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Contest: 10 DROID RAZR MAXX Cruzer Lite Androidified Cases Up for Grabs! (Updated)

Our friends at Cruzer Lite felt that our DROID RAZR MAXX brethren needed Androidified love too. After handing out 12 of their most popular cases to Galaxy Nexus owners, their new line for the RAZR MAXX is up next. We have 10 cases in a variety of colors to give away, not just the black and white versions that were initially released a week or so ago.

So how can you win? It’s super simple.

1.  “Like” or “Circle” the Cruzer Lite pages on Facebook and Google+.
2.  In the comments, let us know the longest single charge you have seen on your RAZR MAXX.

Update:  Winners have been picked, start checking your inboxes.

Tomorrow at 9AM, we will pick all 10 winners.  Good luck!

  • Arizona6421

    Mine has gone 3.5 days

  • Arizona6421

    Jyst git mine will post later in how ling but its been on since friday when i got it. Still halfway on charge.l

  • Serpico

    I received my case on Friday! Thanks Droid-Life.com! Cheers!

  • HotwingCindy

    I like my case. Thanks guys!

  • tbaybe

    im checking… and checking…. 

  • Joey

    I took my Droid Razr Maxx out for a weekend camping trip recently.  I left on a Friday afternoon with a full charge, no charger.  I was able to play some music, check a few emails and still have juice left to return on Sunday!  I love the battery life on my Maxx! 

  • Robert Hannan

    40 hrs and still had 20% left.

  • Serpico

    Picked up mine about 2 weeks ago – I don’t have an exact number, but I can unhook it at 6:30 AM and typically not plug it on again until 9 “ish” that evening. I am considered a moderate to heavy user.

  • Iamstacylynn

    I got my Maxx on Saturday. Love it!!! i charge it when I sleep at night, not once have I had to think “I hope my battery lasts today” this said ,from me .. a former Droid Charge owner!!

  • Crcpeach

    2 days – with data and talk going full blast. Never had a phone go for a full day before 🙂

  • About 22 hours

  • Arjun Meda

    yet to get it, still waiting..

  • Bturkel1

    on 4g tampa – I start at 7:00am – once phone lasted until 11:56pm before it died

  • 38 hours is the best I’ve gotten so far, so needless to say I’ve very happy with my Maxx

  • I get around 18 hours on average, varies day to day …with the nexus and extended battery i would be lucky to get 8 hours…the maxx rocks….those case look pretty nice I want one!

  • 36 hours so far, just got it though, so still tweaking!

  • Jjones782

    I charge my Maxx every night but when the first time I used my phone it last about 36 hours on low to medium use. I’m using my phone a lot more now. The games I play on it eat up the battery pretty fast. I’m happy with it’s performance though because my old phone wouldn’t it make it past dinner time…

  • Khufu Loves Him Some DROID

    Typically about 36 hours. If I head into Chicago from the suburbs I can burn it up in 10 with audible on the drive to and from the train station, Google Reader on the train, and various forms of entertainment during meetings.

  • Audioslinger

    13 hours or so, but I’m a HEAVY user. Also have one of these cases and they are GREAT!! Survived a few drops no problem. I’ll take another color though.

  • maca36

    A day and half.

  • If I charge to 100%, I can go the rest of that day and all of the next. It warns me a little after the alarm goes off on the third day. I’m a heavy user with a lot of screen-intense programs but no 4G and rarely Wi-fi on.

  • HotwingCindy

    16 hrs 4g on mostly wifi. Ooooh those cases are so pretty

  • Bakubomb

    33 Hours…….Many people didn’t believe me until I showed them the battery meter and then most of them spend the next 33 hours picking their jaw up from the floor

  • DroidCzar

    24 hours easy, but I rarely let it go into red.  I used it very little over a weekend and didn’t have to charge it from Friday morning until Sunday midday.  I love not having to charge the phone twi-three times every day.

  • Flyehard

    I use my Droid razr maxx heavily on a daily basis and get anywhere from 14-20 hours before getting to that dreaded red zone.

  • Geekzilla

    Usually about 36 hours

  • I can’t believe that I can leave wifi, bluetooth, and 4g on and I still can get 21 hours! I still haven’t set all the smart actions yet it is unbelievable!

  • If i turn off the flux capacitor then I can go a full 2 days before charging with medium use. But then if I  go back to 1985 my plutonium depletes and then I can only go for 8 hours!

  • 28 hours but I plug it in when it gets to 40 percent.  What can I say, I have access to electricity…

  • I don’t have the Razr Maxx but my friend does and the longest he ever had on a single charge was 18 hours and 34 minutes of continuous use from GPS, Gaming, web browsing, streaming HD youtube. He beat the battery down to 30% before he gave in at the end to charge it the next day.

  • faganm24

    My wife constantly leaves her phone off the charger.  She’s used it for 2 whole days without charging inbetween, no issues.

  • my maxx lasted me 2 days, love it never have to limit myself on phone usage to conserve battery life 🙂

  • Evanevster

    26 hours no joke!!!!! I love my maxx and I definitely love that purple A2 case for the maxx!!! Will be telling my friends about cruzer lite cases:) and if I dont win one ill buy one:)