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Zynga Releases Paid Version of Scramble with Friends, No More Ads

Zynga has officially launched a paid version of their newest blockbuster on Android, Scramble with Friends. Finally, no more annoying ads and even the feature of earning coins at a faster rate. It’s $0.99 and if you feel like going up against a Scramble champion (myself), then try to find me.

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Via: Android Police

  • Russ

    Root + AdFree Android = no ads, just sayin

    • TONYA

      @Paolo_Ozaraga:disqus my neiġhbör’s ex-Ẁife mâkes $82 every hoùr ōn the lâptōṗ. She hâs ḃeeŋ ùŋeMṗLoyed for 7 months bùt lâst Month her ṗây was $21653 jùst worĸinġ ön the laṗtop for a few höurs. Read möré öņ tħis Ẁeḃ sité.. http://shrt.st/2dyu

    • feztheforeigner

      Support + Your Developers = leave the ads or buy the game…

      • How does using an ad blocker affect devs? It’s not like I ever pay attention to these spam ads anyways. Does anybody actually read these ads, click on it, and buy the product/service they’re advertising? 

        • feztheforeigner

          If the ad still remained there it would annoy you to the point that you buy the full version.

  • Just bought.. so addicted to this game!

  • Following up on the Amazon appstore post from not long ago, this is another example. This paid app was released on Amazon appstore at least a day ago, and it was their free app of the day (yesterday?). Frequently popular apps are released first on Amazon app store and come out as free apps of the day.

    • The free app of the day yesterday was “Scramble Touch” not Zynga’s “Scramble with Friends”

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

       Actually, I’ve had the free version of Scramble With Friends since Tuesday evening. I remember because I work late on Tuesdays and managed to find it while waiting for my train home