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New Verizon MAP Released, Galaxy Nexus Dropping to $199 on April 23


According to the latest MAP (minimum advertised price) list from Verizon, the Galaxy Nexus will drop to $199 on 2-year contract starting April 23. If you were thinking about cruising into a store this weekend to pick one up, you may want to hold off until Monday to save yourself $100. There is a chance that this means that we will see a 16GB version of the phone around that day, but sort of doubt it. This looks to be just a price reduction. Still no word on a release for the 16GB Nexus in either white or dark.

On a related note, all of the RAZRs come off MAP Pricing on April 22, which is usually a good sign that new phones are around the corner. With the DROID RAZR HD (formerly the DROID Fighter) and the Incredible 4G popping up more often, this should get you excited.

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  • Mudleyblind

    I didn’t see the price drop yet on Verizon wireless. With no update since its release and the bugs it has, it’s not worth to spend that much on this phone unless you want to root; however, this phone is the best there is in its UI and features. Rezound is for fans of Sense, but I am not impressed with Rezound as the UI is not up to the mark (with lag). My HTC Incredible has better sense with gingerbread than Rezound. By far the best Android phone is the Nexus.

  • Owewil3225

    Is there a chance that the galaxy nexus price droping because maybe the galaxy s3 is coming our way?

  • DanWazz

    The price drop is probably more to do with competing with the Sprint Nexus being  $199. I wonder what happens May 10th. That date has been on the MAP since December or something like that.

  • Jim

    Should I get the Nexus or the Rezound? Have the Thunderbolt now, love Sense but i feel like it slows the phone down a bit. Just need some quick thoughts on the subject.

  • RegKilla

    Verizon gonna lower the price on the Galaxy Nexus on the 23nd due to Sprint getting the Galaxy Nexus for $199 a day before. Same prices.

  • Just in time for the upgrade fee to get implemented. So yeah, $70 price drop.

    •  $100 price drop for new customers.

      For buying through Amazon Wireless, new customers have been getting much better deals than upgraders for quite some time.  I suppose Verizon knows that unlimited data is keeping long time customers from shopping around.

  • again to those that can pay all that money, yesterday I bought the 7″ Galaxy Tab for $49. it’s big enough for me & great for my 1st Tablet. The DX2, Galaxy Tab & my windows 7 professional w/att 6.0, i think common sense & that much less i give to another country instead of the USA & I’m still in the loop.

  • Jeff Granger

    I was told today by my stores verizon rep that a BLUE RAZR is in the pipeline as well.

    • sgtguthrie

      Woooo hoooo! Another color? That rocks! Maybe they should bring back the changeable face plates! A color for every day of the week!!!


      • Jeff Granger

        I think a lot of people would actually love that.

        • Liderc

          you forgot to include your /sarcasm at the end. 

          No one cares about multiple phone colors.  That’s why girls with Iphones get a white iphone only to put a black rubber case around it. 

          • Jeff Granger

            I didn’t say I would like it. But a lot of people would. As a cell phone salesman, it one of the number 1 most asked questions. “What colors does it come in?” Granted its mostly women. But they like options. They will pay extra to not have a phone that looks like everyone else’s.

  • Gtmike256

    Hey, I am thinking of getting a new phone this weekend and I am torn between the droid razr maxx and gnex or waiting for the fighter/razr hd. What do you guys suggest? My incredible is doing pretty badly at the moment and is almost unusable because of a memory full error and it shutting off randomly.

    • Liderc

      If price is an issue, I’d go with the Rezound if you can get it for 49 still, very good deal and you’re already used to sense UI. 

      I don’t like the Razr, I respect the Maxx because of it’s battery, but overall I don’t like the screen/design or the manufacturer.  I don’t see them getting ICS anytime soon either, which means when jelly bean comes out at the end of the year it won’t be getting that either.  

      The Nexus is a great phone, one of if not the best screens ever used on a smart phone and if you keep the brightness at 30-40% you can last 12-15hours on the battery as long as you aren’t streaming netflix for 3-4 hours a day.  

      As much as people will say different, I’m not a Nexus fanboi.  The Gnex was my first nexus, had the OG since day one until I got the Nexus.  Everyday I use this phone it’s like the first day I got it.  The screen always blows me away every time I turn it on, I’ve not had any signal issues that some others have had on 4G and as I said I can last all day easily by dropping the screen brightness to 30%.    

      Right now I think it is the best smart phone available on Verizon(HTC One X being it’s rival).  The combination of the screen, how great the phone feels in hand and the speed and how fluid ICS is remains unbeatable.  Could the camera be a bit better in low light?  Of course, but I have yet to find a phone that takes good pictures in low light.  

      Even the Rezound had problems with low light and I didn’t find it was any better than the Nexus’ camera, I’d say maybe 10% better quality if that.

    • AE35

      Rezound = Inexpensive and decent specs. Fatty. Getting ICS soon. Good call quality

      Gnex = Uncluttered UI, ICS now, nice screen, PROMISED fast updates, will be $199 later this month, call issues for many people (not all) in both large cities and remote areas. No SD card. Complaints about camera quality.

      RAZR = Nice quality build, excellent call quality, mediocre UI, expensive. Can’t remove battery but its high capacity. Locked bootloader.

      RAZR HD is a unicorn at this point.

      None are perfect.

    • BlueLetter

      Depends on what you want. In day to day use the Razr/Maxx beats the tar out of the other two. It’s also tops in voice quality, and volume. Even the regular Razr is better in battery life as well. 
      Naturally it goes without saying if you’re in to flashing a new rom every day of the week the Razr isn’t for you, even though it does have a handful of good Roms available. 
      And in that case I’d probably go with the Rezound, it’s cheaper has endless Roms available and has SD card support. I will say that the display compared to the Nexus is a little disappointing. I just don’t think it’s bright enough, and the viewing angles are nothing special. 

      Actually scrap all that, wait till the incredible 4g and Razr HD or whateverthehellitscalled comes out, and pick up one of the three for dirt cheap. Unless you got the cash laying around in which case just get the Incredible 4G or the Razr HD I guess.

  • manny108

    I wish that the Galaxy S3 was on this list.

  • Lmi500

    They are dropping the price like they dropped the ball on this phone.

    • MicroNix

      If you think someone dropped the ball on the Galaxy Nexus, then you obviously haven’t seen/used a Droid 3.  I would be ecstatic to have your “problem-filled” Nexus.  At least I could flash a new rom and kernel…

  • Amphibliam

    Wait, my upgrade is 5/16. I wonder what will happen after 5/10. It says $199 from 4/22-5/10. Huh.

    • tomn1ce

      You can get the G-Nexus at amazon.com and at wirefly.com for $150…..Unless you like walking into the store and picking it up yourself…

  • icedhot

    strange….motorola device across the board….there is no note, no gs3, no htc one……just moto….i m very appal 

  • This ‘might’ make up for the “Upgrade Fee” in my book (I think its really an Upgrade Verizon’s wallet padding fee, but that’s besides the point). 

    Is it just for new customers or upgraders as well?

    • tomn1ce

      New customers are charge a activation fee…..the fees are almost the same amount…they just have different names for it…

  • Piotr G.

    Nice, i just used the upgrade on one of my lines, so woot for 100$ credit! 

  • Gael

    Seems convenient that they’re going to drop their price right after they start charging $30 for upgrades.

  • AndroidFan2

    Can’t wait for the DROID Fighter! I would like some more news on it though…..

    • Nannersby

      Give it 2 months, then the Droid Fighter Maxx will come out, followed by the Fighter Maxx HD, followed by the Droid Fighter Maxx HD + about 2 mo later

      • BlueLetter

        The HD is already going to have an HD screen and probably the Maxx’s battery. Try a little harder at least, damn.

      • MicroNix

        Hey it always worked for Apple, why not Motorola?  Except Apple takes a year for the next incremental update.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “this should get you excited.”

    Yeah, why exactly?

    So we can just get new flavors of the same old phones with some minor change? Nothing exciting about that. In fact, there is nothing exciting about anything VZW is releasing or rumored to be releasing.

    • LiterofCola

      I’m sure there are a lot of people who would disagree with you about what’s on the horizon.

  • I bought a galaxy nexus last week… 

    • FortitudineVincimus


      • AE35


    • Dan Treacy

      Ahhh bad luck man.  Maybe they will give you a price adjustment?

      •  I’m going to swing by there when the price drops, couldn’t hurt to ask

        • AE35

          Dont you have 2 weeks to return? It will cost $35 but thats better than $100. They should just adj the price.

          • Liderc

            That’s because it was past the 2 week return period. Clearly stated in the return policy. 

        • Liderc

          You can probably just call them first and get the account credited. 

  • Jer85008

    Good to know that the $730 Xyboard may get a price reduction in June….

    I know, off topic, but it’s Friday and I couldn’t resist.

  • demolition505

    Sgs3 coming?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      no – don’t count on it

      • sgtguthrie

        You don’t really know anything more than the rest of us… I think they will. They passed on the s2 only for the galaxy nexus. I don’t think they’ll pass us such a successful product line again. Sammy will have an lte model… Wait and see!

        • icedhot

          no i dont think so either…no note …no sg3

          • AE35

            Gotta agree. Verizon has a track-record of passing over awesome phones in favor of creating their own branded phones. No SGS III me thinks.

          • BlueLetter

            See I don’t get that logic, Verizon had the Galaxy S…in two different forms no less. Alright yeah they skipped the Galaxy SII, but that’s still a 50/50 ratio. Why are people so absolutely certain the GSIII won’t come to Verizon?

          • chris125

             Thought verizon was rumored to be getting the note and it would be called the journal?

          • MicroNix

            With how hot the SGS II was and the fact that Sammy is heads and tails about every other Android device maker in sales, you can bet VZW will try to get their hands on the SGS III.  I’m sure the only reason why they skipped over the SGS II was because they had the Nexus.  And the note, who would think that a tablet phone would sell?  I’d bet on the SGS III coming to VZW.

  • With Sprint releasing it on Sunday for $199, this is not surprising at all. 

    • 4n1m4L

      but sprint is putting $40 on your wallet account too.. not quite lining up methinks

      • What does that have to do with anything?

        • Liderc

          It means we pay more because we get to use the phone to the fullest on an actual 4g network. 

      • tech247

         Not sure what you are trying to say but seeing as Sprint does not have 4G LTE turned on anywhere in the country at this time, the Verizon GNEX is still the better deal.

        • Daniel Simpson

          And since sprint’s plan is most likely more expensive than your current plan (assuming you have unlimited data) which I unfortunately found out when trying to get off of Verizon.

  • $199 is still too much for this. I got a Rezound last week $49 on amazon and put a senseless ICS rom on it. Better camera, better screen, sd card support, and for 1/6th of the current price of the Nexus. So I don’t get NFC and a barometer, but who really uses that anyway?

    • There’s only one problem, The ReZound is not a Nexus. Try harder next time though

      • Coming from a Galaxy Nexus owner, so what if it’s not a Nexus? 

        • There’s nothing wrong with the ReZound, if you like it. I was merely pointing out the fact that some people would rather have a Nexus device than not. This commenter, while obviously trolling (the article is about a Nexus price drop, not anything to do with the ReZound), seemingly fails to understand this.

          • Or you can read the very first sentence I wrote. 

          • Dan Treacy

            The Rezound is a great phone but the Galaxy Nexus has much more than just ICS going for it.  Thanks to the developer community, I haven’t had this much fun with a phone since my Droid 1 days….ridiculous customization…

          • Nannersby

            The dev community will be jumping on the S3 pretty soon.

          • Dan Treacy

            We can only hope so!

          • Liderc

            I still doubt we’ll get the S3 on Verizon.  Just doesn’t seem like a phone Verizon usually goes for.  

          • Tim242

            They went for two versions of the S1, and chose the Nexus in place of the S2. They will get the S3.

          • sgtguthrie

            I would rather have a NEXUS, but I can’t do a 5mp camera. My friend has a NEXUS and let me say my HTC Blunderbolt takes better pics! Such a shame Sammy handicapped it with such a wimpy camera :-

          • tomn1ce

            My only complaint about the G-Nexus is the rear speaker…The 5mp on its camera I can live with, is not like I’ll be printing any of the photos that I’ll take with a phone. 

          • sgtguthrie

            Why not? I do and they turn out damn good from my HTC BLUNDERbolt. Better than my Kodak camera usually… Sad for the camera…lol!

          • Liderc

            Who prints out photos from their phone? I assure you, you’re the minority.  The Nexus camera can take amazing pics, just have to know how to take them. The rezound’s camera isn’t even that much better. My cousin bought it during the 49 dollar sale and I tested it for an entire day, was barely noticeably better, was definitely nothing compared to what people were saying.

          • tomn1ce

            I’m not complaining about the camera on the G-Nexus. For me its camera is fine is just the damn speaker that’s garbage.

          • pic taken with my nexus 5mp camera does any one see anything wrong with my camera ?????

          • To be honest, color reproduction is eeew…
            (Not that my Thunderbolt’s camera is much better though).

        • EC8CH

          “so what if it’s not a Nexus?”

          Just means you won’t be able to enjoy the heightened sense of righteous indignation that comes with owning a Nexus Device while you want for VZW to release your updates.

          … Coming from another Galaxy Nexus owner 😛

      • That is the point. At this time, what does the Nexus offer me that the Rezound doesn’t? A curved screen? Obviously the sale is over now and the price is more equal, but the only thing the Nexus had going for it was ICS, which isn’t exclusive to it anymore. If this was dropped to $99 then it would be a much better deal, but in the current market $299 is insane, and $199 is still too much.

        • hkklife

          Advantages of the Gnex over the Rezound:

          Vanilla Android
          ICs out of the box
          Unlockable bootloader
          Larger screen
          Curved Screen
          2x the internal storage
          Faster CPU/GPU for some benchmarks & games

          Other than the above, I agree that the Rezound and Maxx trump the GNex in several KEY areas, especially build quality, radios, expandable storage, and camera quality (and battery life for the Maxx).   

          • LiterofCola

            I do have to ask how is a curved screen an advantage?

          • Are we now moving back to boob tubes or something?

          • AE35

            I don’t think the bootloader on the Rezound is “locked”

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Yeah, and what exactly has that gotten you? No or sloooow updates, a cheap plastic phone, a tiny joke of a camera, well known weak modems.. yeah, you try harder next time to justify your bad buy.

        • Tyler Cameron

          Talk about cheap plastic, the hell you think the Rezound is made of? Cheaper plastic. I had one for a week and it started creaking just like every other plastic HTC phone.

          • AE35

            The Nexus feels cheaper to me. Especially the back cover.
            The Rezound is too fat and needs to go on a diet.

            Nexus doesn’t mean cutting edge. It was supposed to mean fast updates and no carrier clutter. Verizon tainted that. And Google doesn’t consider it a developers phone because of the CDMA.

            I bought one and returned it because the call quality was poor.

          • Liderc

            I don’t understand this argument of feeling cheap.  The Nexus feels amazing in hand.  I never take the battery cover off so I never have a problem with it beening thin and flimsy, it’s always rock solid on the device, where it’s supposed to be. 

          • AE35

            Plastics have a wide range in quality. Cheap toys are made with low end, BMW dashboard components are made with high quality plastics.

            Other phones use durable rubberized coatings and HTC is now using ceramics. The fruity phone uses aluminum. The Nexus materials are not great. It won’t affect the phone but it just doesn’t feel like quality.

            I don’t mean to denigrate your phone if you like it, I just don’t feel build-quality is one of its strengths.

          • Liderc

            I just don’t think you’ve used the device is why I question your statement.  

            Anyone who’s held a Nexus knows it feels anything but cheap. 

            I’m no Nexus fanboi, I’m probably one of the most rational people on this site. I say things because it’s the truth, not because I’m urged to by any bias.

          • AE35

            Used it? I owned it for 2 weeks.

          • Tim242

            My plastic Nexus feels better Han my metal thunderbolt did.

          • RegKilla

            The Galaxy Nexus feels good in hand.

          • John

            small font!

          • Justin19

            Why don’t we fix this problem and just all switch to Moto? Their products are built to last – even their feature phoens last a long time. My OG Droid lasted the full two years, at which point I upgraded to the bionic. The bionic continues to last, but I still plan on upgrading to another Moto because I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them.

        • Droidlife

           Slow updates? Galaxy Nexus devices (save some regional builds) update directly from Google, even the Verizon phones:

          A co-worker just got the Verizon GNexus last week; it’s 4.0.4 (same as my GSM import GNexus), uses Google as its update provider, and didn’t have any carrier provided apps installed.

          The only difference I could tell is mine has a SIM card and his has LTE.

      • LiterofCola

        Kill yourself

    • Jer85008

      Which ROM are you using? Any significant bugs? I’m ready to unlock and experiment with mine….

    • Liderc

      Not a better screen, SD card support is worthless, has red buttons.

      The only thing the Rezound has is a little bit better camera and it’s not even that much better, been using it for a week now and it’s not as impressive as everyone made it out to be.  Plus it still doesn’t have actual ICS, which is a definite fail. 

      People are starting to use NFC as well, I know I use it at gas stations and grocery stores and blow minds daily.  

    • Droidlife

      Better screen? You must be joking. The 300+ dpi display on the GNexus is better than any other Android I’ve seen.

  • Drummer62

    official 4.0.4 will get me excited, so I can use my 4G’s and not lose data and have bad switching back to 3G.

    • Tim242

      I’ve been on 4.0.4 for months….

      • He said official 4.0.4 not leaked versions.

        • Tim242

          Obsessing over .0.X updates is silly. But if you must, go get it. The only reason I’m on 4.0.4 is because AOKP switched over to it.