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HTC Wants You to Know that They Listen, Their “One” Series is All About You


So far, it looks like Verizon customers are not going to experience the HTC One series, and that’s a damn shame. In 2012, no other line of phones has been introduced that can even compare to what HTC has created. The phones are brilliant to look at, include the best cameras in the mobile world, and are apparently a product of you. That’s right, in their latest promo for the One series, HTC wants you to know that they listen and have learned from each and every one of you. They aren’t just another company that is out to brag about themselves. No, they want to be a part of your lives and make something important. And yes, we are still talking about smartphones and not world peace.

Again, Verizon is likely to release the Incredible 4G with unimpressive specs, while AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will all be a part of the One series. The amazing commercials like the one up top will not be a part of your Big Red lives. Sad, so sad.

Or maybe VZW will ditch the name “Incredible 4G” and instead call it the “HTC Incredible ONE.” Of course, in order to use a 2012 name, they would have to ditch the 2011 specs inside for something at least up to date.

  • zardoz

    After the Thunderbolt debacle it will be a very cold day in hell before I even touch another HTC product.

  • Thanassi

    Agreed, but my LG Dare will still rape the iPhone 4s in the stills department. Yea, I said it.

  • Youngij

    I have the original Incredible and have loved it.  I’m ready for an upgrade & have been waiting for the next great “One”, so needless to say I am very disappointed.  Unfortuantly, Verizon doen’t even have a phone I want right now.

  • LionStone

    Be patient…maybe next week they will reveal a beastly phone for VZW. Look what happened when we didn’t get the GSII, we got the Nexus. Right now it looks like we’re getting the shaft but lets wait a bit…I’m sure we’ll get something good besides the Incredible 4G..and if not, then yea, VZW is sucking ass! 🙂

  • if HTC actually listened they’d realize we dont want 49 versions of the same phone.  this time, they just took the 49 versions and gave them 1 name. same crap different name

  • weaponx

    When a lot of us lose our unlimited data with Verizon, (which will most likely happen), I see no concrete reason to stay with them.  Htc has a good thing going..yea I agree except sense.  

    • Dliuzzo110

      Y would we loose our unlimited data?

  • mrsbelpit

    They used one of my favorite songs yet again.  HTC has great commercials.  I think I’ll check the One S out when it drops on T-Mo.

  • Herpderp

    Considering the Incredible 4G has almost identical specs of the One S, with the addition of removal battery and SD card, saying it’s lame is rather idiotic.

  • WTF ever, they didn’t listen to me or they’d be releasing a HTC One slider on Verizon!

    Moar keyboards plz!

  • mmeiklejohn

    Sorry, I’ll never buy another HTC phone again until they make a phone that doesn’t get dust under the screen. Not only can I put my galaxy nexus in my pocket without worry, but I also get to view a better screen every damn day.

  • HTC Quietly Brilliant

    Apple Loudly Unoriginal

  • brando56894

    Doesn’t really matter to me that VZW isn’t getting this because I just got my Rezound in November so I’ll be good for a while. 😀

  • Aesirx

    Things I need in a phone:

    Removable battery

    Htc certainly didn’t design this phone with me in mind.

    • hkklife

      Things I need:

      Removable battery
      Expandable storage
      No Sense, Touchwiz or LG’s skin
      A 4.5″, 720p screen at minimum
      Good battery life & reception
      ICS out of the BOX
      A decent camera

      Heads need to roll at Moto for riding the same retreaded Bionic/RAZR specs over and over. Heads at VZW need to roll for passing on the Galaxy Note. I’d even live with TW and GB to get an LTE VZW Note!

      • Aesirx

        Except for the expandable storage, the G Nex meets all those requirements. In a pinch, you can use a USB OTG adapter to access files on a flash drive or sd card.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Add in a bullet proof screen (hate screen protectors), and I would like removable SD card.  Does anyone use their nexus without a protector or are they not durable enough? Or does no one try it.

      • jj

        I run without a protector. I have one scratch in three months, compared to my D1 that went 2.5 years without a scratch. That’s…not a lot of data for you.

      • BTLS

         Almost same as jj…  OG for 2 yrs of tough abuse and not a scratch, but my nexus, which never even hit the ground yet, already has several little nicks since Dec…

  • RedOne1

    Maybe Verizon won’t get the One phones untill the end of the year to maybe replace the Rezound? That would make some sense. Just like its rumoured that Sprint will get one and name it the EVO X. How dose Rezound X sound?

  • Austinrgoebel


  • DanWazz

    I’ll take a look at the Incredible 4G when my upgrade time comes, if for nothing else, just out of respect for my original Incredible.

  • Obi5683

    It’s Nexus for me and nothing else anyway, but only because of the updates and no need to root to remove bloat.  There is none.  I wouldn’t mind one of these if they would allow me to uninstall the bloat, not just disable it.  I like the Camera app and hardware, and the lock screen is great.  Pull down settings access is great too.  All of these are possible on a Nexus, except the camera hardware.

  • Droidzilla

    Sorry, Kellen, but HTC most certainly doe snot have the best cameras in the mobile world. That distinction belongs to Nokia, sadly, since the rest of their phone parts are crap (processor, screen, OS). I’m still waiting for a Carl Zeiss lens to come out on an Android handset; I would probably kill a man in cold blood for a piece of kit like that.

    • Thanassi

      And my Carl Zeiss, 3.2 MP LG Dare from 2007. Still rapes any Android Phone’s camera to date.

      • Droidzilla

        Why can’t Android OEMs get this? Why are cameras like the ones in the SGSII, RAZR, iPhone 4S, Xperia Arc, etc. considered top-tier?

        I love how thin my RAZR is, but I’d gladly make it as porky as the GNex if it had a Zeiss camera.

        • Thanassi

          Agreed. Don’t they realize there’s a significant user base that wants top-of-the-line everything in a phone, regardless of size? Give me Vanilla ICS, the Droid 4’s QWERTY, a camera with lower MP and excellent optics, low-light performance and zero shutter lag, a 2Ghz brain, 2GB of Ram, a 4.5 inch SUper Duper Display and I’m sold. I don’t care if it costs $1000, is half an inch thick, weighs half a pound and is called the “Droid OMGXXX!”

          I will buy it.

          • Kyle Fullmer

            Amen, with specs like those you wouldn’t upgrade until your phone could no longer run the apps that were on the market.

          • Tyler

            Sounds like overkill a little bit, excluding the camera that is.

      • LionStone

        Don’t know about that…Thunderbolt camera is pretty baddass.

    • brando56894

      doe snot? that stuff is pretty nasty! 😀

      • Droidzilla

        I stand by it. Most smartphone cameras are like doe snot.

  • It’ll be a shame if HTC decides to quit selling decent hardware to the largest (and most reliable) mobile phone company in the US.

    • Derek Gelinas

      You do understand that’s not how it works, right?  Do you honestly think HTC said “you know what, forget Verizon, we can do without them.”

  • dezignstuff

    As a Verizon customer, I’m actually looking forward to the Incredible 4G. It looks like a combination of the One XL and the One S. It has the processor of the XL, which is going to be great. I’ll take the 2 core Krait over a 4 core Tegra 3 any day. 4 cores aren’t going to get you anything but bragging rights.  And you may be paying dearly in battery life for cores that apps really can’t use.

    It has the display of the S, which is less than spectacular, but a lot of people want a 4″ +/- phone with great specs. The lower resolution than the Rezound isn’t ideal, but it will help with battery life, and I doubt very much that the difference between 342 ppi (Rezound) and 256 ppi (qHD) will make much of a difference for my bad eyesight.

    I would prefer removable battery and sdcard. That’s the only bad thing I have to say about the Incredible 4G. The Snapdragon S4 looks like an incredible chip, and since my update is coming in the next few weeks, I’m excited about this phone, and I’m definitely looking at it as a variant of the One series.

    • Amosk

      Inferior spec and inferior eyesight, boy do we have a phone for you.

  • dsnotgood

    no hdmi no buy!

  • There will be better smartphones out there. No big deal.

    Don’t like the look of it and I’m sure the battery will be unimpressive. 

  • Lakerzfan80

    No they didn’t listen to sh*t…no one is hello the only company that has is Motor with the battery on the Max the one series at least with att has a pathetic 1800 battery and no SD card slot …I can live with that but and also a lack of quad core but I’m so sick of these F*ckers not beefing up the battery …this to me is just proof that they don’t use their own product …I may be forced to leave verizon for ATT soon and well these new phones are just not cutting it I want 4g with a decent battery life and nice screen minimum of 4inches with at least a dual core and a battery of at least 2500 can and for u smart asses out there yes the GNote is ruled out TY

    • Guest

       U mad bro?

    • Kyle Fullmer

      This is an English website friend, please post as such.  

  • ehh… Dual core while the other half of the world gets quad core on the phone… I’m not all that interested either

    • OhAaron

      I’d rather have this dual core, even though I will be sticking with my GNex.

  • Michael Forte

    One suggestion HTC…no more Sense.

    • If HTC makes the ability to switch between stock and non-stock I will buy HTC for the rest of my life I think. At least they let me do it with ease if nothing else with unlockable bootloaders.

    • I don’t get all the Sense hate. After running a D1 for 2 years with more ROMs than I care to remember, and then trying the ‘vanilla’ disaster that the G Nexus was, Sense doesn’t seem all that bad. Sure, it’s a resource hog, but the phone still runs without a hiccup (Rezound). This thing just works day in and day out bug-free and does what I need it to do, which is more than can be said for most other Android phones these days, even the crappy ‘flasgship’ device from Google. 

      • TomAce7

        “vanilla disaster that the G Nexus was”.. uhh what in the world are you talking about? 

        • The. Vanilla. Disaster. That. The. Galaxy. Nexus. Is. Was. 

          Out of the box it’s a POS. I shouldn’t have to rely on hacked ROMs to make a phone call or hold a signal. Some say you should only buy this phone to customize it. And if you don’t, it’s like buying a Porsche and never looking under the hood blah blah blah. Actually, it’s like buying a Porsche and then having to buy cheap junk from fleaBay just to make it run. 

          The Rezound on the other hand, perfect for the past 3 months. Haven’t even found a need to root the damn thing. 

          • weaponx

            Well said..I applaud your common sense

          • Noyfb

            never had a problem with my gnex, perfect calls. Only problem i had was the speaker wasn’t very loud

    • Herpderp

      Speak for yourself. Some of us actually think stock Android is fug and like the look and usefulness of Sense.  How about, if you don’t like it, you buy a Nexus. Duh.

  • Greg Morgan

    Big Red=Fail again

    • Djyosnow

      Ditto when is vzw gonna pull there heads out of ther a$$… Im thinking of going for the note :/