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DoubleTwist Updates Their Player, Also Introduces DoubleTwist Alarm Clock

Application publisher doubleTwist, has recently updated their well-known application doubleTwist Player and have launched a new application called doubleTwist Alarm Clock. The newest features in their player include support for your Google Music offline library and also fixed AirPlay support for the recent Apple TV update.

Their newest app, Alarm Clock, allows users to wake up either peacefully or chaotically depending on your taste in music. You can set a certain playlist or track to begin playing once your alarm goes off. Nice, right? There is also a feature for selecting different sleep cycles which some people prefer. It’s on sale for the first 10,000 people who purchase it for one dollar, so if you’re interested, get it while it’s cheap.

Music Player Play Link | Alarm Clock Play Link 

Cheers Fred!

  • App Laudable
  • REFUNDED my $1 purchase. The alarm clock does not integrate with Android at all. For one, it stays resident in the notification bar instead of setting a system alarm like all other alarm clocks. Second, it doesn’t integrate with the dock; you have to manually start it after you’ve docked your phone. Third, I’m told it doesn’t keep the screen alive. Now, it does have a “night mode” that people may not have noticed that may keep the screen alive, but with the other two problems, I don’t think it’s a viable “alarm clock.”

    It’s pretty, for sure, but it’s just not worth it.

  • Jon

    Will have to try. I purchased double twist and had a lot of problems with it. I couldn’t get the wireless sync to work at all, and found that sometimes the desktop software wouldn’t even recognize my device plugged in via USB. 

    It’s a pretty good player, so it’s a shame I was having so many problems. Sync times are really slow as well. 

  • trevorsalienarms

    Good to see something so nicely designed in the Market. (Whoops, I mean Play Store…)

  • Cchoncek

    Wow. This was the purpose of their “countdown” clock? Pretty underwhelming to say the least. 

  • Steve Edholm

    I really like the UI.  Very beautifully done.  

  • Until it has support for streaming Google Music, I’m not interested
    (even then, probably not, but at least I’d check it out)

  • I will say that waking up to your favorite song every morning quickly makes it become not your favorite song…

    • Noyfb

      I can already set my alarm to my music, or ringer, or notifications with rings extended. It’s free and reliable, easy to use, been using it since my og droid.

  • Why would I pay for an alarm clock app, that doesn’t seem to do anything too special, when there’s so many free alternatives?

  • Asd

    how exciting…another alarm clock app.

  • Zebra

    Does it have an Increasing Volume option? Best feature of the Blur Alarm Clock that I wish the AOSP Alarm and others had. A lot nicer to wake up to a gradual noise rather than be startled out of bed.

  • It’s actually ‘doubleTwist’ (i.e. no capital d) but I’ll let it slide.

    The alarm clock app is sweet, and I’m loving the offline Google Music library support!

    • Lacokanostra

      Shut up

    • kretz7

      Ya, if you’re going to let it slide don’t say anything at all.