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Google Pushes Out Updated Play Store, Fixes Broken Market Links on Motorola Devices

Poor folks with Motorola devices running certain types of Blur were sort of left with a link-broken mess after the Google Play update. But thanks to many folks sending in reports and Google’s quick actions, they have just sent out version 3.4.7 to all devices which should fix all broken link issues. I checked on my old DROID X and everything seems to be working just fine now. To force the update on your phone, head into your application settings and wipe the Play Store’s data which will initialize the newest build to download to your device.

Update:  You can download the new version here if it does not show up on your device.

Cheers Salvatore!

  • Business Research  

    “Rooty Toot Toot”, the name itself suggests that it must be fun to watch the animated story. RESTURANTREVIEWS.EU

  • LegalAmerican

    Shiz.  I did all of that and it still updated to 3.4.6 again. 

  • baopham

    still think custom skins are a GOOD idea Google??????

  • Raven

    When I got 3.4.6 on my Droid 2
    Global, Market went away and I got Play Store.  Everything seemed just
    fine.  Now that they pushed out 3.4.7 to me Play Store went away in my
    app drawer and Market is not there either, so now I have no Market/Store
    link at all in my App Drawer.  Fortunately, now Market is showing up
    again in Folder Organizer so I can at least get to “Google Play” that
    way.  Very weird.

  • SH

    IMO Google broke it with their app update. It should be their responsibility to fix it. I hate OEM skins, but moto built that link for the market. Its not their fault Google decided to change the name.

  • djembeman

    Im slightly confused about this. I updated Google music, Books and Videos to the new “Play” versions, wiped my market cache and data, but my Market link stayed the same. DROID Bionic. There is nothing different with my Market app.

  • Jay

    fixed the app store link on my Bionic

  • Xroid

    My Google Play app 3.4.7 launches on my DX, but when I go to My Apps there is nothing there.
    Wiped data and restarted but no joy. It just says “Apps and games owned by this account will appear here.” Browse Apps or Browse games.

  • watchthesky

    Worked on my X. Nice surprise since I honestly expected it to be broken forever and that’s how I always used the market.

  • gorkon

    Except that it doesn’t……time for version 3.4.8. (Droid2)

    • gorkon

      Nevermind….cleared the data after the fact and it worked ok.

  • belsonc

    My market link disappeared on my Charge – I rebooted my phone and repointed the link, and it came back, if that helps anyone…

    • Okay….so for anyone else having that issue, it erases the current version, then reinstalls the new one. If you see no Play app or Market app, it’s because it’s in the process of being installed. Give it a moment and you’ll be fine 🙂

  • Jp74dyz

    now i lost the market completely…..when I click play store icon itself i get the same msg that its not installed and I dont have the old market either

  • worked like a charm on my Maxx

  • Havoc70

    Awesome, did as specified now the market is 3.4.7 but wont open at all. HTC Thunderbolt

  • Paul

    Thanks for the tip. Data wipe fixed the issue on my RAZR.

  • zUFC

    what do we lose when we wipe the data????   anything important

    • You don’t lose anything. Maybe your search history. But nothing important. 🙂 

  • PyroHoltz

    Way to make the folks with a Droid X, feel as if their device is ancient with your comment…

    “I checked on my old DROID X…”

    It’s obvious you’re talking about a Droid X and not an X2 due to the lack of a …2 after the X.


    • Yea, my old DROID X. Had to dust the cobwebs off of it. 😉

  • So this is what it’s come to. Google has to update their own OS/apps to overcome crappy OEM skin design.  That’s just great.  I would have told Motorola to shove it, they can fix it themselves.  Maybe if enough people got pissed off because skins are breaking things, maybe they’d stop using them.

    • Floto

      Adam Truelove: “Hey guys, look at me!! I’m going to sound like a retarded douche so I can troll you guys so that you’ll pay attention to me and respond to my comments!! Please look at me and Galaxy Nexus that’s wedged deep into my ass! ….please?”

      • I’m confused.

        • moelsen8

          i think he’s trying to say that the phone doesn’t go in your butt.  good to know.

          • Azndan4

            Lol I laughed pretty hard. I think he has a droid 2 up his butt since its nice and thick. Girth of the phone matters more than length right?

    • Jak_341

      It is outrageous that it has come to this. Google should not fix Motorola’s trash. If anything, Google should use this as an example of why manufacturer UIs are bad.

      • moelsen8

        i was thinking the exact same thing.  was hoping this was going to be a bigger deal to fix than this, so an example could be made of how sh!tty oem skins really are.

        • La Grange

          Wouldn’t that make you some kind of petty a-hole? Hoping a minor issue like this would be the death of OEM skins when some stock-android devices are having even bigger issues?

          • Jak_341

            What issues? The GNex is flawless! The supposed issues are way overblown and VERY limited in scope.

          • La Grange

            Not talking about yours in particular, but some people definitely posted they had issues. And way overblown and very limited in scope sounds like a perfect description of the issue with the busted app tray link on Blur, and your reaction to it..

          • Denial and self contradiction, wow.

    • MotoRulz

      Why is this any different than Google updating their own OS/apps to overcome the crappy release of ICS on your beloved Gnex… The skins put on the devices by the OEM is not perfect and neither is the “pure google” experience of ICS on your Gnex.

    • OhAaron

      Google owns Motorola.  Does that explain why Google wants to make sure Motorola doesn’t tank?  It’s easier for Google to fix a few things than for Moto to have to fix all of their phones & have the updates approved by Verizon.

    • jroc74

      Uh…the fact that it got fixed with Google updating instead of Motorola means…drum roll…..

      It wasnt that big of a deal.

      It also means the fix was extremely easy if Google was able to fix it instead of Motorola.
      And in the other article…there were fixes for the broken link issue that were easy to do, clearing data and/or uninstalling and reinstalling.

      Ppl need to come off the stock Android fanboyism.

    • Hmm…

       What a moronic trolling douche. ALL the manufacturers work WITH Google and are given all of the build source code when creating their skins (which many people prefer). If GOOGLE changes it after the fact without informing the manufacturers of the change, it’s GOOGLE’S responsibility to fix it. We all know you can’t stop humping your vibrating Nexus, but there ARE other options for those of us who have an actual love life, not to mention an actual life at all.

      • I have to be careful not to let me wife and 3 kids catch me with my vibrating Nexus.  Actually, my wife may like it.

        • Hmm…

          If you spent the time you’ve wasted trolling here with your alleged wife and 3 kids instead, you might not have to satisfy yourself with your precious Nexus. 😛  

          Seriously though, it IS trolling when the vast majority of your posts seem to either bash Moto, or proclaim how perfect the Nexus is, despite the tech forums being full of issues with the phone. There would be no roms if it were perfect with plain old vanilla ICS. Yes, I had one as well, but decided on the more sturdy (and stable) RAZR MAXX. Unless you own both, you have no credibility commenting. Moto’s latest version of previously-known-as-blur, is MUCH less intrusive, and actually has many welcome additions built in, that previously you could only get from roms and launchers. I was pleasantly surprised. You did, however, miss the entire point, that this was Google’s responsibility, not Moto’s, as evidenced by the fact that they owned up to it and fixed it promptly. Pretty minor tweak, and hardly worth this ridiculous brouhaha.

      • zUFC

        Sorry to disappoint ya “Hmmm” but Adam aint no troll.

        he just hates skins

  • Michael_NM

    In that shot, 10 apps are hidden. Why is the Vcrapst app store not one of them?

    • EC8CH

      good question

  • Azndan4

    Ah, the joy of blur.

  • Ahh scratch that…just did it 2 more times and it finally did the trick. Market link is fixed!

  • Tried clearing data…didn’t work for me on my RAZR MAXX. I’m still at 3.4.6 for the Play Store.

  • gregmr

    Well if you needed any proof Google was keeping itself separated from Moto after the buyout, there ya go!

    • Chaunabingham

      I have no clue what happened here. Can someone explain in simple terms wtf happened to my market icon on my Droid razor today? Google play is just an updated version of the android market that was on my phone a few hours ago is that correct? If so why not just update it and leave the damn thing Android market and same icon? I’m seriously confused here!