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Google’s Cheap Tablet Delayed for Tweaks and Price Drop, Could be Here in July

Ahh yes, the “Nexus” tablet. We personally believe that it will be Google Play branded and not “Nexus” branded, but that’s another discussion for another day. Today, it’s about the release of the tablet that all of us want to get our hands on. According to new reports, Google and Asus have delayed the launch of the tablet from May and are hoping to have it ready by July. At its current state, the tablet sits at $249, but Google wants that to be at the Kindle Fire-esque $199 price point and is looking to tweak the build.

While that may be slightly disappointing, we should remind you that Google I/O happens the last week of June, so “July” sounds about right. What better way for Google to show off their new hardware than at their own conference, which just so happened to add on a 3rd day for the first time. We will be there to cover it all.

Still holding off tablet plans until Google and Asus can release their 7-incher?

Via:  The Verge

  • Josh Groff

     Fire sales are good. Also, the Touchpad has CM9 nightlies, and a pretty stable RC. 🙂

    • Is the camera working yet?

      • Josh Groff

        No, not on nightlies or stable, have to revert to webOS for that.

  • Good. Let Moto make the Nexus tablet (with accompanying phone). {{-_-}}

  • Adil Siddique
  • Keii Graham

    If they can manage to squeeze it down to $99 and/or $149, their only worry will be trying to keep the thing in stock.

    • Calculatorwatch

      And people comparing the build quality to that of a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy.

  • Todd Klevgaard

    they downgrading it LMAO!!!

  • InvaderDJ

    Hopefully this device spurs some worthwhile tablet apps. That is what Android is missing IMO.  It isn’t specs (although the iPad still kills every other tablet when it comes to graphic performance), it isn’t the OS, it’s the apps. Get the same type of high quality, beautiful apps that the iPad has and then we have a ball game.

    It took awhile for Android on phones to get that level so I know it can be done on tablets, it’s all a matter of time.

    • Noyfb

      Google Play should drop the amount of money they take in from the dev’s apps in the market to entice them to add support for tablet’s IMO, for like 6 months. I think that would help Dev’s to be motivated to make their app’s suited for tablets. 

      • I agree with what you’re saying, even if you do seem to believe that apostrophes are required to make words plural.

        (apostrophe’s are required to make word’s plural)

  • Dan

    Figures. So I though 2012 was the year Google was “doubling down” on tablets? 7 months into it, we might actually see one tablet…

  • The absolute lowest price isn’t always a good thing. I’d rather have a solid and reliable device versus them going out to the lowest bidder and ending up with a device that is littered with flaws. Remember the PSP dead pixel saga? Yeah.

    • Josh Groff

       I’ve had 1 original, 2 slim 2000 and 3000 cores, what’s this about dead pixels? (I mostly noticed the disk drive tended to break down fairly quick.)

  • MrSteve920

    Doesn’t surprise me. I figured they would probably show it off at I/O plus give one to everyone there like they did last year with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the year before with the HTC Evo.

  • OhAaron

    Nooooo! Open up pre-orders nowwww. 😛

  • Will Lemmon

    I want 4G and am willing to pay extra monies!

    • Angryunibrow

       Tether, Problem solved. And you saved a boat load of money.

      • Josh Groff

        When does one need 4G on a tablet? If I need internet on the go, I have my Bionic (and could use it with a $50 tether plan complete with 6GB of data.)

  • i’ll spend 250 on a tablet with the nook’s specs, just give me the friggen market ffs!!!!!!!!  I will not buy a tablet with the kindle’s specs however.  Google, dont #*%@ this up!

    • Josh Groff

       The HP touchpad is pretty solid after you throw CM9 on it.

  • Trevor

    I’d like to hold off for this tablet, but don’t know if my patience will allow it.  If I’m going to buy a tablet at this point, I’d really like it to have a quad-core processor (just so it’s not obsolete from the get-go).  I used to have an original Asus Transformer, but I wouldn’t mind something with < a 10 inch screen.

  • Sporttster

    Bought a Galaxy Tab 8.9. nice tablet!

  • Androidfan1981

    long as its got aleast a Kal El  tegra 3 cpu chip in it it will receive my movie like to have a tablet thats all asus and Google plus i like to get a 7 ‘inch tab for my backup tab coz already got a asus prime tf201  and its gangsta in a big way 

  • PMAgent2013

    i would prefer a $250-$300 with a tegra 3 an better specs. But if they drop the tegra 3 they lost my money

    • r0lct

      With this specific device I think they are more worried about the consumers who have no idea what Tegra 3 is

      • Google

        My wife will love the Tegra 3 chipset!

  • Are we still thinking this is going to be sold by Google at a loss?

    • Bionic

      yes, there was an article supporting that idea.  

    • r0lct

      IMO I can’t imagine it’ll be too much of a loss.  I mean if they hope to move 10m units in a year and they incur a $100 loss per tablet I’m not so sure shareholders are going to be in love with a $1bn loss with no solid plan to make it up in the market/play store.  After all we keep reading reports that none of the services seem to be living up to their own expectations.

    • Google

      Google doesn’t make any money after the sale so that better not be the plan. People’s buying habits are pretty ingrained already. iTunes and Amazon were already doing big sales numbers before launching their devices. Google is not in that position. I know they are pretending they will be successful with the Play(Market, Store?) but i will believe it when i see it. 

      • OhAaron

        Actually, they also make a reasonable chunk of money just off of advertisements.
        http://www.zdnet.com/blog/hardware/how-much-money-does-google-make-from-mobile/15539  Some estimates peg the amount that Google makes on average off of ads to be around $1 a month per device.

        • Google

          so 12 dollars a year per device? hahaha, good luck with 

          • OhAaron

            1) That’s just off of Advertisements 2) Did you look at the link?  It’s expected that Google will pull in $5 billion in ads just off of Android Devices this year.  

          • Google

            no it is not expected. the article says its not hard to imagine. not hard to imagine and expected do not mean the same thing. 

      • They can justify it if they’re getting people to sign up with more Google services though. It’ll make for better search profiles and more proliferation of the Google brand till people think “Well hey, I already use Google for everything else”. It’ll be nice and integrated like the Apple ecosystem. That’s what I think the point of all this is.

        • Google

          yeah that is fine if they are breaking even on the devices but it seems like a big gamble to make such a small return. 

      • thebruce44

        Google doesn’t make money after the sale? I don’t think you understand Google’s business model.

        • Google

          why don’t you try reading the entire thread to understand what i am saying. It isn’t very difficult. Google doesn’t make enough in ad revenue to sale a product for under the production cost. I’m sorry if you don’t understand this concept. 

          • thebruce44

            You can’t possibly know Google’s bottom line or have a way to prove it. That’s your personal opinion, and to be frank, its ridiculous. Sorry if you don’t understand that.

  • Phonzoxd

    Is there going to be the Asus MeeMo 7inch tablet and this google tablet?

    Or did the MeMo turn into this?

    • Bionic

      if there is a 370t it will probably be more money and have a more expensive processor.  Probably $300 

      • Phonzoxd

        No, the asus tablet is suppose to be 250, and this google tablet is suppose to now be 200.

        They can easily just have pure ICS, and remove the camera and have all the same specs, and itll be 200.

        I rather have the Asus 370T MeMo for 250 now, than wait till July for the Google tablet at 200.

        • Bionic

          That’s a good idea to rid of the camera. Who needs that anyway? Front facing for skype is the one reason I can think of.

          • Josh Groff

             HP agrees. 🙂

  • Jason

    As much as I like the less money is better idea, I really hope that the quality is there at $199 or $149.  I would GLADLY pay $249 if the specs were a bit better (not cheap RAM and all the necessary ports.  After my personal nightmare with the Prime I have been waiting for a decent tab since July of last f-ing year.  Get your poo together Google/Android tablet makers!

    • NAM37

       You’re not the target audience.

  • SH

    I’d prefer an 8-10-incher…. Wait

  • Absolutely waiting.  Game-changer or flop this will define the the Android Tablet market for the next year or more.  Will it be cheap but useful or feature laden and over-priced?  Is the the OS or the hardware that sells?

    • Bionic

      im guessing a happy middle ground.  Android 4.0 with immediate update to 5.0 when its realeased will attract a lot of people.  

      Google isnt stupid enough to release bad specs tho.  I truly believe it will be quad core

  • Cashbx05

    Im hoping the specs don’t suffer too much at the hands of a $199 price point!!

    • marty jones

      Right. At that price point, you know they’re after the masses. They should make a more expensive badass Juggernaut of a tablet for us techies.

      I still haven’t jumped on a tablet yet. I think I’m waiting for “the tablet to end all tablets.” Got my parents a Lenovo K1 for Christmas though. Paid $300, good enough tab for them.

      • Bionic

        Trust me, they will make a “badass” tablet after this one is released.  They want their first tablet to be attractive to almost everyone at first, and then they can build bigger and more powerful tablets for people who want them.

    • r0lct

      Maybe the plan is
      1) Cheap tablet to move a lot of units
      2) Devs jump on board for tablet optimized apps since there is an actual user base
      3) Google finally gets all their apps and services up to par for tablets
      4) Directly compete with iPad with a real tablet ecosystem

      • Google

        1) how much of a market is there for tablets outside of the Fire and iPad users?
        2) Andy Rubin says there is no need for tablet optimized apps
        3) see above
        4) a cheap tablet is no competition for iPads and Google Play is hardly a threat to the iTunes/iOS ecosystem

        I just can’t imagine anyone buying anything directly from Google. The original Nexus was a flop for that reason and even though this is cheaper Google has no track record of selling products directly. 

        • r0lct

          1) the tablet market is in its infancy, not even ten prevent if the units that will be sold five years don now by most reports
          2) wrong, he said there doesn’t need to be a dedicated tablet app, the phone apps need to be optimized too run well on tablet
          3) see Google apps on tablets outside of Gmail
          4) the point is after they have the ecosystem built up to release hardware to compete with iPad

          This and nexus One is apples and oranges

          • Bob

            hahaha, amazon started about 20 years ago. So yes in 20 years people might start buying from Google directly. 

          • r0lct

            Right, because people just started buying from Amazon today.  The last 17 years it didn’t grow and just became the #1 online retailer overnight.

            Are you incapable of critical thinking, a troll or both?

            Don’t bother hitting reply, that was rhetorical.

          • Bob

            buying in numbers, i figured that was implied. i guess i have to spell things out for people on this site. 

          • Kurt Edens

            you would be doing the “people on this site” a favor if you would just take your posts elsewhere.  You are entitled to your opinion. Hell even entitled to trolling if you so desire, but we are not entitled to read about or care about the nonsense you are spewing. Your implication that the “people on this site” are lacking in intelligence is a blatant insult and I doubt you could fathom some of the intricacies that I ponder at any given moment, not to mention the brilliance of this site’s editors and the many devs, themers and android power users that use this site.  In some ways apple is a more user friendly system, but for those of us that don’t need simplicity or things set to work in one way and only one way,  Android is a godsend and the ONLY way for us to go as power users.  You have it all wrong, it is not that us “people on this site” need anything explained or laid out. We simply won’t acknowledge trolling. Go away or be polite and relevant with your opinions.  Many thanks.

      • shanklin07

        Your right, a competitively priced tablet would open the Android market up tablet wise and hopefully make devs. optimize their apps for tablets. I know apple did it with a $500 plus priced tablet but I just don’t think Android can do it at those prices. Which is why a cheaper tablet would open the door for those people out their that think of a tablet as something neat to have but don’t want to drop bookoo bucks on one. The tablet market does not start and end with apples ipad, their is so much money yet to be made if someone can get it right. I hope to see this succeed, this could be a game changer. Similarly to the kindle fire but that does not have google play store on it by default. The Play Market has the most to gain from something like this. Lets all hope this does well so we can enjoy an even better market place.

    • Deiter

       I’m hoping Asus doesn’t screw it up like they did the original Transformer and Prime.

      • I know about the GPS issues with the Prime, but what is wrong with the OG?

        • Noyfb

          A lot of complaints about the wifi as well as the gps. I’d think they would figure out the problem for the Google tablet, I think that is the real reason for the delay, or part of it.

      • Kurt Edens

        There may have been a few issues, all of which they worked to address if possible, and although some of the problems could be a major issue (power button issue) I wouldn’t go as far as saying that ASUS screwed either up.  The Transformer series is among the best selling, most popular and Dev Friendly android tablets out there at this time.   I do hope that they take the time to ensure there are no crippling issues and that the construction is sound, I just dislike it when people bash an amazing device for a minor issue.  Just like these people that say the gNex is a horrible phone…    anyway, I do hope its polished, but have a lot of faith in ASUS, Ive grown to love their products,  Thanks

  • Michael_NM

    What a vote of confidence Google is giving their Moto subsidiary by having Asus build the Google Nexus Play Tablet.

    • ddevito

      Again – for the 1,000,000th time.

      The Moto acquisition was for the patents, NOT hardware.

      • Michael_NM

        So, this week, when Larry Page said the following about Moto:  “excited about the opportunities to build great devices capitalizing on the tremendous success and growth of Android and Motorola’s long history of technological innovation,”  We should ignore him?

        • Heather

          The Google-Moto acquisition is not finalized. Therefore, they both have to be operating in a “business as usual” way, which for Google means partnering with many different hardware manufacturers.

        • ddevito

          yeah – then Asus, Samsung, LG, HTC – you name it – walk away from unfair business practices inside Google.

          Then Google becomes Apple. Which they can’t sniff Apple’s jock when it comes to hardware. Stop being so naive. Of course he’s going to say that – he wants his board of directors and investors on Wall Street to think Google is  expanding.

          it’s all about money my friend – and to make money you need people to invest in your business. And the only way your stock price goes up is to trick people into thinking you’re expanding your business with tremendous growth. Otherwise Google’s board (and Moto) would’ve rejected the acquisition proposal.

          • Michael_NM

            Perhaps my original comment needs some clarification. I completely understand the issue at hand. My point is this. If you’re a Moto Mobility employee, you’ve got wonder how long it is before Google sells the company and keeps the patents. While Page is saying one thing to keep investors happy, his company is doing something else entirely. Hence, not a big vote of confidence in Moto.

          • ddevito

            How do you know Moto doesn’t already know that?

          • Michael_NM

            I don’t. I was just, well, saying. Maybe I need to make sure I’ve had my coffee before I post in the morning. 🙂

      • Infidel0331

        The patents are on thing, but Google will not sell of Moto Mob because Moto is the largest manufacturer of cable & satellite boxes. Just think of this: over night there would be GTV in 100 million homes when it came already packaged from the cable/satellite provider. At that point, both Google & Moto could care less about phones

      • Google

        Again you are wrong. You don’t pay 12 billion dollars for patents especially when those patents weren’t protecting Motorola from getting sued. The patents were a nice bonus but Google wants to control the product from OS to hardware just like Apple. Anyone who doesn’t realize this is clueless or really stupid. 

    • Brian Walker

      From the very beginning, Google made it clear that Motorola would not have priority over any OEM when it came to exclusive releases.

  • I’ve never wanted 7 inches in my hands more. Or ever, really, now that I think about it.

    • Sp4rxx


  • Sqube

    Yeah, but… what about the Transformer Prime? 

    • ddevito

      what about it?

  • Raymond Zayas

    Take my money! I am putting it into the disk drive but it just pops out again!

  • ddevito

    It isn’t delayed – they’re indeed waiting for Google I/O in June.

  • Give me that 7″ goodness, I need it.

    Wait nooooooooooo

    • Sp4rxx

       That’s what she said!