    To be honest, I’m willing to consider anything that will help with my connectivity issues with this phone. Such a huge Nexus fan, but aggravated that I have so many connectivity issues. (so much more than my old Thunderbolt)

    • kixofmyg0t

       “G-Nex” signal issues?

  • plumed

    I 100% believe their claims. Purchased 3. Will report back asap.

    • plumed

      ..I have also purchased Nortel and RIM stock in the past, so take my ability to believe in claims and understand the times that we live in with 100% confidence.

      • OhAaron


  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Option 2: Buy a $10 case and install franco kernel!

  • RW-1

    Optimizes your signal strength of the Galaxy Nexus – unlike other cases, the Pong case helps with your connectivity
    Really? In what direction? Does it constantly know where the nearest tower is?

    I Call – Horse$hit.

  • Stewie

    Snake oil …. Nothing more …. in order to prevent radio signals from hitting your head, you have to block/attenuate.  If you block/attenuate, you DECREASE the system’s ability to receive, because you cant do it one way (outbound).

    Refer to Sentence #1

  • Gshubert1943

    RRemember the plastic strips that they used to sell that boosted signal? They were a game changer… Right?

    • NemaCystX

      Those little metal things that looked like razor blades? yeah, back in the late 90’s…  they were a gimmick to some and actually helped some too, just depends on who you talked to

  • “optimize” just sounds like they are trying to add to the appeal without having to actually prove anything.  If they told me that it improves battery life by ___ % or boosts your signal by ____.  Optimizes?  Sounds fishy.

  • Jim

    Something tells me the FTC will fine this company for its false claims in the future.  By then they will have made enough money to cough up a fine and still profit.  Reminds me of those Tornando fuel milage improving scam and those waist eletric fat burners.  They just keep coming back with different names despite them being banned and fined in the old names they were sold.

  • zepfloyd

    For some reason this came to mind…

  • You should ask them to send you one free to review it and post the review here. If it truly works the way they claim it does, then this is the best site for some free advertising.

  • Alex

    well then.  does your pong case have Andy the android on it?  it causes a placebo affect as well.  i now get better battery with it.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “Optimizes your battery life of the Galaxy Nexus – with improved connectivity comes better battery life” 
    That’s their Justification? lmao. . .  

    • Jack Coleman

      nothing untrue about that. less switching around to get good signal on the phones part = less cpu use = battery life with case > battery life without.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It’s technically true. But insignificant…. All about marketing with this stupid product.

  • DanWazz


  • Liderc

    Unless it’s make out of lead, I don’t see it protecting our brains from being fried. 

    Most ridiculous claims ever?  

  • Sprunka

    *ahem* Article typo…
    “A new Galaxy Nexus made by Pong Research is available now for $59.99.”
    I think you mean a new GNex *CASE* … ‘cuz $60 for a GNex ain’t steep. 😉

    •  I guess I wasn’t the only one that noticed the typo…lol

      • NemaCystX

        I guess we did read that right then after all, just as Kellex pointed out lol

        (he points out the title name which includes case and then neglects to mention it again in the article :P) typo? or is it? -_-

    • Gonecarcrazy

      I do believe he meant a brand new Gnex as in, “this case will improve your phone so much it may as well be new”.  

  • Sstang2006

    Yeah, this is tremendous improvement lol

    Quote: “…In contrast, laboratory testing confirms that the typical performance of a Pong case will result in TRP changes of +/- 2.5 dB. So Pong is the only cell phone case has been proven to actually increase TRP….”


  • copied right from the faq on their website:
    “Does the Pong Technology degrade/interfere with my cell reception?
    Depending on the frequency, Pong may slightly increase or decrease your phone’s signal strength. But in either event, the change should not be noticeable to you.”


    • Diablo81588

      False advertisement anyone? LOL…

  • superchachi

    Extended batt compatible?

  • Scott Willenborg


  • gardobus

    Magnets, how do they work?

  • hahahaha

    Also comes with beer goggles

  • Neera

    Quote from their FAQ:
    Does the Pong Technology degrade/interfere with my cell reception?Depending on the frequency, Pong may slightly increase or decrease your phone’s signal strength. But in either event, the change should not be noticeable to you.Ok then….

    • Robhimself79

      Lol! That’s pretty cunny stuff.

  • Nexusornexus

    Probably as effective as an shake-weight!

    • Jack Coleman

      get a phone case that will improve your grammar.

      • La2da

        He’s riffing on a meme, guy. Get an internet that will improve your non-dickishness.

  • Bravsfn1

    Improves signal huh? Then why does the phone pictured with the case on it have no bars

    • Nexusornexus

      Why is your question mark away for you sentence?

      • Liderc

        Why did you use ‘for’ and ‘you’ instead of ‘from’ and ‘your’?

        • La2da


      • Bravsfn1

        I dont know ask disqus

        • Ozyman666

          Disqus doesn’t discuss Disqus.

          • WAldenIV

            That’s the first (and the second) rule of Disqus.

          • Spartan


  • Mack

    Any chance it fries bacon too?

  • It doesn’t look like its made out of aluminum foil ???? 

  • Zmf525

    So how does it work?

  • moelsen8

    does it give you super strength too?

    • WAldenIV

      If you install it backwards, the radiation will point into your brain giving you super intelligence but a much shorter life expectancy.

  • htowngtr

    Looks like cheap plastic to me, but I’d be interested to see some studies proving it.

  • Derek Stiles

    But how does it do these things?

  • NemaCystX

    Could be legit, could be a crock of crap. we won’t know until someone reviews it.  *cough cough*

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Kellex will buy it, didn’t he buy a $20 launcher app?

      • NemaCystX

        I wonder though if these devs/companies don’t just give it away for free publicity. I know companies give away stuff for reviewing the product and advertising it.

        • Noyfb

          Please Oh Please Kellex, buy this case and try it out and Give us a review!

    • I’m really interested in the radiation part.  Kellex you should probably go get a brain scan, then get the case, then sleep with it directly against your temple for like 3 weeks while on an active call and then get a followup brain scan and show the results.

  • ….*Dr. Evil Voice* riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • Lito31

    Lol funny

  • ummm, what the hell? Looks like a normal plastic snap case. How on earth can that “optimize” battery life??!

    • NemaCystX

      I think there pointing out the improved signal leads to better battery life

  • ddevito

    ha ha – oh boy – here comes the flame throwing :p

  • Michael Forte