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Motorola XOOM WiFi Update on the Way, Soak Test About to Begin

Owners of the Motorola XOOM WiFi, you will soon receive yet another update. While Ice Cream Sandwich already arrived back in January, this is likely a bug fixer of sorts. There are rumors of Android 4.0.5 being next in line for the Galaxy Nexus, so there is a chance that the XOOM could see it first. After all, it has proven to be much easier to update all of these stock WiFi-only devices than those with actual cell radios in them.

As always, let us know the minute you see it.  

Cheers A, B, and app tipster!

  • Erin

    I hope the update fixes whatever it was that CRIPPLED my Xoom when I got ICS.   My Xoom is one of an odd batch from about nine months ago (Kernel [email protected] #1, Build Number IML77 it is stock – not rooted) which developed bizarre restart and “won’t wake up” issues with ICS.   On the chance that it was a bad download I wiped & reinstalled everything (three times, once with my apps and twice without) but no dice.  My battery life before ICS was measured in days, now it’s often dead in the morning… seems to help if I manually turn off the WiFi and do a full shut down when I’m done with it, but not always.  

    What’s the point of a tablet that needs time to boot?   It used be amazing!   Now, when it shuts down all the way (there seem to be three levels of “sleep”) I have to do a hard reset (volume up + power for about five seconds) to get it to boot.

    The only board i found that addressed this specifically concluded that it was middleware and the solution was wait for the update (or try a risky “no guarantee root it and install this” procedure, or simply return it for warranty service).  

    I hope they fix it.   It was the perfect tablet before ICS.   I’d even be happy if the issue was simply acknowledged and a downgrade back to 3.2 was available. 

  • Keilflex35

    why wifi xoom ,is the sweetest tab on the planet. no issues whatsoever. but keep trying to fix stuff, thats all good. maybe something is gonna mess up,lol. who cares,since this thing is so bad arse. 

  • How do I go about joining the Motorola Feedback Network? I picked up my Wi-Fi Xoom refurbed, so not sure if I can register with Motorola after someone else owned it previously… Saved over $120 though, so I can’t complain. Updated to ICS the day I got it, and I have 4G LTE through my GNex. Not a bad deal. 🙂

  • Steve Faiella

    So, I spent the extra money for a 3G (converted to LTE) model, only to be screwed on the ICS front with no release date in site. Screw you Moto, and you too Verizon!!!

  • If you want face unlock and so much more, just unlock, root and flash a custom rom.  Most of the ICS roms have face unlock.  Honestly it’s more of a novelty than anything else.  Guarantee if you have it you’ll use it for a couple days and then switch to something else.  

  • I hope it adds Face Unlock!

  • Oh-No my WIFI issue on my XBOARD started at the update we got to fix WIFI (and other things).

    I am now getting “google.com.process.gapps” with a force close box every day too!

  • My Wifi Xoom has been fantastic since the ICS update, couldn’t be happier. ZERO problems.

    • Jwallingxoom

      Ditto here. Zero problems on my stock Xoom wifi only.

  • MikeCiggy

    My mother has a Xoom wifi family edition. Does anyone know when she will see Ice Cream sandwhich. This tablet’s multi tasking is crap ICS will definitely fix this! Tried to update it the same way you update the wifi version but no luck at all apparently the two version of the xoom are very different.

  • JBartcaps

    Contrary to what everyone believes, the XOOM is a phenomenal tablet and easily one of the best tablets out there. I love it and won’t purchase a new tablet till the software can’t support the hardware.

    • Eadsrc

      Agreed. Love my Xoom and it has been great since ICS. My partner has a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it has moisture under the screen issues and takes forever to charge. My Xoom has been awesome since day one and I love all of the prompt updates it gets.

  • tgif

    Bring out the haters I still love my Wi-Fi Xoom. The dev support is relatively small but their output is high quality and the updates continue to have a good track record. I get 6+ days of battery life with screen at half brightness and frequent use. Only complaint is that I way overpaid but I got exactly what I was looking for in it. 

  • Bug fixes or 4.04. My money’s on bug fixes, but the stock ICS ROM is stable as hell, so I don’t know what bugs they would be fixing.  Maybe they are adding face unlock.

  • Xoom Fiend

    Go that same email last night too.

  • Will Frame

    This is great news for those 2 unfortunate souls who still have one.

  • Glad I joined the Moto Feedback Network for the Xoom and I am looking forward to receiving this, like others have said I have not seen any bugs but updates are always good, maybe some new features!  Google has really supported the WIFI Xoom well, glad that I bought it. On a side note, the GNEX IS HORRIBLE, who ever did that should be ashamed of themselves 

    • Jjooeey

      Glad i opted for the rezound 

      • 4n1m4L

        Coming from the x2 i couldnt be happier

    • Jak_341

      It’s obvious you don’t have a GNex. The GNex bugs are vastly overstated.

    • Load up 4.0.4 and you’ll be a happy camper

  • Michael_NM

    Dear Moto,

    Remember that Super Bowl commercial? The LTE Xoom has become one of those drones. Fix it.

    Done with you.

  • My wifi Xoom has not seen ICS yet.

    • 4n1m4L

      Apps>googleframworkservices(orsomethinglikethat) clear data. Then go to info and check for.the update. Should do ya

  • Jjooeey

    God damn… thats like 2 updates for the WiFi Xoom… WHAT ABOUT MY LTE Xoom?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!?!??!!! Last time i buy Motorola again, thats for sure 

  • squrel23

    Glad I got that LTE Xoom first thing!

    Sidebar: That notification bar in the the Nexus screenshot is hideous 

  • *stares at his LTE Xoom longingly*

    • dbam987

      Indeed. I resorted to getting a custom ICS ROM for my Xoom LTE. Got the Team EOS version, which runs very well.

      • justincase_2008

        EOS is freaking sweet

      • I would likely flash a custom ROM if I could find a set of instructions for flashing/rooting my device that didn’t include nothing but dead links.

    • peezwizz

      Right? I bought that for my GF near Xmas when it was like 1/2 off verizon… thinking “This bad boy will definitely get an ICS update”… what gives? Has verizon stated it will be upgraded? I’ve only heard about the wifi and family version getting it. 

    • ocdtrekkie

      No kidding. As a first-day buyer, I expected a little better treatment from Motorola. Now like two months since the Wi-Fi version got it, they’re getting a second update, while we’re still waiting for the first.

      • Motorola isn’t the problem, Verizon is. I’m signed up over at the Moto forums and when they told me in February that I was eligible to test an LTE Xoom upgrade, I inquired about ICS as the WiFi version already had it. The forum administrator replied that it was harder to get the radios working, to which I replied that Peter Alfonso had already done it quite successfully, and he said that they were waiting for Verizon’s approval to release ICS to the Xoom LTE masses. I’ll probably stick with Pete’s Bugless ICS even after the official release is available.

        • ocdtrekkie

          I’m not sure it’s *entirely* Verizon’s fault, though Verizon obviously has some of the blame. On the Moto forums (I’m there too), there’s also been a lot of talk that the bugs on the Wi-Fi version are why we haven’t seen it on LTE yet. So potentially, this second update for Wi-Fi may be the fixes they need before they deploy to LTE.

          And the question is, if LTE updates are at least a month delayed over Wi-Fi, it may still be another whole month to six weeks minimum until we see ICS.

          • rocketdaddy

            What bugs? I haven’t seen any since the ics update for my xoom.

          • ocdtrekkie

            I can’t speak for their prevalence because I don’t have a Wi-Fi model, but apparently they involve freezing and waking from sleeping issues primarily.

        • Jjooeey

          i dont know how to get that, are there any bugs?

          • It’s smooth as can be, and I haven’t seen any bugs. http://www.peteralfonso.com, click the downloads link, and choose “Stingray” (the development platform name for the LTE Xoom).

            For unlocking the bootloader and rooting and all of that, Google is your friend, and if not, try XDA’s section for the Xoom.

      •  fyi, google is still part of the update, hence why this is called a “Google Experience Device”.

  • Mike

    my wifi xoom has been SO much more stable since the ICS update… I honestly dont know what this could be fixing.  I have minimal issues at all with mine.. hopefully this doesnt break anything, but ill look forward to it.  Looking forward even more to the .5 update for my Gnex

  • The only gripe I have about moving to ICS on the Xoom is Chrome.  I know, I know…. It’s still in beta and it’s completely optional, but damnit it’s buggy.  

  • RedPandaAlex

    I’ve only noticed a couple bugs in 4.0.3. One is when you scroll up on the task switcher and then scroll down there’s some graphical artifacting. The other is sometimes I’ll get a force close message for apps after I press home to get out of them. Not sure what else this could be resolving, but yay updates all the same.

  • Good, they better fix all of the bugs that ICS introduced (AKA random restarts). It was supposed to be our savior from Honeycomb.

    • HbGREAT4u

      really my xoom has never been faster or more stable

      • 4n1m4L

        Me either, but honeycomb treated me perfectly too..

    • guest

      When ICS came out my Xoom became faster and more stable.  Flash even became usable on it! …Just after Adobe abandoned support 🙁

      If the Xoom had shipped with ICS from the start it would have been a legitimate iPad challenger.

      • Oh mine was fine too, initially. Then like a disease it would restart randomly after I was done using it. Or it I left it for a day or two and picked it up, I’d have to restart because it was lagging beyond use