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Chrome Beta 19 for Desktop Syncs With Chrome Tabs on Android Devices, Other Computers Too

When Chrome for Android was released, the coolest feature was easily its ability to sync with multiple Chrome desktops that you had signed into. What better way to continue your work or recent task or restaurant search than by having access to where you left off immediately on your phone. But what about the other direction? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your mobile browser sessions sync back with your desktop? Indeed it would! In Chrome Beta 19 that was released on Tuesday, you get exactly that. Not only that, but it also syncs with any device running Chrome, so your internet sessions are with you everywhere.

Via:  Chrome | Phandroid

  • zaoche55
  • zaoche55


  • orion11100

    It works well for me but for some reason Swift Key has awful lag when used in Chrome..  WTF?

  • Erasmussen14

    Chrome desktop browser crashes way to often for me to even consider using the android version and syncing my web pages…

  • vawwyakr

    I just wish it wasn’t so dog slow compared to Opera Mini

  • enigmaco

    now if it would cooperate with my rom using ics on my droid 3 and it doesn’t like it

  • jdrch

    1) Chrome Canary has had this feature for a while now 2) Chrome for Android has no Flash or extension support while Firefox Nightly + Aurora and Opera have both and Firefox Beta has the latter. CfA is fast, but that’s about it.

    • I’ve not missed flash on CfA at all, and it being fast is great. If I ever need flash I could just load up stock browser anyways.

      • jdrch

        There are lots of streaming video sites that are Flash-only. Also, I hate ads so I prefer a browser that supports ad blocking extensions. But that’s just me

    • Chrome dev has also had the feature for some time

  • br_hermon

    That’s great but I’m still holding out on Chrome for android until they have Quick Controls.

  • Firefox does 2-way syncing like this, doesn’t it? (I can’t stand Firefox’d mobile browser, and so I don’t know for sure)

    I just thought that was the whole point of Firefox’s elaborate syncing mech.

    • Hoff16

      Yes, Firefox has had this for quite awhile its called Firefox Sync. It will sync to and from whatever you have:

      Edit: It was initially released as Mozilla Weave, but then changed to Sync. It has been around since December 21,2007 and became a built in feature for Firefox in March 22,2011(Firefox 4).

  • Johan

    Hah!  I was just looking for this feature in chrome on my laptop!  glad it’ll be there soon 🙂

  • Kyle Fullmer

    I must have missed something.  I installed beta 19 on my work and home computer and am not getting any syncing between them.  The other devices tab eludes me.


    Don’t want my porn syncing to my work desktop…

    • Guest

      Relevant username.

    • Thats why I use Maxthon Browser for porn.
      It also asks if i want to watch a video or download it when i go to pornhub .____.

    • Lucas

      for this exist the anonymous navigation, when u dont want to share it.

  • sc0rch3d

    i think i missed something in the news….i flashed my phone with a new ROM and the stock browser is syncing like chrome for android – especially with bookmarks. i’m not sure if i’ll install chrome on my phone as i don’t need desktop tab syncing.

    • tanknspank

      The stock honeycomb and above browser syncs your bookmarks for you already, but that’s it.

  • tanknspank

    Now if it only properly redirected links for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc back to their respective apps like the stock browser does, I’d use it. Otherwise, it’s just not worth the hassle.

    • Michael Gomez

      They are aware and will fix it soon 🙂