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NCAA March Madness App is Live, Ready For Your Bracket and Team Smack Talk

It’s officially here ladies and gentlemen, March Madness is upon us. During the selection show last night, CBS and the NCAA announced their app for Android was live in the Play Store now and told us all to go download it. It is a surprisingly well designed and well running application that is free to download and use, but you can also pay to upgrade. For $3.99 you get access to every single game in tournament on your mobile device and online. You don’t have to upgrade but for some people this will be a must for the tournament. Inside the app you can see your bracket, an overall bracket and even go in and live chat with other people about certain match ups between teams.

The app is listed as working on every Android but there are a few catches; streaming only works on Froyo, 2.2, or Gingerbread, 2.3, at the moment. No tablet support either, which is a bummer. There have been reports in the reviews of it not working on certain devices but as you can see, the Galaxy Nexus is working great (no streaming though). If you are feeling like filling out your bracket, hit the link for the Play Store below.

Play Link

Cheers duke69111 and ckeegan!

  • Bigsike

    Holy crap what a ripoff a lot of people are now out a lot of money.

  • JL

    Worked on my thunderbolt for 15 minutes, now it will only load long enough to show me the opening add.

  • kfath1978

    wont let me install on verizon nexus….boo verizon!!!!

  • Bob

    doesn’t work on verizon galaxy nexus

  • Spunker88

    For those of you having issues on Honeycomb/ICS try using the desktop player by going to:

    Of course you’ll need flash player. Once you get the game video going put it into full screen and it should be smooth if your device has enough graphics power. This should work on the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Yahoo12345

      Anyone else having issues when you try and input password through the above referenced method? I got the free code using Enzy’s Coke Zero method, but every time i enter a letter, it deletes out immediately…? Weird thing is it works fine for the email address part right above it.

      • Shadesofgray12

        i switched to stock android keyboard and typed it in. the letters still disappear but they accepted my password. 

    • Bigsike

      Nope doesn’t work at all.

  • ABerry5

    How the hell could you say “but as you can see, the Galaxy Nexus is working great (no streaming though).” Its not working even 30% of “great” if it doesn’t stream.. damnit

  • haomeng27


  • Derickmc

    GO GONZAGA!!! (I’m from Spokane).

  • If you text 0YOURTEAMNAME (i.e. 0VERMONT) to 2653 it’ll send you back a code to enter at ncaa.com/cokezero to get you free access to the paid portion of the app. That way, when it doesn’t stream on a Nexus, at least you’re not out $3.99. It was working as of this morning, not sure if it is a limited time thing.

    • justcallmecapn

      I tried it, and I got back a text saying “This is not a valid code. Check the 12 or 14 digit code & try again.”

      • justcallmecapn

        Scratch that… I tried another team and it worked. Thanks!

    • Guest

      UNBELIEVABLE !! As of 1:00 AM Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17), it works — I had no problems whatsoever on my Motorola Bionic. The text I got back said you have until April 2, 2012 to register an e-mail address (username)/password combination for in-app login. You take the code they text you and enter it on their web page. That gives you access to a sign-up page where you provide an e-mail address and select a password. Then they send instructions to that e-mail address for downloading the app. Once installed, you login in-app using that e-mail address (as your username) and password.

      Step-by-step for those of you having trouble (no amount of handholding is going to make it work on Ice Cream Sandwich, though):1. Text 0YOURTEAMNAME to 2653 (I literally entered it that way instead of 0KENTUCKYWILDCATS).2. You will be texted a code to enter at the MML Redemption website (mine was TEN alphanumeric characters)3. Go to  http://www.ncaa.com/cokezero (which redirects to https://secure.mms.ncaa.com/enterworkflow.do?flowId=commerce.redemption&campaignCode=MMOD_COKE_CMPGN&voucherCode=MMOD_COKE_VCHR&sku=MMODREDEEM2012) and and enter the code.4. You will be prompted to enter an e-mail address and password to use as username/password for the March Madness Live app.5. Use a real e-mail address because that’s the inbox where they will send instructions for downloading the March Madness Live app (I don’t know if authorization will work properly if you just download from app store–on the off chance it was some sort of pre-authorized app, I uninstalled the copy I downloaded from GooglePlay and re-installed from http://www.ncaa.com/mmlandroidmarket as instructed).6. Open application7. Use the e-mail address/password combination you provided earlier to login.8. Enjoy premium features courtesy of Coke Zero. 

      Those of you lucky enough to have an ICS handset should try logging in through the web browser at http://www.ncaa.com/mml/player/console.html

  • I would pay the $4 for this but I can just tether my laptop and get the channels streamed to me with my horridly overpriced cable subscription and probably in better quality as well.

  • Spunker88

    I have the apk posted on XDA for those who can’t download:

    • Beth in Chicago

      Thanks for the link! I was hoping to be able to watch on my tablet. I know it’s not a slam dunk, but at least it’s a shot. Could be better than on my phone. Worth a shot. 🙂 

    • Bigsike

      Thank you! it worked on my Transformer Prime. 🙂

  • edmicman

    Why would streaming not work on the Nexus?  What’s the point of the app then?  Why wouldn’t I just open up espn.com in the browser?

  • jsvetek

    I wasted $3.99. Pathetic. Guess my saving grace will be breaking out the old Thunderbolt and stream on that.

  • Towelie420

    on devices where streaming does work, do you mean the full, entire game?  not some lame x and o with score updates right?

  • Andy Blystone

    Dislike… no streaming support for 3.0 or above devices.  ICS phones will run the free portion of the app, but won’t support streaming content… The developer wasn’t helpful… just some fragmentation crap… no excuse for not supporting ICS though.

    • LetMeTellYou

      MLBAM is developing the app, would you expect any less?

  • Bigsike

    Not compatible with the Transformer Prime? really? …I’m sure it works on the Ipad :/. Typical CBS 

  • Ray

    I purchased this yesterday and tried to watch Selection Sunday on my Gnex but the streaming doesnt work. Its pretty sad that i can watch this on my stupid ipod but not my beautiful 4.65 HD screen of my Gnex. the App isnt supported by tablets either but it works perfectly fine on my Xoom (everything except the streaming of course).

  • jsvetek

    Wish I would’ve looked up this article before paying out that $3.99.
    If there is no tablet support by tomorrow, I may riot.

    • Ray

      the apk works with my xoom!

      • jsvetek

        Where can I score the apk? I’d like to see if this works on my OG Transformer.

  • why would I buy this if streaming does not work?

  • John

    NHL. That is all.

    • Towelie420

      soccer on ice.

      • Sobering Bleach

         or is soccer; hockey on grass?

        • Brock Overcash

          no thats field hockey

  • Hollandphoenix23

    Play link

  • htowngtr

    Doesn’t work on the Nexus? that blows

    • John

      Says compatible with my gnexus

      • htowngtr

        I was just reading the comments in the app reviews. I downloaded it and so far looks ok with the gnex.

      • We’ll have to see if it streams the games live though.

        • Ray

          it didnt as of yesterday…but maybe they will fix it!

    • Keith Sumner

      The screenshot above shows it running on a Nexus.