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Giveaway: Win One of Fifteen Volume+ Pro Licenses (Updated: Winners Picked)

We have discussed the pros to having an application such as Volume+ installed on our devices before, but for anyone new to the scene, it’s time to take notes. In some instances, when you stream audio over Google Music or Pandora, the quality just isn’t as good as you had hoped for and that is where Volume+ shines. With the app, you can set EQ’s to each individual audio profile on your Android device. Is your phone speaker too quiet during a call? Simply adjust the EQ and you will be hearing everything just fine from then on.

The creators reached out to us and want to giveaway fifteen copies of the application to share with our readers. Want to win a free copy? 

Thanks to everyone for entering! It was an amazing turnout with 900 entries! We have chosen our winners and they are down below!


  1. Icehunter – Foo Fighters
  2. Luniz7 – System of a Down
  3. Jaschart – Lamb of God
  4. EvanTheGamer – Linkin Park
  5. Justin Lightner – The Black Dahlia Murder
  6. Dbag Jones – Pantera R.I.P Dime
  7. TheRealChizz – Britney Spears
  8. rhdz – Minus the Bear
  9. Justincase_2008 – Gojira
  10. Pgb1 – Rush
  11. SeaStory – Led Zeppelin
  12. Ndorfn – Skrillex
  13. Daryl Johnston – Project 86
  14. 2Ceedz – Tool
  15. Jeffie – Seether

How to enter:

  1. Comment down below with who your favorite band/artist is.
  2. Make sure to comment with a valid email so we can contact the winners.

We will pick our winners tomorrow at 10AM PST to make sure everyone has a chance to enter. Good luck!

Play Link ($1.99) | Play Link (free)

  • Veazey

    It’s a tough question but Led Zeppelin is up there.

  • Dakotaweatherhead2112


  • Hudhwk


  • Mikedeamicis

    Coldplay because my kids know the words to all the songs and do backseat karaoke every time they come on the radio. 

  • DaleTice


  • Eric

    Red Hot Chili Peppers!

  • Pete

    Two of my favorites are Breaking Benjamin & Blue October.

  • Patrick Cox

    Hey I’m sorry for Party Rockin but…LMFAO knows how to do it best. Can’t wait to see them in June! Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, YEAH!

  • Peloshas

    Hands down the best band is PEARL JAM

  • Dirkwan23


  • David Cohen

    Who wins? lol

  • pagemay

    Coheed and Cambria.  Its the best of everything progressive and rock.

  • @area0052

    Tough to narrow it down to one artist. I like a lot of diffent types of music. But I always have an early 90’s “grunge” playlist available with pearl jam, nirvana, Alice in chains, mother love bone, primus, tool, etc

  • Joeker


  • Andrei_Antal

    Rise against