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Instagram on Android Hits 1 Million Downloads in Less than a Day

What a wild day it was for Instagram, yesterday. First, it popped up on Android officially for the first time, giving us all a taste of an app that people can’t seem to quit talking about. Then a certain vocal group of i*hone users caught wind of this news and decided that the photo sharing service was their exclusive club and that they did not want Android users anywhere near it. (Who knew that taking pictures of your shoes, cupcakes, cats, and selves was such an elite thing?) They took to Twitter, Facebook, and every other social service to call Android users “ghetto” and “poor.” Some went even further, but do we really want to shine light on that?

Then Instagram released their first update (the same day) to fix a few crashes that were popping up on a couple of handsets. And before the entire crazy day ended, over 1 million Android users had downloaded it, sometimes even overloading their servers. Fun stuff.

Our first impressions? The app is insanely polished, so +1 to the Instagram team. Second, we couldn’t help but bring back the asterisk after all the drama.

Via:  The Next Web

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Yes, for me that is absolutely the sole reason why I won’t even check the app out to see if it has any unique filters I haven’t seen a thousand times since the inception of photo filters. I can guarantee that this company will piss all over user privacy, without even taking a single glance at their terms and policies. Harvesting data and being intrusive is synonymous with even remotely large companies nowadays. The last thing I personally need or want is to set myself up for receiving more junk mail, where even using the unsubscribe button will guarantee they send you spam for life. Plus like I said, I’m just personally nauseated with the rampant privacy violations and data harvesting, that is so prevalent and commonplace among anything connected to the internet. You surely can’t avoid this entirely and still use apps and internet services. But I’m doing pretty good at making a dent in cutting back on it significantly.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    Funny how Apple people who like to think of them selves as the tolerant Rain-Bow crowd apparently are not that tolerant and are looking more like elite racists, What is truly ironic is that Android comes from a politically left of center group yet are making Democracy and Big Tent Conservationism more apropos.

  • Taglogical

    Yay I’m NOT one of the million 😀 This is cool for Android though!

  • CORYK333

    I must say its nice to see the droid-life community going back to dissing ios users & not each other bc of OEM/device choices. Lets keep it that way!!!

  • speraider430

    Why do people insist on ruining perfectly good pictures with instagram filters?  When I see them on my FB news feed my blood boils! 

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    All android needs now is flipboard…then I might sell my 4S and go back to my SGSII 😛

  • TSY87

    I prefer instagram over all of the other android photo sharing apps for the same reason why I prefer facebook over google plus… I actually have friends that use their instagram and facebook accounts.  Its not just about the silly filters guys/girls, its about the social aspect of it.  

    • JonLS

      Is it really necessary to have another social app exclusively dedicated to photos?

  • JonLS

    Wow I’m a little shocked that Android users would be classified as poor and ghetto. I see thugs on my bus whipping out there iphone’s blasting their music all the time. I guess that makes them classy folks huh?

  • Destroythanet

    Wow, that’s a lot of hipsters on Android. jk

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      Thank you..there’s .a lot of hypocrites in the android world

      • Blood

        I totally agree. What were android folks saying when we didn’t have temple run? and now it has more than a million downloads.

  • I didnt think I was going to like it, but I do. Its sooo super easy (I can see why “they” had it first..lmao) After our house fire I really like keeping  pics in a few different places on the web so I will never lose any again.
    It works flawless on my Rezound and Im in the process of uploading ALL the pics I already had on my phone.

  • kingsfan33

    i already uninstalled.
    over-hyped, over-rated.

  • JulianZHuang

    perfect replacement for other apps. much faster and easy to use. 

  • MagnaCartaHG

    I installed it then said “i’ll do this later,” when I saw the sign-up screen.

    Lazy, I know, but I only got it because I figured, what’s the fuss… I wasn’t dying to take pictures.

  • Rob Haney

    I uninstalled it pretty much after one use. The iPhone users can keep this boring app.

  • TJEgan

    Seriously? I mean, I’m obviously an Android fanboy, but were some iPhone users that immature? I guess I just don’t get it, why do they care? 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    STFU about Instagram already,,,, Jesus 

  • This should be a lesson to all developers that there is a major audience on Android, and will hopefully help put an end to having ios exclusive apps

  • kidtronic

    I can understand where they are coming from. Theirs used to be a highly exclusive club with premier perks. Retina displays, great cameras, and top notch apps that you couldn’t find anywhere else. It all justified the cost of entry. Now 720p is becoming standard amongst top tier Android devices, our cameras can shoot with the best of them, and the best iOS apps all seem to be finding their way out  of the walled garden. The iPhone isn’t what it used to be, and they don’t like it. Their bragging rights are dropping off like flies.

    • See, this a is good, rational comment. 

    • Treknologist

       Well said!

      • DroiddFan

        poor i’Hoes

    • Nebx Gu

      Hear hear! Totally agreed.

  • Andkiich

    Sorry, but this is just not something that a person waits 2 years for.  there are other, better apps on the Android.

  • grubb

    I’d actually use it if it would import an existing photo from the gallery. On my GNex, it crashes on the crop stage every time I try to import an existing photo…

  • Dcvolcom909

    Am I the only person that thinks this app is garbage? Seriously some things are better left in the itunes store…

    • Noyfb

      +1 agree

  • Droidzilla

    I don’t care for the UI of it; feels like an iPhone port, and not a true Android app. It works, sure, but it could be a lot better.

    As for the app itself, I tried it and uninstalled it. I have zero use for this thing. I do my photo sharing on G+ and FB, so I really don’t need another social network. Also, I rarely use filters, and I never use the “1970s” look; just comes out as cheesy and cliche, in addition to looking like turd. Old photo filters can make a nice effect, but only in extreme moderation. I personally hate that so many people are posting “vintage” photos in their expensive, “vintage” clothes and it all looks like poor people from 1972 (ratty clothes, crappy camera). To each their own, though.

  • Kaizen_2012

    I am going to start putting all the pictures from “People of Walmart” on instagram, just to piss of the fanboys even more

  • Instagram is a scourge on society.

    I’m making some malware for Android that will only infect people who have instagram installed on their device.

    I think I’ll call it “stuckup.tightjeans”

  • EvanTheGamer

    OH yeah…that’s how it’s done, folks!

  • r0lct

    Those angry Apple users were clearly never read The Sneetches by Dr Seuss as kids…

  • BSweetness

    I’m glad it’s finally on Android.  It’s really the only thing I missed from my time with an iPhone 4S.  

    That said, They don’t quite have all of the kinks worked out yet. It’s a little slow at times, I can’t get the notifications to turn off (the circle just constantly spins like it’s turning them off, but it never takes…plus it says “You can edit overall notifications preferences in the Settings app on your phone,” which is an iPhone thing, not Android), and it doesn’t support hardware menu buttons (it has an ICS-style on screen menu button in the top right corner on the profile page). But overall, I’d say it’s a good start. Judging by the update yesterday, at least they seem to be on the ball with addressing some of the issues.

  • haizi110


  • Michael_NM

    I wonder how many times it was also uninstalled.

    • Jacob121791

      At least once 🙂

    • patapongirl

      I know I uninstalled it 10 minutes after I downloaded it. Lol.

    • sssgadget

      or not installed 😛

  • I use both platforms, and I’d like to note that the indignation from some iPhone owners is being overstated — there are plenty of people who use the iPhone as a main device who are just welcoming more of their friends on to an app they’ve had for two years.

    Trying to set Instagram up as some kind of class war where the brave Android proletariat topples the elitist, bourgeois iPhone owners is just as irresponsible as thinking that someone with an Optimus S is polluting your photo stream.

    • Josh Groff

      I know right, I know 3 people with iPhones, they’re all pretty chill about it. But alas, this is the internet, where geeks own androids and hipsters own iPhones. Reality is usually substituted with stereotypes.

    • It’s not being overstated. Just take a look at Instagram’s FB page. Nothing but whiny iSheep saying IG is ruined because it’s available for Android now. The elitism makes me facepalm. 

      • Josh Groff

        Lol, facebook… it’s for hipsters(mainly)… I prefer twitter because I can follow devs and get notifications on build updates. Each social service has it’s uses, but you have to remember there’s a lot of spoiled kids on FB.

        • r0lct

          As the the online service with the most users I’d say it’s for most people.  Or did I miss the sarcasm?

          • Josh Groff

            I’m talking about those who use it all the time, not those who just have one to check in on people every once in a while.

        • Imns

           a lot of spoiled kids on FB…and their parents. 

  • LiterofCola

    Attention all angry iPhone queens….

  • Josh Groff

    Lol, poor android users? That’s a riot. I’d rather have 3-4 androids than 1 iAnything any day (and I typically do.) Then again that’s pretty obvious.

    • KleenDroid

      I am Android all the way and I am 47 years old. Also far from being poor. The poor statement makes me think these people are idiots. Anyone who purchases a new model Android phone could have purchased the iPhone if they wanted to.

      • Josh Groff

        Easily. At retail too if they so wished.

  • Subtract 1 download from me! I uninstalled it after a few minutes. The app is totally overhyped and inferior to the photo editing capabilities of Pixlr. And sharing on the Instagram sight? Meh. Last thing I want to do is share pictures with a bunch of latte-sipping hipsters I’d never care to meet in the real world anyway. 

  • It still doesn’t play well will Swype when trying to put in a location… at least it doesn’t on my Rezound.

  • summit1986

    double post deleted

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    The hate is just silly, but they’ll get over it. And I completely agree that the app is crazy nice. I just can’t wait to get tilt-shift.

    Also, here’s a pretty neat post from a Instagram on Android blog about how to use Diptic to combine photos. http://bit.ly/Hgacdm

  • ArrowCool

    I think the funniest comment I saw on twitter was something along the lines of..”we went from a gated community, to section 8, in a day”  Wow…cry me a river…

    • Bell

      that was hilarious. 

    • I saw that one and totally cracked up! lol

  • +1 for the asterisk :>

  • vin2win


  • Sqube

    The hate from the iPhone contingent, though… this is so totally unexpected. They are furious. You’d think they’d be in favor of those guys getting paid, but I guess they should only get paid in iDollars? Hysterical, in any event.

    • Google

      You do know that most(not all, but most) of them were joking right?

      • Josh Groff

        Probably, and to be fair, I know some people with iPhones, and they are definitely not sheep. Still, the internet is a fun place, and people like to rip on each other all for the sake of teh lolz.

        • imns

           The internet is not a fun place.  It serves one purpose and one purpose only:  porn.

          • KleenDroid

            Are you saying porn isn’t fun? If you didn’t have porn then what would you do?

          • FPSRageQuit

             He must like that angry porn 😀

      • Sqube

        Plenty of them are joking… and plenty of them are posting pictures where they don’t accept follows from people who are on Android, or getting into Twitter beef about it.

        I mean, even a minuscule amount of hate is ridiculous. It would be like… being furious because the iPhone got Google Maps or something. Every single person who did it would look like an idiot to me.

        I’m not so unaware of how the internet works as to assume that everyone being mad is sincerely mad. 

        • Josh Groff

          SIRI uses Google search, let’s all hate on iPhone users. 😉

          And the internet is far from sincere in most things. (if that last line wasn’t sarcasm)

      • For everyone 1 person joking about it, there are probably 2 that are disgusted. I don’t think you know the scope of their fanboyism, and sadly that is a two way street.

        • Bodhiballer

          I hope they were joking because if that many people actually use the word “Ew” then there is no hope for us as a society.  

        • MicroNix

          There are a disturbing number of them that “look down” on people with Android phones. Idiot doesn’t even begin to describe their character.