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Monday Poll: Is Instagram for Android Still Worth the Wait?

There are already a ton of photo filter apps available for Android such as Pixlr-o-matic. Many folks are asking the question, what makes the announcement of Instagram for Android so special? Well, for folks who have used Instagram lately, might say it’s the fact that the app has evolved into its very own social network. For novice users, they may like the filters and effects that they can apply simply to their pictures for the “cool” effect. What we want to know is if you are still interested. Let us know down below.

Still interested in Instagram for Android?

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  • I very much like Lightbox

  • FortitudineVincimus

    more utterly useless social networking crud

  • DanKemple

    honestly instagram is just too little too late, most people with android have probably moved on. Plus from what I gather more artsy graphic design, photographers use apple products because there are more programs for them, whereas techies who like customization use windows/linux/android

  • Looking at Android folks still waiting reminds me of the girl who wastes her life waiting for the married guy to leave his wife 😉 

    • Tim

      Waiting for the next Android cutting-edge innovation is never life wasting, they’ll soon be here. Big screen Androids-check. Androids on 4G LTE- check. Quad-core Androids- almost check. Other smartphone OS hipster users waiting for the next overhyped, overpriced crappy trinket- check

  • Check out Streamzoo – we have photoshare with filters, trending pics, color control, microblog, video & sharing with FB/TW/Tumblr/Flickr – 4.6+ rating & growing like crazy on Android marketplace! thanks!

  • dang1

    no, because the colors of the pictures are ugly.

  • Yay I can use my 2012 camera phone to make photos look like they were taken in 1978.  I don’t know about you but I have some pictures taken in 1978, they kind of sucked.

    • Fábio Emilio Costa

      For some people, LoMography is a photography language. For me, sounds okay depending of what kind of photo you want to shoot… I just can’t see senso on taking a LoMo from, for example, a brand new Indycar or Nascar. 

  • haomeng27


  • Mood

    It’s more than a hipster camera app, and I don’t think a lot of people are even aware of that. I’m a tattoo artist & Instagram (like most social networking applications) is an awesome way to show off your art and see the art of others. Subsequently, it is an easy way to build a clientele.  

    I’m pumped for it, and will reap the benefits of it while all the haters are talking smack on it. Whatever. 

    • Fábio Emilio Costa

      Mood, unfortunately, I can say for you that on Android World: Instagram = iPhone, iPhone=MacFag, MacFag=hipster, so Instagram=Hipster. By myself, I welcome Instagram as a way to understood if he he’s really good or it’s just hype;

  • Jer85008

    If I want crappy cell phone pics, I’ll go use my wife’s Blackberry.

  • Wmsco51

    Who? What was the question? I’m sorry and you are?

  • For those who keep saying “but Android already has built-in sharing features and filters:” you’re missing the point.  You’re not sharing your photos in a common social network based around them, or to multiple sites at once; it’s scattered across different apps and sites.

    This is like arguing “why go to a high-end restaurant?  All you have to do to match the experience is visit 10 different stores around town to get custom ingredients, learn how to professionally cook, and  buy special cooking equipment.”  Having the individual pieces available to you doesn’t make it as good as getting it all in one place.

    • Tim242

      Yeah, like. ANOTHER social network is what people need. People already spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter…both of which pics can be uploaded to.

      • Fábio Emilio Costa

        I don’t think Instagram is just like a Twitter or even as a Twitpic. I feel Instagram is another fish. For now, I just want it to came to android to (1) understand what hipsters sse on it, (2) see hipsters hipsterizing and abandoning Instagram for being “too much mainstream” and (3) see haters hating, >P #trollface

  • Leb3r

    Wow reading all these comments leads me to believe that many people do not understand what Instagram is about.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s not for the filters.  Filters are a dime a dozen, anyone can download one of the many apps to add a filter to their picture not to mention these things are built in now to Android.  That being said, the purpose of Instagram is to share photos, whether it be unique, funny, beaitful, etc.

    The filters just let you add a twist to the picture, that’s all, nothing more, nothing less.  It’s a fun app that if you have friends using becomes even more fun.

    Try it before bashing it, that’s for sure.

    • Treknologist

       If the point of the app is sharing pictures, then what makes it so special?  I’m already able to share my pictures on multiple social networks through Android (Google +, Facebook, etc).  I personally don’t care to install yet another app to share on yet another social network anything that I do.  I just don’t see the need for it but that’s just me.  Do I hate the app because it was on iOS?  No.  I actually think it is good that the app will be available for Android as I know it will appeal to many people. 

  • it has nothing to do with being a hipster.. its about sharing photography… everyone that voted no on this poll probably never used Instagram.. obviously since most people here are androud users.  but i used the app on my ipad and its awesome. i found myself emailing the pictures i took on my Nexus to my ipad so i can share them on Instagram.. it would be nice to not have to do that anymore.. cant wait 

    • LionStone

      You’re right, I voted no and never used it…but I’d rather not look at photos that have been drastically altered.

  • 1TallTXn

    I don’t give a rats behind for Instagram, but I’m always happy to see more apps on both iOS and Android.
    Actually, I’m happy when any dev makes an app for more than one platform.

  • I’ve taken some filter pics using other apps.  They were kinda cool.  But, I wouldn’t say they were anything to write home about.  So far, I’d say these filters are a novelty.  

      Is there a big  enough difference between Instagram and it’s competitors to make me change my mind?  I’m curious.  Looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.  

  • possomcrast1

    I don’t care but it signifies ios devs coming to android.

  • qbix

    One and a half years too late. They neglected Android for far too long, and I don’t buy the whole “we did it to focus on scaling” BS. I stopped caring months ago. Now, they can kiss my ass. In fact, any iOS exclusive app or social network can kiss my ass.

  • Smooth918

    It actually never was, there’s so many better Cameras with filters in the Market (Play Store, whatever) anyway, one in particular is “Camera Zoom FX” $.25 today with a ton of add-on free Filters

    • TC Infantino

      I can attest to that, I use Camera Zoom FX all the time and it is a excellent camera app.  I agree with many here who are happy that Devs are working to bring apps to the Android community.

  • Don’t really care. I’ve been using MyTubo and it’s fine.

  • M6droid

    I haven’t seen photos of Instagram’s caliber since POLAROIDS!

  • Darren Tabor

    I’m interested but I’d rather capture the pictures as they are 

  • Johnny G

    an app for your phone doesn’t suddenly make you a good photographer

    • Fábio Emilio Costa

      This! Neither bought expensive cameras/lenses/filters/software. Photography is more than this. A good photographer can use a VGA camera like the old ones on old mobiles and still shot good photos. No AF, Flash, and so on. 😀

  • Never cared in the first place…

  • Derp

    They waited too long. I’ve got all the effects I need built in to 4.0 now, and don’t need to worry about creating and maintaining another account with instragram to get them.

  • James B.

    Vignette for Android is the best Camera app, maybe even the best App I’ve ever had. Worth the couple of bucks….

    • Droidzilla

      HDR Camera+ ftw!

  • Franzie3

    See the thing here is since its what is “socially acceptable”, to most it will be a big deal.  Its liek the industry standard to some extent, other apps like it just dont cut it for most.  This is mostly due to i*hone fan-boy-ism….

    For instance, before androdi i had a blackberry, the one thing i missed was my BBM, i found other apps like AndroidTown to be great, but then came Kik, and then LiveProfile, all which were short lived..

    Once it hits the mrket im sure there will be higher demand and you will see many people using it and all subsequent apps not so much

  • Bert336

    it was never worth the wait….i love my pictures sharp and vibrant, not old and crappy looking =]

  • EvanTheGamer

    Yes, yes, of course.

    It’s an anticipated and free app, which means I want it. I’ve never used it before, unlike millions of iPhone users, so it’s like a new app to me, regardless of what platform the app was available on first.

    So yes, I can’t wait damnit.

    Also, just like Temple Run. Sure it’s been available for months on iPhone, but do I care? No, I do not. All that matters is that I’ll be able to download it on my Galaxy Nexus on March 27, so yes, I can’t wait for that game/app either.

    Haters gonna hate.

  • tjpeco

    Since apparently ICS does everything that this instagram crap does anyways – I couldn’t care less.

  • the last thing we need is more people thinking they are professional photographers because they have a stupid app.

  • ceejw

    I know tons of people that use instagram.  I know no one who uses an Android instagram alternative.  I’m not too interested in taking pictures with instagram but I am interested in seeing what my friends are posting on it.  I’ll download it for that reason.

    • Labam

      Same here.

  • Chucksomar

    No info on the release date?

    • John


  • I will install it, take a pic of me with the angle all wacky with some hipster filters and post it to facebook with the caption “am I doing this right?”

    • Fábio Emilio Costa

      Remember: caption in Helvetica

  • patapongirl

    Too late.

    There are too many free and great photo processing/sharing apps on the market now for me to really want to use Instagram.

  • Michael_NM

    +1000 for the dogs. 🙂 Instagram will probably end up in the same category as Picsay, Pilxrmabob, and others. Try it once, then uninstall.

    • Droidzilla

      I use PicSay daily. My RAZR actually takes pretty decent photos, but they tend to be on the cool side for colours. PicSay Pro fixes them up easily and quickly (there’s a built in photo editor, too, so PicSay may be redundant; but I’m a creature of habit who doesn’t like kids on my lawn and doesn’t understand rap music).

      • TC Infantino

        I think that is a prime reason to use a specific camera app, to increase the quality of the pictures.  Considering we can easily upload (including auto upload) our pictures to the social site of our choice, I only see getting a different camera app if it performs a needed function.  I don’t care too much about kids on the lawn, I don’t like rap music, but I will be that old man driving down the road with Metal and Goth Rock blaring from the car. (probably because I will be almost deaf by that point)

  • DrHotmann

    I need it so that I can gain back some hipster cred!  I’m hurting in the hipster arena due to my refusal to own apple products. Hopefully getting instagram and taking pictures of myself riding my fixie in skinny jeans will help bolster me to the top of the hipster pyramid…That may have sounded sarcastic but I’m saying it in total seriousness.

    • trevorsalienarms

      You win teh internets, sir.

  • Punkdefied

    If I want to take a picture that looks like its 30 years old I’ll take one with my OG Droid 😉

    • Paradisimo

      Or Galaxy Nexus 🙂  

    • srh12

       Haha yeah, my 5mp Gnex camera can already do that with no filters!

      🙁                       Dammit Samsung!

      • You know I really don’t understand all the Gnex picture hate.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  Panorama works great, and the zero shutter lag is ballin.  Sure the sensor isn’t quite as good as the D3 that I came from, but to compare it with the OG sensor is not accurate at all.  

        • moelsen8

          with you on that one.  i love my gnex camera.  might not take the best pictures, but if i wanted great pictures i’d carry around a premium camera.  all it needs to do for me is take a quick picture when i need it to, and it does this perfectly.  kind of ticked off that the ability to snap 50 pictures in a few seconds is gone in 4.03 though 🙁  i really hope they restore the zero shutter lag in the official version.  i’ve never used a phone camera more than i have with this phone… by far.

          • snowblind64

            Personally I prefer to have the camera get a focus lock before it takes a picture over zero lag.

            I’m on the 4.0.4 leak and the camera is much better. I compared my phone to a friends Gnex running stock 4.0.2 and the difference is night and day. It actually focuses quickly and accurately now and shot to shot delay is still very minimal.

    • schwinn8

       HEY… I’m still rockin my OG Droid… and it takes pretty good pictures, honestly… better than the ones from my friend’s iPhone3s! (I know, you were kidding…)

  • AlexKCMO

    Never even heard of Instagram before I read about it here.

  • [deleted]

    • Droidzilla


  • anthonymcneil85

    What kind of dogs are those?

    • bobo

      I believe the proper term is “Mutt.”

    • The big boy is a boxer and the little guy is a wolf hybrid

      • BTLS

         [I swore I was replying to someone calling him a mutt… I guess the dog deleted that post…]

         Wolf hybrid sounds more like “pimp” to me… Awesome dog, I’ll take one in silver

        • I deleted that jerk. My dogs will never be “mutts” lol

          • TC Infantino

            Damn fine looking animals Tim, I had a wolf-husky mix and that was one beautiful and intelligent dog, though so damned stubborn sometimes. 

  • DanWazz

    I’m interested in checking it out, but Streamzoo’s social network has kept me happy for this long. Pixlr-o-matic’s huge collection of filters will keep me busy for some time.

  • Yes, 85% of the haters will download it instantly and use it too.

    • Android has had apps nearly identical to this for a while.  If the haters don’t use those, why would they use this?

      • Fábio Emilio Costa

        Just for trolling hipsters? 😛

    • John

      ….& then instantly uninstall it.

  • srh12

    Average droid life reader:

    “Something that iphone users use and like?

    I instantly hate it and find it inferior without having any knowledge of what it is. Android apps are better”

    • Scott H

      I won’t say that it’s better or worse than any Android apps, because I don’t really understand exactly what it does or why I would want it. The only reason I’ve heard of it is because I see people share pictures on Facebook. I don’t understand why I’d use Instagram versus using the camera that came on my phone and uploading to FB. 

      At least for me, it has nothing to do with Apple hatred. There are just as many iPhone users (if not more) that presume everything Apple is superior without ever having touched an Android device. But that’s a whole other discussion. I simply don’t understand why I’d want this app, no matter what phone I have or who “had it first”. 

      • schwinn8

         Exactly. I don’t see the “benefit” here, other than being a part of yet-another-social-network. I simply don’t need another, and as far as I can see, android does just fine sharing pictures to social networks.

        I’d love to hear what the hype is all about… every time I ask, I just get a bunch of iLemmings saying how they/their device is superior or whatever, and never answering the simple question. That leads me to believe that the built in camera app sucks, and can’t do sharing well enough (or at all?)… which is likely true given the mass of photo-moving apps on the platform.

    • Cam

       I will say, I don’t hate it, and will definitely give it a try. I just have a hard time believing the hype that seems to be behind it.
      That, and my GNex takes iffy pictures at best.

      • srh12

         Fair assessment.
        I will try it, if it sucks it sucks and I’ll delete it. But I have tried many filter apps on the  and well, a lot of them suck. I have no idea if I’ll get into the social networking aspect of it but its worth a shot, might be fun. In any case, itll be nice to have the OPTION to try it.

        And I also have Gnex which takes not so stunning photos. Maybe some fancy effects will mask the lack of clarity?? (fingers crossed)

      • Google

        When you see the number of hot asian chicks, hot girls with tattoos, smoking hot models, smoking hot regular girls and random awesome pictures you will see what the hype is about. 

        • Droidzilla

          So, it’s an excuse to ogle hot chicks? If that’s what you want, why don’t you just go look at some porn?

          • Google

            Because i prefer hot regular girls over professional pornography actresses. 

    • JonLS

      How about it’s just a pointless app for a lot of people. No hate at all.  

    • trevorsalienarms

      No, more like: “what’s the fascination with an app that makes pictures look crappy and why do I care about the social network aspect?”

      Hell, same goes for most of these types of apps that promise seamless sharing with friends…I just don’t care. No part of my being has any curiousity about 99.9% of the crap posted on those sites anyway.

      A person I haven’t seen in years posted a picture of his dogs or “liked” a new movie? Ok, great. Now what?

      Honestly, the sheer popularity of the social aspect of the web makes me think there’s something seriously wrong with me. Probably something to that.

      • @EMAW_29

        How old are you?

        • Droidzilla

          Just shut up and get off his lawn.

          • I just loled: wish I could like your comment twice.  Well done!

          • CORYK333

            Ha, pure dopeness right there!!!!

    • I hate to tell you, but some of us truly don’t care about this and won’t use it at all.  We’re not hating, we’re just telling the truth.

  • My phone already has a phone app, thanks. And it has this magical feature that reproduces what i’m taking a picture of without any stupid filters, it’s really amazing!

  • Full Of Hart

    The ICS camera app has great filters and features. I see no need for it.

    • I’m with you there.  Stock gallery app (in ICS) already has filters.  If I need to get complex, I have photoshop.  Of course, I’m open to Instagram.  I just don’t know what it does other than filters, which I already have, or why I need it.  I am sure I will take a look at it, but at this point just seems like a redundant app.

      • LionStone

        I’m with you there too…stock camera and filters on TB have been great. I’m up to 1800 photos and definitely already have enough options for camera apps and sharing sources.

  • Uglydolls

    Instagram is the only social network I actually use and have meaningful “followers” on.

  • Lacokanostra

    Everyone who uses it and who I show I can do the same with my phone tells me to wait til I try the social network aspect. So ill wait til I try it to pass judgement.

  • Asdfasdfs


  • Inquizitor

    Never cared, still don’t.

  • Michael Forte

    No, I’m not interested in being a Hipster.

    • So the reason you don’t want this application is because it will make you a Hipster? How does that work?

      • Josh Phillips

        As a supposed hipster (yes I wear skinny jeans, yada yada…) I don’t see Instagram as an inherently hipster thing. I know soccer moms that use it. I am excited for it to be on our chosen platform, but not because I have any intention of actually using it. It is another high quality, high profile app, making it a benefit for the platform. Anytime big name apps decide to come over to our team and make remarks about it being better than the iOS version is a good thing. So while I will continue to use the editing abilities in the stock ICS camera and the native sharing abilities of just about anything in Android, I am super excited to see this come to the Play Store. Now

        if only the NY Times would take Android seriously…

        • This.  Any high quality, high profile app that makes it to Android is good, even if I never use it.

      • Until I upload pictures to twitter without making them accessible to those that aren’t my followers I’m sticking with uploading pictures to Facebook.  Instagram, yfrog, twitpic, etc all make pictures public.  🙁

    • srh12

       What a hipster thing to say. Looks like it’s already happened

    • AlexS

      I know this isn’t relevant but I had to share this with you guys: Today I realized how much of a nerd I am because I was getting very upset overhearing one of my co-workers telling someone that “4G isn’t that fast and you’re better off just connecting to a wi-fi network. In fact it’s not much faster than 3G” Note: They both have Verizon and the one who was talking has an iPhone! Grrrrr haha

      • srh12

        I have great news for you, but youre not as big of a nerd as you might think.

        4g is faster than 3g yes. But honestly, in many cases you ARE better off connecting to wifi.

        It depends on the wifi of course, but yeah many times wifi is a faster steadier connection than 4g.

        • RGiskard

          I think his point was that the coworker with a 3G-only iPhone probably didn’t know what s/he was talking about when it comes to how fast 4G is!

          • moelsen8

            yeah i think that’s what the point was.. most people with an iphone 4 or 4s’s think they already have 4g.  i love when i get the opportunity to correct them 🙂

          • AlexS

            haha, exactly and I made sure to correct him!

          • Qqq

            Can’t wait for the iPhone5, then people well think they have 5g.

          • LionStone

            Oh man haven’t you heard? They do have 4G! Lol! My buddy sent me a screen shot of the new 4G icon on his 4s after he downloaded their new software update. First he was happy to get it OTA without having to plug in (yea, we know about that one) but he couldn’t figure out what’s up with the new icon? He searched it and it turns out, “In AT&T land, the company considers its HSPA+ network – a speedy upgrade to AT&T’s HSPA-based “3G” network – a “4G” network.” PC Mag

            Oh and the upgrade didn’t really boost his phones download speeds, they’re pretty much as pathetic as its always been.

        • My home wifi/internet is 20mbps down / 2mbps up.  The 4G in my area is around 15/8.  The upload is MUCH faster.  Also, the wifi in a hotel I stayed in a month ago was less than 2mbps down and really pathetic up.  The 4G down in that city was 27/17!!!  A public wifi hotspot is usually going to come nowhere near 4G.  Home wifi maybe (except for upload), but not public.

          • MrEnglish

            15/8? I’d cut off an appendage to get that speed on my 4g. My VZW nexus and iPad never see that type of speed and it pisses me off that Verizon says there’s no issue with it. I see people on here talk about 15 and 20 down and I just salivate and wait.

      • Besniknov

        I’m with you buddy… In one of my classes there’s always a discussion about 4G LTE and all that jibberjabber. It pisses me off when I correct them but the “feminist” of a group of girls “corrects me wrong” saying, “I heard that 4G isn’t really 4G it’s just like… a 3G and a half…” Yeah, stupid female, for T-Mobile and Sprint.

        • CORYK333

          +100 for the way you worded that, well played

        • Balls

           wait people still use 3g? oh wait ppl have fruit phones lolololol

        • TheBigNoob

          The sad part here is that she’s not incorrect.

          LTE as specified in the 3GPP Release 8 and 9 document series does not satisfy the requirements set forth by the ITU-R organization for 4G.


          If you look under 3G Transitional section of the table located at the bottom you’ll notice LTE falls under the categorization of 3.5G, 3.75G, and 3.9G.

          LTE Advanced is the only true categorization of 4G, and that is still not available on the market yet. 

          Your argument is invalid, and your statement makes you look like a misogynist.

          • my galaxy nexus goes at 15mb a sec… on 3g it was 4mb…. 15mb is 4G if you ask me.

            so if someone goes at like 50mb a sec, are people gonna go “well its really not 4G, blah blah blah”

            anything that goes faster than 3g, is 4g to me.

          • Al Heasley

            must be nice to get 4mbs on 3g cause i only get .75mb here in sw fl on a good day.

    • Droidzilla

      I bet you liked Instagram before it was mainstream.