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Samsung Announces Youm, Official Name for Flexible and Unbreakable Display Technology


Back in December, Samsung released a video for everyone to have a glimpse at their futuristic technology. The video featured a bendable/flexible display attached to a device that took the place of your phone and tablet. We may not see that exact technology for some time, but what Samsung does have in the making is their new Youm technology which is lighter and practically unbreakable according to Sammy. 

In a recent report, devices with Youm displays could start shipping as early as 2013, so there is much to look forward to. Could you imagine being able to drop your device with no worries of cracking and shattering your display? Sounds like paradise.

Via: Pocket Lint

  • xiaoxiao115
  • Morpheus282

    I don’t much care for the word “unbreakable”.  It sounds too much like “unsinkable”.

    • Josh Groff

       I see what you did there. 😉

  • joe buck

    hope it works better than the nexus,

  • ArmanUV

    That’s a terrible name. I’m surprised they didn’t go with SUPER DUPER AMOLED OLED+++++

  • Unbreakable? Samsung hasn’t met my kids.

  • ddevito

    Red Robin….YOUM!

  • jhardy93

    unbreakable.  I want a phone with that.

  • Tim Buchanan

    That video is pretty misleading.

  • steve30x

    yikes! Something tells me this is going to be horribly expensive at first.. new hardware tech always is… look at how much a DVD player with hardly no features cost back in 96-98.

  • Zebra

    Would have been nice if the video showed real life use instead of a fake futuristic example…

  • Mark Wilk
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  • Butters619

    And everyone thought Xyboard was a dumb name

    • except xyboard was the final consumer device name. This is a component and really doesnt matter what they call it.

  • T4rd

    Ok.. how is the display working without any hardware to drive it..?  Lol

    • Apparently the future also involves the invention of transparent chipsets, batteries and the like.

      • Bazunko

        Do a search for Graphene. Doy

  • TheDude

    Looks Youmy!

  • Samsung Youmadbro?