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Verizon Expands 4G LTE Network in California Markets

There is no slowing the Verizon 4G LTE train. After announcing 44 new markets and expansions less than two weeks ago, another list of has been released. This time, California (and Reno, NV) is the main target, with expansions taking coverage into new neighborhoods and areas that had yet to enjoy the incredible wireless speeds. For many of you in the Golden State, 3G logos will forever be a thing of the past. Well, unless you want your phone to last for more than 6 hours.

The list:

  • Stockton
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Fresno
  • Bakersfield
  • Salinas
  • Monterey
  • San Francisco
  • Sacramento
  • Modesto
  • Reno, NV

We also heard from a handful of readers this week that Kokomo, IN has been lit up. Are you noticing coverage in your area that was previously 3G only?

  • Dave

    at this very moment, “4G” is showing in Palmdale CA. Don’t know if it will stick around, or if its just testing.

  • Battleicious

    I have been receiving on and off 4g in Simi today. Speeds have been from 5000kbps to 12000 kbps. This is inside an office building tho.Seems like they are testing it out in this area.

  • cr

    any of you have heard when they will install a tower VZN 4G in otay mesa, ca (south san diego),

  • Lucy

    It would be nice if they just get around to offering 3G in Mendocino County, especially along the North coast.  4G is California dreamin’ at this point.

  • haohao113


  • Aw c’mon man…. Santa Clarita / Canyon Country?  We’re in LA County – how ’bout some 4G love???/?

  • Di Vincirooney

    This morning, for the first time ever, I am getting 4G from the south suburbs of St. Louis!  Thank you Big Red!

  • Larry Mahnken

    York PA lit up last Monday, though I don’t think we’ve seen anything official on that, yet.

  • nightscout13

    8 of these 9 cities i visit at least once a year, so this is a plus for me.

  • Tim242

    Pine Bluff, AR has been lit up. Arkansas is pretty well covered : )

  • socalrailroader

    Still no LTE north of San Rafael or Sacramento, leaving most of NorCal without it.  Come on VZ and AT&T, show NorCal some LTE love!

  • benXdeath

    Noticed today that 4G just lit up in areas just west of Indianapolis. Hendricks/Boone County.

  • Less a popularity contest..more of existing fiber, spectrum, etc. I’d think

  • masterxchief

    Dammit they expand their networks while my Gnex is off being repaired 🙁 . Verizon 3G is terrible in the SF Bay Area

  • Less a popularity contest..more of existing fiber, spectrum, etc. I’d think.

  • EatUrCrap

    The did all of the areas around me…

    Are you kidding me!!!
    I still don’t have 4G here in Redding, CA.

    • socalrailroader

      There’s no LTE north of San Rafael or Sacramento, we’re also LTE less here in Mendocino County.  I am still surprised Santa Rosa in Sonoma County is without it.

    • Brandon Ehrke

      I live in Redding California too been waiting for Lte here. I was also told Feb too then end of April. who knows.

  • San Luis Obispo has been getting 4G for quite a while now

  • kobalt7

    They need to expand 4G in southern California too. There are patches of 4G and 3G around where I live.

    • Barlog

      I agree im in Escondido San Diego co. an really need it in Valley Center

  • Danielcee3

    Lamont California needs 4g

  • Nickolaus Banky

    There is 4G coverage in Hanford, California was told by a rep that coverage was gonna be in Lemoore, CA and prob wouldn’t reach Hanford but seems like Hanford has it… Not sure about Lemoore I haven’t been there to check yet.. but hanford is def on the LTE train.

    •  Visalia, CA has it too, Corcoran, CA is getting it very soon. Verizon rep was installing a box on the tower saying it will be up in a couple months.

      • mike d

         hope you’re right about corcoran. we’re always last

  • Jimburn69

    Albany Oregon. We got it about a month ago.

  • Cheese88

    Wheres Palmdale!?

    • Raider93550

      Hope its coming soon my brother got a 4g signal yesterday for about 15 minutes. Hope they are starting to test!!

  • 3g savings

    I’m in the Monterey area and I already get 4g but just weak. So, needless to say I am happy but, will only use it when I really need it.

    • Mecevans

      In Seaside i get 4G. I work by the aquarium, it switches constantly back and forth. Really annoying.

  • Reno is looking a lot better since the expansion.  Could barely get 1 bar of 4g at my workplace, now I’ve got full reception.

  • David

    Whoa! 4G Way down in Kokomo…  I couldn’t refuse.

  • Herach

    I Work in Calabasas/Agoura Hills California right before Ventura county and still no 4G LTE here.

  • Better not be!

  • Baker1015 Sb

    To answer your question kellen Kokomo was 3g only

  • m

    All hail 4G LTE! I’m sure VZW will have 4G coverage for most of the 50 states soon. Only drawback with 4G LTE is battery life. Just turn it off when not in use. Happy Friday!

  • Baker1015 Sb

    Kokomo FTW!!!! We are a boom town, once in the top ten most dying towns in the country. We must be back for Verizon to turn it on here. Just hope it’s not a test. Do they do things like that? Test for a few days and turn it off?

  • sru571

    9 cities on the list.

    4.0.5 added together equals 9.

    Today is the 13th of April, which can only mean Verizon wants us to calculate 4 + 13 = 17.

    GNex 4.0.5 will be released on the 17th.

    Minds blown, your welcome.

    • 4.0.5 + 4.0.5 = 8.1.0

    • OhAaron

      Lol! This kind of sounds like National Treasure.

      • guestapo

        Actually, it sounds more like Louis Farrakhan.  How many words in his name?  Two. What is two plus 17?  19!  The magic number.  See what I mean?

  • tharealoc

    Ah i see thats’s what all that thunder and lightning was all up and down central and nor cal…

  • LiterofCola

    Ha! Po-desto is finally on board

  • eagletrippin

    I noticed this 2-3 days ago, when I noticed my phone getting 4 bars for 4G at my home in Sacramento. (I previously only got 2 bars.) My speed tests consistently reached 29 Mbps — it’s awesome 🙂

  • ChoklitCow

    Kokomo, IN!!??  How on earth does Verizon pick these locations?  They’ve yet to hit Muncie, Indiana which is larger and houses a mid-sized uinversity?  Even AT&T is putting 4g in Muncie.

    • Marion, Sweetser, Swayzee too 🙂

      • ChoklitCow

        That is crazy.  I’m happy for everyone, but I wonder how they select their markets?

  • Marion, Indiana and the towns between it and Kokomo went up yesterday it seems.

    •  I live West of Kokomo about 5 miles outside of town and we were covered by 3g @87 dbm  we are now connected 4g@ 94dbm. it almost reaches highway 18 and 31 to the North.

      • Shaun

        I can’t believe I’m not the only person from Kokomo who visits this site. The Android community is massive.

        • Seems like Anderson and Muncie are about the only mid size cities left SOL. Indiana is pretty set compared to other states. heh

          • Ksuhle1

            loving the 4G coverage in Howard County now. Now if just north ok Kokomo could get at least 3g service.

          • It’ll get there. It’s just a matter of time. You don’t know how surprised I was when I was driving through Huntington and noticed I had LTE a few months ago.

  • About a week ago the coverage in Tucson AZ expanded as I finally had it at my house. 🙂 Previously it was just the core of Tucson, however its now hitting pretty much all the surrounding home areas.

  • tharealoc

    I’m loving this update, we had some random spots of 4g awesomeness  in monterey but now i can look forward to way better coverage. great news for a stormy friday morning!

  • Kaliboyred1

    All Northern and Central coast. No Southland love.

  • The 21st Centry

    What’s a “Blackberry”

  • John Lane

    this is why living in Merced sucks we are right in the middle of Modesto and Fresno and we never get covered during these expansions like 3g took forever

    • Jonathan Ly

      Seriously! Initial LTE rollout hit Bakersfield, Fresno AND Modesto! ALL the Highway 99 cities EXCEPT MERCED! >:(

    • Tim Swann

      I live 1 mile away from the number 1 volume corporate-owned Verizon retail store and we don’t have 4G. Has to make you feel better that their store with the most volume isn’t covered by 4G.

  • Adam F.

    Yay for Stockton/Modesto!

  • Buzzy42

    Any progress on Simi Valley/Ventura regions? I drive through a couple times a month and hate when I drop off of 4G, especially since my Bolt really hates to lock onto 3G for some bizarre reason… sucks to lose my streaming music!

    • Joel

       There are some large White signs at a couple Simi Valley Stores…..Radio Shack and Walmart, that look like Verizon is adding equipment of some type there.  Could be a positive sign toward 4G getting closer for us.

    • ManBearPig618

      Ventura County/Calabasas area needs it bad.  So populated/close to LA yet no LTE.  Ridiculous.

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    • rmjack

      I know, I’m in Thousand Oaks, its a fairly big city for Ventura County, and we need it bad, my Gnex is dying for some LTE.

    • Haxcid

      Agreed. Over here in Camarillo. I spoke to a store manager that said they had started testing 4G in this area and not to get excited to freak if I saw a 4G icon in my status bar every so often for the next couple of months. 

      I am betting by July. When I bought my revolution last June they told me it would be in place by October 2011 and in November 2011 they told me February 2012… So who knows, now they just say by the end of 2012. 

    • sog805

      Everybody around us has LTE…Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Calabasas.  Ventura is getting screwed.

  • Joe Buck

    big red kickin but how doss at&t get away witb sayin they have the largest fastest 4g network when they arent even close

    •  They’re calling that HSPA+ 4G that’s how… blatant lie if you ask me.

    • me

      yeah I wondered that myself

  • Steve Faiella

    Northern Fairfield County Connecticut  was turned on about 2 weeks ago…

  • Franzie3

    excuse me….why does that Gnex back cover look white….i know you did the GSM swap but mhmmmmm…unless its just awkward lighting 

    • RadicalPie

      Saw him post this on twitter a few days ago. Still hasn’t told me where to get one.

      • Franzie3

        yea i think that may have been the conversion for the GSM version, which wont work on the LTE nexus.  But this is a VZW logo back cover, wonder if its the full conversion or if its just a copy

        • realfoxm

          yeah where can we get this? is the white housing also available? shut up and take my money.

          • ThomasMoneyhon

             yeah the teasing needs to stop. It only makes one look bad.

    • DanWazz

      It could just be those knock off white replacement backs on ebay.

  • The

    Just got to wait until the i*hone 5 comes for out all the people in California can use it.

    • Lacockanostra

      I use it

    • Flyinion

      Hmm, I seem to be using it just fine without a [email protected] phone.  You implying everyone in CA uses a fruit phone because [email protected] is based here?  If so, pretty dumb attempt.

      • sam

        Google is also based here.

        Also now seeing 4g in hanford, ca.

        Just waiting for my home town of moorpark.

        • Flyinion

          LOL exactly, so it’s silly of the OP to imply that nobody in CA uses an Android phone for 4G.  Have had it here in Sacramento for a while (at least since I got my GN in Dec.) so maybe they just expanded coverage around town.  I’ve been noticing stronger signal and coverage in places I didn’t expect.

    • ABerry5

      that would suck… my LTE here in Portland is faster than my comcast cable internet at my house

      THIS http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/1302/screenshot2012022616140.png

      translates to

      THIS http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/5816/screenshot2012020513441.png

    • ABerry5

      that would suck… my LTE here in Portland is faster than my comcast cable internet at my house

      THIS http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/1302/screenshot2012022616140.png

      translates to

      THIS http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/5816/screenshot2012020513441.png

  • EvanTheGamer

    ‘Bout time!

    Even though I don’t live near any of those places. Damn!