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Samsung Galaxy SIII Only to be a “Minor” Upgrade Over Its Predecessor?

Uh oh, someone is out to spoil our fun this morning. According to sources who spoke with CNET UK, the “next Galaxy” is only going to be a minor upgrade over the Galaxy SII. We may see a speed boost in processor, but we are supposed to expect an iPhone 4 to 4S improvement rather than a complete game changer. Samsung may also change up the naming convention and use something other than “Galaxy SIII.”

What doesn’t make sense to me about those statements, is that the Galaxy Note and all of the HD variants of the Galaxy SII are already “minor” upgrades to the original. How could you go more minor? While the 1080p display rumor that is flying around seems highly unlikely, I wouldn’t be surprised if the phone rocked a quad-core Exynos processor, which doesn’t necessarily fall in the minor category. Well, let me take that back. If you think about it after a processor bump, what else could be all that major? At this point in the smartphone game, we have seen HD screens, high-end cameras, and super fast processors, so maybe on paper, things do look “minor.” I would still be surprised if this phone doesn’t “Wow!” us all though.


  • jdrch

    No 1080p screen, no deal for me

  • Lol you know this rumor was prob started by a bunch of iPhans so they can sleep better at night, they need to face reality at some point

  • JMonkeYJ

    if it has ICS, that is a major upgrade over the SII

  • Azn_Android

    Ugh. The hype around this device is ridiculous…

    I honestly think a quad core is POINTLESS. Android isn’t optimized for it. It frazzles me as to why people keep wanting a quad core. OMGZ I CAN HAZ 4 COREZ?!… no. Seriously the Snapdragon S4 performs BETTER than the Tegra 3 other than in graphics. But who seriously uses their phone as a gaming device? What we need is efficiency and the A15 architecture provides that. I’d much rather have a dual core exynos with A15 architecture than a quad core with A9. I doubt the screen will be more than 4.5 inches to be honest.. this is their flagship after all and is meant for the masses. I also doubt it will be 1080p… It will most probably be a 720p screen with an RGB layout. I think the biggest change is going to be the design of the phone. I think Samsung will really step it up on build quality. But otherwise, I don’t think the SIII will have other changes other than the camera. 

    Just be prepared for disappointment.. especially when so much hype has been put on this handset.

  • Dominick_7

    A Note on Verizon and Id be extremely happy. Add a quad core and Id be ecstatic!

  • BTLS

    I liked this post as soon as I read “Uh oh”!

  • Daniel Simpson

    Seriously Kellex, what would make a new screen and processor a minor upgrade.  I can’t imagine them going with the old S2’s screen when the Nexus is already sporting Super AMOLED HD.

  • Aaa

    Why does it need to be quad-core? To be future proof? Dual-core is fine, I would like better camera, better battery (2500+mah), and a HD 720p super amoled plus display

  • wastry

    This really doesn’t make any sense – if it’s just a minor update, why wouldn’t Samsung show it off or even release it at MWC?  Why all the secrecy?

    Let’s face it: Sammy has really gone to great lengths to keep this device under wraps

    – from the Apple-esque way of testing- no legitimate leaks emerging
    – launching four events on different continents at the same time on May 3
    – timing the release to correspond with their sponsoring the Olympics.

    It’s clear that Samsung is going for a blow-out with this phone; it’s going to be big, REALLY big.

  • MKader17

    A quad-core on LTE would be a game changer.

  • Michael Forte

    Wow Samsung really is trying to copy Apple even more. Minor upgrades and a new name, bet it’s the New Galaxy S or the Next Galaxy. Stupid, why not release a game changer instead of a minor upgrade?

    • yarrellray

      What’s the point with your post??? This device is and will be a game changer. 12mp camera, either quacore A9 chip 4412 Exynos or quadcore Exynos 5250 processor on A-15 chip both with LTE 4.6 or 4.8 inch screen. This is no apple device thats for sure if people want something incremental purchase an apple device you might just get lucky and get LTE finally or iphone will be KICKED OFF the besr LTE network ever. People will be SAMSUNGED as usual….

      • MistVapor

        What is the point of your post? You know nothing about smartphones, you know nothing about architecture, throughput, I/O speed, how a device communicates with the memory, what a Dalvik VM is, you think rooting is for old phones, you can’t spell, use a dictionary, and punctuation is a foreign concept to you. You spam Android sites with utterly stupid and irrelevant comments. When people ignore you, you call people out so you can get attention, and you think – and this is the funniest part – you have “fans”. lolol
         Go on, Richard, tell me how my post was useless, or how you’re going to crap or piss on everything in a basement. Tell us how you’re fake phone grows appendages and assaults other phones. Tell me how I own nothing, or what I do own is useless. You’re just repeating or copy-pasting something you’ve already seen. Grow up, you’re a middle-aged man living in a piss-soaked basement with a TV from 1967. Yes, I saw Steam’s posts on another site, checked them, and sure enough, he or she was 100% correct about you! Is your best comeback going to be “I use mah reel name! I dunt hide behind fake names, I haz ballz!” Yeah…not according to that Red Door article Steam posted on AAM recently.   http://boweryapplications.org/Images/mmDocument/Red%20Door%20Jun2007.pdf
         Why don’t you devote 5% of the energy it takes you to spam android sites to actually learning soething about android. When posed with an honest question, you just ignore it, or say something that has nothing to do with it, just like you did in the article that AAM put your name on.

    • JaeLim

      Why? Because CNET said it was minor upgrade?


    I stopped when I saw CNET. If it’s not going to run iOS, it’s a minor upgrade to them.

    • Liderc

      No kidding.  Cnet is the biggest joke of a site ever. 

  • Snow02

    Anything still A9 based is going to be minor from a spec bump perspective. That’s not to say they won’t add some extra connectivity features like wireless display mirroring, etc., but I’m not expecting anything revolutionary speed-wise.

  • If the next-gen model looks mostly like a Galaxy S II with a quad Exynos and maybe a better display, the Apple fans are going to laugh.  Every Android diehard who insisted that the iPhone 4S was a weak upgrade solely because it looked the iPhone 4 and didn’t say “5” on the box would get some (rightly deserved) comeuppance.

    Personally, I’m expecting the S III (or whatever it’s called) to be a bit more substantial than that, with some cosmetic tweaks, a 720p Super AMOLED HD Plus display (I hope!), and better cameras on top of the new processor.  But remember, the Galaxy S line reflects the high end of Samsung’s bread-and-butter smartphones, not niches like with the Galaxy Note or Galaxy Nexus.  I can’t see it going to a bigger screen unless it just uses Android 4.0 on-screen controls and keeps the same width.

    • LiterofCola

      I personally couldn’t care less of what Apple fans think

  • The New Galaxy S?

  • Sobr0801

    Not really interested in this device. If people crap on any phone for its skin, Samsung is the place to start (I am not even counting LG in the mix).

  • g_what

    All I can ask for as far as improvements are super amoled+ hd display, quad core exynos, and larger battery (while maintaining reasonable thickness, it doesn’t have to be the thinnest device in the world). Those three (and a half) things are all I would need for ‘improvement’.

    • SilverUberXeno

      I’m with you on this. “Thinnest” is overrated. The “thinnest” people are anorexic goons. Who wants them? Not me. A huge battery, with respect to overall form and function, is great. These aftermarket things that weren’t taken into account when the phone was designed just don’t cut it.

      • LiterofCola

        I’ve got the perfect phone for ya!

        • wastry

          I remember that episode

  • Mpaze22

    It will be called the galaxy S3. They’re announcing it on may 3rd, 5/3. Notice how the 5 looks like an S


      Except it’s being announced in the rest of the world where the date is 3/5. Quit reading into stuff so much.

      • MKader17

        and 3/5 looks like BS and, therefore this obviously confirms this launch will be a BS upgrade.


  • tvjrc603

    i actually heard that samsung is going to try a new strategy – the rarely attempted step back.  the SGS3 will rock a single core processor, have no data connectivity, and green-backlit calculator like screen, ala the nokia phone i had when i was in high school.

  • jldleo

    Its really hard to achieve the “WOW” factor anymore because we have such high expectations, but that doesn’t mean that we have been let down in any way. It is going to be an amazing phone regardless.

    • Butters619

      I mean the HTC One X wowed people.

  • GotSka81

    I think the biggest potential to make this phone a “game-changer” is the possibility of an edge-to-edge display.  If Sammy can eliminate the bulk of the bezel on either side it will certainly make the phone something far more interesting than if they can’t.

  • Kyle Fullmer

    Introducing the Samsung Galaxy SIIS

    • jldleo

      That would be an invite to another lawsuit.. lol

    • Eric Franca

      Samsung Galaxy SIIS aka Station to Station. It’ll be David Bowie-branded. Now I’m really excited.

      • Does the phone show some kind of glow?

  • Dave

     Well that very same article says to look at the One X in order to know what to expect. But I wouldn’t call the One X minor by any means, so it’s definitely a subjective statement.

  • This is typical. First, everyone hypes up the specs, WAY over what they can deliver on, and they have to leak out some info to counter balance specs lower so when it comes in right in the middle, no one is disappointed. 

    • FortitudineVincimus

      WAY over? Name 1 thing in the rumored specs that they cannot deliver on that is not possible?

      •  1080p screen. They can not and will not have a 1080p screen.

        • Nigga

           why do we need that?

          •  We don’t.  It would be a battery hog and expensive. It was one of the hefty rumored specs that was floated around.

        • blix247

          Agreed, the next step is to remove the pentile on the 720P screen that is currently out there.  That alone would be a huge upgrade and would pretty much blow away any other screen on the market.

  • Asimoalex

    Talk about a  Turd in the punch bowl  lol

  • Zeadaplaya

    All I want is a Samsung made quad core processer and a bigger, HD Super AMOLED PLUS display.
    Notice the Plus. Then I’d be satisfied.

    • LiterofCola

      And an updated camera

      • Aaa

        and an updated battery.

  • Matthew Merrick

    gs2 is still one of the best phones out there. take the gs2, give it a quad core exynos, 720p samoled+hd screen, and ics with onscreen buttons, and you have a near perfect device. 

    we don’t need a huge overhaul in design to make a great phone. and honestly, only changing three things in a device is pretty minor to most everyone. 

    i’m not worried 🙂 

    • Butters619

      I still don’t think SAMOLED+, but if so that would be sexy.

  • LiterofCola

    Could be misinformation being pushed out to keep us in the dark as to the true specs of the phone?  Who knows.  I doubt that after the S2, the S3 will be a minor update

  • Kyle

    What would truly “wow” me is if it is on Verizon.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Amen brotha

    • Spoken Word™

      What would truly “wow” me is if sites would stop posting rumors just to get a few page hits. That would be a wow moment!

      • kulanapan

        We WANT rumors, as long as they come from semi-credible sources. If you don’t like that, go to CNN or something and read their desolate tech section.

      • BTLS

        Rumors are Rad.  I remember when DL first posted the 4.65″ samsung screen rumor…  So many called BS, but it ended up being the Nexus! 
        It’s fun, come on, buddy guy pal…

      • MistVapor

        Phandroid is the worst. I think Droid-Life does an excellent job, I admire Kellex for his tenacity. Far, far better than sites that have tons of “bloggers” (I use that term loosely as applied to them).

        • Noyfb

          Most of the droid life rumors I’ve read have come true, unlike other blogs. This and androidlife are my favorite to visit, just wish i had more time to read more in the day