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Goodbye Android Market, Hello Google Play

Google Play

Starting now, Google has begun the next step in the evolution of the Android Market and are calling it Google Play. The Android Market name is being retired, but no worries, Google Play looks exactly the same as the Market. Android 2.2+ devices will receive an updated Google Play Store within the next few days and things will go on as usual. 

Google is going to great length to make consumers aware of the connectivity between all of their devices through their web and cloud services. Buy a song on your laptop and its instantly available on your phone. To give Play a grand opening, Google is hosting some good deals on media this week:

To celebrate, we’ll be offering a different album, book, video rental and Android app at a special price each day for the next week in our “7 Days to Play” sale.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Google Play

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • None

    The funny thing is most people just think this is a name change. By clicking “Accept”, you just agreed to share your mobile number, subscriber ID, name, address, location data, browsing habits, and anything Google wants from THEIR OS to THEIR affiliates which could be potential buyers or mergers, or third parties who provide services to Google like payroll, ISP provider, etc….. They say they will not share your info to third parties. All that means is that I can’t call up and ask for it. But if AT&T called and said I’m thinking about merging our so and so divisions. Google would be happy to provide them with statistical data showing profits, affiliates, stocks…..

  • A None emus

    Declined, want refund on all apps bought and they can have them back,
    As Google bought Motorola they can have all them back as well. .  .   .

    Will get apps from alternate ‘stores’

    Good Bye Google 

  • guest

    A little off topic, but has anyone other than me noticed that google musics new icon is like ghetto gold bling?

  • Google Play Hater

    It wasn’t just a name change. Google now pings your credit card for $1 for downloading free apps. I purchased a double CD the other day and was charged 6 times. I called Google cutomer service and was told they cannot help me. I was told I would have to deal with it online….that was 4 days ago, still haven’t heard from anyone on this matter. imo, the new format is sh!^…If I wanted this, I would download my apps thru Amazon. Fu@# Google play or whatever the he!! they plan on calling it.

  • Brixter de Leon

    We’re sorry, the document you requested is not available in your country. b**lsh*t!

  • Trevor-kai Craig

    Didn’t even realize that there was a name change. . . *Shrugs Shoulders*

  • Goodaer

    Such poor naming… Google Play sounds like a child’s play program. It is not what I would expect 1 of the most respectable app market to be in.

  • Granted

    Wow, that name is utterly retarded. And it’s not just for sake of fearing change, it just sounds disjointed. Previously a conversation would go like this,

    Person1 “Where did you get that app?”
    Person2 “I downloaded it from the Market.”

    Now it’s,

    Person2 “I downloaded it from the Play.”

    Of course you could just refer to it as “Play” and not “the Play”. But both sound very stupid compared to “the Market”. Man, the Play sure has some cool apps! Play is not working right today. Something about using a verb to name it just makes you sound like retard when using it in reference. There aren’t that many new apps right now on the Google Play. Did they enlist crack addicts to think up this new name?

  • Okay, don’t mind the Music update, but WTF Google Play is the new android market!!! thats stupid. they should know better.

  • Really?! So the new app that I just got published for a financial institution is no longer in the Android Market, but available in Android Play???
    What the hell!?

  • Let’s Play. {{-_-}}

  • JaySee08

    : Looks brilliant!

  • Scott

    Great now they can sued by Sony.

  • Unexpected62

    kind of dumb IMO… why call it a name that doesn’t sound like its a place to, you know, buy stuff? “Market” fit that moniker nicely…..