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Modder Turns Verizon’s Cheap Galaxy Nexus Car Dock Into Fully Working Pogo Dock

Since it appears as if we may never see a real Galaxy Nexus car dock – one with a 3-pin connector – modders of the world have taken matters into their own hands. Verizon’s cheaply made, yet overpriced plastic version that lacks any sort of connector is what you will need to get started here. After that, lasers, clamps, levels, a soldering iron, and everything else in your tool shed may come in handy. Oh, a cold beer as well since the creator of this mod says that it may take a bit to get it right.

What you are left with in the end is a fully working car dock that charges and opens your car app without hesitation. Full and detailed instructions can be found at this XDA thread.

Cheers Jonathan!

  • just buy a universal dock on ebay for 6 bucks,that about what the phone is worth anyway

  • Nexusman

    the success or failure of a device is closely tied to the accessories that go with it. the Gnex is my favorite phone but I just cannot recommend it to friends who I know expect accessory support. Samsung has failed. Verizon has failed. We are counting on third party developers to come up with some decent and reasonably priced docks for desks and cars. Moto has seen the light. going as far as having a lapdock..that is vision.

    • JoeBionic

      Yep.  I’ve been enjoying using the standard dock, car dock, and separate battery charger for my Bionic since it first came out in September.  Now, I’m also enjoying the lapdock 500 with the Bionic.  Motorola may be behind the times with locked bootloaders, but they sure know its users when it comes to accessories.  

  • You had me at “lasers”!

  • I want to know why the Samsung sucks at making accessories and docks for their phones.  Motorola 99% of the time rolls out car and HD docks with every product launch.  I am really starting to regret buying a Galaxy Nexus because it just keeps turning into the phone that will never go anywhere.  All this crap they touted for it and I bet it is the last Samsung product with the 3-pin crap that nothing will ever use.  Google and Samsung need to take this seriously, this phone would sell better if it had a full line of accessories. I know a few people now that have passed on it because there are no accessories to speak of for it.

  • well whoever made this just lost out on a ton of money by posting this online like this.

  • Booboolala2000

    I bought the verizon GNex car dock when I got my phone. It is a horrible dock. Feels like you are going to break the phone when you are taking it out. It really feels like it is going to rip the shell portion off of it. Kudos to this guy for making it more functional. I cut out the top two corners of mine and put in an NFC tag so it launcehes “Play” Music and I am good to go. Wanted the better dock but wasn’t available

  • So much hate.. I, for one, think that someone who has the patience and dexterity to pull this off is admirable.. I wish I had my tools in NYC, I’d do the same.. I don’t like having the USB cable hanging off my phone (landscape) when it’s in the dock, It ruins the port over time. If you don’t like the idea of having integrated charging, don’t do it. it’s that simple.

  • trevorsalienarms

    I guess I don’t see the advantage of this over a simple car mount and a charging cable. I use Google Nav all the time; simply place my Nexus in the proclip console mount and hook the charging cable to the USB port in the car. Granted, that doesn’t get me into “dock mode” but it seems to serve more or less the same functions in that it 1. holds the phone securely and 2. charges it while in use.

    • cgalyon

      Grab Tasker and you can make your phone automatically GPS, music, or whatever other applications you want. I use a simple dock, Bluetooth transceiver, and Tasker to automatically stream music as soon as I turn my car on.

  • John

    seems like a lot of work. cool that he did it in all but meh

  • ericsorensen

    Nice mod. Too bad it is missing the audio jack.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Did you know the audio jack in the multimedia base gets it’s signal via bluetooth. The three pins do not pass the audio signal through them. Supposedly, that is why the 3pin docks are so damned expensive.

      • EC8CH

        A couple of people who got the landscape pogo dock for the G-Nex have insisted the audio is passed through the pin and not over bluetooth.  This is a departure from how the previous docks worked, but they insist that bluetooth is not on and the audio works and there is not fcc markings indicating it is a wireless device.

      • ericsorensen

        There is no reason why you couldn’t pass audio through the three pins. As you can see from the mod, only 2 pounds are used for power. You’d need to filter engine noise I would imagine.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Your guess is as good as mine.

  • But it only has 2 sea shells…

  • Rakoskjc

    Car docks are lame. Who would waste all this time doing this. This kid needs a girlfriend

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      I have been using a car dock since my D1 years ago. Very useful for a variety of things. Has saved me from being late on multiple occasions by utilizing the traffic feature.

    • Damn those hobbies!

    • I use my phone as a GPS regularly. I love having a car dock for that very reason.

      Ignorant responses are lame. 

      • Rakoskjc

        yes they are

        • Chauncy

          good one!…..NOT

    • Balls

       i know man, some people are just very talented and take pride (and have fun) in their work…get a life

    • How do you know he isn’t married with kids?

    • Bigwavedave25

      Except he is already married…
      Love it when people are jealous of other people’s time or abilities.  You bet I’ll be doing this if the “official” one keeps its hefty price.  I use the plain plastic one every time we leave town.

      Maybe you should get a car?

    • I seriously doubt a kid was the one who put this level of work into modding a car dock, however that is irrelevant.  

      Car docks may not be for everyone but for people like me they are the best thing out there.  I spend on average 14 hours a day in a vehicle.  I use my phone as a GPS and music player during that time.  So with a dock I am able to watch my GPS easily and scroll my Google Music quickly. Therefore… a proper car dock is a life saver for me. 

      Given that, I will not be paying a 100 dollars for a car dock.  Whether it has the pins or been modded to work as such.  That is a insane price.  It should be around 20 to 30.  

    • summit1986

      Torque app… I rest my case.

  • This is the one area Motorola puts Sammi to shame with – The various accessories not only implementation but availability. Sammi really dropped the ball on Battery Life and Accessories with GNEX. Really hope Moto gets a bid to make the next Google Phone. 

    • EC8CH

      supposedly Samsung is waiting to release docks until the 4.0.4 update is released.  Apparently the current software doesn’t completely support all the docking functions.  They released the landscape pogo dock prematurely, and have since pulled it until the release of the update.  That’s why the product page that was once valid on Sammy’s site is now dead.

      • 4n1m4L

        you called sammy too huh?

        • EC8CH

          nah, I saw a post on Android forums that seems pretty legit.

          • 4n1m4L

            Very legit
            Thats the answer samsung gave me yesterday. Somethjng about how it didnt work correctly with the current software. Software should be out in a month. Then the real accessories will come.

          • EC8CH

            They didn’t by chance offer an explanation for the insane pricing? 😛

          • 4n1m4L

            I don’t know really. All i could say is that its not a simple dock, its got some other stuff crammed in it. I’m happy to pay it. I may buy 2.

          • RW-1

            Perhaps, but the other thing about the real accessories is the overblown pricing …. $99 for a dock?

  • Zebra

    Welcome to last month…

  • EC8CH

    Hurry before he pulls it until 4.0.4 drops 😛