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BlueStacks App Player Enters Beta, Brings 450,000 Android Apps to Your Windows PC

BlueStacks released a beta version of their Android app player for Windows PCs this morning, bringing with it access to 450,000 apps. They previously ran a closed alpha, but have gone public with this beta from what we can tell. For those not familiar, BlueStacks is an application that installs on your Windows computer and then allows you to run any Android app through it. This is a brilliant piece of software and one that developers should thoroughly embrace. Through something like BlueStacks, applications from devs can reach more than just Android devices and are now essentially a part of everyone’s Windows PC without the need for code tweaking. This app player does all of the work. Talk about an audience. 

You can download the file from BlueStacks, however, their servers appear to be completely overloaded. When you get to the download page, make sure you the “Try a different installer” link. It will get you the full software.

Cheers Mike!

  • blue

    its comes with android 2.3 can i upgrade it to 4.0

  • imran sabir

    Get Maximum out of your BlueStacks Beta, Some useful Registry Hacks, tips and tricks Here:

  • Bbc

    Guys check this out……. How to get into root.fs in windows and install market. A step by step guide:

  • Harrysan_se

    Why can’t there be more than one instance of Rocketdock? I want my Rocketdock installed too!

  • DDRDiesel

    Can’t connect to the cloud from my phone.  Tried using both email accounts that are incorporated into my ‘Play Store’ and nothing.  No apps are syncing.  Either that, or I will get an error message while going through the sync setup again by verifying information with ‘Please check your network connection and try again’.  Uninstalling, completely worthless until this gets fixed

  • FidelityNy

    If you get a RocketDock error message navigate to your registry editor and delete RocketDock key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareRocketDock

    • Thanks It worked 🙂

    • thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it works:)

    • needhelp

       I do not want to uninstall my rocketdock.. so should i still remove the key from registry? what if it crashes my rocketdock 🙁

      • nicotinic

        If you remove the registry entry it’ll probably cause issues. Usually depends on how deeply a program is integrated into your Windows install.

    • Worked!! thanks so much, had no clue why it wouldn’t install after completely removing rocket dock

  • teejaycard

    I can’t dl because it says i have rocketdock on my pc. I unistalled and found as many of it’s dumbass files left behind restarted and still says i have rocketdock. wtf….

  • Xroid

    Does not support Gameloft’s Order and Chaos, No surprise since most android devices are not compatible with most of there games. 

  • Dying to try and see if MediaHub works ..

  • Doesn’t connect to my wifi network so I can’t use the Google TV remote from my PC.

    God, I’m lazy

  • Prime7

    I don’t really see any reason why I’d want to use Android apps on my Windows PC, but this thing can be a great advantage for Windows 8 tablets if they leverage it properly.

  • Pauldjaro

    Installer says it needs a windows file teo install. BlueStacks asked me to snd them the file. I sent the file so I guess I have to wait and see what happens.

    •  how did you get support?! i cant find anyplace to ask them questions… im trying this at work and we use a proxy filter here on a specific ip…so i cant get BS ( acronym fail) to connect to my network… and i cant figure out where those settings are.. if they exist that is.

  • moelsen8

    so how does the touchscreen functionality work?

  • Sp4rxx

    I checked out the Alpha and it was pretty stable – ran most of my apps that I wanted; however it had the dreaded Facebook login.  Lots of people want the G+ login so hopefully they included G+ login as well or straight up replaced FB Login

    • Josh Groff

       Make a fake Facebook 😉

  • EvanTheGamer

    So I can play Temple Run on my PC now?


  • Guest

    Am I wrong, or is this not just a repackaged version of the emulator with a custom “Launcher”? It also runs slow as all hell on my machine, which is definitely not due to low resources. I was expecting to be more impressed, truth be told

    • It runs slow as hell on mine too. My PC isn’t a beast but it’s a dual core w/ 2GB RAM and it’s running slow as hell. 

    • r0lct

      The last time DL posted about this (or similar product) the performance also sucked so I am not surprised.  Unless you can push apps to it via the app store it’s pointless.

  • Demigrog

    Bluestacks installer causes a BSOD on my Win8 CP tablet.  Before it died it also installed RocketDock without my permission, which really pisses me off.

  • Aardvark99

    This is what the Chrome OS should be, or at least include. 

    Have Android devices include a decent HTML5 browser, which they’ve done (I assume) with Chrome for Android. Now HTML5 “apps” can run in Chrome OS or in Android (but they shine in Chrome OS). Have Android apps running both on typical Android devices and Chrome OS (but they work better on Android devices).

    Oh god, did I just describe Windows 8-like system? Maybe this is a bad idea!

  • Magnus

    Does this actually sync the App’s Data or just lets you use the App? Such as if I sync’d a game – would it actually have my save data?

    • moelsen8

      doubtful.  otherwise i should have all my game data across my devices too.  i think the structure is there for devs to use to do this/backing up app data, it’s just rare that they do (i’ve never seen it).

  • Michael_NM

    This is great, now I can use docs-to-go on my computer to open MS Office files I created on my… oh wait. 😛

  • In case anyone was wondering, this app is not compatible with RocketDock and must be uninstalled before this can be installed.  I never would have thought that, but that’s the error I got when I tried to install it

    • Chris Pinola

      at least in my case, looks like i had to reboot to get the installer to notice it was gone

      • Justdragit

        You can go into the registry after uninstalling and remove the RocketDock key and you don’t have to reboot. 


    • Bert336

      I get the same error msg. I wont be giving up my rocketdock to play games! lol

  • Cool Beans!!!!! 

  • Been using this for awhile. Great to see the huge number of new apps added. 

  • Jstaff48

    Just got through now.  I would try again.  I had the same problem for the past hour.

  • This just brought a whole new level to goofing off at work!

    • Michel Buffet

      Hello Android World

      For me I have doing 2 shortcuts One to start the Widget!?*! and one to Kill tack
      simple shortcut with “TaskKill /IM RocketDock.exe” and for me on XP Pro they work fine….