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Minor HTC Thunderbolt Update 2.11.605.19 Released


A small HTC Thunderbolt update has been released as 2.11.605.19 ahead of an official push if anyone is interested in flashing it. This is a full RUU and can be used by everyone, not just rooted users. If you have unlocked your Tbolt using HTC’s bootloader tool, you will apparently have to relock before flashing this (that sounds fun).

The update again, is minor. It makes the phone a bit more stable, updates some bloatware, and includes a new radio. 

Download:  Thunderbolt_2.11.605.19_PG05IMG.zip


*I’m assuming this will wipe your phone being a full RUU and all, so be careful.

1.  After you download the file from above, rename it to “PG05IMG.zip” without the quotes of course.
2.  Drop the file on the root of your SD card.
3.  Turn phone off.
4.  Hold Volume Down + Power to boot into fastboot.
5.  One the file is detected, follow the onscreen prompts to flash the file.
6.  When it completes, your phone should reboot. Enjoy.



  • CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert System) support added
  • IPv6 over eHRPD

Issues Resolved

  • Mobile Hotspot disconnecting
  • Previous state ID being displayed on incoming call
  • Viewing Yahoo email with mail app – body of message disappears
  • Support for Cisco Any Connect VPN
  • VZNav version updated (
  • Volume adjusted when in HAC mode
  • URL for VVM updated
  • Birthday mismatch while adding birthday and saving to contacts BUA+ updates
  • Device stability, resets
  • Retry for abnormal picture download for Facebook

Via:  Android Police

  • Forhaj

    Thanks Boss

  • Tom

    WARNING:  This will erase everything on your phone. I thought it would be like previous releases and keep all my data. I had to re-install all my apps and begin to try and figure out what my home screens looked like. Boo!

    Question:  If I root the phone, is there a backup solution that will back up everything? Including the home screen setup and settings for all my apps?

    Thank you, Tom

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    looks like im gonna have to dig out the ol tbolt from where ever the hell i left it O.o 

  • Josh Groff

    I think I’m going to change my dog’s name back to WiFi.

  • Ken

    NEW RADIO!!!! perhaps the Development community’s can use it to finish up and make their ICS build have a functioning radio?

  • Any roms based on it yet?

  • Tlokdog666

    Ics now

  • fvqu

    Its good to see this phone hasn’t been given up on just yet.

  •  The only useful thing in this RUU are the radios. Lots of people are seeing increased speeds and better signal.


  • W

    not one single f*ck was given about this update -t-bolt owner…ics or bust

    •  THIS.

    • LionStone

      Haha…nice. Yea pretty much…I have none of these issues so I’ll pass too.

    • Chakabobo18

      I’ll take the radio, but that’s it.  So I’ll just wait until our talented android community rips the radio out of the RUU package for a separate install.

  • so this is not a OTA update? and can i please get a freaking answer this time

    • Josh Groff

      It’s an RUU (rom update utility), you flash it from HBOOT. I’m assuming HTC will be pushing an OTA out soon as they usually do. They like providing zips before hand though. An RUU unlike an OTA will do a complete restore and flash the newest radio and kernel and what not. It’s like an OTA on steroids and can be used even from a soft bricked state (assuming you can boot into HBOOT.)

  • rals

    My GNEX is feeling jealous. 

    • EC8CH

      Yeah, I don’t really care about the update itself, but it would be nice if they would push it out so Sammy could start selling their pogo dock again.