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Deal: DROID Bionic Lapdock Available for $80

Motorola made a bold move last year by trying to introduce a line of accessories into the game called Lapdocks. They were like mini netbooks in size, however, on the inside they were completely different. In fact, there really was no inside – the dock was a screen, keyboard, mousepad and battery. The rest, meaning the power, all came from your phone after it was “docked” onto it. The idea is actually pretty brilliant, unfortunately for Motorola, the execution was all wrong. The software was buggy, the initial devices were not universal, and the price was beyond unreasonable. At $200 to $300 for again, something with no guts in it, you were better off just buying a netbook and calling it a day.

For those of you that were at least intrigued by the idea though, today is your day. 1saleaday is selling them brand new (not reefurbished) for the DROID Bionic at $80.


Cheers Jaxun, Big Fonz and Robert!

  • 2nd times a charm

    Received mine yesterday, it was defective. Webtop screen would come on for two seconds, then the phone screen would turn back on and the lapdock screen would go into a screen saver showing the motorola logo. Called Verizon, who then conferenced with Motorola, they determined it must be a faulty lapdock. Have an RMA with 1saleaday, big thanks to KaseyC for the Bensoutlet link – ordered today.

  • Mecevans

    Ok so the bionic webtop works with the razr. you need to get extension cables as the connection is iffy. Its really great for netflix, web browsing, and viewing pictures. Works great with my bluetooth mouse.The highest end app it could run was angry bird space. Hdmi connected to a tv runs everything with no problem. Obviously webtop on top of android uses too much resources. If ics bring pure android webtop, thats the way to go.

  • Mecevans

    I can confirm that this works with the Droid Razr!!!!!!

  • Droid n00b

    I have the 500 for my RAZR and wish I had spent more time with it before buying.  I liked the idea of not having to keep yet another PC updated, and was OK with limited applications, but it’s…just…sooooo….slow. 

  • For those of you who missed the sale, Bensoutlet is selling it for $99, free shipping. 

  • I have the Lapdock 500 but prefer the smaller one.  Any difference other than size between the two?

  • dquicknc

    Thanks, DL!
    $80 bucks and just one hour left when my order was completed! I would have been sick if I missed this.

  • Got 2!

  • Got 2!

  • whats the url link to purchase this product

  • Taglogical

    Can’t speak for the 100 (this article/deal is for the 100) – But I have and use the Lapdock 500 with my Bionic (the ethernet and SD card readers on the 500 aren’t yet supported by the Bionic’s firmware; Moto said it will in a future update)  – Amazing loading Ubuntu on Bionic – it’s a concurrent boot; slap the Bionic in the dock and Ubuntu comes up… Definitely the future of these phones WAY ahead of ‘it’s time.’ Awesome.

    • Taglogical

      When they get the ethernet working – OH MAN!! I will use this in my profession every single day (IT/NOC)

  • Ordered.  I watch netflix tv shows on my lunch break everyday and this will be great to watch on a bigger screen.

  • scijohn

    The $149 Lapdock 500 Pro trick was a better deal IMHO.
    I use it for my Bionic and my son uses it for his Razr.
    It has a bigger screen, good internal speakers and a headphone jack, two USB ports, and a wired ethernet port.

  • sagwagon

    Anyone know if the Droid X is compatible on this Bionic Lapdock? The micro usb and hdmi ports on the Droid X are spaced the same distance apart, but just a little lower on the X vs the Bionic.

    • it does not have the webtop partition on it. any phone released from the atrix (or bionic for versions case) and later will only work for webtop. HOWEVER only will laptop docks released after razr will only be backwards compatible. I think lapdock 500 and on if im not mistaken.

      long story short: no lol

      • sagwagon

         Thanks Eric!

  • My friend wants to buy it. If he roms his phone, would the laptop dock still be compatible with the phone?
    Also, he wants to use microsoft word, I’m assuming he would have to use Quick Office on the laptop dock, if he tries to save the word document, does it save it in his phone or the laptop dock?

    • if he’s on any ICS roms then no. I was very sad to see this because I am on Ice Cream Sandwich. Frankly i think ICS is more beneficial than the lapdock. Any gingerbread roms like liberty and eclips3 would be fine. but because there is no HW acceleration in any of the AOKP AXI0M or CM9 builds (& there4 no MHL), the webtop will not work

  • Mike Lamp

    Man, DL is costing me lot’s of $$$. Yesterday, a Kindle Fire for $139 and today this Lapdock for $80.  Seriously, I love DL and wouldn’t have known about either of these deals otherwise, both of which I had been on the fence about for quite sometime. Thanks DL. 

  • Me08053

    Since this is the droid bionic specific lapdock, that means it isn’t the lapdock 100 or 500 correct? So it doesn’t have the microsoft office capabilities that the new multi device lapdocks offer? 

  • Me08053

    Do you also have the availability to send texts and whatnot while docked? Or does it lose all of its “phone capabilities”?

    • scijohn

      It still has all of its phone capabilities while docked.

  • BostonB

    Just Bought mine!!! Excited!

  • me

    Plus when you upgrade your phone it also upgrades your lapdock since it is powered by your phone.does your NetBook do that? Nope

  • me

    Get the lapdock 500 if your able works great on my bionic.

  • I have a Razr Maxx, an iPad 2 and the opportunity to buy a lapdock for $100. Still, regardless of the price, does anyone here actually have one? Is it at all worth having? 

  • yea, so what

    WELL I ORDERED ONE!!! YES I’M YELLING!! no setting up wifi etc.. just wanna pull content on a bigger screen. its sad when you lie in bed and watch full movies off a 4.3″ screen okay?

    • Josh Groff

       Beats tethering. Also, I did that with Green Lantern 3D on my Evo 3D, the whole time I couldn’t help but think this would be awesome on a bigger screen. 😉

  • ddh819

    As far as what this is good for, I had heard the bionic docks allow you to do hdmi output for hbo go, which the hbo go app does not normally let you do.

  • ddh819

    tempted and i don’t even have a bionic.


    can you use this hack it to use on other android phones?

    • Keith Sumner

      doubtful, the kernel was made for specific device./

  • Stephen Morrison

    The spot where the phone connects I think is stupid. They should make it so that where the phone docks is actually the trackpad. So the phone would essentially be the mouse/touchpad and even have some sort of functionality with the screen. Just a thought…

    • me

      Why it has its own plus its charging your phone.

      • Stephen Morrison

        Huh? It could still do all that in the place I’m suggesting.

    •  Genius….love this idea!

  • I would like a tablet dock.  Install my phone in the back, the tablet is just a giant screen and battery. Phone runs everything.

    I’m shocked that we haven’t seen one yet.

    • bbbb

      see asus padfone

      • Nospam

         wow…that’s awesome.  I was looking at the Asus Transformer and using my rooted Bionic as a wifi hotspot, that looks very cool….My guess is it’s more than $80.  I can probably get work to pay for it….they provided me with an iPad2, but I hate it.  Not supposed to come out till xmas for for now I have this dock to play with.

  • Nospam

    I use my bionic to VPN into my work machine – this is exactly what I’ve been looking for – always thought the dock was cool, but not $400 cool.  $80 is about the right price for it so I’m in.

  • Certainly I know Google.  Batteries and backs are not yet available, I thought you knew something.

  • huntershikes

    can you watch the movies you rent in the (play) market?

    • kixofmyg0t


  • NexusIsBestus

    i’m going to get this for my wife’s bionic.  All she has a laptop for is to have Hootsuite and facebook open.  So this will eliminate the need for her to have a 17″ power hungry laptop on all the time.

  • huntershikes

    Before I drop 80 beans on this thing, how well do they perform? Not looking for a netbook replacement, but seems convenient for movies, etc., while on a plane…

    • kixofmyg0t

      Its perfect for that or web browsing. I sold my Netbook for $40 becuase Webtop on my Bionic is not only faster but I just use it more. 

  • LeviSnuts

    Can anyone confirm this working on CM9 on bionic?

    • kixofmyg0t

      Webtop doesnt work yet, so getting a lapdock would be pointless for you. Thats why I went back to GB. 

      • LeviSnuts

        Thanks for the fast response, save me $80

        • kixofmyg0t

          You can get it still. Safestrap back to a GB rom(like everyone SHOULD do with a Bionic/RAZR/DROID3/4) and use webtop, or wait until someone ports webtop to CM9. Which wont happen because theyre just gonna wait until official ICS and gank the apk and claim it as “custom, finally got it working” like they always do. 

    • geekabilly

      Webtop functionality not available on any flavor of ICS yet

  • RobG

    Compatible with RAZR?

    • kixofmyg0t

      No. Its just for the Bionic. 

    • There are reports of it working on the Razr.  I just bought one for mine.  You either need to grind the dock area, or get extension cables for the two plugs.  If you get it plugged in, it works.

  • ddevito

    Fabulous Idea.

    Poor execution.

  • d00ditsmax

    these guys take forever to ship, your looking about close to a month. 

  • son of a bitch! the day after I buy my tab this goes on sale….. bass turds

  • kixofmyg0t

    Just what I was waiting for! I wasnt gonna pay the $800 or whatever Verizon was charging for it. I use webtop a fair bit and this deal for $80 is perfect! Longer battery life in the field AND I dont have to bring my laptop anymore? Sign me up. 

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Im actually looking for a bionic with extended battery for exchange of my RAZR . Don’t laugh.

    • Alamberto21

      Funny story I just got ab extended battery for my bionic. Lol

    • kixofmyg0t

      I understand. But why not just get the RAZR MAXX battery and back plate and make ur RAZR a RAZR MAXX? 

    • OhAaron

      Lol.. use http://www.swappa.com! It’s amazing.  No, this is not spam.  I buy all of my phones through there.  You can set up a trade as well.

    • Josh Groff

      I assume you have a wanted listing on swappa then? I might go for that.

  • Keith Sumner

    Does anyone else think these lapdocks are absolutely pointless and a waste of money?  I was playing around with one and could not find a single reason why I would buy it, it’s slow, animations are choppy, awkward to use, etc.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I just ordered mine, so yeah ur alone on that one. 

      • Keith Sumner

        I wouldn’t say “alone” we’re 50/50 so far. But these things aren’t really worth it yet, maybe someday they will be when there are features and usability but right now it basically just your phone on a bigger screen with a keyboard, it would be a better and more wise purchase to just get a HDMI cable for a few bucks and display it on the ol’ 42″ HDTV.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Thats what I do already. But then you dont have a mouse or keyboard unless its Bluetooth(which I dont have). I spend alot of time away from home in the field so it would be nice not to have to bring my dismal battery life laptop and thether it to my Bionic when I can just get this. For $80 its a great deal. 

          • Keith Sumner

            Ah I see, I didn’t realize, well it definitely sounds practical for some but I can definitely live without it.

          • Noyfb

            For $20 I bought a HMI to HDMI converter and an HD cord to use my Gnex mirrored in my tv. works great on movies and apps, internet, tried wings of steel on itand was great. Not all game apps are perfect,


        • kwubba

          With the ability to put the ARM version of Ubuntu on the Bionic(it only needs 256mb of RAM) you get the future of computing today. I have a Gnex and a Bionic…when I travel I take my Bionic (swap the sim with a micro sim adapter) it gives me everything I need on the road 4G in an ultra thin  netbook.  There is a good community out there coming up with solutions on how to better leverage the bionic and it’s lapdock!

    • Mack

      Couldn’t agree more. A tablet or cheap laptop is a much easier to use and functioning alternative to one of Motorola’s lapdocks. As much as I like moto, they are nothing more than a novelty. Yeah they’re cool but I am much more productive with an actual small laptop or even a good tablet.  

    • Michael Quinlan

      I don’t get it either.  One of the selling points is that you no longer need to carry around your laptop.  Great!  For only $300 I can carry around something of similar size that lacks a CPU, RAM and storage that, when combined with my phone, performs poorly when compared to a $300 laptop or netbook.  What a deal!

      This particular model I see as pointless, as it’s only compatible with the Bionic; when I update my phone I have no use for this lapdock.

      I’m not about to spend $80 and lug around the physical-size equivalent of a laptop just to I can use a desktop version of Firefox.