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Minecraft – Pocket Edition Update In the Market, a Few New Features and a New Mob

There are not a lot of games out there that can claim the lives of so many people other than Minecraft. The mobile edition of the game has been fantastic since its release and has seen tons of good updates to keep us coming back. After releasing a survival mode, where you must build to survive everything in the world that’s trying to kill you, another update awaits in the Play Store today that brings a few changes.

First thing changed is a new mob added to survival mode. The friendly pig will be staring at you as you are going around punching trees and digging up dirt. Another control change allows you to “split touch controls” in case you had trouble controlling your character before. Overall a pretty good update, it’s good to see a game getting such attention.

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Cheers Tim!

  • Jdstell

    Mojang, you bastards. I did not need a mobile version of this game. Now I’m unproductive at home and when I go out.

  • TexAgMichael

    What is this “Market” you speak of?

    • Jdstell

      My girlfriend told me her android market disappeared. I had to listen to her whine about not being able to download “Draw Something” so she could play with her friends. I got home and showed her that it’s now “Google Play”. Her response? “Google Play, that doesn’t make sense, why does Google keep breaking everything on my phone?” . . . .

      • TheOiulkj

         Did you really need to use an entire paragraph just to let us know that your girlfriend is an idiot?

  • r0lct

    So I bought this when it was $0.10 during the last market promo having no idea what it was, just that DL made it seem like a big deal.  Opened and couldn’t figure out what it was after 2 minutes and never touched it again.

    True story.

    • Keith Sumner

      If you’ve never played minecraft on the PC, you have not truly lived.

    • RGiskard

       Same here.  I know all about the buzz for this game, and have seen things people make in the game world, but I don’t actually know what the survival mode requires.  I couldn’t see why folks are so into the game.  Please explain, I’d like to know!

      • Play the pc version for about an hour, then you will understand

      • Look up all the crafting stuff

    • One does not simply 

      understand mine craft after 2 min

    • Me

      I could not agree more.  This game is crappy in that it has NO help.  It assumes you have played it before.  If you have not its almost impossible to learn.  My nephew showed me the basics but even he could not figure out how to switch modes – which, according the update, _is_ possible now…

  • I only bought this game when it was marked down to like 50 cents. Whatever price they have it at (I think $7 or so), it’s not worth it. Just buy it on your computer

  • ConcernedAboutTim

    *There aren’t a lot of games*