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Draw Something Price Slashed on Android to $0.99, Zynga Wants to Buy It All


If there is one game that has truly taken the Android and iOS worlds by storm over the last couple of months, it’s Draw Something by OMGPOP. It’s like Pictionary meets Words With Friends for your mobile device and recently took over the title of top app on Facebook from WwF. If you cruise around FB or even Google+, you are bound to find something looking for a game and sharing their account name. It really is as simple as drawing an object and then hoping that your partner guesses it right.

Is anyone playing it?  

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In a related note, TechCrunch is reporting that Zynga (who owns Words With Friends) is in talks to buy the game. Since it has taken over their apps as the top in the Facebook game, it only makes sense that the gaming giant would attempt to acquire it. Some have suggested that they simply make their own version and run Draw Something out of business, but that could be much more to accomplish than you would think. If they buy it, they already have a massive hit and could then put their own dollars in to making it even better.

Might want to grab the pro version now on sale for $0.99 before wonky things start happening behind the scenes if Zynga does indeed decide to buy.

Via:  TechCrunch

  • *sigh* Im already addicted. It works awesome on my Rezound 🙂

  • Willeminx

    I downloaded the free version and when I try to create an account with email instead of logging in with facebook (something I am loath to do) it says that I need to use a valid email address-which of course I am.  Have given up, for now.

  • jtwildman1

    Fun game, easy to kill time with. I don’t need a notification, just check once in awhile..when it’s my move I go.

  • eze4

    You need a stylus for this game unless you just want to draw stick figures

  • dsass600


  • Just started playing this Friday on the new iPad with a stylus.  Then tried the free version on my Galaxy Nexus.  If you’re playing this game on anything less than a tablet with a stylus, you’re missing out.

  • $.99? It was free do download and play and already only $.99 to get 2000 more words.

    Its a pretty fun game. I like it. The ads can be a pita though as they take a good amount of time between plays. Maybe I’ll spend the $1.

  • JDub

    Free version + ad blocker= paid version.

    • Towelie420

      Not being cheap and paying 99¢ = paid version.
      (I can shi+ 99¢)

    • Frank Urbanski

       The paid version gives you 2000+ more words so you don’t repeat.  Well, repeat as often.

  • Chris

    Oh it’s FREE on iOS. why would it be $.99?!

    • Sam

      there’s a free version and $.99 version on both iOS and Android, always has been. no prices have changed.

  • Sp4rxx

    I play it …. and it is friggin’ addicting!

    • Does it kill your battery like it does mine?

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        the wife plays on her nexus, complains of battery drain issues

      • HotwingCindy

        My maxx started panicing and showing the low battery alerts in 9 hours.

  • zepfloyd

    It’s a fun game but it gets old quick and I find it repeats too many words. 

  • Royal2000H

    I like the game and hope Zynga doesn’t ruin it with the token system that’s in Scramble with Friends.

    Right now you get coins for playing and can then upgrade your colors. I bet when Zynga takes over, it will cost money to get the colors.

    My only problem is that Draw Something is pretty buggy, no notifications, and crashes a lot (no FC, just disappears and home screen pops up).

    • Agreed 100%. I would even pay $0.99 to get notifications, I want them more than I want the ads gone!  And mine crashes ALL THE TIME too

    • xFenixKnightx

      Works fine on iPhone 4S and iPad. 🙁

    • TomZ

      So far is working fine on the Thunderbolt.

    • It causes my Droid X2 to crash almost every time I use it. Often I can’t even get it to load without the phone restarting.

  • Jessica Casteel

    MLordMistress, but no NSFW pics as my 3 year old tends to help me play


    I play but don’t get notifications pushed when someone plays like my iPhreak friends do. Is there issues with notifications on Android?

    • Michael Forte

      No, it’s called lazy developers that ported it to Android and didn’t use notifications, one of the things Android is best at.

  • Been playing it for a while and really enjoy it, but I really hope Zynga doesn’t buy it. Not a fan of theirs.

    In the meantime, I’m quiklives on there as well, feel free to start a game.

    • Towelie420

      Your arch enemy is slowdeaths

  • Add me! I hope you can guess my user name.
    FYI I draw things that aren’t SFW. makes it more fun…

  • well hopefully zynga wont buy it and ruin it. 

  • i play. you have to have a lot of games if you hope for more colors. only prob i see is the word pool is too small. i see the same words popping up every other game.  its mindless fun.

  • Hasn’t it always been .99?

    • r0lct

      For at least the last week or so I have been playing it.  Though am playing the free version.

  • I tried on my Rezound… way too difficult on a phone-sized screen. Would play if I had a tablet.

  • T4rd

    Fun game, I’ve been playing the free version with ad blocking for the past couple weeks =p.  I would pay for it if they implemented any sort of notifications and didn’t try to make you pay for more colors (or set the in-game currency price so high).  Huge oversight, IMO.

    • what ad blocker do you use? the one i use doesnt block the in game ads

      • Josh515

        I use AdFree and only see an ad once every few days.

      • T4rd

         Yeah, I just use Adfree (for root users).  Make sure you “boot normally”, update/install hosts, then restart your phone.  Works great on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Tweekex

    Haven’t touched it.. Then again I have yet to play Words with Friends as well 

  • Joseph Ferguson

    Everyone in the office is playing it. josephdbferguson is the username 

  • Tavist7870


  • tonyg916 if you want some. bring it