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Is this the Google Play or “Nexus” Tablet?

Any guesses on what this tablet may be? The crew at PocketNow discovered the images above and thinks that it may end up as the long rumored tablet to be Google branded aka the “Nexus tablet.” Their reasoning? Well, the fact that it lacks any OEM or carrier branding and has only stock Google app icons on the front. Is that enough to make this conclusive? Probably not.

First, the icon set is pre-Play store. As you all know, Google has decided to make Play front and center, however, there is a chance that these renders were created before all of that weirdness happened. Can’t completely flag it for that misstep. Second, that sure looks like a micro SD slot. For two straight Nexus devices, Google has taken away expandable storage, so if this is indeed the “Nexus” of tablets, it would surprise us to see this option.

But what the hell else could it be? With Asus usually attached to Google tablet rumors, we can’t help but notice that this actually looks like a Samsung product or even one of Toshiba’s new offerings. Any chance that Samsung swooped in and is now the front runner for Google’s first branded tablet? Or maybe this is simply an old render of a device that we will never see? You tell us.

Via:  PocketNow

  • David Henry

    This question may just be naive but was it Google’s decision or Samsung’s decision to not have expandable storage? It is hard to argue that there have been two Nexus without it, but those have also both been Samsung.

  • Uncagedchipmunk

    Hope this is not or a super early protoype as the sides resemble the i*series products too much.

  • Kerry Davies

    I see a law suit coming for stealing the EXACT look of the iPad

  • ushneb

    That looks like a full size SD card slot.

  • the SD card slot SHOULD BE EXPECTED on this device.  they are trying to hit a price point and would need o minimize internal hardware to hit that.  so memory is the best place to limit and offer and expandable memory option.   

  • ericl5112

    So, now we’re rumoring that the nexus tablet will have a laptop dock?  That tablet look like it does.  I say no.

  • Jslafarr

    I really hope this isn’t the next nexus tab or play store tab – looks like shiny a**

  • Chris G


  • Leonardo Benveniste

    If this is the Nexus Tablet, I’m Joan of Arc….

  • CSBrah
  • cristian donose

    Google watch your back , Apple will come after you if you get it out like this.

  • Yoman!

    Looks similar to the ideapad k1. LAME!

  • RBI411

    The last 2 GEDs are the Galaxy Nexus and the Xoom. The Xoom has a micro sd slot but they managed to screw that up.

  • Austinrgoebel

    I hope its not the nexus tab it lloks ugly

    • Austinrgoebel


  • Scott

    Anyone who says the bezel is too big probably doesn’t own a tablet. The bezel is where your thumbs rest without making contact with the screen. Looks Asus if you combine dock slot and abundance of ports. No way Samsung would allow that much stuff on their devices now. They are creeping towards apple with the hardware options.

  • Rich

    Thanks probably what it is… the IOS tablet with Google put on it or Photoshopped… 

  • bakdroid


  • NemaCystX

    How does Pocketnow always get leaked press renders?

    They even got the EVO One press render that was leaked today (which btw wasn’t as good looking as the One X)

    • d4owner

      After comparing the pictures, IMO I’m pretty sure you’re right. (Still IMO) Glad this isn’t the Nexus Tablet. 

  • Djyosnow

    Did any one notice its the maket not pla store… I thought fake at first but?? It looks out dated already lol

  • Destroythanet

    Looks like a 1st gen iPad.

  • Joshua Dudash

    Eh… Kill a whole lot of the bezel and I dont mind the look. 
    Decently thin with almost every port I could ask for… 
    Wonder what the final word on the internals are..? Screen Resolution?

  • Keith Sumner

    ugly render of an ugly tablet with an ugly UI. The sides resemble exactly that of an iPhone 4. Garbage.

    All signs point to bull crap, I’m not buying it and neither should any of you.


  • r0lct

    That’s not the droid we’re looking for.

    • MichaelCrackMonkey

      Oh no you di-int

  • BrianWenger

    It’s fake.

  • I’m liking the micro USB, micro HDMI, full SD card slot.  I’m only a full USB port away from saying “Shut up and take my money!”

    • The toshiba thrive has all of that. Except it has a full size hdmi and mini-usb. Not micro-usb.

      • and the Thrive is probable 2-3 times thicker.  

        • That’s not a big deal to me. It’s basically a computer not a piece of paper.

      • I’ve had a terrible experience with Toshiba that was enough to convince me to choose an A500 over the Thrive.

  • This is ridiculous if it is.  Its a giant iPhone 4S.

  • skitchbeatz

    Bezel is super THiiiiccck

    • Chris Dobles

      That’s what she said.

  • TexAgMichael


  • Hunter27Reese

    Proprietary connector makes me think samsung, but galaxy tabs (to my knowledge) dont have hardware to disable auto rotate, something i actually wish my 10.1 had. Doesnt appear to be 16:9 either which makes me think this is an acer or asus or even lenovo. 

    • florious80

       Asus Transformers have proprietary connector. Didn’t Asus hinted at working with Google on the Nexus Tablet (WSJ)?

      • Hunter27Reese

        oo that’s true, forgot about that, seems like it’s most definitely not sammy then, seems like a dated design imo also

  • Asimoalex

    so will it have the 50 pin like the asus tabs ? because i dont see a micro usb only normal usb and HDMI ???

  • Rakoskjc

    looks like the same port and button layout as my 10.1 viewsonic 

  • Muahah, I see this tablet from Google as a giant EFF YOU to Apple with the blatant design copy.  Classy Google, way to pull an Apple on Apple.

  • Pretty sure Apple will be suing if it is…

  • tutaina


  • jxcgunrunna

    Very interesting. it also has the ASUS dock slots. I like the design and I hope its an 8 inch tablet.

  • Imns

    Looks rather boring, then again how much innovation can there be in a tablet design.  And what in the blue hell is that funky port connector on the edge of the right image?  I don’t think the big G would use proprietary connectors on their own device.  

  • JBartcaps

    I’m not liking the proprietary port

    • MKader17

      If you want to be able to dock you’ve got to have a port like that. And unless those two slots on the bottom are speakers then it looks like they may be going for it.

    • On the contrary, I think it’s a good thing (unless you actually have something against dock ports). If Google releases one, it would be a “standard” port, and would be a push for all manufacturers to use exactly that port on their tablets instead of their individual ones. Which means we can finally start seeing Android accessories, and do more with our products.

    • dont worry about a proprietary 30 pin port.  that just gives it good accessory options.   it still has all the other ports you want.

  • ddevito

    looks like the iPad 1, therefore, it must be a Samsung :p


    • Sven Enterlein

      haha! I just said something similar above! Must be true then!!!

  • Maybe Samsung is making a larger (11.6 rumors maybe) tablet with higher cost, etc and Aus is siticking with a “fire killer”?

    Wishful thinking though

  • Abundis5555

    It doesn’t look half bad

  • Nick

    I’m thinking this is fake, it looks too much like one of those cheap chinatabs. 

    • Exactly. My first thought was order from light in the box.

  • Design looks like something Samsung would’ve done to anger the iFans, but the usb and HDMI connectors, plus micro SD doesn’t make that fit either.

    Looks asus to me…

  • Looks Toshiba-ish to me

  • Wpscompute

    One thing you missed was the right-hand picture clearly shows the slots on the bottom exactly like the ASUS Transformer products.

  • I can’t buy into this being anything close to a near final design for the Nexus Tab, unless of course they’re slating this to perhaps be their slightly larger 9″ design.  However, I do believe that since Google may be subsidizing their tablet that they may give the option for expandable storage as that would decrease the cost on internal storage and allow them to take less of a hit in subsidizing the product. 

    Then again, judging by their adaption of a sleek design to combat the iPhone, I don’t really see this as something they’re willing to do.

  • What is that port in the middle on the far-right image? Any existing tablets have a port like that? Perhaps that can tell us who the manufacturer is…

    • USB/Dock connector.  Samsung and Asus have these for the docks and charging ports.  

      • Does Samsung and Asus both use the same port? I’m guessing not. Surely we can tell which one it is from the photo. (I would but am too busy at work to look up some photos to compare to.)

        • florious80

           Staring at the port of my Transformer next to me, this look a little different. I don’t have a Samsung Tab so maybe it’s one of those? I think this is a fake, though.

  • Edfasdaqrqew

    can any1 say… apple lawsuit ??

  • hexodat64

    That looks more like a regular SD slot than a microSD. Would be nice for digital cameras

    • Exactly my thoughts.  Reviewing images on my Transformer Prime via full SD slot is awesome.  Every tablet should have one.

    • There is really no reason not to use a regular SD card. If you have a microSD that you want to use there are a plethora of adapters available. Also, I can kind of understand why the went away with removable storage on their phones, but tablets are meant to be an entertainment device and inherently need more storage.

  • Greg Morgan

    IDK, kinda looks like a giant iPhone 4.

    • John

      but useful

      • Greg Morgan

        can’t argue with that!

        • LORENZA

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      • Todd Klevgaard


        • Noyfb

          Just give a $200 tablet with great features, Good Processor, Good Ram, Good Screen, Expandable Memory. 

    • bigdav1178

      I kind of like that it looks like a giant iPhone 4… hopefully it pisses Apple off 😉

    • Sven Enterlein

      If it looks like an iPhone it must be a Samsung 😀

      • Noyfb

        Samsung = great screen

    • Butters619

      The first thing I thought when I saw it was that it looked like a stretched out iPhone 4.  Even the dock connector.

  • Mike

    ahhh… android market.

    • John


  • jcuvs

    Even if this ends up being fake, DO WANT.

  • Tony Allen